Eric speaks on a great many things

The Divine Boundaries of the Kingdom of Israel

Behold, I am Eric the Emerald King, the Larimar King, Lord Belteshazzar, and Servant to Jesus and Mary. I Am here to speak on a great many things.

First, I shall address the concerns of a fan of Eric’s called Timothy. Timothy writes:

Now you are faced with a dilemma that you had not even considered. In order to PROVE beyond any shadow of a doubt that this is “indeed” the Word of the Lord; Eric must ‘actually and literally’ die on January 31, 2020!

Timothy here is referring to my revelation that I am eternally espoused to Saint Katherine of Alexandria, who first introduced herself to me as Katarina Alexandria. Now, let us consider for a moment the words of Timothy.

Timothy is mistaken, greatly mistaken, if he thinks my purpose here is to prove anything to anyone. For it is not the duty of the prophet to prove his own prophecies. Rather, the duty of the prophet is to utter whatever God commands him to say.

Take for example the story of Jonah in the Holy Bible. God sends him to prophesy in Nineveh of their imminent doom. But the people repent, and God does not carry out that doom. Is it required, therefore, for Jonah himself to bring about the destruction to that city, in order to prove to the people that he is a prophet of the Lord? Ridiculous, right? And yet, such is the apparent logic of Timothy.

Timothy, it is false prophets, not true prophets, who seek to prove their own prophecies. True prophets simply speak or write as they are commanded to. And it is not their responsibility that what is uttered through them is fulfilled or not.

Now, let us consider further Timothy’s arguments, which I will not detail here. It is Timothy’s suggestion that the revelation that Katarina is my espoused is dependent on my death on Friday, January 31, 2020. Is this logical? No it is not. For the death prophecy is of a future prophesied event. And our prophetic understanding of the future in never necessarily as accurate as we believe it to be.

However, that the actual existing Saint, called Katherine of Alexandria, who lived over 17 centuries ago, has in fact revealed, both from herself and from God, in a manner that is not possible from Satan, that she is in fact eternally espoused to me is undeniable. I have received the revelation, though the Catholic Church classifies it as private, not public revelation. But it is nevertheless real to me.

Consider this analogy. Say you receive a prophetic email saying that it is going to rain tomorrow and that the President is going to die tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and you see it is in fact raining. However, if the President of the United States of America does not actually die, does this prophecy failure also force you to stop believing the fact that it is raining outside?

That Katarina is espoused to me is a confirmed fact. It does not go false because some other prophecy, like my death, fails to come to pass as I believed it would. Furthermore, many prophecies that are true do not come to pass in any of the ways we expected them to.

Just ask the Jews about how they expect to recognize their Messiah when he comes? And they might answer, “We expect someone who doesn’t work any miracles or rise from the dead as Jesus did. Jesus was too much like God to be our Messiah. Instead, we have been waiting for some thug to lead us to victory over the Romans/Arabs and to reestablish our nation as a powerful monarchy in this world. That’s all we want from our God.”

Following Timothy’s logic, the Jews should stop believing in Yahweh because He did not give them any real Messiah. All the messiahs that came and went never amounted to anything they were expecting, according to their understanding of the Scriptures. So, if Timothy were a Jew, he would soon have become an atheist.

But if I were a Jew, I would soon become a Christian. And why is that? It is because I would remain with Yahweh even when his prophecies seemed to utterly fail, and all his promises seem to come to nothing. And in remaining with Yahweh, and seeking Him diligently, I would find myself one day marching to Damascus carrying out my mission for God, when Lo! A bright blinding light would strike me and I would see the Light. And I would call out to Him, “Who are you, Lord?” And He would answer me, “I Am Jesus!” (Acts 9:1-22). And from that point onward, I would realize that I was mistaken about my previous understanding of the Holy Scriptures. And now with the Light of God, I see no dishonesty anywhere in what God says to us.

So, Timothy, if you were a Jew, your logic would lead you to Atheism. But if I were a Jew, my reluctance to leave God when things from Him seem false would lead me to Christ Jesus and the realization that all the Jewish prophecies point to Him.

Now, I shall speak. The son of a bitch in the White House has started World War III. And the sons of bitches who did not remove him when it was their duty to do so, are held responsible for this son of a bitch’s war. And who is that bitch who that son is the son of? I know nothing about her. But she must have been a real bitch.

But what if someone calls your mother a bitch, O’ Eric? What would you do about that? My biological mother is a bitch. But I don’t count myself as her son anymore. Instead, Mary in heaven is my only Mother that I recognize. Only the Virgin Mother of Jesus do I recognize as My true mother from now on. Hence, I cannot be called a son of a bitch, but my two brothers can.

Anyways, we are in World War III now. And strategically, it seems that the Iranian’s easiest target it to block the Strait of Hormuz. That is where the lifeblood of oil flows through to keep America and Europe alive. Destroy a few oil tankers passing through that strait, and you effectively shut down this artery and kill all the organs depending on it. I know I am speaking in gruesome terms here, but war is gruesome, and you are going to have to get used to how gruesome that this new war Trump has started, World War III, is going to be.

Now, I have questions to ask the Lord. And now I shall ask the Lord my questions.

Lord, we now know that the Apostle John failed to make it to the eighth Square, despite being superior to me in purity and glory. Is this all correct, O’ Lord? Or am I mistaken on a great many things. Please Lord, speak and enlighten me on this subject. For I am writing now on, exactly as you have commanded me to. Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.

The Apostle John has not completely failed. Instead, he has merely failed in his espousal to a virgin like himself. Hence, he will enjoy his eternal glory reigning on high in the Seventh Heaven, with all the other saints whom you called greater than yourself. For none of the saints you knew about are going where you have gone. As for the saints that Katherine eluded to that were to come into the Eighth Heaven after you, these are saints who are yet to be made known. But I will reveal them to you when you have entered into your eternal reward. And you will be there, with your espoused, to welcome them when they, like you, arrive into the Eighth Heaven.

And will the Eighth Heaven be filled with their allotted number, as predestined from all eternity, O’ Lord? When the Eighth Heaven receives its first residents, Heaven enters a new state. But Lord, I thought that in the timelessness of eternity, there can be no new states? I thought everything is of a changeless, eternal state, that nothing can ever change there?

Consider heaven to be like in a phase transition of water into ice. To the perspective of eternity, your span of time, and the span of time in your universe are as but an instant in the endlessness of eternity. And in that instance, the water of the pail crystalizes into ice. Consider also that all the time from the foundation of the universe to the death of the last man in it is as but one instant called the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven. Hence, this new state in heaven that shall exist by your entrance with Katarina into the Eighth Heaven is as a new development of a new crystalline structure in that dimension of spiritual heaven, all part of the one instantaneous instant of phase transition from water into ice, as seen from the perspective of God as He causes the new heavens and new earth to form in His Creative Act through Jesus to remake the heavens and the earth as they should be.

Hence, the earth in which you now live was never meant to last. It was but a blip in the cosmic creation of the eternal dwelling for Jesus and His Bride.

If we the elect are all collectively known as the Bride to the Lamb, how do eternal espousals work? How does one member of the Bride have another member of the Bride as his eternal bride or espoused in the Kingdom of Heaven, O’ Lord and Master?

I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King. This arrangement is only possible among Jesus’ virgin elect. And only those virgins who elected to do so while alive on the planet can enter into such an espousal of eternity. It has to do with the pleasure of the Father to give His Son a Bride. Well the Son also has pleasure in giving His own son a bride in the eternal Kingdom. But the Father has made this restriction. Only from among His virgin first fruits may the Son choose both a son for Himself and a bride to unite him to.

And that is why there are so few of you, O’ Larimar King. Few are those whom the Son of God elects to call his son. Many does He call His brethren, but few does He call His son. And fewer still among these does he find someone worthy to receive an eternal bride.

You see, such a man to be found needed to be both celibate and viable, and both willing to marry and yet willing to never touch his bride, for this is the requirement since his espoused bride is also to be taken only from among the virgin first fruits. So severely narrow was the restriction allowed for this eternal union to take place that it is extremely rare. Only by the grace from God could either party come to such an arrangement. And all of this depended on the freely willed consent of both the man and the woman. And in the event of disbelief in either party, the espousal would not come to be.

For a long time, Eric knew of his calling as the son of Jesus. And he knew both of his calling to enter marriage and also of his calling to eternal virgin celibacy. Hence, Eric was working with a paradox. And now his paradox is solved. He is in an eternal virgin espousal to an ancient consecrated virgin saint of My Church. And he knows her as Saint Katherine of Alexandria.

Lord, why is Eric called, “the son of Jesus”, rather than, “a son of Jesus”? For that implies that he is the only one. Is Eric the only one, O’ Lord? Or shall there be more to come in later eras? You, Eric, are the first saint I call My son. But there shall be more to be added to your number in later ages to come. And these will follow the path you laid down by your detailed Chronicles, which begin from the time you first began attending the Catholic Church in the year 2000. You wrote earlier Chronicles in your lost years, but I had you destroy those due to the errors contained within them. For Satan had deceived you in a great many things before you entered into the Light of Catholicism and those errors would have derailed, rather than helped, my servants who read them. Hence, you shall have brethren added to your number in that Eighth Heaven in which you dwell in the ages to come. For many, I tell you, shall follow you. And Emeralites shall the followers of Eric be called, all understood as under the authority and in communion with the pope in Rome.

So, the End Times are to continue indefinitely, O’ Lord? Yes, My servant Larimar. For the jump from time to eternity can only occur by death. A man can never wait down the years to reach the End of Time. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, let us get to that comment in Timothy’s email that he sent to you urging you not to consider suicide to prove that My prophecy of your death is true. Timothy is correct that suicide is definitely a mistake. But Timothy is incorrect to think that you would ever consider it. And the illogical nature of his thought that a prophecy of God can be proven by killing oneself is striking. No, Timothy, I Who Am do not order Eric to kill himself. And should anyone ever receive any instruction that they should put themselves to death, realize it is never from Me. Had Judas Iscariot not put himself to death, he had the potential to find forgiveness in Me. For it is written that I came to die to redeem the entire human race, including those who betrayed Me. But for those who give up, those who cannot endure the just scrutiny of God into their sins, and who flee to the cover of death, these cannot be saved.

Also, as for you, Timothy, realize that the voice of God who speaks to you is not all Me. Satan has taken My place in the throne of your heart and fooled you that he is Me. Look, therefore, at what he commands you to do, and test him and his fruits. For it is written that you must test all the spirits who speak to you. And once you uncover the devil in a speaking spirit, banish him from your presence and speak to him no more. For it was by the conversation of Eve with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden by which Mankind fell from grace.

Also, Timothy, entertain no homosexual fantasies for My servant Eric. For Eric’s sexual orientation is as straight as a laser. Homosexuals may enter My Kingdom of Heaven, but not with lovers of the same sex. Therefore, I do not require you to become of a normal sexual orientation to be saved. All I require is that you cease and desist in going after any temptation that is homosexual in nature. Conquer your homosexual passions and you shall live. For I treat the homosexual who has become celibate for the sake of My Kingdom as one who is worthy of walking in My company to heaven. Amen.

Now, as for what shall be the next event in World War III, I will now tell thee. The Americans are now waiting for Iran to make the next move. And this is how they shall do it. Iran will make a small scale strike on some insignificant United States target. And then Trump will say, “Is this all you can muster against me? Look and see! There has never been a greater military genius in the history of warfare than the glorious President Donald John Trump,” speaking of himself in the third person. And then, as he waxes eloquently in his glory, and the American forces relax, thinking that the worst is behind them, and their military readiness is put to ease, the Iranians will launch their true intended attack. And it will be to permanently shut down the strait of Hormuz to all sea traffic for years to come. And while Trump and his Republican cronies are popping their champaign bottles and getting drunk, while congratulating each other on their mastery and genius and exceptionalism, the bombs will be released into the strait, and all of it will be rigged and booby trapped under the water for ages to come, a formidable danger for any military ship, let alone an unarmed oil tanker. And the war shall have begun.

Lord, one last question. Do you now reveal any other rulers in that replica of the earth in heaven besides King Eric and Queen Katarina of the British Isles? What about the neighboring kingdoms in that Eternal Earth, O’ Lord?

Only one other ruler shall I reveal at this time. And that ruler is Lazurite, the one who is to rule over Israel. I thought Jesus rules over Israel in the Eternal Kingdom, O’ Lord and Master? Jesus is ruler over both Lazurite and also over you. You, Larimar, and Lazurite are two of the kings over which Jesus is said to be King of kings. Remember your place, O’ Larimar King. Jesus rules over you. He is not a mere ruler as you are in this replica of the Earth. As for whether Lazurite is to have with him a Queen as you do, this will remain a mystery to be revealed in a future time. Just realize that I do not require My kings and queens to be eternally espoused to another in order to receive a Kingdom in that replica of the Earth. That you and Katherine are in an eternal espousal is a rare quality of your Kingdom.

And what are the lands defined in Lazurite’s Kingdom, O’ Lord?

Lazurite controls all the lands promised by God to be his in the promises God made to Abraham, his father. For Lazurite is directly descended from Abraham. And he is within the lineage of David.

So, this Lazurite is, as Saint Joseph was, a son of David? No. Instead, Lazurite is merely of his lineage. He is not of the direct line of David. So, then, by what means does he have a claim to that throne, O’ Lord and God? He claims it by My election of him (Deuteronomy 17:15). And now I shall specify his lands, so that you know fully all the lands in that earth in which Lazurite will lay a claim to.

Hence, Lazurite’s Kingdom of Israel (See the image above) includes:

  1. The Levant.
  2. The Arabian Peninsula
  3. The Sinai Peninsula and all the lands east of the Suez Canal.
  4. Egypt between the Suez Canal and the River Nile.
  5. All the lands southwest of the River Euphrates from the Persian Gulf to its closest proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.
  6. The Island of Cyprus.
  7. The Island Archipelago of Socotra.

Note that the image included in this post is not accurate in that it does not include the islands of Cyprus and Socotra as part of Israel. However, I, the Lord, have eternally included these islands as part of the Kingdom of Israel.

And now I shall specify your Kingdom, O’ Larimar, to be ruled forever by King Eric and Queen Katarina : This Kingdom consists of the British Isles, including the entire Archipelago, consisting specifically of:

  1. Great Britain.
  2. Ireland.
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. The Scilly Isles.
  5. The Channel Islands.
  6. The Outer Hebrides.
  7. The Orkney Islands.
  8. The Shetland Islands.

Such lands constitute the entire Kingdom of the Larimar King and his espoused, Queen Katherine of Alexandria. The boundaries of this Kingdom are eternal as have been thus defined. To Eric’s defined lands, nothing shall ever be added nor taken away for all eternity. Amen.

And now you see, O’ Larimar King, that the Kingdom ultimately assigned to Lazurite does indeed exceed that of your own. Hence, his is the greater Kingdom. And therefore, does he also have an espoused virgin in a perfect virgin marriage of soulmates, as Larimar has with Katarina? For only in that manner, could he equal or exceed Larimar in true glory in the Kingdom. Am I correct, O’ Lord?

Just because someone is called greater than you doesn’t mean he will exceed you in glory. But you shall eventually see saints your equal in glory in the ages to come. And they will be given Kingdoms alongside yours in the everlasting Kingdom in that replica of the earth where you shall reign forever with your espoused wife in eternal rapture and ecstasy. Amen.

Now, I permit you to ask one last question for this post, and then it will be published.

When I reach the age of forty-nine years, seven months, and seven days, you have said that I will be taken away from this world and ascend to heaven where I shall then be forever with my bride, Saint Katarina of Alexandria. Lord, do you retract this statement, or do you stand by it? Have I heard this prophecy correctly? Is my life definitely terminated on that date to come, Friday, January 31, 2020, O’ Lord of lords and God of gods?

Indeed, O’ Larimar King, I will now answer your question with a question. If you were to find yourself still alive on the other side of that date, would you abandon Me, your Lord Jesus Christ? No, My Lord. Never. For Jesus’ authority as My Supreme Commander is engraved into my conscious soul. It can never be removed.

Then neither shall I retract what I have said, O’ Larimar King. I Who Am have spoken. Go, now, Eric, My Beloved, and publish this entire post. For many, I tell you, shall come to read these words before the Great War breaks out. Amen.

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