With Eric’s Death on January 31, 2020, so also ends the Christian Age of the Gentiles.

On Friday, January 31, 2020, with the passing away of Larimar and the revealing of Lazurite, the times of the Gentiles will be fulfilled, and salvation will return to My people, the Jews.

Behold, I Who Am have come to prophesy and to speak through My Servant Eric. For a short span during the previous post, Eric fooled himself into thinking he had 53 more years to live on the planet before his rapture from here to heaven. But he came back to the realization of My Truth by the end of that post. For Eric is the final Gentile Christian King. After his passing from this world on Friday, January 31, 2020, the Age of the Gentiles ends, and Salvation then returns to the Jews. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

But Lord, the Catholic Church is a Gentile Christian Church. How do the Jews become Catholic if the Catholic Church is run by Gentile Christians when the Age of the Gentiles is over, O’ Lord and Master? The Jewish Catholics will come to run the Catholic Church, O’ Larimar King. And therefore, I shall now prophecy unto you who shall really be the next pope. These were your original three guesses:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III

However, now that you know that the next pope shall represent Lazurite, and not Larimar, who will have gone to heaven, you should look among the Cardinals for someone with strong support for Israel and Zionism. Look, Eric, and tell me who you find.

I have found Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Austria. He speaks German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Latin, and Czech. And he is a strong supporter of Israel and Zionism. During World War II, his father, Hugo Damian, was involved in the anti-Nazi resistance. And in the last Conclave, he was one of the top frontrunners to become pope. I, hence, predict that this one is an excellent choice to be made by the Holy Spirit to represent Israel in the Vatican during the Age of Lazurite and the Age of Hebrew Catholicism that is to begin on January 31, 2020, at my ascension into heaven.

Well done, My servant, Eric. You have identified a very promising candidate to be the next pope. And what papal name do you discern that he would take, O’ Larimar King? Pope John Paul II chose to include the name Paul in his name because he was representing the Eric the Emerald King, who was the Prophet King sent to preach to the Gentiles, who now is called Larimar. Since the next pope is to represent Lazurite, who is like Larimar, but sent only to the Jews, he must take a similar name, but drop the name of Paul from it, who was Apostle to the Gentiles, for the Age of the Gentiles will have ended and salvation will have returned to the Jews. Hence, he can only be called John. Hence, the next pope, who shall represent the Jews, shall be Pope John XXIV. Oracle of the Lord. And so, now you have guessed it in full, My Larimar King. And hence, let us now review all of your four guesses in one complete look:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
(4) Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV

And your prediction is now that the winner shall be: Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who shall be called Pope John XXIV. And is Eric correct in his discernment, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Indeed, O’ Larimar King. Your discernment is spot on correct.

Now, let us speak of the things to take place in the whole world in the light that you will not be here post Friday, January 31, 2020. First of all, what happens to Russia? Does she convert? Or is her conversion now a thing of the past? What saith thou, O’ Larimar King? What do you see?

I do not know, O’ Lord, for I have not before considered the future without my presence in it. So, tell me, O’ Lord, what is Russia’s fate? What becomes of Russia in the Age of the Jews? Many Jews live in Russia, O’ Larimar King. And the Russian language is spoken by many in Israel, due to the massive numbers of Jews who have migrated from Russia to Israel since the Age of Emerald. Now these Jews shall be enlightened. And now they shall enter into Christianity. And hence, they will make Russia a nation with a large Jewish Christian population. Russia will be saved by the Jewish Christian presence within her.

Consider this fate, then, for Christianity in Russia. All Christians in Russia will be drawn to Catholicism. And that will include Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill. It shall be Patriarch Kirill who shall lead his Orthodox Church to enter into full communion with the pope in Rome. And he will form a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church, to be headed by Patriarch Kirill. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And what of America, O’ Lord and Master? For originally, you had Eric warn the Americans to flee from the United States and Canada prior to his death on Friday, January 31, 2020 to avoid being caught in the trap. And now recently, you have had Eric say to the Americans that they need not flee, for Larimar has now assumed command and is reigning over Firefly, the power behind Trump. But now that you say Eric shall die from this world on Friday, January 31, 2020, what do you now say to those Americans who remain in the United States and Canada? Do they flee or do they remain where God has put them, like potted plants in His greenhouse, O’ Lord and Majestic One?

I will not destroy America, O’ Larimar King. For I have found favor in Trump. And there is the possibility coming for the conversion of Firefly, the Player behind Trump. Therefore, I will not command you to urge the Americans to flee North America. Instead, they may stay where they are put. Instead, your passing from this world will impart blessings to this nation rather than a curse. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people.

Furthermore, Trump will remain a strong ally to Israel. And Firefly will be a convert to My religion of Catholicism, if she knows what’s best for her. And then, America will continue to prosper after the death of Larimar, due to the blessings received by her standing with Israel. For whoever befriends and remains friends with My people Israel will be truly blessed.

Furthermore, I will have the Democrats nominate someone who will completely fail to get the the vote in the November elections. There are many such candidates still in the race. I only need to choose the greatest monkey among them. And he will prove himself unworthy of the Presidency to all the Americans, resulting in the reelection of President Trump. And before that election, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shall die, and Trump will nominate her replacement, and the Republican Senate will force the confirmation through, resulting in an energized Republican turnout and a demoralized Democratic lower turnout, handing victory to the Republicans and enabling them to keep hold of both the Senate and the White House in the 2020 elections. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, what do you see in Europe, O’ Larimar King? What do you see happening with the Brexit? The United Kingdom under Boris Johnson will successfully leave the European Union with a workable deal. And they will then negotiate a fair and lucrative trade deal with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade bloc. And this success will lead to Northern Ireland and Scotland to electing to remain in the United Kingdom for years to come.

As for Europe, their European Union will collapse. And in the ruins of that collapse, there may arise Antichrist. And this Antichrist may in fact be a Frenchman, who will claim to be the Great Monarch of ancient Catholic private revelations of the End Times. But he will be not that Great Monarch, but Antichrist instead, and he will lead the many to ruin. Consider this one to be the third Great European Antichrist of modern times, after Napoleon Bonaparte of France and Adolf Hitler of Germany. And he will be highly racist. And he will seek to make his White people the Master race. I Who Am have spoken.

And now, let us review what was revealed in the previous post. You know that the Larimar King is eternally espoused as virgin soulmate to Saint Katherine of Alexandria. And you learned that the Lazurite King is also eternally espoused to a parallel saint of great similarity: Saint Dorothea of Alexandria. Saint Dorothea died in 320 AD, some 15 years after Saint Katherine of Alexandria died in 305 AD. And they both died for the same reason: They both refused to marry the Roman Emperor of their time, preferring rather to remain in their consecrated virginity to Christ the Lord Jesus, the Lamb, to whom all the elect are eternally married to as the Bride of the Lamb. They both made the correct choice enabling them to become the eternal virgin soul mates of the two End Times Prophet Kings, Larimar and Lazurite respectively.

Now. let us look at the span of time separating their deaths: 15 years. And Saint Dorothea’s death was exactly seventeen centuries ago, to the year. And in this year, beginning on January 31, 2020, Lazurite shall be revealed to all the Hebrew world. If you are not a Jew, though, you may not hear of him when he appears. For he will be speaking and writing only in Hebrew. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

But now, if the lives of the Prophet Kings follow a pattern similar to that of the Alexandrian Saints to whom they are eternally espoused to, shall Lazurite then die some 15 years after Larimar passes away? If so, then Lazurite would reign until the year 2035, a couple years into the Third Millennium of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. And what saith Thou to that, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Indeed, O’ Larimar King. It matches My prophetic utterances as to My return, that I would return on the third day. For a thousand years to Man are but a day to Me, and a day to Me is as a thousand years to Man. And it was not the third day of My birth, but rather the third day of My passion, death, and resurrection that I said I was to come again. Hence, expect Lazurite indeed to reign, beginning with your passage from this world 22 days from now, and lasting all the way into My Third Millennium of My death, which took place in 33 AD. And then, with My servant Lazurite remaining on the planet to the very End, I will come in all My glory for all Mankind to see. And I will be seen coming in the clouds in great glory. And I will be bringing with Me My recompense which I will award to all My saints, in accordance to their deeds. (Revelation 22:12). Amen. Just do not count down the days to My Second Coming, for of that date, no man may know the day or the hour until the arrival of the Son of Man, and at that point, no man will be able to repent any of his sins anymore. For when I come again, too late will it be for the impenitent to repent and make themselves Mine. For on the Lord’s Day, no man may do any work. Now, Lord Larimar, ask one question, and I will answer it and conclude this post for the day.

Do Larimar and Lazurite continue to reign over earthly lands and earthly territories in the next age, after the destruction of this earth, in some sort of replica of the earth in heaven? And if so, what are the territorial lands and possessions of these two saints? And what about the other Kings and Queens? And do the eternally espoused soulmates of these two Prophet Kings reign with them over their respective Kingdoms in the earth and age to come, O’ Lord and Master? Amen.

Lazurite is the ruler of Israel, with her full territory as detailed by My prophets in the Holy Scriptures. You, Larimar, are the ruler of Ireland, the full island, along with the Isle of Man. For you have elected to give up all your other lands for My sake and for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. And you made a wise decision to do so, for by that one act, you busted out of the game called Earth and became a free man.

And these two lands, Israel and Ireland, will be the Kingdoms respectively of King Lazurite and King Larimar for all eternity in the eternal state of the replica of Earth in the higher heavens. Other lands also exist there, and these will be divided up among My other Kings, whom I shall award to in accordance to their deeds, as is recorded by my angels who watch over all My people. Amen.

And yes, Saint Dorothea of Alexandria will resurrect and join Lazurite to rule with him his lands forever as his eternally virgin soulmate. And Saint Katherine of Alexandria will resurrect with Larimar and reign with him over his Kingdom of Ireland forever as his eternally virgin soulmate. And both of these couples will reign forever from the Eighth Heaven, into which only eternal virgin espoused couples in communion with Me may enter. And now you know of four occupants of the Eighth Heaven. Now, Eric, My servant, publish this post and get ready for Church. Your days left on this earth are now numbered down to just 22. For in 22 days you shall pass beyond the veil of death and know your eternal judgement and all the rewards that you shall receive in My Kingdom of Heaven. And know ye this well: With you I Am well pleased. Amen.

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