I Reveal a Mystery: Larimar and Lazurite will prophesy together for My final 42 months. Amen.

Larimar and Lazurite will prophesy together for their final 42 months. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am speak of a mystery. In earlier prophecies, it was revealed thusly: My son, Eric, was to pass away from this world. He was go to his eternal destiny in the span of 19 days time. For I was to take him from this world at dawn on January 31, 2020. For he is the Larimar King. And at his passing away, the Lazurite King was to rise and make his appearance to all the world.

And as to the Larimar King I, the Lord, have eternally bound My consecrated virgin, Katerina of Alexandria, as his eternal virgin espoused, so too have I eternally bound to Lazurite My other consecrated virgin, Dorothea of Alexandria, as his eternal virgin espoused. And these two unions of perfect spiritual marriages shall endure forever in the Eighth Heaven of My eternal Kingdom.

And to these two eternal couples shall belong certain Kingdoms upon the earth of eternity. For the eternal earth is a replica of this earth, but glorified and made perfect. And in that glorified earth, there are lands recognizable to the lands known by you in this world.

To King Larimar and Queen Katarina, I hereby grant the eternal gift of the Kingdom of Ireland and the Isle of Man. This is an eternal gift. It cannot be taken away. And it will remain their eternal dominion forever. And Eric will also be known there by his other name, the Emerald King. For he is to rule the Emerald Isle forever.

And to King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea, I hereby grant the eternal gift of the Kingdom of Israel, according to the borders it once had at its height under King Solomon. And within that Kingdom, the forests of Lebanon shall be fully restored. Because their Kingdom is in the holy land, it shall rank as higher and greater than that of King Larimar and Queen Katarina. But realize this important Truth: Both Kingdoms given to these two couples will be roughly the same size in land area. Amen.

Now, I shall speak to Eric, My servant some last minute instructions. Eric, I know you have struggled over this question: Do you really die on Friday, January 31, 2020? Or do you continue on into a new Age, perhaps reigning with Lazurite as a Duo of two Prophet Kings, in a fashion similar to what is described in Revelation, chapter 11? I will now answer this question definitively, O’ Eric, the Truth Seeker.

You do not die as prophesied on Friday, January 31, 2020. Instead, you and Lazurite will indeed serve Me as My Two Witnesses, fully fulfilling Revelation chapter 11, at the conclusion of the Age. Therefore, O’ Larimar King, you live on. But remember your oaths to Me. You may never go to any girl you ever encounter in this world, for you are eternally possessed by your virgin espoused, Saint Katarina of Alexandria. And this eternal espousal I now declare inviolable. It can never be violated. Oracle of the Lord!

And so, when do these events begin, as prophesied in Revelation, chapter 11, you ask? At an unknown day and an unknown hour, after the Reign of Lazurite has begun and both Larimar and Lazurite have been reigning over the earth for some time, I will call them to prophesy for their final 42 months. And is it then that they will prophesy to the nations whatever I command them to speak. Amen. And Larimar shall speak in English unto My Gentile nations, while Lazurite speaks in Hebrew to My Jews. And when this time is to begin, I do not yet reveal. But I do reveal that it will occur some time after both Larimar and Lazurite have been reigning as rulers over this world.

Then, do you say, O’ Lord, that Larimar does not pass away at any time soon? Larimar and Lazurite ascend to heaven together. And in the clouds of heaven, they will be met by their eternal virgin espoused, who are Saint Katarina of Alexandria and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria respectively. Hence, they must both remain on the earth until I call them to prophesy for the final 42 months. And then, after that time has passed, they shall arise to enter heaven and receive their eternal reward. Amen.

Hence, the coming age shall be called the Age of Larimar and Lazurite, for it will be marked and known by the reign of these two prophets, both of whom I have tested and found worthy to serve Me as My two Prophet Kings. These shall serve as My Two Witnesses Who stand before Me and who utter whatever I command them to. Both are fully tested and battle hardened. Did you think I would make My greatest of weapons, the Larimar King, only to call him to the next world at January 31, 2020, without using him in battle? By no means, for such is a fool who prepares his ultimate weapon but never uses it in war.

Hence, I will deploy both Larimar and Lazurite to war. And they will serve Me as My two aircraft carriers in My divine naval fleet of heaven. Now, Eric, I will permit you to question Me on a great many things. Ask, My servant, what you wish to know.

Lord, at what point in this process do you cure the Larimar King of all his many afflictions? For you know that he is a heavily damaged warship listing in the waters. He is in dire need of repairs before he can be sent into battle.

Indeed, O’ Larimar King. You are correct. Heavy damages have you sustained in your journey on My path. But this will not last. For I, the Lord, Am curing you of all things. You shall go cured. Just remember to obey Me in all that I command you, and you will find yourself cured at a time and date I do not reveal.

But this I will reveal. Before I send you into battle, I will cure you of all your afflictions. And it shall be very soon, My Larimar King, very soon. And when you have been cured of all your afflictions, you will reveal all these things here, on this website, emeralogy.com, so that all will know and believe. Now, listen to My Word. For you have been found worthy to hear it.

Larimar is declared perfected! I, the Sovereign Lord, have perfected his soul. He is stainless. Hence, his marriage to Queen Katarina is now complete. It can never be undone. And it can never be destroyed. And I further declare Eric to be a completed soul. His salvation is now assured. His place in heaven is permanent. And his reward there is fully determined.

Now, you ask, how can Eric’s reward in heaven be fully determined if he is still in this world where he may continue to gain merit and accumulate treasures in heaven? It is because he is now perfect in his obedience to Me. And I, the sovereign Lord, know exactly all that I will command him to do for the remainder of his time here. And I Am assured in My omniscience of Eric’s complete obedience to all that I command him to do for the rest of his life.

Consider Eric a most formidable Knight in shining armor. Whoever defies him defies his God, and whoever defies his God will be utterly wiped out. Eric, your passage to My Kingdom is now complete. Your place in this world is ended. You are now of My Kingdom forever. And you will do My will, whatever I command you to do, and wherever I command you to go, and whatever I command you to say, you will do it all. Amen.

Lord, I await your orders. And I will obey you when you command me to act. I Am your Knight in shining armor. All that you command of me I shall do. Amen.

And this is My first order to you, O’ Larimar King. Today is Sunday, January 12, 2020. On this day, I will command the heavens to be opened and for your future in them to be revealed. You are to watch and to listen. And then, you will know your Prime Directive. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lord, will there be just one more pope to come? Or will there be more, perhaps many? That Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Austria is to be the next pope is an eternal Truth. That he will take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV, is also revealed. Whether more popes shall follow him, this I do not reveal. Oracle of the Lord!

And Lord, does President Donald John Trump continue to reign over the United States of America? Does he win the elections in November of this year, in 2020? The answer to your question depends on whether Firefly, the Power I have established behind the Pawn Rulers, Donald Trump of the USA, Boris Johnson of the UK, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, shall continue to reign in her current power through that election, or whether her power will come to a sudden end before that election occurs. And if her power does end, what Player comes forth to succeed her? For it cannot be Larimar who reigns there anymore, for he is above them, as the clouds are above the fields.

I will now answer your question, O’ Larimar King. Firefly’s power terminates at the end of her 42 month reign. And then a new Player shall come forth to reign over this land. Do not lower yourself to the petty politics of this world. For those are the concerns of those beneath you. But I shall tell you this. Trump will be defeated in the November elections. And he will be arrested at his departure from the White House on January 20, 2021, for tax evasion and other illegal acts that his many accusers will have against him. His place will be the courts and the prison cell for the remainder of his days upon this earth. His reality TV show of his Presidency shall never become a reality.

And who shall defeat him and become President among the Democratic candidates running against him, O’ Lord? The next President shall be Bernie Sanders, O’ Larimar King. Trump will believe he can defeat him, but it shall be he who is defeated. Oracle of the Lord! And Bernie Sanders will have success in his health care reform that did not occur with his Democratic predecessor, Obama, for Bernie Sanders is one who will work in a team effort to achieve his objectives. Amen.

But you, O’ Larimar King, are to stay out of the political discussion from now on. For your concerns are above politics. For you are of My mind. And you see what I will you to see.

Lord, will Black African Americans ever see reparations paid to them for the injustices of slavery done to their ancestors in this country? They will receive helps in the form of Affirmative Action and other programs to help people of color. And that, My friend, is the furthest they will receive in the form of reparations given to them for past crimes done to their people.

But Lord, what of the mass incarceration of African Americans in this country? Will this be brought to an end, or will it continue indefinitely? It will continue, O’ Larimar King, for there is need for slaves, and the mass incarceration of African Americans is there to satisfy that need. Hence, the African American slave of today is no longer a slave according to race, but according to his transgressions of the laws, which will be designed to incarcerate them to satisfy the need for slaves.

Lord, let us speak of the movement of the Afrikaners of South Africa in their efforts to make a separate homeland for their people, which they call Volkstaat. Will they succeed in their efforts? And what shall be the fate of South Africa and that of the people who live therein? The Whites in South Africa will achieve a form of political power in South Africa by which they can control their nation. And Volkstaat will become a reality. One fifth of the lands of South Africa will become the territory of Volkstaat, which will be defined as an independent nation in a confederation with South Africa. And the government of Volkstaat will come to dominate the policies of the Southern African confederation. All peoples in South Africa will be stratified according to racial origins. The indigenous peoples shall occupy the lowest stratifications. And the middle levels will be occupied by peoples from Asian pasts. And those of European descent will be of the highest stratifications. And hence, South Africa will develop into a permanent caste system, reminiscent to that of India. And people will marry only into their own caste. Oracle of the Lord!

And what of the extinction rate of languages, O’ Lord and God? What human languages shall come to dominate in the age to come, and which shall go extinct? Mainly, certain languages of Eurasia will dominate and rule the world. And most of the other languages shall go extinct. All the subsaharan languages of Africa, except for the descendants of Ge’ez, and the Dutch descendant, Afrikaans, will be extinct by the middle of this century. And in Latin America, only Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French will survive the extinction of all other spoken languages there.

But what of Haitian Creole and the other creoles and of the language of Papiamento that are widely spoken throughout the Caribbean, O’ Lord? Do these all go extinct? Or do these become new languages? The people who speak them will be conquered and wiped out. And a new people shall come to live there who shall be speakers of English or Spanish. Oracle of the Lord!

And in Europe, there shall come to exist only these four dominant languages: English, French, German, and Russian. All other languages will decline in Europe and eventually cease to be spoken there.

In the Middle East, the Jews will preserve their Hebrew Language, though they will adjust things, like fonts and the symbols used to write their language to paper. Arabic will become standardized and a certain strain of it shall become dominant in all Arab countries, enabling mutual intelligibility throughout the Arab world.

In Asia, the languages that come to dominate shall be English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. All other languages will vanish.

And in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, English will become the Lingua Franca everywhere. Amen.

Now, speak of the future of Man in space. What shall be the heights that he shall achieve, O’ Lord? Man shall indeed build various new space stations orbiting the earth. And these will be called the floating cities. And tourism, manufacturing in space, and scientific research will be the main businesses operated in these floating cities. Boeing will be one of the early success stories of this new enterprise in space with its space capsules, particularly with its CST-100 Starliner. And hence, they will be a good stock to have in one’s portfolio in the early years of this nascent space age. Eric, the Larimar King, is long Boeing and plans to be so for a long time to come. Later, more companies will rise up and become strong competitors to Boeing with their own successful space transport systems.

But let Mankind never forget his God. Let Man never stop depending on God and on prayer for his needs and his directions in life. I, the Lord, will enable Mankind to achieve great wonders in science and medicine. But I will always humble Man to show him what he cannot achieve if he abandons Me, his Maker. Now, listen to Me, O’ Larimar King. This post is ready to be published. Read through it completely and then, you may ask anything you need clarification on, and then you must publish it. So do so now.

Lord, I have now fully read it and corrected it of all errors. Lord, I have this question. Are we in the short time that was to come just before the End of Time, when Satan was to be released from his prison? (Revelation 20:7-10). Yes, O’ Larimar King. Your analysis is correct. We are now in that prophetic short time in which Satan has been released. And it will be marked clearly by the sign of My salvation returning to My Jewish people. And since this time is short, do not expect the world to last beyond a few more decades. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken through His servant. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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