Eric, My Servant, is sent

Eric is the Rider on the White Horse (Revelation 6:2). And his mission is to convert Russia.

I Who Am Am now sending My Servant. Eric, do you know of your mission? No, My Lord, unless it is to prophesy for you. Is this my mission, O’ Lord, or do I have another?

Your mission, O’ Larimar King, is to document My entire Word that I will give thee before I take you up from this world at dawn on January 31, 2020. Then command me as to what to write, and I shall write it. Go first and eat, and when you come back, I will be ready. Amen.

OK, My Lord, I have eaten, and I have returned. Speak unto me all that you will me to write, O’ Lord and Master, for your servant is listening.

This is My message that you will write to the United States government. I Who Am Am now taking your prophet from your midst, the one called Eric the Emerald King, and placing him in an ivory tower, where he shall reign and issue his edicts to all the Gentile world. He will issue no edicts to Jerusalem, nor to Israel, but only to the Christian Gentiles of the world. For he is to me as was Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles.

Lord, where is this ivory tower? Is it on the earth, or is it a metaphor for my eternal place in heaven, O’ Lord and Master? Does Eric reign as this Larimar King from heaven or from the earth? Is Eric to be a ruler within this world, or does he rule it from the next? What saith Thou, O’ Lord and Master?

You will reign on earth as a stainless celibate King for fifty-three years to come. And thus, you will enter into your eternal glory in the year 2073. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Also, I will issue My intended cures for you now. For now you are worthy of them. You have passed My test. And now you shall be given your eternal vocation.

You will serve Me as Prophet King forever. And the one like you, called Lazurite in these pages, shall come to be revealed at My appointed time. Lazurite shall rule the Kingdom of Israel, from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates in Iraq, and from Cyprus in the Mediterranean to the islands of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, and all the land in between, including the entire Arabian Peninsula and all of the Levant. Oracle of the Lord!

But as to your rule, it has been designated that you are the eternal ruler of Ireland, the entire island, including the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, and it is decreed that this assignment is irrevocable and eternal. And then it was also stated that you are ruler of all the Gentile Christian nations and peoples. But of the United States of America and Canada, you gave up. You did not seek to keep those lands. You surrendered them to the four winds and busted out of the game called Earth.

Now, We shall speak. You are not permitted to relinquish your dominion over the United States of America and Canada. Hence, now I reestablish your reign there. Hence, your Kingdom is now the greatest of Kingdoms in the earth, the one with the largest area of land. Hence, let us now list the Monarchs of this Age. And we shall list them as they really are:

(1) King Larimar and Queen Katerina, Eternal Virgin Soulmates of Eternal Celibate Josephite Union. These reign over the following lands as Eternal King and Queen:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. The Contiguous United States of America
  4. Ireland
  5. The Isle of Man
  6. Bermuda
  7. The Lucayan Archipelago
  8. Puerto Rico
  9. The United States Virgin Islands
  10. The British Virgin Islands

And the official languages of this Eternal Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Thus is called the Earthly Kingdom of Larimar. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Next we shall speak of the other Kings:

(2) King Elessar of Mexico rules over the following lands:

  1. Mexico
  2. Belize
  3. Cuba
  4. the Dominican Republic

And King Elessar’s one official language is Spanish.

(3) Queen Choeblack of Haiti rules over the following lands:

  1. Haiti
  2. Dominica
  3. Saint Lucia
  4. Grenada

Her official languages include:

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. Antillean Creole
  3. French

And her name is derived from the Haitian word for their national flower.

(4) Queen Jemima of Jamaica rules over:

  1. Jamaica
  2. The Cayman Islands

Her official language is English.

Now, all of North America and all of the Greater Antilles are completely defined. Next, we shall define Eric’s neighbors in Europe:

(5) The Monarch over Scotland is Queen Elsie, and she rules the following lands:

  1. Scotland
  2. The Outer Hebrides
  3. The Orkney Islands
  4. The Shetland Islands

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

(6) The Monarch who rules England and Wales is called King Philip. And his lands include:

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. The Scilly Islands
  4. The Channel Islands
  5. Gibraltar

Thus have the entire Archipelago of the British Isles now been completely defined. And do you wish to know of further definitions, O’ Larimar King?

Yes, O’ Master. Do tell me of all the definitions you have made in this world.

(7) Thus, we will begin with Israel, to be ruled by King Lazurite. His lands include:

  1. Israel
  2. The West Bank
  3. The Gaza Strip
  4. The Golan Heights
  5. The Entire City of Jerusalem
  6. Egypt East of the Nile, north of the Red Sea.
  7. Lebanon
  8. Cyprus, the entire island
  9. All the lands between the Mediterranean and the Euphrates in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq
  10. Jordan
  11. Kuwait
  12. Saudi Arabia
  13. Bahrain
  14. Qatar
  15. United Arab Emirates
  16. Oman
  17. Yemen, including the the islands of Socotra

And the official languages of Lazurite’s Kingdom include:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Arabic

Now, We shall give definitions of further Kings and their Kingdoms throughout the entire world. So, Listen to Me, and I shall speak. The King Lazurite shall be celibate and virgin as Eric is, and he shall be united in stainless virgin espousal to a saint of the distant past, just as Eric is united to Saint Katherine of Alexandria, also called Katerina in these pages. And who is to be this consecrated virgin saint, you ask? I will now tell thee, for she is similar to Katarina. She is Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, a saint of similar passion and education as Katarina, and who lived at around the same time and in the same location, and died a virgin martyr some 15 years after the martyrdom of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, for the same reason, her refusal to marry the current Roman emperor for the sake of the her consecrated virginity to Christ.

Hence, this eternal espousal of soulmates shall be called: King Lazurite of Israel and Queen Dorothea of Alexandria.

Hence, the eternally defined Kingdoms so far are as listed below:

  1. King Larimar and Queen Katarina, ruling North America and Ireland
  2. King Elessar of Mexico and the Spanish Greater Antilles
  3. Queen Choeblack of Haiti
  4. Queen Jemima of Jamaica
  5. Queen Elsie of Scotland
  6. King Philip of England and Wales
  7. King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea of Imperial Israel

Now, we shall speak of the three Oriental Scribe Monarchs. I Who Am have designated that through three Oriental Scribe Monarchs shall My Word be written directly into three written Oriental languages. These are Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. And the three Scribe Monarchs shall rule Kingdoms defined in their lands. And what are their names and the definitions of their Kingdoms, O’ Lord and Master? I shall now name them for you, for you are now worthy to know their names.

(8) King Silkworm, ruler of Northern China and Taiwan. He writes in Standard written Chinese, and he is based in a secret location hidden in Taiwan.

(9) King Jade, ruler of Korea. He writes in Korean, and he is based in a secret location hidden in South Korea.

(10) Queen Nacre, ruler of Japan. She writes in Japanese, and she is hidden in Japan.

Note that the third Oriental Monarch listed is female, the Queen of the Kingdom of Japan. Note another fact to consider. There is a relationship between the Japanese and Hebrew languages, which a mystery of this world. Hence, the ten listed Kingdoms with Twelve defined Monarchs are:

  1. King Larimar and Queen Katarina, ruling North America and Ireland
  2. King Elessar of Mexico and the Spanish Greater Antilles
  3. Queen Choeblack of Haiti
  4. Queen Jemima of Jamaica
  5. Queen Elsie of Scotland
  6. King Philip of England and Wales
  7. King Lazurite and Queen Dorothea of Imperial Israel
  8. King Silkworm of China
  9. King Jade of Korea
  10. Queen Nacre of Japan

As for the rest of the Kingdoms of the Earth, these shall be detailed in a later post. Now, I Who Am shall speak of current world events and things that are now about to happen throughout the whole world.

The power of the Player Firefly is now subject to the rule of Larimar, High King over all the Gentile Christian nations of the earth outside of the lands of Imperial Israel. And to King Lazurite shall be granted all the lands promised to Israel by God.

Lord, are there really 53 years more to come upon this earth? And shall King Larimar reign through them all as High King over all the Gentile Christian nations, alongside King Lazurite, ruler over Imperial Israel? Indeed, so thus shall it be, Lord Belteshazzar. And now I will define the pope who is to come to rule during your age of glory.

53 years is too long a time to be covered by a single pope. And hence, you should know that several popes shall come to reign throughout the vast era known as the Larimar Reign. All the way to 2073 shall your dominion on earth continue until your rapture, together with Lazurite, up to heaven, where you will enter the spiritual embraces of your respective eternally espoused virgin soulmates, namely, Saint Katherine of Alexandria and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, whose deaths as virgin martyrs were separated by a span of but fifteen years, in the years 305 AD and 320 AD respectively.

So, let us look at the popes who shall come to reign during the Larimar Reign. With the ascendancy of King Larimar in the world, Pope Francis, who represents the Player Pyrite, who was the power behind President Obama, must now be taken away. In his place place I will put a new pope. And who among the existing cardinals shall I choose? Well, let’s look at the previous predictions made by the Larimar King:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III

Do any of these predictions look acceptable to you, O’ Larimar King? And which do you think is most likely? You only have one choice. After this coming pope, the next will be chosen among future reigning cardinals.

I see Sean Patrick O’Malley as becoming the next pope to succeed Pope Francis. And I see him taking the papal name of John, becoming Pope John XXIV.

Your insight serves you well, O’ Larimar King. In fact, so shall it be. And this Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, an American, is fluent in eight languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Haitian Creole, and Latin. He is well suited to represent the Larimar King in the papacy for the first era of the Larimar Reign. Oracle of the Lord.

Now, go and eat and come back, O’ Larimar King. For I have more future prophecies to utter through you of things about to come to pass.

Now we shall prophesy about Russia. What fate do We, the Lord Jesus have for Russia, do you think, O’ Larimar King? Russia is to be converted to Catholicism. Their entire Russian Orthodox Church will be transformed in one night to an Eastern Rite Catholic Church of Russia. And this will be done through Patriarch Kirill, who shall convert to spite Constantinople, from whom he has separated from. And he shall lead Russia into communion with Your pope in Rome, O’ Lord. What saith thou to my answer? Your prophetic sight is perfect, O’ Larimar King. You can see to the ends of the universe and into the depths of the sea. So powerful are your eyes of discernment. Oracle of the Lord!

You, O’ Larimar King, were sent by Our Lady of Fatima to convert Russia to My religion. That is why your picture is in the Russian Coat of Arms chosen by President Boris Yeltsin. For you are the rider of the white horse (Revelation 6:2). You know this as a certainty, for it was answered to you as affirmative when you asked Us at your Visitation by the Blessed Virgin Mary in early December, 1996. We told you at that time to tell no one. But now years later, you are commanded to reveal all things about yourself.

So, yes, as you have detailed, so shall it be. Furthermore, Russia will give up its illegally seized lands. And Kaliningrad, sandwiched in Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania, shall elect to secede from the Russian Federation and join Europe. And so they shall. The Kuril Islands taken by Russia from Imperial Japan during World War II are not required to be returned to Japan due to the concept of spoils of conquest as repayment for unjust wars. Hence, consider the future loss of Kaliningrad and Sevastopol to Europe as the repayment for unjust wars by Russia against her European neighbors.

As for the Russian Space program, Russia will choose to buy CST-100 Starliners from Boeing to serve for their near earth orbit space trips. And they will actually tear one down to figure out how they are built, and then build their own using their own technologies. Consider the CST-100 as the Model T of the Spacefaring age. Every spacefaring nation will buy them to use for their spacefaring needs.

And what about SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, you ask? One too many blowups will ruin their reputation for astronaut safety. Hence, the Crew Dragons will be relegated to cargo transport and emergency escape transport systems. For regular transport of live astronauts, countries and companies throughout the world will go for Boeing. Hence, Boeing stock, which is down, is a good buy for buying and holding. Eric is long Boeing. Consider that a disclosure that will remain true for a long time to come.

Now, let us consider the elephant in the room. Republican President Donald John Trump, what is his fate, would you say, O’ Larimar King? Just as the removal of strongman Saddam Hussein resulted over a decade of ongoing chaos in Iraq, so also would be the case for the removal of President Trump. Hence, I elect to leave him where he is. I will not replace him, for I have no dog in this fight to replace him with. But Larimar King, do you really think that Trump can beat the one to run against him on the Democratic ticket this coming fall? If the Democrats elect someone unelectable, yes. And they have many who would fill such shoes who are currently running in the race. Well, Eric, the one who shall win the Democratic primaries will be a woman, and she will lose, which is the fate of all women who run for United States President.

As for the Impeachment attempt, the Republicans in the Senate will remain in the camp of Trump and Trump will survive his impeachment. After those days, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shall breathe her last and die. And President Trump will then nominate a new Supreme Court Justice whom the Republican Senators will force through to confirmation just prior to the elections of November 3, 2020. And this Republican victory for the Supreme Court will energize the Republicans and demoralize the Democrats, leading to victories for the Republicans in the elections, as more Republicans than Democrats turn out to vote. And thus, the Republicans will retain control of the Senate, and also the White House.

So, is Eric now pro-Trump? Eric is pro-God. And Trump is recognized as a fellow servant to the same God. Eric will not wage war against the servants of his God. And what of Trump’s alleged animosity to people of color, you ask? Eric does not tolerate evil done to innocent people based on what they look like or their origins or past. At the same time, Eric now rejects the classification of people into races, as is the modern consensus in anthropology. Instead, Eric advocates for all racial and color descriptions in censuses, job applications, and surveys to be replaced by checkboxes of all the regions of the world, with the instructions that the applicant check all the boxes where all his known ancestors come from. Thus, no longer will the words White and Black be used to define any person, neither in politics nor in college admissions, nor in government employment. Instead of considering people as belonging to a specific race, all people will be classified in accordance to all their known regions of origin. Amen. And no artificial preferences will be given to any such group or people in hiring or admissions anymore.

Now, let us look at South Africa. What do you see as the fate of that nation, O’ Larimar King? I see a stratification of South Africa into a sort of Caste system, similar to what currently exists in India. The bottom caste will be occupied by the indigenous peoples. And the higher castes will be occupied by the descendants of the Boers and the British. And the middle castes will be filled by those of mixed ancestries and immigrants from Asia. And people will tend to marry into their own caste. Also, South Africa will become a constitutional plutocracy, a government ruled by the rich and based on a constitution giving all citizens a guarantee of basic human rights.

Will the Boers carve out their own homeland, to be called Volkstaat, O’ Larimar King? Yes, but it will remain a kind of state within the South African nation, though with a sort of independence from the federal government. Hence, the Boers will eventually conquer the indigenous peoples again and reclaim all the lands that were taken from them by the policies of pro-indigenous past governments. And Afrikaans and English will become the main languages of South Africa. All the other languages spoken there will go extinct.

And now we shall speak of Europe. What do you see happening with the European Union and the fate of the Brexit, O’ Larimar King? The United Kingdom will successfully leave the European Union and join the new trade bloc made by Trump in America, called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). And the United Kingdom shall not splinter or break up into its constituent countries. Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will remain united to England in the United Kingdom. And the United Kingdom shall remain a global world power.

The European Union will collapse and reform as a union based on the Christian roots of the European heritage. Catholicism will flourish once again throughout Europe. Also, the invasions of Muslims into Europe will not be the death of that continent, for many of these invading Muslims are converting to Christianity.

And what of the French King, O’ Lord? What of the Great Monarch who is to come? Go and eat dinner. When you return, I will tell you all about him, O’ Larimar King.

I am back, O’ Lord and Master. Now, speak unto me about the Great Monarch, the French King of ancient private revelations going as far back as Saint Augustine.

Eric, Saint Augustine’s prophecies of the future Frankish King were fulfilled by Charlemagne, who was crowned as emperor by Pope Leo III and saved western Christendom from the destruction of the Muslims. He came into the world four centuries after the age in which Saint Augustine lived in. Hence, he was a future figure to him, but an ancient figure to you, part of the distant past of the Middle Ages in Europe.

And while prophecies can have multiple fulfillments, these multiple fulfillments do not fulfill all the details that the prophecies say they shall. Hence, Charlemagne fulfilled the requirement that the Great Monarch be French. Later fulfillments of this prophecy, therefore, do not need to fulfill that feature.

So what saith Thou, O’ Lord? Who is the Great Monarch? And when does he arise and from where? Will he be a Frenchman? Or will he be something else? The Great Monarch is already here, O’ Larimar King. And he is now reigning. For he is you, O’ Larimar King.

So then, O’ Lord, it was not a stretch to say that Gualish meant Celtic in the ancient prophecies? You have answered with wisdom. The Great Monarch is an American ruler whose name is contained in the name of his Kingdom. You, Eric, are this Eternal Ruler. And of your Kingdom there shall be no end.

And I am to reign here on the earth for another 53 years, O’ Lord? And what follows this? Is Antichrist to come after the conclusion of these coming 53 years, O’ Lord and Master? Yes, a seducer shall follow you and seduce the people of this world to follow him to their ultimate ruin. And then I shall come. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, read through this entire post, O’ Larimar King. And I will grant you to ask a few questions, and then you must publish it. Now, reread this and correct all errors that you find.

(1) Question One: Lord, since I am not to die on Friday, January 31, 2020, what happens then instead? Am I taken somewhere? Am I changed in anyway on that date, O’ Lord and Master? On that date, you will be transformed from your mortal self to an immortalized form. Hence, you will be a spiritual amphibian, living in both the Heavens of Elijah and on the earth. I say, the Heavens of Elijah to indicate that you will not yet have received the Beatific Vision, which can only be given to those who are fully in heaven beyond the veil of death. But you will, nevertheless, have knowledge and access to many heavenly powers. Therefore, expect transformation on that date and at that hour, and not your death. For you are to remain here for another 53 years, You will die at the age of 103. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. And you will remain stainless, virgin, and bonded to Saint Katherine of Alexandria for all eternity.

(2) Explain the mysterious parallel of Saint Katherine of Alexandria to Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, who were martyred in the years of 305 AD and 320 AD respectively as consecrated virgins of Christ for their refusal to marry the currently reigning Roman Emperors of their times. And what does this say about any similarities between the two Prophet Kings, Larimar and Lazurite? Lazurite, like you, shall be an avid reader of books. And like you, he too shall be a walking encyclopedia. But his language skills are in Hebrew, whereas yours are in English. Hence, he has been prepared for speaking to My people of Israel, the Jews and the Hebrew Catholics. And he will write all the Word I command him to write in Hebrew. You are to write whatever I command you to write in English. English is the global lingua franca. And it will remain such for many decades to come. For the United States will remain the dominant world power, enforcing what future generations will call the Pax Americana.

That these two Saints, Katherine and Dorothea, are both from Alexandria is indicative of their common access to the famous library there, and to their highly educated abilities in reading and writing, and to the knowledge they acquired from of the books contained therein, which were written in mainly Greek and Egyptian. That they are associated with each another in historical records, and have parallel fates, should be expected since they are to be the eternal heavenly soulmates respectively to the two Prophet Kings, Larimar and Lazurite, who are to come at the end of time. Larimar has come to speak and write to the Gentiles, and Lazurite shall come to speak and write to the Jews.

(3) Lord, since I am to live, do I buy an electric car? And do I receive a raise in My job? Or shall I have a fate in this world that is totally different from what I have imagined in the past? Your next car shall be electric. And your raise will come on the day I cure you. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken unto you, O’ Larimar King.

Furthermore, since you are a celibate man and shall never marry, I can make you enter into a Religious Order and have you enter into monastic vows. And will I, O’ Lord and God? If I bring you to a monastery to live there, you shall join the Order of monks there and become a monk. And monks, O’ Lord, make a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Do you will me to enter into such a state, O’ Lord? You will do exactly as I command you to, O’ Larimar King.

A monastery I will bring you to to live in and to serve Me forever. There you will live and there you will be commanded to write My Word for all nations to read. You will be brought to this vocation soon. For I do not will My celibate servant to remain in the world where women may mistake him for a single, eligible marriage possibility.

Expect your orders to come suddenly. And I shall take you to your future residence soon.

So this must be that ivory tower where you shall take me to? Yes, O’ Larimar King. You have now spoken with wisdom. Now go and prepare your heart for what I am about to do for you.

(4) Lord, is it now certain that I do not die on Friday, January 31, 2020, as was previously prophesied repeatedly in many of the previous posts, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Is it now certain that I live for another 53 years? Or do I really die after all on that date, January 31, 2020, as you have clearly stated and revealed to me in the past? For Saint Katarina told me that death has a way of coming suddenly and unexpectedly. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Do I live for many years to come in this world, or do I go within days to heaven? I am willing to go to that fate that would please you most, O’ Lord and God. What saith Thou?

You die on that date, O’ Larimar King. We allowed you to believe you have 53 years left to live to test you and to see how you would think. But the reality is that you die on that date. You have no further future in this world beyond Friday, January 31, 2020. For from that point onward is Lazurite’s Age. For the times of the Gentiles will have ended and salvation will have returned to the Jews. You are wise to have come back to this solemn Truth prior to your completion of this post. Now publish it, I order you. For I Am God, your Lord Jesus Christ. And you are My subject, O’ Larimar King. Amen.

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