I Who Am speak of Saint Katherine of Alexandria

Saint Katherine of Alexandria, Eternal Virgin Spouse of Eric the Larimar King.

Behold, I Who Am Am here to speak of Saint Katherine of Alexandria. It has been said in the previous post that Eric was given the choice: He could have chosen to go to heaven on Friday, January 31, 2020, whereupon he would enter into the eternal spiritual embrace of his appointed espoused, Katherine of Alexandria, and rule forever over the British Isles as his eternal dominion that he is to rule with her as King and Queen forever.

But the other choice was to give Me, His Lord and Master, another 49 years of service to Me in My vineyard of labor on the earth. And then, as a reward for his service, I agreed to double his lands and richly reward him. But he would be required to keep his espousal vows to Katherine forever. He could not go after any other woman for all eternity.

And which choice did Eric take, you wonder? He chose to give Me the additional 49 years. But We were merely testing the Larimar King. We are God. And We cannot retract Our promises. For We are not a man that We change Our mind.

Hence, the Truth remains and is unchangeable. Eric leaves this world and is brought to My Kingdom on Friday, January 31, 2020. And all his belongings, along with his body, he is to leave behind. For Eric is to pass beyond the veil and never return until the Resurrection of all Saints.

Hence, he is going to his Beloved. And this path cannot be thwarted. And already he is in the spiritual embrace of that ancient saint, whom he can never touch, for she is a consecrated virgin of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, let us answer some questions. O’ Larimar King, what is on your mind?

Lord, it was promised that my lands would be doubled if I took the pathway to remain in this world for 49 years. Do I keep that reward, even though it was just a test and not a real granted choice? For I did in fact choose the path whereby my lands would be doubled.

Eric, do you not possess the Capital City of Ireland? Yes, My Master. And what is it always doing? It is always Dublin.

OK, seriously, Eric, we do have a new reward for you for your choice to remain in this world to serve us here even though you shall not, for God has decreed that you are to be with your espoused wife, Katherine of Alexandria. And that is why your path to the Kingdom cannot be changed. For you have defeated the devil. But the red dragon will continue to strike at your heel until your removal from this world.

And so, what reward do you believe you can receive from Us, O’ Larimar King? What in that replica of the Earth would you want added to your eternal lands? What lands would you take, if you could. And don’t say Israel, for that already belongs to Lazurite, who is a Jewish convert to Catholicism. For only a Jew or someone descended from the Jews is entitled to possess and rule over Israel (Deuteronomy 17:15). And you are no such man, O’ Larimar King. But Lazurite is. And he is elected by Me to rule as eternal King over the entire Kingdom of Israel, which includes all of the Levant, and all the lands from Nile to the Euphrates, and from the island of Cyprus to the ends of the Arabian Peninsula, and beyond, to the islands of Socotra. Amen.

And you have been given the entire Archipelago of the British Isles. Your Kingdom is strategic, modest, and powerful. But you wish for additional lands? Name the lands, and then We, the Lord and all His Hosts, will render you an answer to your request.

Lord, I know that there is this thing called global warming. And it is making the Northern Sea Routes through the Arctic Ocean a possibility. Whoever possesses Greenland will have a lucrative position in servicing the ships passing through the Northwest Passage, that is to go from Baffin Bay through the Canadian Arctic, to Alaska and the Bering Strait. Thus, Greenland would be the land I would choose to add to My Kingdom. It is right now a sparsely populated island mostly covered by glaciers, but in the near future, it will become a popular and valuable place of real estate. So what saith Thou to my request, O’ Lord? Do I get it, or does it remain a possession of whoever owns Denmark?

You are shrewd and you are wise, O’ Larimar King. Yes, it is yours. You have that icebox of an island as your possession now. It was said earlier that your lands could not be added to. But this is an exception, since you agreed to do us a service, which involved great sacrifice on your part, even though it was all just a test. Hence, now we shall return to list all the lands of your Kingdom. And this list is now final, O’ Larimar King:

  1. Great Britain
  2. Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. The Scilly Isles
  5. The Channel Islands
  6. The Outer Hebrides
  7. The Orkney Islands
  8. The Shetland Islands
  9. Greenland.

And note that the Viking who discovered Greenland was a ruler of your name: Erik the Red. By contrast, you, Eric, are Eric the Emerald. Hence, it is fitting that the Eternal Ruler of Greenland is another man by the name of Eric, which does in fact mean “Eternal Ruler” in Old Norse. And it is also fitting that the land given to you is called “Greenland” for the Emerald is a green gemstone. Hence, there are many connections between you and Greenland that make your acquisition of this large strategic island most fitting.

Lord, I have a most curious question. Ask, My servant. For most of the game, I was given the land of America as my eternal dominion. And I am an American. And I live in America, particularly, in California. And yet, I now, at this stage, have full possession of the British Isles, and also Greenland, but nothing of the United States of America or Canada anymore, over which I was once set as eternal ruler. In fact, it was once said that those land were my Kingdom proper. And they were called the Larimar Kingdom. What changed, O’ Lord?

Two things changed, O’ Larimar King. First, you entered into an eternal espousal with an ancient consecrated virgin martyr of the Lord Jesus Christ, namely, Saint Katherine of Alexandria. And second, the lands of America where you dwell and that were once called your dominion are to now be utterly destroyed. You are getting out just in time.

Lord, that’s great! It is high time for the Great Chastisement to fall upon the ungodly. Now, what about all your people in America besides me? How do they get out? For you are taking me out by taking me to the Kingdom. How do the rest of your people in America get out before the destruction of those lands, O’ Lord and God? And don’t say they will be raptured up to heaven, because that is impossible for us to know of any such day or hour for that to occur.

OK, Eric, I will tell you plainly. I have sent My angels to completely tour your nations in the Americas. And none but you and a scant few others have shown that level of hospitality required by My Justice to keep the land from being destroyed. Hence, you and those scant few I will remove before I destroy this nation. Where I will take them is a secret. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, I know this revelation is of divine origin. And I know that I am talking with the Lord God. Tell me, O’ Living King, is the Second Coming soon or possibly many generations away? Or can you reveal these things to me? Man will see signs, like the destruction of the United States of America, and then expect My sudden return. But time will plod on. And new generations will come. And your tale in it shall become legend, just as your beloved espoused is also now the stuff of legend. Do you know that already, many who read these posts wonder if you are even a real person yourself?

And when you are taken away, many, I tell you, will look for you. And bounties will be placed upon your head. And there will be rewards offered to capture you, dead or alive. But no one will ever find you are figure out where you have gone. For you will no longer be in this world. Oracle of the Lord! And churches will be ransacked in the quest to find you. And monasteries will be razed to the ground in order to smoke you out. But no sign of you anywhere in all the land will ever be found. Amen.

And bloodhounds will be given the scent of your clothing. But always, they will lead back to the last place where you were when you were taken by angels away from this world. And yes, this process of your removal will involve your death. And your body will be buried in a place of snow. And when a future pope opens up the formal process for your canonization, I will have the snow that hides your incorrupt body melt, and then your body will be found.

Now, let us analyze the developments taking place. President Donald John Trump has now started World War III. And all those people who supported him, what will they say when they see all their young men coming back in body bags, or as amputees? Back in the distant past, when George W. Bush was leading the nation to war, Eric heard a woman say an interesting thing. She said, “We need to show them who’s boss.” I wonder if she reconsidered her words after the war sapped the strength and wealth of the United States and killed or wounded the many men in the volunteer army. Perhaps it was found acceptable because there was no draft. Trump will reinstitute the draft. For there is no greater cause, Trump will tell the young men, than to die in the service of this great country, and especially in the service of the great one who is their President. And Trump will praise Adolf Hitler on is ability to get young men to die for him and for his causes. Yes, greater than Adolf Hitler will President Donald John Trump aspire to be. Amen.

And so, where shall Eric be, you ask? In the Kingdom of Heaven, O’ Larimar King. And there you will be reigning with all My elect, particularly your appointed espoused.

Lord, the appointed espoused is not a part of Catholic teaching. And nowhere is it found anywhere in the scriptures nor in holy tradition. How do we know that this teaching, therefore, is from God?

Consider the first recorded miracle of Jesus. It was the changing of water into wine at the wedding of Cana. If the Lord should stoop to see to the needs of a mere earthly wedding, what shall He do for an eternal union between His virgin son and a consecrated virgin maid of His possession? Will He not do even greater miracles and greater works than what He did in Cana?

Very well, O’ Lord, you speak with a wisdom that cannot be refuted. But one last question I will put to you that is likely to come from the Bishop who is to consider the case for Eric’s canonization. How did Eric discern with clarity the communication coming from this ancient saint in the Catholic Church from demons who are always going about the world impersonating people from the past? How can Eric prove that he has discerned this correctly? How does Eric know that this Katarina of Alexandria is not a demon impersonating the saint?

Eric knows this because his soul testifies to its clean conscience, and the Holy Spirit does not convict Eric of any sin. In that event that Eric were to be fooled by a demon impersonating that saint, he would be in error. And I would have warned Eric to cease and desist. And if he ignored that warning, he would then be in mortal sin. Since none of this has happened, you can safely know that Eric has genuinely contracted this eternal relationship with this consecrated virgin saint of the past.

Note also that the fruit of this relationship is not sin. Eric now lives as a perfectly purified continent celibate virgin. And he has no sexual fantasies. He looks at nothing sexual. And he never seeks to touch this consecrated virgin of the past. Hence, the fruit of this is a clean life, a clean spirit, and clean flesh. Were this to have been the work of the devil, it would bear the signs of Satan, which are sexual immorality, adultery, impurity, homosexuality, and abomination. None of those things are found in this relationship. Hence, the fruits of the relationship testify to the cleanliness of the two who are united.

Lord, let us ask and get an answer from you on a question I have not thought of, but one you know will be asked by the leaders of the Catholic Church when they study this case. Ask, My Lord, and then, let’s hear Your answer in the wisdom of Your Way.

One question that has not been asked but that shall be asked is this: How can we trust the honesty of Eric? How can we trust that this is not all some fictional fantasy made up to fool the many? How do we know that Eric, himself, is not lying to us? How do we know that Eric, himself, is not the red devil himself disguised as this saint and leading the people away from God?

And now I shall give an answer to this question. What do you see on this website where you are reading these words? Do you see advertisements? Do you see requests for money? Do you see scantily clad women? Do you see forms requesting your information. Do you see a requirement that you log in to access this site? If you are reading this on emeralogy.com, and Eric is still in this world, then the answer to all of those questions is No. Furthermore, Eric has put all of these and all his holy writings into the public domain. This was decreed by Eric a few posts ago.

Furthermore, you know that Eric is not of Satan by the very fact that he confesses his sins in his posts and subjects himself to humiliation before you. Men belonging to Satan are consumed with pride. They never confess their sins to anyone. For to confess one’s sins is to acknowledge wrongdoing, and no devil ever does that.

And finally, you can compare the doctrine preached here with that from the Holy Catholic Church, and you will find no serious inconsistency that goes uncorrected. And whoever preaches submission to the Church and to the pope and to Jesus Christ and to Mary cannot be of the red devil whose goal is the destruction of this Church. For it is written, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Matthew 12:22-28).

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