Now I Who Am shall clarify all things.

I, Jesus, Am Who Am. And I Am the only Way to Paradise.

I Who Am have heard the teachings of the devil through Timothy, a certain participant in these discussions. Allow Me to correct you, and I require you to submit to your correction. Evil existed before I created Mankind. For it is written, “The earth was a waste and a void; darkness covered the abyss, and the spirit of God was stirring above the waters.” (Genesis 1:2). For at that time, at the dawn of My Creations, of the great expanse of angelic beings I created, one third of these were swept from heaven by the tail of the Dragon to become his (Revelation 12:4). And this seven headed serpent was in fact the first of My angelic beings to fall. In the primordial age did this fall of the evil spirits take place, long before the time came in which I created Mankind. Many ages would pass then, with constant war between My angels and those of Satan.

(Day 1) I said, “Let there be light.” And the universe was lit. And stars formed and galaxies came to be. The first day.

(Day 2) I said, “Let the sky separate the heavenly waters from those of the earth.” And the Cosmos formed into the various dimensional planes. And the waters of the higher planes became separate from the waters of the earth. The second day.

(Day 3) I said, “Let the waters below the sky be formed into seas, and let dry land come to be in their midst. And let My plants rise up from the sea and evolve to all their forms on the land, including all of fruit bearing and flowering trees.” The third day.

(Day 4) And life was ignited upon the earth. And I Created the first beings to use the stars for navigation and the lights of the heavens to govern their flight and travel across the various bodies of water, the flying insects. The fourth day.

(Day 5) And then I decreed for the evolution of the vertebrates. And fishes teemed in the oceans, and the dinosaurs rose and fell, and the birds came from the dinosaurs. The fifth day.

(Day 6) And I decreed for the Age of Mammals to begin. And I made all the mammals evolve, all the way to the Primates, and then to Man. And thus, I created Man in My image. Male and female I created them. The sixth day.

(Day 7) And then I rested on the Seventh Day. And thus I decreed to Man: Six days you shall work, but the Seventh belongs to Me. The seventh day.

(Day 8) And then, in the Age of Eternity, I resurrected My Son, who had died for the sins of all of humanity so as to bear away their sins and make them eligible for salvation. And thus, the Eighth Day is the Day of Eternal Life. The eighth day.

(Day 9) And then, as My final acts as recorded in the Holy Rosary Prayers, I exalted My Virgin Mother Mary to enter into Heaven and be crowned as Queen over all angels and all saints forever. And after her were to enter many saints, perfected through her ministry from heaven. The ninth day.

And thus did I create all of the universe and all lifeforms in it (Genesis 1:1 – 2:4).

Note the nine days: Six days of Creation, the Seventh day for Rest, the Eighth day for the Church, and the Ninth day for eternal glorification. And these nine days correspond to the nine heavens of existence. I Who Am created the nine heavens, and I stand outside them and above them.

Within the nine heavens, in the Ninth lives forever only one, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the most glorious of all humanity, apart from the One God-Man, Jesus Christ. And her place is the most exalted of thrones in all of heaven under God.

And what of the lower heavens, O’ Lord? The Eighth heaven was created for those who followed after Mary in her eternal espousal to Saint Joseph. To enter this heaven, only those who are eternally virgin and found worthy by the judgement of Jesus will ever have a chance to enter therein.

Of all humanity, only Eric and his espoused, Saint Katarina of Alexandria, are now citizens of this Eighth heaven. But others are close upon their heels. Three saints whom Eric knows about will enter into this Eighth heaven after him. These are: Saint John of the Cross, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, and Saint Theresa of Lisieux. Certain elected souls to come, who are predestined to this opportunity, and who triumph, will be granted the chance to enter an eternal virgin espousal. Three such souls to come will unite with these three saints just mentioned. And then these will, when they enter into their glory, become eternally espoused soulmates who are as heavenly equal neighbors to Eric and Katarina in the Eighth Heaven forever.

Lord, what happened with your Apostle John that he is not included among these saints? For was not he of a purer and holier path than mine, O’ Lord and King? He was purer, but not holier. For do you not remember the time when he and his brother James sought to be seated with Me in the Kingdom, one at My left and the other at My right? (Mark 10:35-41). I tell you truthfully, it was due to this sin of pride, not completely repented, by which John’s potential virgin espousal for eternity failed. For the sins of the past affect the distant future like the fall of many dominoes through time. And the one who would have been his lacked the graces to believe in this teaching of the Holy Spirit due to that sin of the distant past.

You, Eric, on the other hand, humbled yourself in the previous post. And by that humility I was able to decree both the eternity of your rule over Ireland in the Age to come and the irrevocable nature of your espousal to Saint Katarina of Alexandria. Had you not thus repented and humbled yourself, it would have still been possible for you to fail and be consigned with John to the seventh heaven. And you know that Life in the eighth heaven is infinitely greater than that in the seventh. So much greater it is, that those in the seventh and lower heavens do not seem to those above them to have true eternal life. Amen.

Hence, you now know of five couples that will inhabit the Eighth Heaven. And these are:

  1. King Eric and Queen Katarina, who shall rule over Ireland forever.
  2. King Lazurite, and an unknown ancient saint yet to be revealed, to rule over Israel forever.
  3. Saint John of the Cross, and a future consecrated virgin to come.
  4. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, and a future virgin male saint to come.
  5. Saint Therese of Lisieux, and a future virgin male saint to come.

And beyond these five, I shall provide still more. For all My heavens shall be filled to their capacity. Oracle of the Lord!

And Lord, do John of the Cross, Saint Bernadette, and Saint Theresa of Lisieux receive lands and kingdoms as I have received Ireland in the Age to come in that replica of earth that exists in heaven?

I will now tell thee of the Kingdoms that both of these French girl saints shall receive: Saint Bernadette and Saint Theresa. As you know, both of them are eternal virgins and from France. I testify to the Truth. Those parts of France where these two saints became glorified in shall be part of their eternal respective Kingdoms in the Age to come. And the two virgin men who I elect to unite to them as their eternal virgin soulmates, in their respective eternal espousals, who, like Eric, will agree and vow to never touch the consecrated virgins of the Christ, shall come forth in secret. And I will not reveal their identities in the generation in which they live.

Lord, have I heard this prophecy from You or from the evil one? Is the source of this knowledge of divine or diabolical origin, O’ Lord and God? For it is written that we are to test all the spirits that speak (1 John 4:1).

Eric, what you have written is God breathed. Furthermore, the couple in the eighth heaven that is to include as its female member Saint Bernadette of Lourdes shall rank ahead of you and Katarina and be higher than you two in eternal glory. By this knowledge, you now know that a man greater than you is to soon come into this world to be united to Saint Bernadette as her eternal virgin espoused. It was the description of this future soulmate and the secrets of his future intimate spiritual relationship with her that constituted the secrets that she was forbidden by Mary to reveal to any soul upon the earth.

Also, by the humility you showed in the previous post, it has now been decided to add a third state to your Kingdom of Ireland. And that third state is the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea. Hence, Eric’s eternal Larimar Kingdom of Ireland now includes these three states:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And Three official languages are recognized in this Irish Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

I Who Am have spoken.

Now, what about Saint John of the Cross? You haven’t mentioned him yet.

Yes, now I shall speak of this superior to you, Lord Larimar. Yes, Saint John of the Cross ranks ahead of you and is greater than you. And his writings are holier than yours and of greater and higher fruit. And yet, he wrote in Spanish, and hence, his writings for you to read must pass through the hands of an interpreter. And his poetry, of which he is famous for, does not pass through in all its glory when translated from the original Spanish in which it was first composed. Hence, since it was by his Spanish written poetry and spiritual writings that he is most famous for, he shall be joined to an eternal virgin of the Spanish diaspora or among the many speakers of Spanish in the world, a consecrated virgin who will read his writings and understand them.

And thus, you now know of two eternal virgin couples who shall rank higher than you in the Eighth Heaven. These are Saint Bernadette with her future eternally espoused, and Saint John of the Cross with his future eternally espoused. These two couples will be greater than you and Katherine, and their Kingdoms will be higher in eternal glory and holiness than yours.

And what about Lazurite and his espoused, and Saint Theresa and her espoused? If I do not mention them as greater than thee, then regard them as your equals. But never look down upon your neighbor as your lesser.

But what of the denizens of the lower heavens, such as the Apostle John and all the rest of the Apostles and holy men who live in the lower realms of heaven, O’ Lord and God? Even though you rank higher and above them, do not think that they are worth less to Me than you. Every member of My Kingdom of Heaven I shed drops of My divine blood to save. And all of My blood is precious, just like all My saints, down to the least one, like Sam Kinison, who is now burning in Purgatory, are all equally precious to Me in My eyes. That they do not all receive the same rewards does not make them not all equal in My eyes. All My saints are equals to Me. Now, some saints are given higher positions and greater responsibilities than others, in accordance to the greater return I received from My investment in them (Luke 19:11-27). And this is a requirement of My Divine Justice. Those who produced more for My Kingdom are to receive a greater reward and a higher level responsibility in it for the greater fruits from their works than those who produced less. A just God cannot rule otherwise.

And how is the entrance into an eternal virgin espousal a greater return on Your investment than the state of truly single celibacy for all eternity? Isn’t the single celibate soul making a greater sacrifice and offering a greater act of servitude to Thee than the eternally virgin espoused, O’ Lord and Master? Eric, it is the nature of all Mankind and Womankind to wish to walk My Way with a mate. For I did not create Mankind to be alone (Genesis 2:18).

If that is the case, then why is your priesthood celibate? Are not you also celibate, O’ Larimar King? To be both celibate and virgin is the requirement to enter into an eternal espousal. And thus, the reason I have all My Religious and all My Roman Catholic priesthood as ideally celibate and virgin is so that they would give up on entering such earthly, temporal, and corporeal marriages and look upon the possibility and possibly enter an heavenly, eternal, and spiritual relationship with a companion whom I elect for them to be joined to in secret eternal virgin celibate friendship.

But note the stark difference in nature of the eternal virgin espousal from the earthly, corporeal union. The former is totally within the spiritual planes. There is no sensual touching between them. There is no exchange of bodily fluids. And there are no children produced. Thus did I prophetically say, “Blessed are the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never sucked.” (Luke 23:29). Contrast this with the latter, those who enter earthly marriages. Such people reproduce their flesh by means of the flesh. And does the flesh beget Spirit? No, for all who are born of women come out needing baptism to be cleansed of Original Sin. Hence, flesh begets condemnation. Only the application of the sacraments begets Life. For whoever dies in a state of Original Sin dies in a state of separation from Me.

Therefore, do not make equal in your mind these two kinds of matings. The eternal mating of virgin soulmates is infinitely higher and beyond the nature of the carnal sexual unions found in the sacramental marriage.

I will repeat Myself. Eric’s union with Katarina of Alexandria is infinitely higher and above that of all his ancestors going back all the way to Adam and Eve. And why is it limited to only virgins who can enter such unions, you ask? It is written, a man may not marry his ancestor or his descendant. (Leviticus 18:6-18). Whoever has sex in this world has become of the spirit of this world. But whoever abstains from sex in this world becomes of the Spirit of the next world. For flesh begets flesh and Spirit begets Spirit. (John 3:6). Hence, the doorway to the eternal espousal is open only to virgins who have resolved to remain virgins forever for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lord, will you define the Kingdoms of my neighbors now in the replica of the Earth in heaven where I am Eternal Ruler of Ireland? Yes, for you are now worthy to know of them. Thus shall they be defined:

(1) Ireland, the entire island, and also the Isle of Man of the Irish Sea, is ruled over by King Eric and Queen Katarina, with the eternal official languages of: English, Irish Gaelic, and Manx.

(2) Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, and the Shetland Islands, is ruled over by Queen Elsie, with the official languages of: English, Scottish Gaelic, and Scots.

(3) England and Wales, including the Scilly Islands and the Channel Islands, is ruled over by King Philip, with the eternal official languages of: English and Welsh.

Hence, on the British Isles, there exist three eternal Kingdoms in the replica of the Earth in the Kingdom of Heaven.

And now, O’ Lord, speak of this current, mortal earth in which Eric still dwells. What shall become of her? And what of the fates of the major Players now, O’ Lord?

Eric, the Iranians have Donald John Trump in their hands. And they can manipulate him however they please. If they wish to drag him into destruction, they have the means to do so. For Trump is an unthinking beast who goes entirely by instinct. Anyone with wisdom can predict him. And he is being manipulated by the enemies of the United States of America to drag America into an unwinnable war. And I Am allowing America to be so dragged because the Americans have abandoned My law and all My statutes and decrees. Instead, they have made and accepted abominable interpretations of their constitution and turned their laws upside down. Hence, America shall be destroyed, and Trump I have elected to lead America right into that fire of destruction. President Donald John Trump will be literally riding on that nuclear bomb as it is dropped onto the enemy. And he will be thus destroyed by his own judgement executed by his own hands.

But woe to those who commit sin because Trump has commanded it. For that is the pathway to hell. It is therefore a warcrime for both the generals and the soldiers who carry out the orders of the Commander in Chief that are directly recognized as warcrimes, such as intentionally destroying sites of cultural heritage. In fact, President Trump’s very threat to do so to Iran constitutes both an act of warcrimes and an act of treason. It is now incumbent for the Republicans who have honor to remove the President from power.

Eric, you are not permitted to see the future beyond the point at which you are to be taken up. For that is when time for you ends. Time continues for those who continue in this world. But you will not know of their time, for time will have ended for you.

How, then, O’ Lord, do I serve as intercessor to You for the people of the earth who will pray to me if I do not know of the events of their times? It is by My divine messengers, the angels whom I have assigned to them, that the prayers of My faithful ones on the earth and their requests are brought to those in heaven or purgatory to whom they are addressed. And remember that any saint may approach Me from anywhere in My Kingdom to ask of My help and favor on behalf for those who are still in the Church Militant. I, the Lord, do not exclusively listen only those intercessions made by My saints from within My Church Triumphant. I also listen to the saints in the Church Suffering and to those in the Church Militant. And I will hear any request you make of Me, O’ Larimar King, regardless of which of the three realms of the Church you find yourself in: Militant, Suffering, or Triumphant. And when I take you away to heaven, it is a fact that you will spend some hours in purgatory before you ascend to your place in heaven. And those few hours in purgatory will feel like the passage of days in agony. For virtually all saints must spend time in Purgatory. Notable exceptions are the three saints you named previously: Saints John of the Cross, Bernadette of Lourdes, and Theresa of Lisieux. These three saints are among those rare flowers that were taken directly from earth to heaven, without passing through the fiery oven. And the saints to unite to them must likewise be of equal holiness. For it is written, Do not unequally yoke yourself with another (2 Corinthians 6:14). What these three saints all have in common is their embrace of pain and suffering, for they willingly endured their purgatorial suffering while on the earth. And in great suffering was their passage away from this earth, but the moment of their death brought them joy that would never again be taken from them.

Lord, am I not permitted to know what shall be the fates of nations and kings and countries and rulers on the earth beyond the point of my removal from this earth, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Indeed, Lord Larimar. On the morning of Friday, January 31, 2020, you shall breathe your last of this air on earth and then ascend to your place in My Kingdom. And I will not permit your eyes to see of events on this earth beyond that point, for it does not concern you.

So all those prophecies made through me in the past about the future of the papacy, of Russia, of Brexit, of Europe, of America, of Latin America, and throughout the whole world, I cannot know about or verify as true, O’ Lord and Master? That is correct, Lord Belteshazzar. Now, one last thing you should know as you pass through your final weeks on the planet. There is nothing more edifying to the soul than works of charity and the study of the scriptures. Do these two things up to the point of your being taken up, in addition to your attendance of daily Mass, and your rewards in heaven will increase at the maximum rate possible for a saint on earth whose days have been numbered to him.

Lord, what is your message to these groups: (1) to the people of Iran, (2) to the people of the Trump Administration, (3) to the people of America, (4) to the people of Europe, (5) to the people of the Catholic Church, (6) to the people of Russia, and (7) to the people of Israel, O’ Lord and Master? I shall now prophesy through you My special messages to all My people in those groups you have listed:

(1) To the Christian converts of Iran, do not worry and do not be alarmed by the developments currently taking place. But be ever ready and watchful. For the time of your redemption approaches. And the time of the destruction of the wicked of your nation has come.

(2) To the Christians neck deep in the Trump Administration, stay where you are. Do not resign out of protest. For Trump will have need of you. He is a weak man as regards the Christian faith, and he is easily manipulated by My enemies. And many things pertaining to the rule of law he does not understand. Stay with him and do your duty. But do no warcrimes or any sins that he may command of you. For your allegiance is to God and to the nation you have sworn to serve. You are not there to serve a rogue man.

(3) To the people of America, know that your destruction is now nigh. Flee the United States before the draft begins and the war comes to be. But do not flee north, for Canada will be destroyed with the United States. Flee, rather, south into Latin America, or to Europe, or to a country outside of North America in which you are familiar with. For whoever remains in the United States of America or Canada beyond Friday, January 31, 2020, will have delayed their flight too late to be able to escape. Human bodies will be rotting in the streets. And the stench of rotting human flesh will permeate the air. And Trump’s wall to keep the Mexicans out will turn out to be rather a wall to keep the Americans in. Oracle of the Lord!

(4) To the people of Europe, realize that the founder nation of NATO is about to be destroyed. Take a lesson from the destruction of the United States of America and return to your Christian roots. Realize also that you have more in common than you have as differences. Therefore, seek to restore Christ to your continent, and with it, Catholicism, throughout all of historical Christendom. And I tell you a secret. There is a French King who shall arise within you. And he will beat back the filthy Muslims and make all of Europe Christian again.

But, you ask, I thought Eric was claiming to be this Great Monarch? Eric’s claim that the word “Gaulish” meant “Celtic” was a stretch. Instead, the Great Monarch who is to come shall be from Gaul, and be of French descent. And he shall arise in the latter days, which begin with the passing of Eric to the next world on Friday, January 31, 2020. Eric was the Great One of the Americas. His passing is the twilight and end of hegemony of America. Oracle of the Lord!

(5) To My faithful servants in the Catholic Church, including those in My priesthood, those who are bishops, and those who are Religious, and also the Laity, realize that your Church will be heavily persecuted, but the gates of the Netherworld cannot prevail against My Catholic Church, which is founded on Peter, the first Roman Pontiff, whose location was sealed by his martyrdom in Rome. (Matthew 16:17-19). Remain firm and steadfast. Also, do not judge My popes. Even Pope Francis, who is clearly stating heresies, must nevertheless be obeyed, respected, and honored. He will be taken to the next world when his time comes. And then a new pope shall be chosen to sit on that Seat. Realize this most important thing. It is never any other power than My Holy Spirit Who decides who shall sit there. A new pope will come, and like him or not, he will be the pope I assign to shepherd you. Obey him and listen to him. Even if he preaches error, he can not do so infallibly. Always, therefore, respect the infallibility of the pope when he teaches from the Seat of Peter to all My faithful a definition regarding faith and morals in My Catholic Church. Amen.

Also, I will say this prophecy. It is correct to understand that the pope who will reign during the reign of the Great French Monarch will be holy, as is prophesied of him in ancient private revelations in the Catholic Church. Amen.

(6) To the people of Russia, I say this. You were prophesied to convert by Our Lady of Fatima. What happened with your conversion, you ask? What you received in the years of Boris Yeltsin was but the seed of Christian freedom. And this seed will germinate and grow within you, and you are destined to become a Catholic nation, as you once were at the time of your first conversion, for that occurred just before the East went into schism against the West.

Therefore, it shall be by schism with the East, Constantinople, by which you will be restored to the West, Rome. Follow Patriarch Kirill, for this man is destined to lead My Russian faithful into full communion with My pope in Rome. And then Russia will be converted, as the prophecies of Fatima said she would. Amen.

(7) To the people of Israel, I say this. The time of your rejection has come to its end. I now take you back as My Bride. Hebrew Catholicism is to be your religion, which is that perfect union of Judaism and Roman Catholicism as it was first meant to be when I first came to you as a Jew to lead My people out of bondage and into the promised land. Practice Hebrew Catholicism, and you shall realize all the True and deeper meanings of all your Jewish rituals and practices, as the Light of Catholicism is shone upon them.

And come to Me and live. For only through Me can anyone obtain eternal Life. There is not one covenant for the Jews and another for the Christians, for the Christians are in fact a Jewish sect. They are Jews who follow Me. All of the descendants of Abraham who are truly numbered as his descendants will enter into My fold and follow Me. And Who Am I? I Am Who Am. I Am Jesus, Whom you are persecuting (Acts 9:5). And I have come into the world so that men might have Life and to have it more abundantly. Amen.

And thus, now comes the Age of reunification of All My peoples. From the Orthodox in the East to the Jews in Israel, to the Iranians converting to Christianity in massive numbers. All of these are to be brought under My One Fold and led by My One Vicar. And he shall shepherd his sheep and guide them to everlasting springs of living waters. And I will shelter them from from the burning sun and all heat forever (Revelation 7:15-17).

Eric has now three and a half weeks left before his ascension up to heaven. And his ascension will involve his passage through the veil of death. And in the secrecy of snow will Eric’s body be buried by the angels of God, to be melted away to reveal his incorrupt remains at the time that a future pope formally begins the process of the canonization of Eric Ulric Robert Dunstan, the Emerald King, the Larimar King, the Lord Belteshazzar. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And let if further be known these few words of Katarina of Alexandria to her beloved eternal husband: “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5).

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