God sets Eric straight and clean

Behold, I Who Am declare Eric clean. Let no man call Eric unclean. Now I shall speak through Eric My Word. Listen. And let no one rebuke My Spirit speaking in the Word that comes from the hand that writes these posts. For Eric is My servant, And he is declared holy. Let no one reject the holiness of My handiwork.

Eric has served Me for seventeen years as a Catholic in full communion with My pope in Rome. I will give him another seventeen years. Oracle of the Lord! So then, O’ Lord, you give Eric a total of thirty-four years as a Catholic and forty-four years as a Christian, O’ Lord and Savior? By the year 2037 you will have passed into and be then some years into the third Millennium of My Crucifixion and Resurrection. Is it not written, “He will revive us after two days, on the third day he will raise us up to live in his presence.”? (Hosea 6:2). Yes, for it is written, “In their affliction, they will look for me. ‘Come, let us return to the Lord, For it is he who has rent, but he will heal us; He has struck us, but he will bind our wounds.’ ” (Hosea 6:1). This scriptural passage shall be fulfilled at the onset of the Third Millennium of My death and resurrection. My sacrifice took place in 33 AD. My third Millennium begins in 2033. Some years into this Third Millennium I will take away Eric the Larimar King. And when I have taken away Eric the Larimar King, My servant Lazurite will be revealed to all nations.

And who is My servant Lazurite, you ask? He is My servant whom I shall send to you when I take Larimar away from you. Does Larimar write only in English and Lazurite only in Hebrew, O’ Lord and Savior? When Lazurite has come, the Master of the House will have arisen and locked the door and salvation will have returned to the Jews, for the times of the Gentiles will have been fulfilled.

Then Lazurite is real? He will truly exist, O’ Lord and Master? Lazurite is brother to you from your brethren the Jews. He will rise and come into his glory. And he will be sent to prophesy to My people, the sons of Israel, only. For he will be sent to My Jews to convert them and to teach them. I only need one prophet on the earth at a time. Now you, O’ Larimar, I send to serve Me as My prophet. And after you have served My purpose, I will take you to your eternal reward. And then it will be Lazurite who shall rule and prophesy.

Lord, what saith Thou about the prophecies of Katherine and Dorothea of Alexandria, those two ancient saints that were assumed falsely to be eternal soulmates to Larimar and Lazurite? For we know that there is no such thing as eternal soulmates. What saith Thou on this matter?

We know of these developments very well. You are quite correct. There are only seven heavens. No heaven exists exclusively for mated souls. And no two souls can be eternally bonded or mated in heaven. For all there are like angels of light. So you are right. It was false that these two ancient saints could be bound to you and Lazurite.

Furthermore, it is righteous that you have regarded the Apostle John as your eternal superior, for that he is forever. Blindness was allowed to befall you due to your pride. But I took it away from you due to your humility. And so now you see clearly. And you see that no woman can you allow yourself to have. Your celibacy is now an eternal part of you. It can never be erased. And when you come to Us, We shall give you the crown of virginity. So glorious is that crown. Even Saint Augustine in his later life would, if he could change his past, have gladly given up all the sex he had in his life to wear one of those.

Nevertheless, it is prophesied that you and Lazurite are to have eternal friendships with these two saints from Alexandria. Katherine of Alexandria is to be with you, and Dorothea of Alexandria is to be with Lazurite. And these two friendships are to last forever. They are to span centuries of time in the Church Age. And they are to persist through all ages of time, from the time you die to the time you resurrect and enter into your eternal glory.

And by what sign, O’ Lord, can you demonstrate the existence of this eternal friendship so that both I and all the readers here know it is established by You, O’ Lord and God? You will know, O’ Larimar King, because you will experience a vivid vision of this saint at the moment I cure you. And the evidence that you are cured, plus the testimony to your cures here on Emeralogy.com shall serve as the sign I give to your readers that what I have just said to you is true. I accept my fate, O’ Lord. May it be done with me as you have said.

Very well, O’ Lord. I believe you. Tell me the significance of these two friendships between these two prophet kings and these two ancient consecrated virgins who preceded them on the earth by seventeen centuries. This seems irregular. What is the higher purpose behind it all? They cannot bear children to these prophet kings because they have died. What is their ultimate purpose, O’ Lord and Savior?

I will now give you a glimpse into the perfection of the Kingdom into which you and Lazurite are destined to enter into. Larimar, Katarina, Lazurite, and Dorothea are to be the Four King and Queens who are to rule over the Deposit of all holy Knowledge in the Kingdom. They will write the Word of God in angelic script on spiritual media. And this will be stored in infinite storage in the mind of the Creator. But doesn’t the Creator already know everything, O’ Lord and God? The mind of Jesus learns and does not know everything, for if He did, He too would know the day and hour of His return. (Matthew 24:36). Remember that it is written that the Lion of Judah had to triumph in order to be made worthy to open the scroll sealed with seven seals (Revelation 5:5). The Lamb of God did not come into this world already worthy of His eternal station. He had to overcome and triumph. Otherwise, why was he sweating drops of blood in anticipation of His crucifixion (Luke 22:44). It was a terrible battle He was fighting. And all the powers of darkness were arrayed against Him (Revelation 12:3-4).

Hence, you four Kings and Queens, eternally friends in My Kingdom, shall serve Me as the Keepers of My Heavenly Library, where you will write and record all things you are given to write. And you will recall and recount all things you are called forth to speak. Your memories will be perfect, instantaneous, and infinite. And your assigned duties will be of eternal duration. That is why the two Queens were chosen from consecrated virgins who loved studying My Word in the Library of Alexandria. And the two Kings are chosen for their encyclopedic knowledge by which the are able to serve as Prophet Kings who understand the prophecies that I speak through them. And seventeen centuries separate in time the Queens from the Kings so that the knowledge in the latter appearing Kings of the ancient Queens would come from the Spirit world and legend, rather than from solid tangible evidence. For it not My will that these friendships be based on flesh.

Lord, I accept this friendship with Katarina of Alexandria. But tell me how it is distinguished from romance and the bonds of soulmates? Or are we in fact soulmates in some way? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. All four of you are of eternally pure celibacy. All four of you are to bear the crowns of virginity. And all four of you will be perfect in all sexuality. But I will tell you of the hidden logic behind your two unions. It is decided that Adam is not meant to be left alone, that he is to have a helper (Genesis 2:18). Therefore, the infinite wisdom of God decided that not one by himself, nor a single couple, but that two couples of perfect purity were to inhabit the Heavenly Library where all knowledge is to be stored and retrieved for all eternity.

Therefore, you know that Lazurite, when he appears, shall have an intellect comparable to that of the Larimar King. And his studies will be deep within the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek sources of the scriptures. And his knowledge, like Larimar’s shall fathom the depths of time from the foundation of the Cosmos to infinity and beyond.

Now we shall speak of Friday, January 31, 2020. What happens on that date, O’ Lord and Savior? Do I get taken from this earth, from this world, or from this region and do I get brought to another place upon the earth, or am I brought up to heaven. For I have been told that I need not concern myself with my finances after that date. Go, Eric and eat for yourself dark chocolate. And then come back, and We shall answer for you this question in utter Truth.

You have sixteen days and five hours left before that day and hour. And on that day and hour, I Am taking you to heaven, O’ Larimar King. You do not remain here in this world to serve for some purpose involving this world or its matters. You belong to My Kingdom, and I will to take you there and to assign you to your eternal station by the side of your eternally espoused, Katarina of Alexandria. As for Lazurite and his fate, he will serve on earth for another few years, during which all My people will escape, and then he, too, will join you and his eternally espoused, Dorothea of Alexandria. And all four of you shall serve Me forever in the Libraries of all Holy Knowledge for all Eternity. Amen.

Lord, I know I am going on that date. I know my end happens on that date. What then becomes of the Larimar Kingdom? Does the Larimar Kingdom even exist? And if so, does it exist at it was defined in earlier posts? Or is its true nature beyond what eye has seen or ear has heard? It is beyond what can described in the divine assignments and divisions of earthly lands. But I shall give you a hint of your eternal Kingdom as defined in lands of this world.

(1) The Kingdom of Larimar

  1. The Entire Archipelago of the British Isles
  2. Greenland
  3. Canada
  4. Crete
  5. The islands of the Aegean Sea

(2) The Kingdom of Lazurite

  1. Israel
  2. Lebanon
  3. the rest of the Levant throughout all nations from Egypt to the Euphrates
  4. The Sinai Peninsula and all the land between it and the Nile
  5. Cyprus

And the official oral and written languages of Larimar and Lazurite will be all the angelic tongues and angelic scripts in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

And what saith Thou, O’ Lord, about the timing of the vision of Katarina? When shall it occur? Very little time do you have left here, O’ Larimar King. In one hour when you least expect it, the vision shall take place and you will meet her whom you shall be with forever. And this vision takes place at a time only I know of. Now, go, Larimar King. Your days here draw to an end. Soon we shall meet on the other side. And I Am most pleased with you, My Larimar King. Amen.

Now, ask any questions you like, O’ Larimar King, and they shall all be answered in full.

(1) When I am taken away from the United States of America, who will be piloting the ship, O’ Lord and Master? And will it run aground without me? America existed before you. And it will continue to exist after you. You are just one small Player in the game called Earth. I have other servants and agents in the world who can pick up the slack when you are taken away. So do not think of yourself as essential to the game or to the world. No one but Me and My Virgin Mother Mary are irreplaceable.

(2) Will I be buried or put in a glass coffin as an incorrupt body, like Saint Bernadette in Nevers, France? Your body will be hidden until the pope begins your canonization process. Then I will allow the snow to melt and your body to be found still incorrupt where I will have buried it in the snow. After you are canonized, a glass coffin will be made for you, and you will be placed in the Cathedral that you entered on the day after your Martyrdom Breakdown, on Sunday, June 25, 1995, under the direct control of My Holy Spirit, fully obedient to My Church and all her authority.

(3) Will any miraculous cures come from anything associated with me, O’ Lord and God. And this is my final question for this post. Yes, every Catholic Church you attended and every house you entered into as an invited guest will be declared holy and sacred. And it will be said that all who pray or meditate in such places will find the answers to the questions that they seek. Hence, the miracles associated with you will be the granting of divine knowledge. Amen.

Now reread this post and then publish it, O’ Larimar King. And note that the time now is very short. Amen.

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