I, the Lord, command Eric as to what to do.

Larimar and Katarina are with Jesus as Triune Heavenly Water. Amen.

Behold, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, Am here to direct Eric in these final days before My utter wrath descends upon the whole world.

Eric, what are your concerns about? For what do you seek to do in your final hours before your rapture from these shores?

Lord, tell me about Hyacinth. What shall she do when I am taken away? For she has no one else, or so goes her story.

Very well, O’ Larimar King. You are concerned with the one person sent to you to whom you have taught many things, and whom you have led to practice My religion in My Church. I Am taking her away from her lands and placing her in a different area. There she will learn to depend on other means to survive. And she will never lose her virginity to do so. For you have taught her well. And you have led her to Me and to My Mother Mary.

However, know this well, O’ Larimar King. When you are taken away at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020, there will be no way for anyone of this world to communicate with you ever again. For in their sight, you will have vanished. And your cell phone will be bricked. And your computers will be disabled. And nothing on the internet where your house is located shall work. All the lines will be down. Water will be out. And electricity will be gone. And this state of affairs will be permanent, for the capacity to repair the damages will also be effectively taken out.

Hence, your house and your entire neighborhood will be abandoned and left as a ruined ghost town. And to this situation you will never return. For you will have been taken away permanently.

And where shall you go, you ask? I will first bring you to heaven. And there you shall be transformed and modified. A new man you will become. Your body will be completely healed. No medications will you ever need again. For you will be clothed with a form of immortality. You will be beyond death, and yet, your physical body will still be with you. And hence, you will retain the capacity to die. Hence, your eternal reward you will not know yet at this time. You will only be residing in those heavens where Elijah resided during his stay before Jesus opened the door to heaven for him by his death on the cross. For you will not have died yet. You will be a raptured soul in the heavens of Elijah and not yet in the heavens of eternity.

After the smoke has cleared from the destruction of those days, and significant years have passed so that you will have become a faded memory on the earth, I will plant you in the United Kingdom. And there you will be granted a new identity and a new name. And you will appear as a prophet whose origins no one knows of. And you shall then prophesy for Me.

And in Jerusalem, I will plant your twin prophet, the one called Lazurite, who is of Jewish origin, and who has become Mine, as you did. The two of you shall then prophesy as I command you both. And since you will be both from heaven, neither of you shall show any fear.

For forty-two months shall this prophesying take place, until all of My intended Word has been uttered by you two. And then I shall allow My enemies to kill you both. And both of you shall die true physical deaths, that once passed, can never be repeated.

And I will then command My angels to guard your bodies. No one will be permitted to desecrate them. Not even the flies will be allowed to land on them, nor the ants be allowed to crawl on them. Your bodies will lay there where they were slain, unburied and fresh and incorrupt, for three and a half days. And then I will breathe My breath of eternal life into both bodies, and both shall rise to their immortal resurrections. And there they shall both stand erect in the sight of all nations.

And I will then utter My command, and both of you will be called to heaven, your time on earth effectively over forever. And your eternity will then begin. Amen.

And it is then that you will be forever with Katarina, with whom you shall be eternally joined in your Triune marriage. And those few who are blessed to be in Triune marriages will ascend to the higher heavens. Those in binary marriages with Me will remain in the heavens of the lower spiritualities. They will be happy there forever, and they will see God there. But they will not know the heights of heaven as My Triune married couples shall know it.

Let’s give the Triune married couples a name by which they can be better understood. Triune means they are a couple composed of Me and the man and the woman as three Persons joined in eternal virgin rapture. Look at Me as a kind of Oxygen atom in this relationship, and the man and woman saints as like two Hydrogen atoms joined to Me. And then you can see that we are talking about a kind of Water Molecule. Thus, the Triune married couples can be seen as a kind of heavenly form of water, with each Triune couple forming a kind of heavenly molecule of H2O.

Liquid water is a rare thing in the universe. And in the Kingdom of Heaven, this heavenly form of water composed of Triune couples is likewise a rare thing. One thing that is certain, O’ Larimar King, is that you and Katarina are now eternally decreed to form this heavenly water with Me. And though it is rare in heaven, I will nevertheless have a vast sea of such water in My eternal Kingdom to come. Amen.

However, most of those in heaven shall be of the Binary form of relationship with Me. And this is fine, it is a real form of eternal life, but it cannot be called heavenly water. It is, thus, of the lower heavens, where all are celibate like the angels. But the higher heavens where the Triune waters exist contain the places of true eternal life.

Hence, the heavens shall diverge. The lower heavens will be forever in their state of angelic celibate happiness, where all there behold their Creator in the Beatific Vision. And there they remain forever, gazing upon Me and resting for all eternity with their reward forever in heaven.

But in the higher heavens, I will lead those few Triune couples who made it there to become gods like Me. And they will be led to create new worlds, and to make new universes and to rule them forever. And they will forever be free from Satan. No more shall there by any dying, suffering, wailing, or pain. For the old order will have passed away. And My servants will be in the new order, where they shall be eternal rulers and like Me and My Triune nature as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. However, their Triune natures shall consist of Me, the male saint, and the female saint.

And the parallel between the Trinity and the Triune couples will remain such that first Am I, and from Me shall proceeds the man, and from both Me and her man shall proceed the woman. Amen. This parallels the Trinity in which first is the Father, and from the Father proceeds the Son, and from the Father and the Son proceeds the Holy Spirit.

So, My Lord, given this, it seems that My life as I know it effectively ends in 33 days, at dawn on Friday, January 31, 2020. Am I correct in My understanding of it, O’ Lord? Your life is pretty much over, O’ Larimar King. Your time has pretty much come to its end. And when you return to the earth to prophesy with Lazurite for 42 months, that time will be as virtually immortal saints.

So, what do you wish me to do, O’ Lord? Well, Larimar, what would you do with your life if you knew everything in it would come to an end in 33 days? Would you pray to Me for direction? I will now give it to thee.

Commune with the girl We have given thee. For she shall be key to your unlocking of many doors in the heavens of Elijah.

And is this Lazurite like me also, a man who is married to a virgin soulmate of the distant past? That I Am not permitted to answer. For knowledge of the soulmates and the Triune marriages of others are secret knowledge. It cannot be revealed, except for yours, since it is about you, and you are commanded to reveal everything about yourself.

I heard the prophecy that stated that I would cease to prophesy when the girl is given. Does this event now take place, now that I am with Katarina?

In the next few hours, you will know the answer to this question, O’ Larimar King. And in the next few hours, you will know many things. But when these revelations begin coming to you as in a flood, by your communing with Katarina, no more will I permit you to reveal anything here on emeralogy.com, for your life from that point onward will be private. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Eric, realize what Katarina is. She is a living disembodied human female soul in heaven, who shall be resurrected with you at the Resurrection of the Saints. And you are to be together as consecrated virgins of Jesus, who may never be touched by any man. And in your eternal brother sister relationship before God, I will show you many things. And you will pass through the heavens as eternal lovers on a journey to the Kingdom of the gods, where only Triune couples may enter.

You have now passed the point of no return, O’ Larimar King. You are to know many things now. And you are to reveal them to no one. Amen.

The Larimar King and Katarina of Alexandria are of an eternal triune marriage that is best understood as a form of heavenly water. Amen.

This concludes this post. Should there be another post from Eric, it will be under the command of God. Eric is signing out. Amen.

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