The Lord now commands the Larimar King

The Larimar King is hereby set to remain in the Vineyard of the Lord as His celibate worker for another 53 years. Oracle of the Lord!

I Who Am have now come to command My Larimar King to move into battle and defeat the wicked of this earth.

Lord, this Larimar King has only a scant 27 days left before his removal from this earth and his ascension into heaven. What short term battle do you intend to send your most valuable asset on the earth into to do battle in? And, is Eric your most valuable asset on the earth at this time?

A good question deserves an answer. Yes, Eric, you are currently the most valuable asset any nation has ever had in any form of war. For you have the sight. And you can see all movements of the enemy.

And the battle I intend to send you into to wage is for the war against Iran.

But Lord, it was by the Emerald King’s divine mercy chaplets and prayers and by his recital of the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America on the soul of George W. Bush by which he was converted to your religion and by which Iran was not invaded in that generation and war was avoided. Now you say Eric is to go to war with the nation he caused to be spared? And what of the many Christians who have been rising up and converting in that country? Surely their country should now be spared of such war from the Larimar King because of their conversions?

You will not be waging war against My people in Iran, but against the regime, whose control over Iran I will cause you to break.

OK, Lord, I am willing to go to war against Iran. What do I do? How do I do it? And by what powers do you grant me to accomplish this mission?

I hereby grant you authority over all the armies of NATO. You may command them as you will.

Then I say the best defense shall be an offensive attack. Do not wait for the Iranians to figure out the best weaknesses of NATO to exploit them. Enter into this war on the offensive. Also reroute the oil that flows into the Persian Gulf to go instead by pipeline into the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Also, have NATO prepare for an amphibious landing across the Persian Gulf and across the Gulf of Omar into Iran. You are to prepare for this as the Allies prepared for D-Day in their invasion of Normandy. Also, arrange with Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf states that NATO have full access to their lands to launch this offensive.

And when shall you have them invade, O’ Larimar King? I trust that the generals will figure out the most opportune time, given their greater access to information. But I will have the invasion take place the moment Iran begins its promised act of revenge. Do not wait to assess the full damage of that act of revenge. Attack immediately upon noticing that Iran has begun its offensive. This will catch them off guard. For Iran believes that the USA does not want war and will seek to avoid it.

OK, Lord, I have issued my decrees. Lord, now that you have made me this commander, I am puzzled by your acts. For how do you make one a commander who shall be taken from this earth in less than four weeks time?

I give you this option: You can ascend to heaven in 27 days as is scheduled and prophesied for you, to go and be with your eternally espoused bride in heaven. Or, you can remain here, still in a pure, eternally celibate state, and keeping to your eternal espousal to Katarina, but here you would become the commander of My forces upon the earth, and you would rule nations and govern kingdoms. And in the age to come, your lands will be doubled in size. And you would not be taken out of this world for another 49 years. Hence, another 49 years would pass before you ascend to heaven to be with your eternal espoused, Katherine of Alexandria. Note that I am willing to give you this option because you are now a hardened sword of adamantium steel. You are no longer susceptible to the red devil who had hoped to devour you. And I now know you will go to no other girl than the one you are now eternally espoused to in heaven. So, make your choice, O’ Larimar King:

Do you choose:
1. an early exit this life at the age of 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days on January 31, 2020, where you shall then enter into heaven and enjoy paradise forever in your Kingdom of the British Isles forever and ever.
2. Or, do you give me another 49 years of service to Me in this world, all in a state of perfect celibacy and remaining in your eternal and indestructible espousal to Katarina of Alexandria, and thus accomplish My will on earth by My using you in battle against the wicked of this world?

I give You, My Lord, that extra 49 years of My service to Your Kingdom, O’ Magnificent Lord. And I hereby vow I will go to no other girl in all those remaining 49 years, but will remain loyal to my espoused in heaven forever. Amen. What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord and Master?

I will indeed take you, My Larimar King. For you are indeed worthy of a great reward in heaven. You will not rule just the British Isles when you ascend there some forty-nine years into the future. No, I have new lands now to add to your eternal Kingdom.

Since you have now doubled the number of years you are giving me to labor in My Vineyard, I now hereby double the lands I Am giving to you in reward. I hereby give you also as part of your eternal Kingdom the lands of the state of California of the United States of America.

Hence, you, O’ Larimar King, shall rule over both all of California and all of the British Isles forever, with your eternal espoused in heaven. And do not worry about your espoused in heaven pining away for you, for a day in heaven is as a thousand years upon the earth, for so great is the enjoyment in that Kingdom.

Also, your sacrifice on the earth by remaining in My vineyard will result in the following rewards that I will give you upon this earth:

  1. First, I will cure you of all your afflictions. Expect this when you are given your first vision of the girl you are bound to for all eternity, whom you know as Katarina of Alexandria.
  2. Second, I will greatly enrich you in your employment on the earth. You will go on to master the computer language of Rust, and you will also rise in pay and employment status in the current job in which you now work. I hereby declare that your current employer is now successful. He will then give you a raise.
  3. Also, now I will provide you with power over the nations again, as you had it in your Emerald Reigns. I hereby permit you to set up Pawn leaders in the following lands: The USA, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Do so as I command you, and your rule shall be most effective.
  4. A new pope will I now establish who shall be fitting for you. He will replace Pope Francis. And he will bring the Catholic Church back to My correct and strict standard. Oracle of the Lord!

And who shall the next pope be, O’ Lord? For three men, so far, have been prophesied through me to become the next pope. These are as detailed below:

(1) Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
(2) Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
(3) Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope Benedict XVII

Will the next pope be one of them, or someone else entirely, O’ Lord and Creator? Cardinal Pietro Parolin is to become the next pope, O’ Larimar King. But the papal name that he shall take shall be Pope John Paul III. For Pope Saint John Paul II was the pope who represented the Emerald King. And this pope is to represent the same person, this time as the Larimar King. Hence, he is to take the same papal name as the pope who reigned during the Emerald Reign.

Hence, the next pope shall be Cardinal Pietro Parolin as Pope John Paul III. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, what of the United Kingdom, O’ Lord and Master? Shall it really exit out of the European Union on that day Eric was originally to be taken away? No, O’ Larimar King. For you have willed against that. Instead, I will topple Boris Johnson and install My own ruler, modeled after your likeness, and he shall rule the United Kingdom with wisdom and sound judgement.

Furthermore, as was prophesied through you earlier, Queen Elizabeth shall step down and Prince Charles of Wales shall become the next British monarch. He shall take the regnal name of George to be called King George VII. And his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shall become his Queen Consort. And I shall use this King in My conversion of England back to My religion of Catholicism. There is already a Holy Catholic Church for the Anglican Rite established in Britain by Pope Benedict XVI. It is via this valid established Anglican Rite that King George VII shall resubmit the Anglican Church, the Church of England, back under the authority of the pope in Rome and back into communion with Me and all My Catholic faithful. I Who Am have spoken. For England, too, is prophesied to return to the Catholic fold under the rule of the Great Monarch.

And what of Communist China, O’ Lord and God? What saith Thou for that horror of horrors? That land where abortion is not just an optional institution, but a forced means of population control? I, the Lord, shall now prophesy on China. In that land where 18.47% of the world population lives, I prophesy thus.

You, Communist leaders of China, may think that there are so many Chinese people, and that they all look alike, and so thus, what does it matter that you cull the Chinese population and keep it under control by wiping out Chinese babies in the womb before they even see the light of day? For is a human baby really anything more than a collection of cells and nothing else? Such are the apparent thoughts in the minds of the wicked, whom I shall now topple.

Now I shall speak. Oracle of the Lord! The murders of the unborn souls in the wombs of women shall now come to a grinding halt. For Eric, My eternal ruler over California and the British Isles rules thusly: Let it be decreed that throughout all the earth, all governments actively supporting or endorsing the usage of contraceptives or any form of artificial birth control be now utterly toppled, deposed, and taken down by the people over which they rule. For all such people are now commanded to topple all such rulers who rule over them. I, the Larimar King, do this now decree. Every nation on earth whose government supports abortion or artificial birth control is now called to topple their government. Oracle of the Lord!

And thus shall China and the people therein be brought into the light of day. And China, like Russia and the United Kingdom, shall be converted on this day. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, Eric, I shall speak. You, Eric, are worthy of a great reward in My Kingdom of Heaven. Now I shall detail to you the fate of President Donald John Trump, and the Trump Administration in the United States of America. The Player behind Donald John Trump of the USA, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Boris Johnson of the UK, whom you gave the name of Firefly to, is hereby stripped of all her powers and rendered weak and feeble. No longer does she have powers to rule the nations. For Eric is now established as that power. And he will rule the nations for 49 years. And after those 49 years, he will give up his life in Jerusalem, and be taken to Heaven, where he will reign with his beloved Queen Katherine of Alexandria over their Kingdom in Heaven forever and ever. Amen. And this couple shall reign in the Eighth Heaven. They are to reign as its first occupants. And they are to reign there forever.

And so, O’ Lord, what now becomes of the Trump Administration? It collapses and falls. Oracle of the Lord! Trump will be forced out of office by the Republican Senators, who will have obtained a backbone. And Mike Pence will serve as President until the elections of 2020 set the next President, who shall be a Republican modeled after the Larimar King. Amen. He shall be selected at the Republican Convention after the initial vote fails to select any of those currently running in the primaries. So no, Joe Walsh is not to be that next President. Instead, I have My own choice, whom I shall present then. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, since Eric became a Christian in 1992, and a Catholic in 2002, and since he is to live to around the year 2069, then he will have been given 77 years to reign as a Christian and 67 years to reign as a Catholic. Are these numbers correct, O’ Lord? Or do you now wish to modify them for me, O’ Living Lord and God? I will to modify them for you, O’ Larimar King. Instead of a mere 49 years more, I shall add 4 years to that total to represent the number 4 that your gemstone, Emerald, has among the foundations of My new City (Revelation 21:19), giving you a total of 53 years of life that I will to grant you yet to live in this world.

Hence, your life shall be concluded in the year 2073, while you are of the age of 102 years old. And you shall have reigned then for 80 years as a Christian and 70 years as a Catholic. Oracle of the Lord, God has spoken to His people. Amen. And in all of these years to come, you shall remain with a keen mind and sound in health. Now I have spoken in full in this post, Eric. You may ask one question, and then this post shall be concluded. Ask your question, O’ Larimar King.

O, Jesus Christ, since I am not to be taken away to heaven come Friday, January 31, 2020, shall I be taken somewhere else? Or shall nothing of that prophecy take place on that date, O’ Wisest of Counselors? So, Larimar, you ask shall I do something else on that date, now that you are to remain in My vineyard for another 53 years serving Me? I will now tell thee exactly what shall transpire on that date.

Since you will remain in My vineyard working for Me, and since you will remain in your perfect, celibate state, I will on that date, demarcate the dawn of that day as the Dawn of Reign of the Great Monarch. Hence shall all history books record the Reign of the Great Monarch as having begun at Dawn of January 31, 2020. Now go eat your breakfast and go to Church. I will speak more to you in the Church at Mass this morning. Amen.

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