Eric is My servant, to whom I entrust nations and kingdoms

I Who Am now appoint Eric as ruler of all My Gentile Kingdoms. Amen.

Behold, I have elected to exalt Eric above many nations. And thus, I do now declare and swear under oath to My Own name, I Am Who Am, that Eric is set as ruler over all My peoples of the Gentile nations of the earth. This position is eternal. It will never be taken away.

But Lord, Eric is to depart from this life within 24 days time. Is he to rule these many nations, therefore, from heaven? Yes, Lord Belteshazzar. From heaven shall you reign over and rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you smash them. I Am Who Am.

For I have found favor with you. In you I have found humility and purity, sufficient in perfection for Me to issue this decree: From this day forward, Eric will rule as Sovereign King over all lands and all kingdoms to whom I sent My servants to convert to My religion. Only My Kingdom of Israel shall you not rule. For that land is Mine. And over that land I have designated another, a Jewish convert to My religion, to rule.

And is this Jewish convert the one who is called in these writings, Lazurite, O’ Lord and Master? Lazurite shall be his name in these writings. Yes, My servant Larimar. So then, O’ Lord, does Lazurite rise up in this world after the departure of Larimar to heaven, O’ Lord and Master? Lazurite is already here. And he will be made known at the moment of your departure. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Lord, it was said in earlier posts that my Kingdom consists of the three states of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man. And this Kingdom is to have these three official languages, as eternally recognized: English, Irish Gaelic, and Manx. And it is written that this judgement of this Kingdom assigned to Eric is eternal, that it will never be revoked. Is this new decree you make today an award of additional lands to My eternal Kingdom? Or am I to understand these things differently than how I do now, O’ Lord and Master?

Your Kingdom of Ireland can never be taken away from you. For it has been made yours by the infallible decree of God. Now, as for today’s decree, that you are to rule all My Gentile Christian nations, this is a decree that comes from Me. And it effects all of eternity. For it is an eternal resolution that you are to rule all these nations. For you are an humble man. And you have humbled yourself before all My peoples. Thus, I Am proud to exalt you among all My peoples. And you shall go forth exalted.

Also noteworthy is the knowledge that you have never known a woman. Because you never reached out your hand to take what was forbidden for you, I now make this solemn oath. The consecrated virgin I have eternally joined to you shall live with you in the manner of Mary and Joseph, as an eternally espoused husband and wife. And this shall be the way it shall be for all eternity in heaven. You shall never touch or know your wife for all eternity. And she will be with you forever and ever.

And now, let us speak of the consecrated virgin I will to join to you, and of such virgins in general. The one whose name is Katarina of Alexandria is the one We have united to you for all eternity. This bond shall never be broken. And you shall never fall again into sins of the flesh. What you and this saint of the ancient past have in common is a love for books and reading and writing. And thus, We in heaven elected to make this match, which has succeeded. In the Kingdom of Heaven, you shall write on a tablet all that I command you to record. And these words shall be stored forever in your heart and soul. For you and Katarina shall serve as My living libraries for all eternity. I will order you to write My Word, and you and Katarina shall write all I command you to write down on a tablet, which will be engraved into your spiritual memory. And you both shall be the living repositories of all the knowledge of the Kingdom forever. Thus shall you and Katarina be the memory and keepers of knowledge in My celestial Kingdom.

Now, since I Am omniscient, why do I need you and Katarina to keep a record in your hearts of all that I command you to record, you ask? These recordings are for the benefit of My vast Kingdom of people. They are not for My sake. For I know all that there is to know, and I stand outside My Kingdom, and I Am above it. But just as in the days of Moses and the prophets and in the Church, there were always those who were designated to maintain the deposit of faith. And that task in the Eternal Kingdom shall be the eternal duty of this spiritually mated pair: King Eric and Queen Katarina, lovers of books and of the written Word. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of your future in this world, O’ Larimar King. Do not worry about any of the worldly concerns that you might have. But do the acts of charity and love that I command you to do. And have faith in Me and in My promises to you. For it is an infallible prophecy that I Am taking you from this world at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020. Oracle of the Lord! Hence you have just 24 days left before you are taken away, for it is now Tuesday, January 7, 2020, a couple hours before dawn.

Lord, I feel like Jesus at the Last Supper, before he was to enter into His Passion. For such is the ominous feeling of my approaching death. And yet, I say, let me drink of this chalice, O’ Lord. Let me be taken away from this world exactly as you have prophesied, O’ Lord and God. I am about to embark on the unknown, but let it be known that there is no suicide involved here. Instead, there is in me the acceptance of my coming death.

Lord, I never got that electric car. And I never got any raise. But none of those things matter anymore in any way. Instead, I am leaving behind the entire world. Not even the dust of one brick may I take with me as I go to the next world. I came into this world naked, and naked I must go to meet My Maker. Amen.

Now, what message do you say unto Me, O’ Lord, before this post comes to its end, O’ Lord and Master? This is My solemn statement and indictment to all the world, which I will utter through you. I Am now taking a prophet away from your midst. He was there and walked amongst you, but you did not recognize him. And so, thus, I Am now taking him away. And where he will go you will not follow. But as for My elect, those who seek to emulate this saint, let them come after him as they may try. But no one can walk the Way Eric walked without a guide and a trainer. I, the Lord, served directly to Eric as his guide and trainer. Therefore, let all who seek to follow the Path of Eric to Jesus, seek such guidance and training from Me. And let them come and appeal to Me. And if they are worthy and ready, I will send My servant Eric to them to guide them and train them from his dwelling place in heaven. And whoever receives such guidance and training and obeys it, he shall not fail. Oracle of the Lord. Now go, Eric, and publish this post. For it is now complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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