I Who Am do now prophesy.

And in the Higher Heavens there are the Virgin Soulmates, eternally bonded together.

I Who Am have now come to prophesy through Eric, My servant. And many are the things about which I Who Am have come to speak of. Behold, the Word of the Lord!

First, let us speak of Russia. What shall take place in that part of the world? Was not Eric sent to dethrone the rulers of that land? Now I shall speak.

There is contention in Russia and the whole world as to who owns Crimea. Now it shall be submitted to the people of Crimea, and the United Nations, not the Russians, will administer the elections there, under impartial administration. They will administer the elections in Crimea to decide their fate, and Russia and Europe will agree to abide by the choice of those who reside there. And those who reside there will vote to be Russian, as that is their nationality, and the Crimean people will have hope in the one who will have come to rule their nation.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, what shall be his fate? I will now tell thee. He has lied to many. And he has shored up his power. But I Am taking away his throne and giving it to another, one who will lead My Russian people back to into My fold. For they were Catholic at their conversion, before the East split from the West.

A new Catholic Eastern Rite Church will be formed in Russia, one headed by Patriarch Kirill. And he will thus get his revenge against Constantinople, from whom his Church has split. And he will lead his Church into communion with the pope in Rome. And then Russia will have converted. And Fatima will have come true.

Lord, does this then mean that there shall then be a time of peace? For I asked this question earlier, and was told that the promised peace of Fatima took place during the Yeltsin years.

That was when you were Emerald, O’ Larimar King. Now you are Larimar. Should there not be a time of peace to come while you reign as Larimar?

But Lord, I, Eric, am to leave these shores on Friday, January 31, 2020. There is no more time for me to reign. For My time here has come to an end. Is not this the Truth, O’ Lord and Master?

Larimar, I hereby grant you seven years to reign as Larimar King. At the conclusion of those seven years, you will be taken away, and My fury will be poured out upon this nation in which you live, the United States of America.

Does that, O’ Lord, grant me the power to decide the next two Presidential elections in the United States, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, shall decide who shall win those elections. And he will not be any of the Democrats on the ballot nor the Republican currently in the White House. Who, then, shall be the next President of the United States of America, O’ Lord?

Eric, the Republican put on the ballot will be decided at the Republican convention, and the one they choose will not be any of those currently running. He will be chosen at the convention after the delegates vote and fail to decide who it shall be. For President Donald John Trump’s candidacy will have been invalidated, and the Republican leadership will be forced to choose another. And the one they choose will be your Pawn, O’ Larimar King. Oracle of the Lord!

For the Reign of Firefly will have ended then, her power eclipsed, and a new power will have come forth to govern the nations. You are that power, O’ Larimar King. And I grant you seven years to reign. During your reign, your Pawn will be President. Oracle of the Lord!

So, then, O’ Lord, in the year 2026 is my power to come to an end? In the year 2026, you will cease to be Larimar, and a new name shall be given to you. And you will then come to Me, and I will set in your place the one who is to destroy all nations on the earth. He is Antichrist. And he is the one you called Twilight, the power who came before as the power behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon. He will then be ruler of all nations. And he will bend the will of all nations to serve him and to bow to his will. He will be the Beast who destroys the City of Babylon the Great by fire. Amen.

Lord, if he is granted to rule for 7 seven years, then his reign would meet its end in the year 2033, which is 2000 years after your death and Resurrection from the dead. Precisely, My Larimar King. The Beast shall rule for one seven. Half the seven he will abolish the daily sacrifice in the Catholic Church, and set his own object of worship there to be adored by all men.

So, then, my Lord, when does this seven years begin of my Larimar Reign? And when does it end, O’ Lord? As of this evening, you are the Larimar King, the reigning King who conquers all Players of the Game called Earth. Seven years from now, at around this day, I will bring your reign to an end and you shall ascend to your glorious throne in Heaven. And then Antichrist will come, and he will come in great fury, for he will know his time is short.

And when, O’ Lord, is Firefly broken, and the power of her Pawns taken away? Today, I declare you Lord over the earth. And today I take away power from Firefly. Her Pawns will not last the heat of the day. They will fade and expire. Expect, therefore, the fall and failure of the following Pawns of Firefly: Donald John Trump of the USA, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. All three are now defeated, the power behind them vanquished. Expect their fall from power like leaves blown from a tree in a strong winter wind.

Lord, then what becomes of me on Friday, January 31, 2020? Am I taken somewhere? And if so, where to? On Friday, January 31, 2020, you will reach the age of 49 years, 7 months, and 7 days. For you were born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. So, you ask, what happens to you on that date? I will now tell thee. I will take you out of your current place and install you into your new fortress, where you shall rule on high forever.

Lord, how do I rule forever if you grant me only seven years to reign? That seven years refers to your power over the earth. Your reign on high forever is your eternal position as ruler over all nations, whom you are to smash like pottery.

Is this eternal ruling position served in a place on earth or in heaven, or is it a place in the paradise to come? Your position as eternal ruler is in North America, which I shall give you you as your eternal inheritance. Yes, that status you had in the game called Earth is an eternal status. It can never be taken away. Your dominion, Lord Belteshazzar, is all of North America excluding Mexico and Greenland. Everywhere else on the continent, all of Alaska, the contiguous United States of America, and Canada, are decreed as your eternal dominion. And this dominion shall never be taken away from you.

Lord, you say I am to rule over all nations, but my dominion is North America. Explain the discrepancy. What about Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America? Who rules those lands? And am I ruler over them as well, or just over North America? I will now tell you the vastness of your dominion, O’ Lord Belteshazzar.

This earth has a mortal side and an eternal dimension. The mortal side perishes at the Second Coming of the Christ. Then the eternal dimension shall be all that remains. And then it will be when your eternal rule shall manifest. And all will see that you rule all nations of North America. But as for all other lands in this eternal earth, I have decided that there shall be others who shall rule and come to reign. And I, the Lord, Am the decider of all who are to come to reign.

You spoke of forty-nine monarchs in your work of fiction. Now I shall make the True Reality known. So, my Lord, have you decided the rulers of all lands in the eternal dimension of the earth? And is it possible to make this known to me, O’ Lord and God? Your immediate neighbors I shall detail to you. The exhaustive list of all rulers shall be revealed in a later post.

Who, then are my immediate neighboring Kings and Queens, O’ Lord and Master? Who is awarded to rule the neighboring lands, and what shall be their dominions, O’ Lord and Master? Since I am to have no wife, save Katarina of Alexandria, who is a saint in heaven, neither am I to have any heirs. Therefore, I can have no dynasty. And there can be no splitting of My Kingdom among my descendants, for I will have no descendants and I am forever King.

Yes, O’ Larimar King. Your consort is Katarina of Alexandria. And she will rule with you when you come into your eternity at the Second Coming of the Christ. But as to who shall be your neighbors, this I shall now reveal.

Mexico shall be a Kingdom, and it will be ruled by a Mexican King. The name of this King shall be King Elessar in the royal book of Kings. He will rule all of Mexico, Belize, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica.

And O’ Lord, do the rulers of these Kingdoms determine the languages that are to be spoken there? Or shall the languages spoken be angelic or a tongue to come to be in the eternal age? An angelic tongue shall be spoken throughout all the lands. But up into the eclipse of this age, the royal Kings shall determine which languages shall remain in force.

Hence, for your Kingdom of North America, you may have three languages in force: English, Spanish, and French. If you elect to do this, it will affect your eternal dominion, O’ Larimar King. Otherwise, you may elect to have just English, or just English and Spanish. You may make your choice, O’ Larimar King now. I elect for all three languages, English, Spanish, and French to be in force.

Therefore, O’ Larimar King, I will assign the following lands to your eternal Kingdom in the West Indies. To your eternal Kingdom, I add Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, the United States Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Haiti is added due to your inclusion of French. And Puerto Rice is added due to your inclusion of Spanish. And the rest is added because your dominion is to include these regions of the West Indies, a decision made from all eternity.

And what of the rest of the Lessar Antilles, and what of the rest of Central America and of South America, O’ Lord? Who is the ruler of those dominions? Before I speak of the rest of the Americas. I will definitively define all the lands of King Larimar and King Elessar. For their eternal lands are now decided in full. And nothing can be added to or taken away from their eternal dominions in the Americas.

The dominion of the Larimar Kingdom in the Americas include and only include the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Haiti
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. the Bahamas
  7. Turks and Caicos Islands
  8. Bermuda
  9. the United States Virgin Islands
  10. the British Virgin Islands

And up into the Age of Eternity, the languages of English, Spanish, and French will be in force throughout the Kingdom.

As for the Dominion of the Kingdom of Mexico under King Elessar, his lands include:

  1. Mexico
  2. Belize
  3. Cuba
  4. the Dominican Republic
  5. Jamaica
  6. the Cayman Islands

And into the Age of Eternity, both Spanish and English shall remain in force throughout his eternal Kingdom.

And whose are the lands to the south, O’ Lord? Who rules over South America, and the rest of Central America and the Caribbean?

The rest of Central America, Columbia, and Venezuela form a Kingdom called the Kingdom of Columbia, ruled by a King called King Theobroma. He also rules the Lesser Antilles islands of Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, and Trinidad and Tobago. King Theobroma’s eternal lands include:

  1. Guatelmala
  2. El Salvador
  3. Honduras
  4. Nicaragua
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Panama
  7. Columbia
  8. Venezuela
  9. Aruba
  10. Curacao
  11. Bonaire
  12. Trinidad and Tobago

And one language does he have in force: Spanish.

And what of the rest of the Caribbean, O’ Lord?

The South American lands of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are ruled by three Kings. Under the King of Guyana belong the Lesser Antilles Islands of Barbados, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Monserrat, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and Anguilla. The name of the King of Guyana is King Anglo. His languages in force include English and various creoles.

The King of Suriname also rules Sint Maarten, Saba, and Sint Eustatius in the Lesser Antilles. His name is King Puma. And his languages in force include Dutch and various creoles.

The King of French Guiana rules Saint Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Barthelemy, and Saint Martin in the Lesser Antilles. His languages in force include French and French creoles. This King is also the ruler of France and many French lands elsewhere in the world. His name is Emperor Charles of France, and his Kingdom is called an Empire.

North of France in Europe is the Kingdom of Great Britain, and next to it is the Kingdom of Ireland. These two islands comprise two separate Kingdoms ruled by two separate Kings. The Kingdom of Great Britain is ruled by King Philip. King Philip’s language in force is English.

The Kingdom of Ireland is ruled by Queen Hyacinth. Queen Hyacinth’s languages in force include English and Irish (Gaelic). Now we have mentioned our first sovereign Queen. That is not the only one.

Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are called the Kingdom of Scandinavia. And it is ruled by Queen Elsa. That is the second named Queen. Queen Elsa has as her languages in force, Swedish, Icelandic, Danish, and English.

And over the Kingdom of Russia rules Queen Eleonora. That is the third named Queen. Queen Eleonora has Russian as the language in force in her Kingdom.

Hence, we have named all your neighboring Kingdoms and their ruling Monarchs. Now we shall list them in full:

(1) King Larimar and Queen Consort Katarina of Alexandria, Ruler of North America, Haiti, and the lands of the Bermuda Triangle.

(2) King Elessar, King of Mexico, Belize, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

(3) King Theobroma, King of Columbia, Central America, Venezuela, and Trinidad and Tobago.

(4) King Anglo, King of Guyana and part of English Lesser Antilles.

(5) King Puma, King of Suriname and part of Dutch Lesser Antilles.

(6) Emperor Charles, Emperor of France and French lands, including French Guiana and French Lesser Antilles.

(7) King Philip, King of Great Britain.

(8) Queen Hyacinth, Queen of Ireland.

(9) Queen Elsa, Queen of Scandinavia.

(10) Queen Eleonora, Queen of Russia.

Hence, ten Kingdoms have been named, ruled by seven Kings and four Queens. More details shall be given at a later time. The largest Kingdom defined is the Kingdom of North America ruled by King Larimar and Queen Katarina. And the smallest of the defined Kingdoms is the Kingdom of Ireland ruled by Queen Hyacinth. Amen.

Lord, what happened with the Game called Earth? I thought it was abolished and thrown out? Is the Game called Earth back now, O’ Lord and Master? You are not playing the game called Earth, Lord Belteshazzar. Instead, you are ruling the true Earth and bending it to your will.

As for your Queen Consort, Katarina of Alexandria, you know that she is a disembodied soul in the Kingdom of Heaven, who shall be with you in the flesh at the Resurrection of the Saints. You also know that she is a consecrated Virgin of the Lord Jesus Christ, which means that she cannot be touched by any man. Hence, her marriage is strictly of a spiritual nature, a union of soulmates in the Kingdom of Heaven. Furthermore, you know that the only way two virgin souls can be united in eternity is if they are equal in glory and magnitude. And you know that Katarina of Alexandria is the one soul who equals you in glory and magnitude.

Furthermore, you know of four saints of the past who exceed you in glory and greatness. Because these four saints of the past exceed you in glory and greatness, they must also be of such Triune eternal marriages. A Triune eternal marriage is an eternal marriage between two virgin souls of equal glory and magnitude joined together through the Triune God. Hence, the marriage consists of three distinct entities: The Triune God (the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the male saint of the couple, and the female saint of the couple. Such constitutes a Triune Marriage. And this is compared to water, where two Hydrogen Atoms are united together through one Oxygen Atom. The Oxygen Atom is the Triune God. And the two Hydrogen Atoms are the two saints of equal glory bound to each other for eternity.

Only those in such Triune Marriages can ascend to the Higher Heavens, where Godhood is granted under the Triune Deity. Those in mere Binary marriages remain in the Lower Heavens where they merely behold the Beatific Vision and rest from their labors in eternal bliss. Consider a Triune Marriage as a Union of Two Binary Marriages that can only occur while at least one of the couple is alive on the earth. Also, the pathway to entering a Triune Marriage is open only to virgins. Those who have had sex are forever barred from the Higher Heavens.

Since you know of four saints who are definitely greater than you, then you also know they are of Triune Marriages as well. We, the Triune God, confirm that these four saints are in fact greater than you, in Triune Marriages, and their spiritual spouses are souls of whom you know not. Hence, you know of four Triune Marriages besides your own. Now we shall list these four Saints in four separate Triune marriages in order of descending glory:

  1. the Apostle John.
  2. Saint John of the Cross
  3. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
  4. Saint Theresa of Lisieux

Note that these four saints are in four separate Triune Marriages. And their mystical spouses are unknown and cannot be known, for it is a divinely kept secret known only to the spouses of the eternal unions and to God. Eric can only know that they are in Triune Marriages by the knowledge of their superiority to him in glory and the confirmation of this to him by Me, his Lord and Savior. I will never reveal to him who are those espoused souls in these four eternal marriages for all eternity. For it is an eternal secret.

However, two other eternal marriages Eric also knows of. Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary are in an eternal marriage. This is the highest and most glorious of all Triune Virgin Marriages. Saint Joseph is included into this by his being cleansed in his mother’s womb of all stain of original sin. Though not yet part of the doctrine of the Catholic Church, this knowledge is granted to the Church by the approved apparition of Our Lady of America.

Other than Saint Joseph, only those who have partaken in the communion of the Catholic Church can partake in such eternal marriages. Hence, no other saint who died before the sacrifice on the cross and the founding of the Church is eligible to enter an eternal marriage, also called a Triune Virgin Marriage. Hence, John the Baptist, definitely a virgin, was not eligible to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage. He entered heaven through the anticipation of the future merits of Jesus Christ on the cross. But anticipation is not good enough, with the exception of Joseph, to make up for the lack of having received the body and blood of Jesus Christ to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage.

The only other Triune Virgin Marriage Eric knows of, the Sixth in the list of Triune Virgin Marriages known to Eric, where Eric and Katarina form the Seventh known to Eric, is that of Lazurite. For Eric recognizes correctly that Lazurite ranks higher than him. And no one can rank higher than one in a Triune Virgin Marriage who is not himself or herself also in a Triune Virgin Marriage. Who Lazurite is joined to is a secret known only to himself, the girl saint in heaven he is joined to, and God. However, when he speaks of this secret to the world, all the world shall learn of it. Just as Eric is commanded to reveal all things of himself to the whole world. Seek for Lazurite in the Hebrew websites. But to find him, you must be able to understand Hebrew. For only in Hebrew does he write. For he is commanded to speak only to the Jews, and to them only in Hebrew. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. But be wary of devils posing as prophets but who are not. For the false prophets outnumber the true prophets by vast numbers, as a rule.

Now, someone not thinking clearly, asks, what about Jesus? Isn’t Jesus in a Triune Virgin Marriage? And if so, what girl is He united to eternally? Jesus is already part of the Trinity, which is the First Person of all Triune Virgin Marriages. If Jesus were to also be one of the other two Persons in such a marriage, it logically becomes a Binary Marriage. For one Person cannot logically fill two member parts of a group of three. Any attempt to do so makes it binary. And the vast majority of marriages in Heaven are Binary, that is, consisting of an individual soul married directly to God. Look at a Triune Virgin Marriage as a union of two Binary Marriages. But note that this marriage can only be formed while at least one of the couple is on the earth, and both of the couple must be clean, virgin, and equal in glory and magnitude. And only God knows which saints are so equal. Men and women on earth cannot decide this. They can only accept or reject what is offered to them by God.

The vast majority of marriages to the Lamb of God are Binary Marriages between one human being and the Triune God. However, the Triune Virgin Marriage is a Union of two virgin souls of equal glory and magnitude through eternally given consent and bound together through the Triune God, consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Just as in the Trinity, the Father is Primary, and from the Father proceeds the Son, and from the Father and the Son proceeds the Holy Spirit, so also in the Triune Virgin Marriage, the Trinity is the Primary, and from the Trinity proceeds the male saint, and from the Trinity and her man proceeds the woman, the female saint. Just note that this order of procession does not require the female saint to come after the male saint in time or in order of entrance into heaven. The order of procession comes from the recognized order of the Creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. That is why the male saint comes before the female saint in the order or procession in the Triune Virgin Marriage. Also, recognize that the distinction between male and female are eternal characteristics of the human body, which forever characterizes the resurrected human beings. All souls who enter Triune Virgin Marriages must have this distinction. They must be opposite in sex.

So, someone asks, will Katarina ever bear children for Eric? And if not, what is the purpose of their marriage in eternity? Remember what I, the Lord God, have said about Triune Virgin Marriages. Only such souls in such eternal unions can enter into the Higher Heavens. And what takes place in the Higher Heavens. The souls of the Triune Virgin Marriages become gods. But they do not become gods individually, but only within their Triune nature. Hence, Larimar and Katarina become a god together with their God, the Trinity. Hence, the Triune Virgin Marriage constitutes a new god. Note that none of these new gods are equal to the One God, Who is the Trinity. Instead, they are unions with the Trinity, and united with the Trinity they form a united pair bonded couple of soulmates whose spiritual union constitutes a new god spirit. But these god spirits never equal nor surpass the One God.

You have heard of the seven heavens. In the Seven Heavens dwell all those of Binary marriages to the Lamb. And there they remain forever in ecstasy, gazing upon the Beatific vision of God, forever in eternal bliss, and eternal rest, enjoying heaven and the fruits of all their good deeds forever. And they know nothing about the heavens higher than the Seventh, and they never will.

Above the Seven Heavens are the Higher Heavens, reserved only for pure virgins united in Triune Virgin Marriages. Only these know true eternal life. And when they cast their gaze down upon those of the lower heavens, it seems to them as though those of the lower heavens do not have true life.

An eighth soul is known to Eric who is to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage. And this is Hyacinth, who is virgin, led to the Catholic Church by the Larimar saint. She will remain a virgin forever. For Eric is wedded eternally to Katarina of Alexandria. Eric can never return to the world to marry a girl in this world. And Hyacinth will marry no other man. Therefore she will remain a virgin forever, like Eric. And what male saint of the past shall be this saint to enter a Triune Virgin Marriage with Hyacinth? This is knowledge that Eric will never know for all eternity. For the knowledge of the pairings of virgin soulmates is a strict secret, and it is kept secret for all eternity. Then why is it now revealed in the case of Eric and Katarina, you ask? This Katarina, who today is called Saint Katherine of Alexandria, is in heaven and Eric is a perfected saint. Hence, no damage can come to this union by its revelation to the whole world. Besides, an example was needed to make it clear. Discussing this in the abstract would lose virtually all who attempt to read this. Thus, this teaching is now taught from heaven now that an example is available that is perfect and undamageable.

Now, one last thing I shall say. Eric did not choose Katarina of Alexandria to be his wife. Nor did Katarina choose Eric to be her eternal husband. Instead, the predestined will of God, together with their eternally given consent in their lifetimes, united this pair of soulmates for all eternity. Eric was not aware of the existence of this saint until just before they were bonded eternally together as soulmates. And so, someone now asks, how does Eric know he is not imagining all of this? Just as we know that something physical exists because we physically see it, we also know something spiritual exists because we spiritually feel it. But, someone objects, could you not be fooled? What is physically seen can be an illusion. And therefore, what is spiritually felt can also be an illusion. There are different levels of knowledge. The lowest level of knowledge is mere belief because something seems true. The second level of knowledge is knowledge is what you have acquired from another spiritual being who may or may not be telling the Truth, and you are not sure which it is. And the third and highest level of knowledge is knowledge you know is definitely from God without any kind of doubt. I Am talking about the Knowledge by which the Doubting Thomas cried out, “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28). With that level of knowledge am I assured that I am in communication with God and not in error. Oracle of the Lord. Amen. And I Who Am will conclude this post with this thought. If Eric got these things from himself and not from Me, the Lord God Jesus, how does he seem to have an unlimited supply of new content? For from the human mind, imagination has its limits. But only from God can the mind be continually opened to new knowledge of higher and higher things. Amen.

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