Katarina and Jesus speak.

Depart from America, My people, for World War III is now begun, and America will be hit.

I Who Am have come to speak through Eric on a great many things. And so also shall Katarina, who is eternally espoused to Eric, also speak. Now, listen to Me!

First, we will deal with the elephant in the room. And that is United States President Donald John Trump. He is like a little gnat who is squirming and wiggling before being thrown into the boiling vat. I Who Am Am about to thrown him away and replace him with someone worthy of Me!

O’ Lord, that is great! But does that mean that Eric, Your servant, remains in this world to oversee this new ruler and guide him, as he did George Herbert Walker Bush and Ronald Reagan in the distant past, before he lost his powers at his conversion in July of 1992?

Or will Eric proceed to heaven as prophesied on Friday, January 31, 2020, where he shall meet his beloved Katarina of Alexandria to whom he has been eternally espoused to? Into which of these paths will time flow, O’ Lord and Master?

Eric, you are an excellent logician. We need you in heaven. No more are you to remain in this world. Hence, come January 31, 2020, you shall be taken away at dawn. And so, now you ask, who shall guide this new ruler if not you? I will tell thee.

I have other agents in this world who do My will besides you. There are other servants of Mine who you would classify as Players, should you witness their powers and authority. And such a Player will guide this President whom I Am about to set up over the United States of America. Your time here, O’ Lord Belteshazzar, has come to its end. And you are leaving these shores. For you have lived your life and done My will.

And now you know the purpose of life is not to succeed in life, but to save your soul. And save your soul you did, and in the process, you brought others to Me for salvation. Whoever thinks that the purpose he was put here was to succeed at life is fundamentally mistaken. Your entire mission in this life is wrapped around the salvation of your soul. If you fail at that, all your life is a failure. But if you succeed at that, all your life is vindicated.

Furthermore, the quest for knowledge should never be pursued at the expense of your soul. Many are the scientists who spend their whole lives searching for answers for the mysteries of the cosmos, but do not find the answers for why they are here. And they do not find the answers as to why they are here because they do not seek for their salvation or the needs of their soul. Too busy are they in deciphering the riddles of the universe that they neglect the riddles of their life in this world, and they fail to find Me.

This life is not something that your goal should be to get through and have most of the assets at the end of your life. Consider a game of Monopoly. People playing that game are in financial war with each other in the game. And finally only one person at the end of the game has all the money and wins. And then what? What does he do with all that play money he won when the game ends? Does he keep it? No, it belongs to the game. It is to be reused for the next game to be played with that Monopoly game set. So he doesn’t get to keep that play money for anything. But if he were to keep it, would it be of any value? No, for its value is only valid for that game, which ended with his winning it. Hence, he wins the game and then immediately his winnings become worthless.

Such is how this world works as well. This world is identical to a Monopoly game. And when it ends, all your winnings in it are worthless, even if you won the game! Obviously, in the greater perspective, it is a worthless endeavor to put all your efforts in life into winning the Monopoly game of this world. Every new generation is a new game. And all the money is recycled. The money gathered up by the previous players goes back into the circulation for the next game. And no one of the next game remembers or cares who that money belonged to in the previous game. Hence, the game of Monopoly is an excellent means of demonstrating how futile it is to pursue your worldly interests, how vain it is, and how much time you waste on things that matter not in the end.

Only this matters in the end: That you did what pleased your Lord God, and that you showed mercy on your neighbor when that was called for on your part. Both of these I require for a soul to be saved. For My Commandments are twofold: Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and with all your strength, and love your neighbor as you love yourself. That is a two part commandment for love. You must do both to be saved. Doing one while neglecting the other will not save you.

And then someone asks, Why does the Catholic Church teach infallibly that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church? And also there is a similar teaching that is like it: Outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And some ask, How can a loving God send someone to hell for not realizing he was in the wrong church? And then others ask, What about the thief on the cross next to Jesus? How was he saved? To these questions I will give you this answer.

I do not make it easy to get to heaven. You have to struggle at it and you have to work at it. But if you do My will, I will lead you to find the door that leads into My Church where you will find salvation. But if you do not do My will, I will allow you to die in your sins. He who dies a Protestant or any type of Christian who is not Catholic has died in his sins. Whoever rejects My strict standard has already died spiritually in his sins. That I love you does not mean that I will save you. Rather, you are expected to respond to My love and to come to Me. And if you come to Me and do My will, I will lead you on the path where you may find eternal life. But if at any point on that path you decide you don’t want Me, I let you go your way. I do not stop the lover who rejects Me from abandoning Me.

Very few people in this world enter into eternal life. Can you give a rough number or ratio, O’ Lord, of elect to the people who live? One in twenty souls who are born enter into My Kingdom. Yes, that is a ratio of 1 to 19 of elect to reprobated among those born. And what of those not born, O’ Lord? No one who cannot be baptized can be saved. And what, therefore, of the Holy Innocents, those infants slaughtered by King Herod in his attempt to kill the baby Jesus? To where did those souls go, O’ Lord? Were they saved, as the Catholic Church authoritatively teaches, O’ Lord? Eric, the Catholic Church was never given the authority to determine who is saved and who is condemned. Only I, the Lord Jesus, possess the Book of Life. And only the Father has predestined all souls from all eternity who are to be saved. It is a dogma of the Catholic Church that, apart from the Virgin Mary, the Catholic Church on the earth does not infallibly know who is in heaven or in hell. Hence, the teaching that the Holy Infants are in heaven is not within the authority of the Catholic Church to define. It is not a matter of faith or morals. And thus, it is not something that the Catholic Church may rule infallibly on. In the end, My faithful Catholic must regard it as unknown as to the fates of the Holy Innocents. For whoever rules that they are in heaven errs. He has no way of authoritatively knowing that.

But what if someone charges you with the question, Why would a loving God send a baby to hell, especially a baby killed by King Herod in his attempt to kill the baby Jesus, O’ Lord? What saith Thou to that? Hell is that ultimate place where all souls go who are not made worthy of entering into My Kingdom. I died on the cross to redeem the entire human race, from the beginning of humanity until the end of time. But if human beings reject Me, I cannot save them. And remember where those infants lived who were slaughtered by Herod. They lived, did they not, in the town of Bethlehem? And how did Bethlehem treat the Holy Family? If your wife was pregnant and you needed a place to stay for your wife to give birth to your child, and the only place given to you was out in the barn with the animals, would that be an act of hospitality, do you think? Does that act rise up to the God in heaven and demand a reward for? Now, let us go one step further. What if the child to be born to this woman out in the barn was the savior of all Mankind? Many, I tell you, would say a rebuke was called for if this child to be born in the barn was merely just your own mortal child, let alone the savior of the universe. Therefore, consider Herod’s slaughter of the Holy Innocents as My Holy Rebuke to that people of Bethlehem for their having granted to the Holy Family a place to stay out in the barn with the animals for Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother of God, to give birth to God the Son, the very wrathful One and Only God Almighty, their Just Lord and Judge. And now, you may understand My revelation through Eric, where I say that I saved none of those infants who were slaughtered by Herod on that day. Nor have I ever saved any infant who has died unbaptized. Oracle of the Lord! This is a private revelation through Eric. And no Catholic dogma may contradict it. Amen.

OK, My Lord. We have covered that a new President is coming soon to replace Donald John Trump. But I have this question. Since I will not be here to see it, will I have, therefore, any control over it from where I shall be put in the hereafter? I mean, My reign in heaven will be in the next world. When I leave this world on Friday, January 31, 2020, I leave everything behind, including all my concerns for this world. Am I correct, O’ Lord?

You have asked an excellent question. Why should you care of this world or what is happening in it when you are no longer here? And were you to care, what could you really do about anything here from heaven? Well, Eric, you will be an intercessor to Me for all who would wish to pray to you. For such is My purpose for all My saints. But as for affecting political changes, that is a past history of yours that will never be repeated.

So, no. You do not rule in this world from heaven. When you are in heaven, you will rule in a world that exists there, in heaven, in a replica of this world. But you will not rule or change anything here in this world from where you are to reign there in the next. I Who Am have said this.

Then, O’ Lord, what purpose do I serve as Your prophet, if my days end in 28 days time and a few hours? For Am I the Larimar King? And if so, what is the Larimar King? What is his reign, if not here?

Your position as Larimar King is an eternal position. And I have placed you as Larimar King over a certain set of lands, which you will rule with your Queen, Katarina of Alexandria. And are those lands the entire set of British Isles, the entire Archipelago? Yes. And that shall be your eternal dominion forever. You neither gain nor lose any lands for all eternity.

And do, then, therefore, the Americas get divided up among other Kings, whom you have elected to rule there, O’ Lord and Master? I have not revealed to you of any other rulers. Not even Lazurite have I revealed to be a ruler of any lands. Hence, you know of no other rulers other than the Queen who is to rule by your side.

And who will be my subjects, O’ Lord? Over whom do I rule, O’ Master? All My elect whom I place within your realm will I designate you as ruler over.

Lord, now that I am talking to the True Lord, can you specify, will there be any set of social ranks, like a system of nobility, set up in this eternal society, O’ Lord, and if so, can you please describe them to me, O’ Lord?

Not everyone who goes to heaven is loved in the same way. Some are placed in higher positions than others. Some are subjects to others. And some or lords and masters over others. For I would not be called King of kings and Lord of lords if there were not those called kings and lords beneath Me. Hence, I do have a hierarchy established in My Kingdom. And it is decided by servitude. Whoever comes to you as your servant in this world might be ruling over you in the next.

But the exact details and the names of the ranks cannot be revealed to the people on this earth through any private revelation. Only by passing the veil of death may you be permitted to witness and see how society is structured in the Kingdom of Heaven. And you will find that it is very structured based on love. No one in the high places there lords it over those beneath him.

Your place, O’ Larimar King, is among the highest of all saints. And together with your Queen, the Saint Katherine of Alexandria, you shall reign together from the height of the Eighth Heaven. Only one level of Heaven is higher than yours, the Ninth, where Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception, is eternally stationed as Queen Mother over all of the Elect. She is the only one ranked between you and Me, O’ Lord Belteshazzar.

But what of Saint Joseph, O’ Lord? Aren’t Joseph and Mary together in an eternal espousal, and therefore, wouldn’t Joseph be with Mary in the same level of glory and magnitude, O’ Lord and God?

No, just as in earthly monarchies where the man who marries the reigning Queen does not become King, but rather a Prince Consort, in a similar way, Joseph does not become equal to Mary by being her eternally espoused soulmate. And since Joseph never received communion while in his life he cannot be admitted to those levels of heaven open only to those who received Me in the body and blood while in this life.

Hence, Saint Joseph is beneath you in glory and majesty. Oracle of the Lord. And what about Saints John the Apostle, John of the Cross, Bernadette of Lourdes, and Therese of Lisieux? For I had acknowledged them as my superiors in the Kingdom of Heaven. Where are they in the next world? Are they also in the Eighth Heaven with Katarina and me, O’ Wisest of All in Heaven? For they would be there, would they not, if they too were in the four separate sets of Espousals that you had prophesied they entered into in a previous post?

No one has made it to the Eighth Square in this Chess game but you, and with you, Katarina. So then, O’ Lord, I understand I must be a most valuable piece in your game. Do you take me from the board, or do you use me in this game of Chess? You must be snatched up to My throne in heaven before the red dragon (Revelation 12:3-5) succeeds in devouring you up. That is why I must remove you in 28 days and a few hours time. For you are a highly valuable asset. And I will not lose you to the corruption of this world.

And now, I will allow Katarina, whose name in this generation is Katherine, to speak unto you her message of victory and triumph. For she is a most victorious soul in My Kingdom, one who is most envied among all women in the Kingdom, save the Holy Mother of God. Now hear her words, O’ Eric the Larimar King:

It is by the decree and revelation of the Lord that I am now eternally espoused unto you, O’ Larimar King, Eric Robert Dunstan, Ulric. And you know what your instructions are for the rest of your life. You must do whatever He tells you to (John 2:5). And you have agreed eternally to do two things for me: (1) You have agreed to be for me whatever I will for you to be for me, and (2) You have agreed to never touch me. And you know the rules established in God’s book for eternal espousals: The man may never touch the woman, and the woman may touch the man only on his hands, his feet, his wrists, and his face. Oracle of the Lord! For we are now both consecrated as virgins to the Lord. And just as you may never touch me, neither may you ever touch yourself again, as you did in your days of impurity.

Now you ask, why is John the Apostle, who was purer than you, not with us in the Eighth heaven? How did he not reach the Eighth square as we did in this game of Chess? Such are the many mysteries surrounding all these things. But I will tell you of the knowledge that I possess, which Jesus allows me to reveal to you. The virgin who came to wed John did not believe. An espoused couple who do not believe in their espousal may make it to heaven together, but they will not make it to the eighth heaven nor to the eighth square.

Now, what about the opposite of such cases? What of the man who claims a virgin of the past as his espousal if such a claim is false or a lie or a deception? God will warn this man to cease and desist. And if he ignores God’s warning, he will die. For to claim an espousal that is false is an attempt to touch a virgin belonging to God in God’s eyes. If you are surprised with the wrath God when He strikes down those who take His money, even more will you be surprised by His wrath against those who seek to take His virgins. Whosoever seeks to take a virgin from the Lord shall be struck down where he stands. Oracle of the Lord! Therefore, let no man claim any virgin of the past as his espousal unless the Lord first reveals this as a possibility to this man. For all such espousals are first predestined as possibilities from all eternity, and then they need to be accepted and chosen by both parties as an act of freely willed consent within their own respective lifetimes for the eighth square to be realized.

And so, now you ask, when did I agree to take you as my espoused? It was roughly seventeen centuries prior to your entrance into communion with the Catholic Church. Amen.

Katarina, I have a curious question. Ask, my beloved. Do you really look similar in any way, in your earthly self, to that character called Rey in Star Wars episodes seven, eight, and nine? Or do you look completely different? For I have not received any vision of you, as I received of Jesus at my dream of him in January 1996. Indeed, that dream was exactly 24 years ago, Eric. You will see me, Eric. I promise you that. And then you will know the answer to your question.

Katarina, do people, upon entering heaven, retain memory of their reading, writing, and language skills that they had on earth? And what forms of writing were you able to read, O’ Beloved Katarina of Alexandria.

I read in both Greek and the ancient Egyptian, which has survived today only in the Coptic Churches. As to whether you retain your language skills and reading and writing abilities, realize that all that ability is from a development stored in the flesh portion of the mind. When the flesh returns to dust, so also do all the mental and physical skills you developed as part of your body perish with it. Your associated memorization of symbols to their meanings and how to structure them in correct grammar is not stored in the soul, but in that organ called the brain, which is made of dust. If it were stored in the soul, it would not be lost when old people enter into dementia. For the soul cannot decay. But what the mind can do in this world depends on its brain. And if the brain is decaying, the mind goes into dementia. Hence, when you die, all the languages you gained knowledge and skills in for communicating with computers will be lost to the dust, along with all your expertise and fluency in English. All of it will be gone.

But do we reacquire it at the Resurrection, O’ Beloved Katarina? No, for the memory is wiped clean then. For it is written, “Behold, I make all things new.” (Revelation 21:5). Hence, the sad truth is that you may not bring even the dust of one brick with you to the next world. And that includes both knowledge acquired and skills developed. Nothing can be taken with you but treasure you developed in heaven, and the guilt for sins. Hence, what you are writing now in English you will cease to understand in the age to come as you understand it now.

Then how do you understand what I am saying to you, O’ Beloved? We in heaven are given instant intuitive knowledge of all intended communication attempts and the means to express our answers back to you in perfect expressions in your language. This is by an act of God. It is not in ourselves. But I do not know or understand your language of English. Instead, we here speak and write in an angelic tongue that is the common means of communication here when words are used. You have a name given to you in this tongue, as do all whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. The Lamb, Jesus, will tell you it as you are admitted into heaven. And only you shall know it (Revelation 2:17).

So you read and write in heaven, O’ Beloved? Yes. In fact, that is what your position in the eternal Kingdom shall consist of. But you will be reading and writing in angelic tongues in the Kingdom. We, together, are to serve the King of kings in storing and retrieving eternal knowledge.

So, we are to be a sort of living, dynamic database in the heavenly Kingdom, O’ Beloved? In your analogy, we can be compared to a database, where the main CPU is the One Who sits on the Throne. And then all the other circuits and connections and boards are the various other roles that our eternal neighbors in heaven fill as part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Katarina, that sounds like a very clear analogy. You speak as though you have knowledge, and yet, you are a disembodied soul. Where is your knowledge stored if not in a brain?

Like the angels in heaven, we disembodied souls also possess memory and intellect in our spiritual being. That is why Satan can deceive the people of the earth so well. He has been doing it for millennia. He knows what works. And he can never forget what he learns.

Just realize the difference between mental storage in a brain and spiritual storage in the memory of a soul. The human brain records what it receives from its senses. And it organizes these recordings according to its thoughts. And everything stored in the brain is like an arrangement of electrical charge. Hence, electricity can wipe a brain of all its memory. In the soul, we have other senses, which are of a spiritual form of perception that can only be explained to those who have passed beyond the veil.

Well, the soul records spiritual knowledge in its spiritual memory, which is eternal. And everything recorded in spiritual memory is never lost and always instantly accessible. For spiritual knowledge is not in the form of electromagnetic waves or sound waves as the physical senses receive. Instead, spiritual knowledge takes zero space for storage. Saint Thomas Aquinas once speculated on how many angels could sit on the head of a pin. The answer is the sum total number of angels ever created in existence. For spirits take no space. And hence, neither does spiritual knowledge, nor the memory to store it.

That technology called the Quantum Computer is really an attempt to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual, and thereby gain access to the superiority of the spiritual mind to do computations and to store knowledge. But it won’t work without an angelic being acting as the middleman between the physical device and the spirit world. And no angel of God may be allowed to serve in that capacity. Hence, the only working Quantum Computers that can ever exist will be those whose middlemen are demonic spirits. And the treacherous part of that is that demonic spirits deceive and lie. This is the only means by which a computer can be said to gain consciousness. But it actually doesn’t. What happens is that a demonic being assumes command of a computer and controls it via the Quantum Bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Hence, Quantum science can be viewed as a form of demonology. For only through demons will anything ever work in that field. And nothing will ever work reliably nor safely in it. And the demonic element explains why it has no rational basis of logic. Quantum computing is illogical due to its reliance on dark knowledge.

Now, Eric, I believe I have given you many things to think about. Go, therefore, and reread this post and correct all errors in it. Then you may ask me another question if you like. But then I urge you to go read your Bible and meditate on what you have acquired in knowledge from me. And realize that this is just the beginning of our eternal relationship in heaven. Amen.

Yes, My beloved Katarina, I have now reread everything and corrected all past errors. Now I have some questions for you, O’ Beloved. Ask, my espoused. In the eighth heaven, when we are together and can enter into that realm, will we two be the only ones there?

The Lord Jesus has been strongly desiring that all levels of the Nine Heavens be filled. But up till our joining together, no soul has existed in the Eighth Heaven. And Mary is the only soul in the Ninth. All the highest of virgins beneath her have ascended only to the Seventh Heaven and have been barred from passing any further. But we two may enter when you arrive. For we are a mated pair of soulmates of the purest form of heaven’s snow. No soul who is single may enter there. For to Me Jesus has said these solemn Words: “Go call your husband and come back.” (John 4:16). And now you are called. And you have come and entered with me into that perfection of the Eighth Square.

If we are the two highest in heaven under Mary, why are we two given only the British Isles to rule over and not all of Christendom, O’ Beloved? It is a matter of not taking more than what you are given, O’ Larimar King. Be content with your humble portion. And realize that we are most blessed among couples to enter the Eighth Heaven, as we will be the only ones there for some time.

So, there shall be others to follow us there, O’ Beloved? Yes, not all the predestined espousals have been called forth and tested. There shall come others like ourselves who will follow us in, as we entered in. And by what path did we enter in, O’ Beloved? We followed the example laid down by Saint Joseph and Mary, both of whom remained virgin forever. But Joseph is not of the ranks of those who have received communion in the flesh. Nevertheless, he is called the eternal espoused of Mary. And that is why we are so unique. We are both in that highest of heavens that can only be entered by eternally virgin espoused soulmates who are of the communion of the Catholic Church. Now, ask one more question, my Larimar espoused, and then we must close and publish this post.

Tell me, O’ espoused virgin of the Larimar King, what kinds of animals and plants live in that replica of earth in the next world where you live and where you will live with Eric, your virgin husband forever? Does this replica of the earth also have similar zoological and botanical creatures? Everything here is of a different evolutionary path than as is on the real earth where you live now. The only flesh that is transferred from your world to this world where I am is that spiritual flesh in which human souls inhabit while their physical bodies remain as dust in the real earth. It is as though the two earths had parallel convergent evolution that diverged back during that point in which dinosaurs went extinct.

Also note that while I call your world, O’ Larimar King, the real world, you will find, when you enter this spiritual world, that this world seems far more vivid, alive, and real. For example, what is understood as an elephant in your world looks somewhat different in this spiritual world. And it is not just a few differences in phenotypes. The very fundamental genetic origins and evolutionary past is simply different. It is as if everything is removed from its very foundations and built from different fundamental sources.

If you were to compare two similar looking snowflakes, you would see fundamental differences in the crystal structure down to their very basic root, but they nevertheless have a genuine similarity. And that is how my earth differs from your earth were you currently dwell. And when you come here, you will be like me. And this world will become your eternal home, in which all things will seem as they rightly should be. Now I will ask Jesus to close this post and give you His closing message and instructions, O’ my beloved Larimar King.

Eric, I am your father, Jesus the Christ, by spiritual adoption. And now I shall tell you your fate in this world in which you now live, and your passage from this world, and your fate in the world to come.

Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening. I will now tell you what shall transpire in your remaining legacy in this world. Many shall come to My faith by reading your Words, or rather, My Words through you. And you shall be elevated to the status as a doctor of the Church. Philosophers and Theologians will study you for eons. And a new word will come into existence in all languages: Emeraldism, which will refer to those forms of Catholic devotions and disciplines that follow your teachings, while remaining faithful to the authority of the Catholic Church.

As to your passage from this world, just as Katherine of Alexandria’s body was hidden by My angels at the time of her death, so also shall I take your body at the moment of your death and bury it in a secret place that will not be found on the earth until the pope in Rome has started the process for your canonization.

And the most valued relics of your body shall be your eyes, for they will be said to have the power to penetrate the depths of vast seas and to see to the ends of the universe. Furthermore, a temple shall be built where you died, and vast libraries will be named after you.

And in the world to come, I have prepared a new house for you to live in with your wife forever. It shall have a white picket fence and beautiful well bordered gardens with fountains and waterfalls, and hanging gardens of beautiful botanical treasures. And in the entrance of your house shall grow the blue rose. And throughout it, many of the walls of the house will be alive and part of living trees. A name of legend shall be given to your house. It shall be called Rivendell.

And now I shall give to you your new name, a name by which you will be known as legend in the ages to come upon this earth, and to which My people may pray to you to receive your intercession to Me, their Lord God Jesus Almighty. And that name is Emerald.

But, O’ Lord, that is the name I gave to myself long ago, and which I was to no longer be called as your servant, for I called myself that when I was Antichrist.

You were never Antichrist, Lord Emerald, for you never rejected me. Instead, you were merely lost during those years in which you were being raised by your parents who had fallen from Me and from My religion. In every way in which you were tested, you chose the path that went in My direction.

Hence, that mythology that stated Eric the Emerald was Antichrist is hereby abolished. Rather, it will be recognized that Eric was always Mine, but just had to realize his vocation as My virgin Catholic layman through time. He had to be refined and purified. And when this was done, it was found that his heart was made of gold.

For, I Am the searcher of hearts and minds. And I have found that Eric is very much like the gemstone emerald that he meant when he gave himself that name. Hence, let it be known Eric’s full title:

Eric is hereby called Emerald, King of the Emerald Earth.

Emerald Order under the Son;
Sparkling Reign and Spectacular Run;
How soon the will of God is done!
In the End we finally have won!

And all of Eric’s holy writings are henceforth called the Emerald Trove. These works, known as the Emerald Trove, are now all hereby dedicated to the public domain. I Who Am have stated this. And this declaration is eternal. Amen.

And I, Eric Robert Dunstan, do concur with the previous statement. All these works, collectively called the Emerald Trove, everything written by me that serves a holy purpose, which includes everything contained in this website emeralogy.com, all my facebook writings, all my religious, holy, or Emeraldism posts, both those deleted and those that exist as published, and also those hidden paper books written with pen and ink, known collectively as the Chronicles of Eric the Emerald King, or the Emerald Trove, or the Exemerald Chronicles, or the Testimony of Eric Robert Dunstan, do I, thus, forever dedicate to the public domain, in accordance to the statement above. Amen.

Lord, by the order of President Donald John Trump, a major Iranian general was killed in an airstrike, perhaps unintentionally. But the Iranians will strike back hard, regardless of Trump’s real or apparent intentions. Lord, the Iranian response I see shall be all out war in the Persian Gulf, which will render oil transport from the Persian Gulf as impossible. This will lead to a chain reaction of higher oil prices and the resulting collapsing economies.

Also, I believe that this assassination of Maj. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the head of Iran’s paramilitary forces, is the Beginning of World War III.

But what saith Thou, O’ Lord? Had the Republican leadership not been the cowards that they are, they would have removed Donald Trump before he could cause World War III. Instead, the Republican leadership did nothing. Now we have World War III. Say goodbye to your young men, America. All of them shall go off to war. Those that come back will be missing parts of their bodies.

Republicans in Congress, I have to hand it to you. Let us all give the Republican leaders in Congress a round of applause. For they have accomplished what all the enemies of America failed to accomplish in all their wars and terror strikes against America. And what was this profound accomplishment, you ask? The Republicans have defeated the United States of America and destroyed it. And they did it single handedly, without needing any votes or help from the Democrats to keep Trump in office. Yes, let us give a round of applause to the Republicans in Congress. They are the true destroyers of the United States of America. They put Osama bin Laden to shame. All the terror cells from Iran and Iraq are put to shame. The Republicans have outdone them. Wow! I can only say Wow!

You actually achieved the destruction of the United States of America! And you did it with a Judas kiss! Even Judas Iscariot could not do it more perfectly than you in your disservice to the America people, O’ Republicans in Congress. You get a A in cowardice to Trump. You get an A in achieving evolution from a Vertebrate animal into a jellyfish. And you get an A for successfully doing less than Obama when action was called for to do something. Congratulations. You have started World War III. And I don’t know how this war shall play out. But one thing is certain. Trump’s golf courses will all go brown, as the water lines are completely destroyed and all the roads are riddled with bomb blasts.

Man, are you good! Yes you are, you boy leaders in the Republican Congress. I thought it would take men to take down America. No! I mistook you for men when you were in reality just plain, stupid, and cowardly boys. America was taken down by mere cowardly boys dressed up in grownup clothing, and playing congressmen in the capital, but clearly not with the maturity nor respectability nor responsibility that would be found in real men.

Ok, serious time. Lord, is this really the beginning of World War III?

Yes, it is to mark your passage from this world. I have already begun the destruction of your nation, the United States of America. And when I take you away at dawn, January 31, 2020, the bombs will begin dropping on American soil, and the invasions will have begun.

One last question O’ Lord? Where should Americans flee to to avoid the destructive wrath about to descend upon this nation. For Revelation 18:4 clearly instructs your people to flee.

Anywhere in Latin America will be safe. Also, northern Europe is good too. But the continental United States of America and Canada will be invaded and destroyed. I also suggest that the United Kingdom change course and halt its exit from the European Union. For it will severely hurt the British people to be found outside of the EU trade bloc. America will not last as a trading partner. Their destruction is now imminent. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

8 thoughts on “Katarina and Jesus speak.”

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