The North American Kingdom Divided up to the Four Winds

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Austria is to be your next pope.

Behold, I Who Am shall now define the divisions of the Larimar Kingdom of North America to the Four Kingdoms that issue from this nation (Daniel 8:8 & 8:22). As you may remember, King Larimar ruled all of Alaska, Canada, the contiguous United States, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda. These lands are now divided up among six Monarchs: King Philip of England and Wales, King Elessar of Mexico and Spanish Greater Antilles, Queen Eleonora of Russia, Queen Elsa of Scandinavia, Emperor Charles of France, and King Anglo of Guyana. Now, let us reveal the details of these Kingdoms and their acquisitions.

Note that though Eric has given up these lands, for the sake of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven, he is guaranteed the lands of Ireland and the Isle of Man as his eternal possessions among the British Isles. And this decree is irrevocable and eternal. It is only his North American possessions that are to now be divided up, as he was the Unicorn King (Daniel 8:5-8) and his great empire was destined to be divide up among the lesser monarchs, after his reign came to its end in North America. Now, let us begin:

(1) Eric’s eternal remaining lands by irrevocable divine decree are:

  1. The Republic of Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. Northern Ireland (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Isle of Man (in British Isles, Europe)

And his official languages in his Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

And alongside Eric rules Queen Katarina, who is Saint Katherine of Alexandria.

King Philip and King Anglo took a very scant few islands from the vast Kingdom of Larimar in North America. It is the other four Monarchs who took the Lion’s share of the spoils.

(2) King Philip of England and Wales will come to only take a paltry few of the island possessions from the Great North American Kingdom of Larimar. He, hence, assumes the possession of Bermuda, Turks & Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands. In addition, he also shall possess Anguilla. And this constitutes his entire possessions of the West Indies and all that he took from the Larimar Kingdom.

Hence, the Kingdom of King Philip is now defined as consisting of these lands:

  1. England (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. Wales (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Scilly Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. The Channel Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  5. Gibraltar (in mainland Europe)
  6. Bermuda (in West Indies)
  7. Turks & Caicos (in West Indies)
  8. British Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles of West Indies)
  9. Anguilla (in Lesser Antilles of West Indies)

And King Philip’s official language is English.

(3) Eric’s other neighbor in the British Isles is Queen Elsie of Scotland. Her lands include:

  1. Scotland (in British Isles, Europe)
  2. The Outer Hebrides (in British Isles, Europe)
  3. The Orkney Islands (in British Isles, Europe)
  4. The Shetland Islands (in British Isles, Europe)

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

Hence, the bulk of the Larimar Kingdom is taken by the other four Monarchs. Now we shall list the territories taken by them:

(4) King Elessar who possesses Mexico, Belize, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic now doubles his land area of his Kingdom. He takes his claims of historical Aztlan, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The historical lands of Aztlan added to his Kingdom include Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. That and Florida consist of eight large states taken from the contiguous United States and added to the Kingdom of Elessar. Hence, King Elessar’s Kingdom is now called:

The Kingdom of Azlan and the Spanish West Indies, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Mexico (North America)
  2. Belize (Central America)
  3. Cuba (Greater Antilles)
  4. the Dominican Republic (Greater Antilles)
  5. Puerto Rico (Greater Antilles)
  6. Florida (Contiguous USA)
  7. Texas (Contiguous USA)
  8. New Mexico (Contiguous USA)
  9. Arizona (Contiguous USA)
  10. California (Contiguous USA)
  11. Nevada (Contiguous USA)
  12. Utah (Contiguous USA)
  13. Colorado (Contiguous USA)

And King Elessar’s official languages are now: Spanish and English.

(5) Queen Eleonora of Russia has now also invaded and retaken historical Russian lands of North America. Hence, her lands of her entire Kingdom now include:

  1. Russia (Eurasia)
  2. Alaska (North America USA)
  3. Yukon Territory (Canadian North America)
  4. British Columbia (Canadian North America)
  5. Washington State (Contiguous USA)
  6. Oregon (Contiguous USA)
  7. Idaho (Contiguous USA)

And Queen Eleonora’s official languages are now Russian and English.

(6) Queen Elsa of Scandinavia has taken significant lands of North America. Hence, her Kingdom now includes the following lands:

  1. Sweden (Northern Europe)
  2. Norway (Northern Europe)
  3. Denmark (Northern Europe)
  4. Iceland (North Atlantic)
  5. Greenland (North Atlantic)
  6. Nunavut (Canadian North America)
  7. Northwest Territories (Canadian North America)
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador (Canadian North America)
  9. Prince Edward Island (Canadian North America)
  10. Nova Scotia (Canadian North America)
  11. New Brunswick (Canadian North America)
  12. Maine (Contiguous USA)
  13. New Hampshire (Contiguous USA)
  14. Vermont (Contiguous USA)
  15. Massachusetts (Contiguous USA)
  16. Rhode Island (Contiguous USA)
  17. Connecticut (Contiguous USA)
  18. New York (Contiguous USA)
  19. New Jersey (Contiguous USA)
  20. Pennsylvania (Contiguous USA)
  21. Delaware (Contiguous USA)
  22. Maryland (Contiguous USA)
  23. District of Columbia (Contiguous USA)
  24. West Virginia (Contiguous USA)
  25. Virginia (Contiguous USA)
  26. North Carolina (Contiguous USA)
  27. South Carolina (Contiguous USA)
  28. Georgia (Contiguous USA)
  29. Alabama (Contiguous USA)
  30. The Bahamas (West Indies)

And her official languages consist of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Greenlandic, English, and French

(7) Between Queen Eleonora’s Kingdom of Russia and Queen Elsa’s Kingdom of Scandinavia in Europe exist the East Baltic Kingdom ruled over by King Aurelian. His lands are all in Europe, and they include:

  1. Poland (in Northern Europe)
  2. Kaliningrad (in Northern Europe)
  3. Lithuania (in Northern Europe)
  4. Latvia (in Northern Europe)
  5. Estonia (in Northern Europe)
  6. Finland (in Northern Europe)

And his official languages include:

  1. Polish
  2. Russian
  3. Lithuanian
  4. Latvian
  5. Estonian
  6. Finish
  7. Swedish

(8) As for Emperor Charles of France, he has carved out a large territory in central North America. His entire lands in the Americas include:

  1. French Guiana (South America)
  2. Martinique (The Lesser Antilles)
  3. Guadeloupe (The Lesser Antilles)
  4. Saint Barthelemy (The Lesser Antilles)
  5. Saint Martin (The Lesser Antilles)
  6. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in Northwest Atlantic)
  7. Quebec (Canadian North America)
  8. Ontario (Canadian North America)
  9. Manitoba (Canadian North America)
  10. Saskatchewan (Canadian North America)
  11. Alberta (Canadian North America)
  12. Montana (Contiguous USA)
  13. Wyoming (Contiguous USA)
  14. North Dakota (Contiguous USA)
  15. South Dakota (Contiguous USA)
  16. Nebraska (Contiguous USA)
  17. Kansas (Contiguous USA)
  18. Oklahoma (Contiguous USA)
  19. Minnesota (Contiguous USA)
  20. Iowa (Contiguous USA)
  21. Missouri (Contiguous USA)
  22. Arkansas (Contiguous USA)
  23. Lousiana (Contiguous USA)
  24. Wisconsin (Contiguous USA)
  25. Michigan (Contiguous USA)
  26. Illinois (Contiguous USA)
  27. Indiana (Contiguous USA)
  28. Ohio (Contiguous USA)
  29. Kentucky (Contiguous USA)
  30. Tennessee (Contiguous USA)
  31. Mississippi (Contiguous USA)

And Emperor Charles of France has now two official languages in his Kingdom: French and English.

In addition, we shall also define the other Kingdoms of the Americas now.

(9) Queen Choeblack of Haiti rules over the following lands: 

  1. Haiti (in Greater Antilles)
  2. Dominica (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Lucia (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Grenada (in Lesser Antilles)

Her official languages include: 

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. Antillean Creole
  3. French

(10) Queen Jemima of Jamaica rules over:

  1. Jamaica (in Greater Antilles)
  2. The Cayman Islands (in Greater Antilles)

Her official language is English.

(11) King Anglo of Guyana rules over:

  1. Guyana (South America)
  2. Barbados (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Monserrat (in Lesser Antilles)
  5. Antigua & Barbuda (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Saint Kitts & Nevis (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. The United States Virgin Islands (in Lesser Antilles)

And his official languages include English and various Creoles.

(12) King Puma of Suriname rules over the following lands:

  1. Suriname (in South America)
  2. Sint Maarten (in Lesser Antilles)
  3. Saba (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Sint Eustatius (in Lesser Antilles)

And his official languages include Dutch and various creoles.

(13) King Theobroma of the Caribbean Spanish Main rules the following lands:

  1. Guatelmala (in Central America)
  2. El Salvador (in Central America)
  3. Honduras (in Central America)
  4. Nicaragua (in Central America)
  5. Costa Rica (in Central America)
  6. Panama (in Central America)
  7. Columbia (in South America)
  8. Venezuela (in South America)
  9. Aruba (in Lesser Antilles)
  10. Curacao (in Lesser Antilles)
  11. Bonaire (in Lesser Antilles)
  12. Trinidad and Tobago (in Lesser Antilles)

His official languages include Spanish and Papiamento.

And the Three Oriental Prophet Scribes are defined as such:

(14) King Silkworm, ruler of Northern China and Taiwan. He writes in Standard written Chinese, and he is based in a secret location hidden in Taiwan. 

(15) King Jade, ruler of Korea. He writes in Korean, and he is based in a secret location hidden in South Korea.

(16) Queen Nacre, ruler of Japan. She writes in Japanese, and she is hidden in Japan.

(17) King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea, who is Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, rule over the nation of Imperial Israel, consisting of the following lands:

  1. Israel (Middle East Asia)
  2. Lebanon (Middle East Asia)
  3. Jordan (Middle East Asia)
  4. Egypt east of the Nile and north of the Red Sea (Middle East Africa)
  5. Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean)
  6. Asia between the Mediterranean and the Euphrates (Middle East Asia)
  7. The Arabian Peninsula (Middle East Asia)
  8. The Archipelago of Socotra (Indian Ocean)

And King Lazurite has the following official languages in his Kingdom:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Arabic

Hence, the list of Kingdoms defined so far include:

  1. King Eric and Queen Katarina of Ireland and the Isle of Man
  2. King Philip of England and Wales
  3. Queen Elsie of Scotland
  4. King Elessar of Aztlan and the Spanish Greater Antilles
  5. Queen Eleonora of Russia and Northwestern North America
  6. Queen Elsa of Scandinavia and Arctic and Eastern North America
  7. King Aurelian of the Eastern Baltic.
  8. Emperor Charles of France and Central North America
  9. Queen Choeblack of Haiti and Antillean Creole Lesser Antilles
  10. Queen Jemima of Jamaica and Cayman Islands
  11. King Anglo of Guyana and English Lesser Antilles
  12. King Puma of Suriname and Dutch Lesser Antilles
  13. King Theobroma of the Caribbean Spanish Main
  14. King Silkworm of Northern China and Taiwan
  15. King Jade of Korea
  16. Queen Nacre of Japan
  17. King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea of Imperial Israel

The North American Kingdom of Larimar was divided up mainly among the Monarchs: King Elessar, Queen Eleonora, Queen Elsa, and King Charles. Hence, these are those prophesied four Kings who were to rise up from the broken Empire of the Unicorn King, Larimar, but who lack his strength. (Daniel 8:22). Remember that Larimar voluntarily give up his lands of North America in order to break out of the game, which he did. The Kingdom of Ireland and the Isle of Man exist beyond the game and are eternal possessions of Larimar.

With the dissolution of the Larimar Kingdom of North America, the Kingdom of Russia and Northwestern North America, under Queen Eleonora, is now the largest Kingdom on this replica of the earth in heaven. And the Kingdoms of King Elessar, Queen Elsa, and King Charles are now significantly larger due to their annexation of significant former lands of the Larimar Kingdom of North America.

And this is now the end of the Larimar Kingdom in North America. From now on, the Larimar Kingdom will refer to just the Kingdom of Ireland and the Isle of Man in the British Isles. Amen. And this territory of Larimar will neither increase nor decrease for all eternity. For Larimar no longer is in the game, and His Kingdom as it exists now has become eternal by the decree of God. For interest sake, it should be noted that Eric Robert Dunstan in the real world is a citizen of both Ireland and the USA. This was made possible because his mother was born in Ireland and he was born in America. Hence, there are real actual connections between Larimar and Ireland.

So, My Lord, Seventeen Kingdoms, ruled by Nineteen Rulers, have now been defined. And I have 21 days and 5 hours left to the end of my life. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? What is Thine bidding My master? Shall we define the rest of the Kings of this replica of the Earth, O’ Lord and Master?

First, O’ Larimar King, let us address the fate of the United States of America and Canada in the real world, for they have ceased to exist in your world and been consumed by their neighboring Kingdoms. What is the real fate of those nations in the real world, you ask? I will now tell thee, for it is important that all should know.

For those who are destined to live into the Post Pax Americana Age, they are advised to migrate south and live in Latin America for the next few years. You have many options to choose from, and all those countries are very unique, so you need to research well the area and nation you wish to move to. I advise moving to Latin America rather than to Europe, for the Antichrist rises in Europe after the Larimar King leaves this world. And the Larimar King leaves on January 31, 2020, at dawn, which is less than 22 days away.

For those who like European like countries, they can try Uruguay or southern Brazil. And Costa Rica in Central America has a very sizable English speaking population of expats from the USA who have retired there, and they have facilities like a first world country, and you can drink the tap water there.

Lord, what exactly is about to happen in the United States of America at the wake of the passing of Eric Robert Dunstan to the next world? Your death, O’ Larimar, signals to all the enemies of the United States of America that their wizard is gone, and that they are vulnerable to attack. Remember, O’ Larimar King, you and the land are one. When you die, the land disintegrates and is broken up, plundered, and divided up as spoils by invading parties. Remember that you leave no heir. You leave behind no apprentice to take your place. Hence, when you are taken from America, she is then vulnerable, for the Spirit that rested on the Emerald King will then return to heaven from whence He was sent.

In other words, you are saying that the pillar upon which the world rested was the Larimar King, and with his removal from this earth, imminent collapse is inevitable, O’ Lord and Savior? Precisely, O’ Larimar King. Lord, do I actually die and leave my body behind in the place where I am at the moment of my passing? Or is my body also raptured up and buried at a location known only to you? I will not permit your body to be desecrated or dissected. Hence, I shall take you with your body at the moment of your death, and I will place your body in a tomb of snow that will hide it until the time in the future comes where a future pope begins the formal process of your canonization. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people.

Eric, the enemies of the United States are awaiting the death of the Larimar King, for they know that with him gone, they can successfully invade this nation. For all this time, ever since the beginning of the Infancy Emerald Reign, this nation has been under the protection of the Sovereign Lord. But with your passing, O’ Larimar King, so ends the Age of Christianity for the Gentiles. And salvation then returns to the Jews.

Lord, let us analyze the prophetic predictions made through the Larimar King of who will be the next pope:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

The first three guesses were made under the belief that this coming pope was to represent the Larimar King and his future Reign on the earth. But the fourth, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn as Pope John XXIV, was made under the new light of revelation that the Larimar Reign on earth ends on Friday, January 31, 2020, and that from that point onward, the Lazurite Reign is in power, and that the coming pope is to represent Lazurite, Prophet King of Israel. And Cardinal Christoph Schönborn alone among the eligible Cardinals has been found to both qualify to be able to become the next pope and to also have the prerequisites of being pro-Israel and pro-Zionist to represent the Lazurite King. And Cardinal Christoph Schönborn speaks German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Latin, and Czech. His election as pope would make him the first pope in modern history to come from Austria.

So, My Lord, shall Cardinal Christoph Schönborn become the next pope, O’ Lord and Master. It is as you have discerned, My Servant Larimar.

Now, let us diverge and speak of morality issues. You have heard the Larimar King declare that all nations must become clean and pure. And he has stated that all pornography is to be destroyed. But what about fine art that contains nudity? Is this to be destroyed also? By no means! For fine art and pornography have a clear distinction. Fine art presents the nude body in a form that does not intend for sexual arousal. This does not mean that no man is aroused by looking upon it. It merely means that the intent was not for sexual arousal. Pornography, on the other hand, is all nudity and sexual content that has as its definite purpose the sexual arousal of men.

Furthermore, not all selfies taken by women of their nude bodies has at its intent sexual arousal. And in those cases, should these photos come to public knowledge, these woman should not be put to shame, but should be regarded the same as models who posed for nude fine art. Care must be made to distinguish intent. If it is clear that sexual arousal was not the intent, then the woman in question should not be put to shame or lose her job over it. Furthermore, respect must be given to her. Men must now gawk at her, nor seek to imagine her nude, nor look upon her with any lustful intent. And if she requests for her nude images to be destroyed, it is required that all those who possess them to destroy them. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, what is clearly porn, you ask? Any image where the nude people in it are masturbating or engaging in some form of sexual activity is definitely porn. All of that must be destroyed. Also, a woman posing in a sexually inviting way is also porn. But a woman or a man with a neutral pose, one that does not invite sex or seek to arouse men or women, that is a picture of fine art, and it should not be destroyed as porn, unless the subject in it wishes for its destruction. For the modesty of men and women must be fully protected and respected. Any nude picture of a woman or a man that the person depicted in it wishes for it to be destroyed, that picture must be promptly destroyed, along with all backup copies. For no man and no woman should be put to shame regarding their bodies. Amen. Also, remember this Maxim: Out of sight, out of mind. Once all embarrassing nude pictures of a shamed woman have been properly destroyed, she may reclaim and regain her dignity in society. And that is why it is law that all pictures of nudes must be destroyed at the request of the nude subject in the picture.

And what penalty do you propose for that man who keeps a private stash of nudes of women who have asked that they be destroyed, you ask? What saith Thou, O’ Lord, should be the legal punishment for such lust driven men? Such men must be stripped naked and marched through the streets in broad daylight so that everyone who wishes to take pictures of them nude may do so. And only when they then comply with the wishes of those nude women and have destroyed their entire private stash of their nude images, will it be required for their own nudes to be destroyed. I Who Am have uttered My infallible decrees. Amen.

But what of those rare perverts who wish to be seen nude? And those lust addicts who have no shame? What should be done to them, O’ Lord? No one wants to be seen naked, Eric. No one. Therefore, the man who is perverse and who engages in shameful behavior, all shall see him naked in all his shame. And he shall be hounded from society and condemned by it. And everyone who he speaks to will know what he looks like nude. This is a deterrent to shameful behavior. Exposure always deters, My Larimar Saint.

You too, Eric, have looked upon nude women, both in real life and in pictures, but never in an intimate encounter with a woman. And though nude photos can attract you, they do not overpower you. For you have conquered the sins of lust and the desire for sex. Nevertheless, I do not allow you to go that path anymore, the path of looking at nudes, with the exception of those nudes that are truly works of fine art. But should you ever upon looking at fine art, come to feel yourself aroused, cease to look upon such nudes, for they are destructive to you. Hence, no fine art that causes sexual arousal should be looked upon, for that is porn to that man.

My Lord, what must I never do so as to avoid ever losing my virgin espousal to Saint Katherine of Alexandria? Do not go after any woman in this world, and you shall never lose her, O’ Larimar King. Lord, I have noticed a complete stop in the texting I was receiving from the girl, Hyacinth, who I had had pity on who was at one time seriously intending a romance with me. What am I to make of this sudden end of texting from her, O’ Lord? Eric, she has been taken out of your life to save you from her clutches. You may not reengage in conversation with her. I Who Am command this. Do you not remember the prophecy? When the girl intended for you has been given, Hyacinth would be taken away. Amen.

Lord, given the reality of the situation, once a woman takes a nude selfie of herself, and that gets released to the general public, it is nearly impossible for that genie to be put back into that bottle. And thus, consider the school teacher who made a selfie of herself out of a weakness of judgement some time ago, and suddenly, all the boys in her class know what she looks like in the nude. What is the fate of that woman, O’ Lord? And how do you propose to remedy that situation? That woman can no longer teach, for she has made a public spectacle of herself. She will be forced to resign out of shame. And she cannot blame anyone other then herself.

Consider this case similar to that of Congressman Anthony Weiner. He was a very successful congressman until he took a selfie of his aroused penis and sent it to a woman. That picture got into circulation and that genie never went back into its bottle. It was that picture that forced him to resign from congress and which destroyed his career. And after further committed adulteries, his wife could not take it anymore and left him to his self destruction. Legally, he could have remained a congressman. But socially, he could not, for he had lost all self respect. For how can you negotiate deals and propose legislation and campaign if everyone you see and negotiate with has seen your shameful nudity? Therefore, nude selfies are the ruin of all who do them.

But Lord, why the double standard between men and women? I understand the prohibition of showing nudes of the genitals, for that is clearly sexual content, except in certain fine arts where no sexual intent is present. But what I do not understand is why men may go topless but not women. Please explain this authoritatively to me, O’ Lord.

Eric, it has been culturally engrained in this society that topless women constitutes a sexual enticement. And this will continue indefinitely, for the tops of women were in fact designed through evolution to attract a mate of the opposite sex. Hence topless women are inherently a sexual thing. As for those primitive cultures where women do go topless naturally, note also the casual nature of sex that goes along with all such cultures. For toplessness in women leads to casual sex, and is therefore incompatible to Christian society.

Therefore, O’ Eric, you may not treat women the same as men as regards their tops. Men maintain their respect when they go topless, for their tops have evolved to intimidate other men. And hence, they command respect when they are topless. But not so is it the case for woman. Topless women are like fiery flesh to the eyes of men. That is why all Christianized society requires women to cover their tops.

Now, in the Catholic Church, there was also once the requirement that women cover their hair with a veil to enter the Church. This requirement has now been completely relaxed. And that has led to sexual thoughts in men at Church instead of holy thoughts about Me. Therefore, O’ Authorities of the Church, I have this ruling to make: All women who serve near the alter must now also cover their hair with a veil. Such women include the Alter Servers, the Lectors, the Eucharistic Ministers, and the women who sing at the podium. But it does not include the women who serve as ushers, nor the women who serve in the choir, nor the women who sit in the pews for Mass. Carry out this edict, and you will find the environment in the Church at Mass to be much holier and of greater sanctity. And the holy women will embrace it. For it will lead to their better self respect.

Lord, what message do you give to those women and men who have made that great error and released into public circulation images of their nudes that are socially unacceptable? For surely you have a solution for them. And I also know that there is no putting that genie back into the bottle. A woman who won the Miss America Beauty Pageant some years ago lost that title when an adult men’s magazine showed pictures of her nude and in porn that had been taken in her younger years. Surely you have a message for them, some sort of direction, whereby they can recover and rebuild their lives, O’ Lord? What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

The man or woman who takes pictures of their nude private parts are like the infidels who desecrate My Holy Temple by showing to My people what I command must remain hidden. It is a crime that they have committed, and they must suffer its consequences. Hence, whoever takes pictures of either his nude body or that of another, or allows another to take nudes of himself, and the context is not for the higher purposes such as for the fine arts, science, or medicine, then he has violated the sanctity of My Holy Temple, and I consider his sin a permanent stain against My Church.

Hence, the consequences are also permanent. They will be put to shame for the rest of their life. But, O’ Lord, that may lead them to commit suicide. Are you willing to allow them to fall that far from You, O’ Sovereign Lord? Yes, O’ Larimar King. For grave sins require grave consequences. And those who commit suicide prove that they were never worthy of Me.

And what words do you say regarding sex offenders, O’ Lord? For many men complain that there is a double standard. Men much more easily get on the sex offender list than women. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

The most offensive sexual offense is the crime of ejaculating in public, and of masturbating that organ that ejaculates. The ejaculation found in women is not the same, for it contains no sexual gametes. Because the most offensive sex acts require a man and are done by, with, or to men, that is why many more men are found on the sexual offender list than women. And that is how it shall forever be.

But what of that high school boy who has sex with an underage girl who is really his age? And he gets put onto the sex offender registry for having sex with a minor. What saith Thou to that?

That boy has done a foul deed and is getting his just retribution. For I, the Lord, do severely punish all who partake of the forbidden fruit.

But Lord, is not the Sex Offender the modern day leper? Isn’t there a way to help them out of their social leprosy? And what about the sex offender who is barred from attending Church because he is considered a danger to children nearby?

I, the Lord, Am the Judge of each individual case. And I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. And that is it for tonight, Lord Larimar. I will answer no more questions on this subject in this post. Amen.

As for you and your relationship with Saint Katherine of Alexandria who lived over 17 centuries ago, realize that I for My part have forgiven you of your looking at that nude you viewed. And you are correct that it qualifies to be called a work of fine art. But even fine art nudes, when viewed too much can lead to sin. Hence, look no more at such nudes for they are not good for you. As for your relationship with Katherine of Alexandria, note that this cannot derail it. To derail this, you would need to look at porn, masturbate, or pursue a woman of this world. Avoid those three things, Eric, and your triumph will be complete.

Lord, I am sorry for viewing that fine art nude too much. I will now avoid viewing all such nudes from now on. I choose to reform myself and be a better person. And I, with your grace, seek to resist the temptation to look at such things ever again. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Your words will bind you to your oath. And now this post is complete. Remember to never let your eyes rest upon a woman of this world, and never pursue any that you see, and Katherine of Alexandria will never be taken away from you, but will be there to meet you and spiritually embrace you at your ascension to My Kingdom in 21 days and 5 hours. Now go and publish this post, for it is holy and it contains your confession, making it holier. Amen.

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