Eric issues his first decrees as Ruler of all Gentile Christian nations

Eric, My son, whom I make Eternal Ruler of all Gentile Christian nations, speaks.

I Who Am have decreed that Eric is now ruler forever over all Gentile Christian nations. And now he shall issue his first decrees. And woe to those who fail to obey.

(1) Decree One: There shall be no retaliation or effort to make tit for tat, nor to get even or exact revenge, for the dozen plus missiles sent by Iran against United States targets that was in response to the assassination of their general. America will stand down and contemplate their strategy. Why are we there? And when do we decide our mission there is complete?

(2) Decree Two: This is the new policy the United States of America will have regarding Israel and their incursions into Arab lands. America will stand by Israel in her defense. And America will veto all attacks by her enemies in the United Nations. Furthermore, the United States will recognize that the two state solution is two warring states, and that is no solution. Instead, America will recognize Israel as a nation like herself, having a manifest destiny to eventually occupy and take possession of all the lands God in the Holy Scriptures promised that she would receive. America will stand by those scriptural promises and be a Bible based nation again. Oracle of the Lord! Hence, America shall be true Ally to Israel.

(3) Decree Three: Regarding Russian occupation of Ukrainian lands, I say this. Lethal weapons of sufficient quality and superiority will be supplied to Ukraine to enable her to retake eastern Ukraine. The United States will supply weapons to Ukraine against Russia as she supplied weapons to Afghanistan against the occupation by the Soviet Union. But the United States will not engage in open war with Russia. Thus, as the United States’ support for Afghanistan drove the Soviets out of her, so also shall the United States’ support for Ukraine drive Russia out of Ukraine.

And what of Crimea, you ask? What is Eric’s strategy for Crimea? I shall now judge this case and resolve whose claim over Crimea is more legitimate. Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s signature on the Budapest Memorandum obligates Russia to recognize Crimea as Ukrainian lands. Bill Clinton’s and John Major’s signatures on that same memorandum obligate the United States and the United Kingdom respectively to also stand with Ukraine regarding her right to Crimea as her land. And Ukraine kept her part of that agreement by giving up her nuclear arsenals. Reward, not punishment, is owed to the nation who cooperates and gives up the prospect of being a nuclear power.

Therefore, it is declared that Russia is to give back to Ukraine her lands, and as punishment, she is to forfeit the usage of Sevastopol, the port in Crimea that Russia had leased from Ukraine. This is the decree of Eric, Judge and Arbiter of all issues between Christian nations and between Christians and pagans.

And how will you force Russian compliance to this decree, O’ Wise and Powerful Emerald King? The situation is delicate. Russia will be forced to comply by being checkmated. First, we will heavily arm Ukraine to be completely able to defend herself. Then, when Ukraine has become a formidable power, we will destroy the Kerch Strait Bridge, and place Crimea under siege. And all ships that seek to resupply the Russians in Crimea will be sunk. And these acts of sabotage and ship sinking shall be done by Ukrainians who have been heavily armed by the Americans.

And what if Russia threatens to nuke Ukraine? Before this destruction of the Kerch Strait Bridge, a military alliance will be announced between NATO and Ukraine that guarantees a nuclear response from NATO to any aggressor who launches a nuclear strike on Ukraine. This will keep the conflict limited to conventional weapons. For the Russians are not suicidal.

(4) Decree Four: An international body shall be set up to ensure the preservation of the earth’s natural resources. It will have authority over all nations. Areas known to be natural carbon sinks shall come under mandatory protections. And it will be recognized that no sovereign state has the right to destroy its own natural carbon sinks. Monetary incentives will be provided to nations and people to help preserve these carbon sinks.

Furthermore, endangered species will be protected in all nations. No nation and no business will be allowed to build plants or take lands on which exists critical habitat for endangered species. Lands containing such habitats shall be set aside and not touched by human beings, other than indigenous native peoples and environmentally minded visitors.

Hunting will only be allowed in game reserves where the game is not in danger of extinction. And the weapons allowed for hunting must not be equivalent to those suitable for war, but designed for hunting only. And hunters may only kill what they intend to eat. I, Eric, decree this.

Furthermore, all chemicals used in extraction of fossil fuels from the earth must be disclosed and made publicly known. And if these chemicals are decided to be harmful to the environment, the usage of them must be discontinued.

All vehicles makers must begin the transition from the combustion engine to the electric battery powered engine. And fossil fuels must be redirected to usage in power plants. And these power plants must make great efforts in capturing all carbon emissions. Monetary incentives are to be made to those technological companies in developing batteries suitable for powering vehicles.

An international agreement on road markers must be made for driverless car robots to read for safely navigating all such certified roads. And the road markers must be made such that humans drivers can also safely drive the same roads.

(5) Decree Five: Morality according to the natural law as interpreted by the Catholic Church will be enforced. Marriages will be recognized if and only if the Catholic Church recognizes the marriage. This does not mean that the couples need to be baptized. But it means that no one is allowed to divorce and commit adultery by entering a second marriage while their first spouse still lives. Furthermore, homosexuality is gravely contrary to the natural law. No form of homosexuality, and definitely no so called “gay” marriage will be allowed. All homosexual couples will be forced to give up their adopted children to other homes. Only heterosexual couples will be allowed to adopt children. Homosexuality will not be allowed anywhere. There will be no gay bath houses. Wherever homosexuals are caught having gay sex, they will be executed. And whoever makes homosexual videos will be burned to death with his pornography. All pornography will be destroyed. All makers of pornography will be severely whipped. All spreaders of pornography will be severely fined. And the money fined from them shall go to the poor.

(6) Decree Six: Whoever gets a girl pregnant outside of wedlock will pay for the raising of that child until he is an adult. He will make this payment to the state, regardless of whether the girl seeks financial help or not from the state to raise her child. If in the event the father cannot pay what he owes, he will be enslaved and sold into slavery to pay that debt. And the profits produced by working such slaves will be taxed to pay the child support. When the allotted money owed to the state for all the years this child costs until adulthood is paid, the father will be released from his slavery. The cost to support the child is fixed and standardized, and does not change if the child dies, and always lasts for eighteen years.

(7) Decree Seven: All men will be required to acquire a trade or a skill or an education by which they can become productive citizens. It will be illegal to unskilled. All men who wish to enter marriage must prove that they can take care of a wife and all the children she might have. It will be illegal and punishable for any man to have relations with a woman unmarried to her. Any man who deflowers a virgin unwed to her shall be put to death. Women who marry will stay home to raise their children, while the father earns the money to take care of the family. And no couple shall marry unless they can afford to raise children. And no couple shall have sex outside of wedlock. The serial offender shall be enslaved to pay his fines to the state. And all acts of sex outside of wedlock will be seriously fined.

(8) Decree Eight: All nations will have as their leaders those not chosen by democracy, but by the election of God (Deuteronomy 17:15). God shall elect the one who is to rule, and He will send His prophet to anoint him as King. Monarchies will not be hereditary. Instead, they will be by appointment by God. All rulers shall be chosen from above. The people will have no say.

(9) Decree Eight: All arbitration will be done by specially anointed deacons who shall have been elected for this position by God. There will be no such things as litigating to make one’s money. Payments to victims for wrongdoing will be just but never excessive. No one will be punished by a court of law unless the crime is proven against him. The preponderance of the evidence is insufficient. Only proof beyond a shadow of a doubt will be used to condemn any person.

(10) Decree Ten: It will be illegal to get high on drugs. Whoever gets high on drugs will be sold into slavery and not released until he is proven clean and stable minded.

(11) Decree Eleven: Sex slavery will be against the law. Whoever has sex with his slaves will in fact cause his slave to be freed and he take her place as the slave and sold, assuming all the debts of his former slave, and he will not be freed until he has paid the last penny.

(12) Decree Twelve: In the event that an unwed couple had sex, and the sex act is proven, it will be assumed an act of rape unless the woman says it was consensual. If it was consensual, both the man and the woman will be heavily fined. And whoever cannot pay will be enslaved. If it is rape, the man will be severely beaten, and then permanently enslaved. He will never be released from his slavery.

And what, O’ Eric, do you do about the seductress who seduces men to have unwed sex with her, and then accuses her partner of rape? No man has a right to sex outside of marriage. The man who violates this law deserves his punishment, even if he was fooled by a seductress. As for the seductress, the evil she does to men will rest on her conscience.

But, O’ Eric, do you give her the power to send men into slavery who she successfully seduces? Yes, for they have become slaves to sin. Their resulting permanent enslavement corresponds to their crime (Luke 23:41).

But what if he repents in prison and seeks to do right? Do you really make him a permanent slave? For did not Jesus forgive and save the condemned criminal who hung next to him on the cross for acknowledging and testifying that Jesus did nothing criminal? (Luke 23:43). Whoever rapes a woman or is accused of rape by a woman who can prove he had sex with her, and she is not his wife, he shall be permanently enslaved. There can be no debate on this. I, a servant to the Virgin Mary, decree to this as the Truth.

Now, I Who Am shall speak. Lord, shall Eric really be taken away on Friday, January 31, 2020, despite the dawn of his reign as Larimar King upon the earth? For if he does not go, he would delay his meeting with Katarina.

I, the Lord, shall now answer that question. Yes, My servant Larimar, you shall be taken on that day. And from that date forward, your eternal reign becomes entirely spiritual in nature, for you will be a spiritual being in heaven. Also, My Son, you have passed My tests of you. Hence, I hereby proclaim that your passage into the night will be with flying colors. And the Kaliskarsis will have come home. Amen.

For readers who have not heard, which are all of you, the Kaliskarsis is the name given to the aircraft carrier warship that represents the Emerald King, from whom angels of power are stationed to do his bidding in the world.

Now, speak unto me your message (1) for Donald John Trump and (2) for America and (3) for the whole world, O’ Lord of lords and King of kings.

(1) To President Donald John Trump, the Age has changed. Firefly is now subject to Larimar. What Larimar commands is now law. You will learn to obey the Larimar King. And the Larimar Reign does not end when he ascends to heaven in 23 days. Instead, it is ratified and eternalized. Therefore, learn to commune with God and His Larimar King. He will continue to give his decrees and orders from Heaven where he shall rule all the Gentile nations of God. However, Israel and all her lands destined to be hers by her Manifest Destiny he will not rule. Instead, Israel is to be ruled by My Servant Lazurite, whom I shall reveal at Eric’s passing from this earth. And Eric will make America the eternal ally of Israel. Amen.

(2) To the Christians of America. You no longer need to flee, for the Larimar Reign has begun. And Larimar Has begun to rule. Therefore, remain where God puts you, and you will triumph. For the potted plant remains where it is put. And we on earth are all potted plants in the Greenhouse of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(3) To the Christians of the whole world, realize that the ancient prophecies are now fulfilled. That one of whom was spoken of has come. And he is the Larimar King. And he will reign now forever over all of Christendom outside of the Kingdom of Israel. And the Kingdom of Israel is defined a such: All the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates. All the land from Cyprus to Socotra, including the entire Arabian Peninsula. It is Israel’s manifest destiny from God that she come to possess all these lands, just as America was to possess all her lands from sea to shining sea. Amen.

Now, Eric, you may publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

2 thoughts on “Eric issues his first decrees as Ruler of all Gentile Christian nations”

  1. Thus saith the LORD: “Eric shall not inherit the gentile Kingdoms. All things belong to the LORD Jehovah Jesus Provider. You raise yourself, gentile, and claim yourself a Jew like the Synagogues of Satan. Repent, in ashes.”


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