Eric dies Friday, January 31, 2020

And thus shall Katarina meet Eric upon his entrance into heaven. Amen.

Eric, I Who Am have come to speak through you. When dawn comes of the day you turn 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days in age, you shall pass away and enter into the Kingdom.

Lord, I accept. But, therefore, all the prophecies that concerned my future reign in this world must therefore be false, O’ Sovereign Lord?

That you reign as Larimar as you did as Emerald is a lie. You are going to heaven. Your stay in Purgatory will be but a few hours, though it will feel like several days. But you must burn in Purgatory to be cleansed of certain sins that cannot be erased here. And your days left on earth consist of just thirty days and a few hours.

Lord, tell me the Truth regarding soulmates and Katarina’s relationship with me. All marriages in the world to come are between human beings and the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Soulmates are not married to each other. Instead, they are merely associated with each other.

Also, there is no requirement for soulmates that they be virgins. Virginity is only required for the soulmates to ascend to the higher heavens. For the door way there is barred to single souls and non virgins.

How did I and Katarina of Alexandria become soulmates, O’ Lord and God? It was decided from all eternity as part of your predestination. Also, it required the freely given consent of both you and Katarina. And it also required that you be free of all romantic entanglements in this world. And furthermore, it required that your long running habit of masturbation be finally brought to a complete end. For no masturbator can be a soulmate.

Now, some studies say that masturbation prevents prostate cancer. But what do You say about that? People who run such experiments do not realize that there are too many variables to make their findings conclusive. In addition, many scientists modify the data to make their beliefs justified. Science, therefore, is not a reliable means of finding the Truth. It should be understood, rather, that masturbation harms society, for it degrades women as sex objects and reduces the sex act as a means of having pleasure and not as a sacred act belonging only to marriage. Whoever wastes his seed upon a rock casts away his inheritance.

But Lord, I was a masturbator for much of my life. What becomes of my inheritance? Eric, you masturbated from puberty until July 15, 2000. And for over seven years you successfully resisted the urge. Then, in 2008, and following years, you fell back into impurity, but never indulged as you had in the past. Instead, you kept up the battle to defeat that sin. And you fought it by going to confession and by frequently receiving communion, but always while in a state of grace. Many were the times you asked a priest to hear your confession outside of the normal confession hours.

Well, you are now free of this temptation. It is removed from you. For I am satisfied with you. And I have found that you have stopped this sin. And so, what is your inheritance, you ask? And how was it affected by your many failures, followed by your ultimate triumph over that sin? I will now tell you.

I do not hold the past offenses you committed against you because you are now doing My will correctly and are in obedience to Me in full. During the seven years in which you resisted, you were still of a dirty mind. And that is why you fell back into it after a period of over seven years of resistance. However, now your mind is clean. And you have no tendency to fall back into this sin.

Lord, is this due to my age? For I am now 49 years old. And my hair is partly silver, for I am aged. You are still viable, Eric. You could impregnate a girl if you were to lay with one. But I do not allow this for you. And no girl will ever be permitted to get into such a situation with you. For the man who has sex out of wedlock is like Esau, trading his birthright for a single meal.

Nor do I allow you to marry. Instead, I highly covet your virginity for My Kingdom. For few are the virgins of this generation. And every virgin I can acquire is highly valuable to Me. It is virgins only who are permitted to sing the Song of the Lamb (Revelation 14:1-5). And only virgins can ascend to the highest heights of heaven.

And how do virgin soulmates differ from virgins not attached to a soulmate? Or do all virgins of the highest heights enter as soulmate couples?

I will now explain the true nature of the soulmate in heaven, particularly the virgin kind. Virgin soulmates are exceedingly rare. Most soulmates are associations between souls where at least one or both have been sexually known by the opposite sex in their life.

And what about those known by the same sex, O’ Lord? Those known by the same sex are not called virgins or soulmates, but abominations. They are utterly defiled in My eyes and must be thoroughly cleansed by years of extreme burning torture in purgatory before they can be admitted to heaven. And if admitted, they remain in the lowest heaven.

But woe to those homosexuals who never repent. Their fate is the lowest dungeons of hell, where the devil whips and beats them without mercy forever and ever. And they never escape the torment of their tormentors in that dark dungeon.

So, homosexuality is not the way to go if you are serious about enjoying heaven. Anyways, back to the original topic. Most soulmate associations between souls in heaven are between people who have had heterosexual sex. And these people cannot ascend to that place where My virgin soulmates can.

Also note this fact. There are no homosexual soulmates in heaven. Homosexuals who associate with other homosexuals on earth tend not to have any means of being admitted into My Kingdom. For their thoughts are unclean, and their acts are abominable. Therefore, all those in authority who have approved of homosexual unions will be tortured before Me and My angels in hell fire. For that which they have received by their approval is the mark of the beast (Revelation 14:9-11). Whoever approves of a gay marriage will drink the wine of God’s fury poured full strength into the cup of His wrath.

Now I shall speak of Eric and Katarina. What is the nature of their soulmate relationship, you ask? It is not a marriage. To understand soulmates as a marriage is to misunderstand them. Only marriage of humankind to the Lamb of God is recognized as marriage in heaven. No other union or association there is called a marriage there.

Now, what about Joseph and Mary? For Mary refers to Joseph as her most chaste spouse in the eternity in which they dwell. They are associated with one another, but they are not married to one anther. For all marriages end at death. Marriages between saved souls and the Lamb never end because neither party can ever die. But all marriages between men and women in this world cease at death. And they never reform in the Kingdom of Heaven. Hence, it is better to understand Joseph and Mary as in a kind of association of soulmates. That Mary refers to Joseph as her most chase spouse indicates that soulmates are as spouses to each other, but not married spouses. Instead, they are merely spouses by the virtue of being soulmates.

So now you ask, why didn’t Eric become a soulmate to someone he met in this world? Why mate with a soul who lived some 17 centuries ago? And there’s the number 17 again. Rare souls have great difficulty in finding compatible mates. In addition, eternal soulmates are never chosen by the individuals in the association. They are chosen by God in His predestination of souls.

Therefore, God in His omniscience, elected to save both Eric and Katarina, and to unite them across a span of 17 centuries as eternal soulmates. And Lord, how do we know that Eric and Katarina fit each other? Or they really equal in glory and magnitude? And is that really a requirement, O’ Lord?

It is known that Eric and Katarina are compatible by the sea of peace in which both of them dwell. For each soul dwells in a sea of Spirit. And the manner of peace or storm in that sea determines your temperament and to whom you are eternally compatible with. Only a soul can see this and his God. And only God can know of two souls having such compatible seas of peace. In fact, the sea of peace of all souls is a matter of their predestination.

Now, not all virgin saints are in soulmate associations. Why is that, O’ Lord? Entering into soulmate associations is less common than remaining free and single. For just look at the stars in the universe. Most stars in the universe are single stars. But most of the bright stars in the sky are binary. Understand the analogy. Most stars that are faint and dim have no companion. But most of the stars that are bright and visible are with companion stars. These faint dim stars are the red dwarf stars, much smaller than our sun. Perhaps their lesser abilities to attract a mate is related to their smaller size and dimmer light. Hence, understand, Eric, about My elect. I have made it so that My House shall be filled. But not everyone who enters into salvation comes into My Kingdom with a heart on fire. Many come into My Kingdom with a kind of semi-warm, tepid heart. Such souls tend not to have soulmates. For their love is not powerful enough for an eternal soulmate relationship to come about.

Now, tell us about Eric’s heart. And also tell us about Katarina’s heart. And tell us of their compatibility, O’ Lord? Eric learned to love by caring for Hyacinth. And by saving her soul, he saved his own. He saved it for selfless reasons, so that she would be saved. And he did this because he loved Me and his friend. The constant statement of Eric was: Friends do not abandon friends. And he never did.

As for Katarina’s heart, she took a stand similar to Eric’s for Me. And she was a learned and studied woman, like My servant Eric, whose mind is like an encyclopedia. Many are their spiritual similarities, which are beyond human languages to describe. Hence, let these words suffice to be said. Katarina’s heart has mated with Eric’s and their souls are at peace together. And it is My will, therefore, for the sake of My beloved Katarina, that Eric be taken from this world on Friday, January 31, 2020, and enter into her spiritual embrace forever.

Lord, it was said that Katarina is as a neutron star. If that is the analogy for her, what kind of star is Eric like, O’ Lord? I will now tell thee, O’ Eric. You, too, are as a neutron star, though of a later exploded supernova. And thus, your union with her shall produce all the precious elements heavier than iron, including platinum, gold, silver, and copper.

Your imagination is vivid, O’ Larimar King. Now, I shall speak of your last days. First, let us address the effects of your departure from America. It is a publicly stated fact that without Eric’s good deeds and acts of mercy, I would have destroyed America in 2017. It was because Eric gave $20 to a homeless black man he saw on his way off the freeway on his way to work, followed by many similar deeds done afterwards, that I swore against My anger and did not strike America to destroy it. But I have given America enough time to repent now. And I find America just unworthy of having Eric remaining in her midst. That is why I AM taking him away from her. And then I will utterly pound America to smithereens.

This pounding of America to smithereens will take place right after Eric passes from this world at dawn of Friday, January 31, 2020. And how is Eric to go, O’ Lord? Does he die by heart attack? Or is he raptured from his place in his house? Both occur, O’ Larimar King. And his body will be left dead but incorrupt. For Eric has become My servant. And I will show to the world that this one was holy. And then the people of America will realize that there was a prophet in their midst. Kick themselves they shall who saw the Larimar King, but never took the time to speak with him and inquire of advice and wisdom from this saint.

Lord, will you correct the story of the lands that I have dominion over? Yes, O’ Larimar King. Dismiss what you heard Eric say about the lands he was to rule. For eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, what God has in store for those who love Him.

Now, go, My servant. And realize that your eternal spouse, Katarina of Alexandria, is eagerly awaiting your entrance into heaven. And she has much to discuss with you. And in angelic tongue shall this conversation take place in heaven. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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