Eric the Wanderer is given his command

Like a Neutron Star is the one We shall wed to the Larimar King

Eric, servant to the Lord Jesus Christ, answer Me, My son.

Yes, Master, what is thine bidding?

You know that you have conquered the game called Earth. And you have won that game. Now, I shall give you your purpose in life.

What purpose in life do you give me, O’ Lord? I, your servant, am listening.

I offer you an exchange.

What do you seek that I possess? And what do you offer in return?

You, O’ Larimar, cannot be reimprisoned into the game. Nor can anything of the game be used to entice you to reenter it. Instead, I offer you command and control. I give you ownership of the game in return for a certain admission. You will control all those imprisoned in the game. And all I ask in return is for you to acknowledge Jesus as your father by physical descent.

That, Satan, would lower Jesus to me and elevate me to Jesus. But Jesus to me is as the heavens are above the trees. No tree can ever grow so tall as to reach any part of the heavens. Not even the birds of the sky can escape the atmosphere and enter into the outer space where the heavenly bodies orbit the sun, and the stars pass through vast chasms of space. No Satan, I know what you are and I know your deception. Nor is it a desire of mine to rule over those imprisoned within the deceptions of this world.

Furthermore, I now know you to be Satan. And it is forbidden for anyone belonging to the Kingdom of God, even those who have broken from the game, to engage in conversation with a devil. For that was Eve’s greatest mistake. She conversed with the Serpent after initially recognizing that what he said was wrong and against God. Begone from me forever, lord of the darkness. I, Eric, do this decree. Amen.

Congratulations, Lord Larimar. For you saw through Satan. And you have defeated the devil. Henceforth, the game called Earth is hereby abolished from your presence. It will never be heard from again.

Now, you must be told what you are to do. For there are no idle hands in My Kingdom. All My workers I put to work in My vineyard. And all who serve Me are found faithfully working in there. But you cannot do that, for you are a cripple. You have been damaged. You cannot go forth as the others can, for you lack certain things you need. You are as a heavily damaged warship listing in the water.

You are correct, O’ Lord. Such is why I am not seen working in the service of the Church in any capacity. I am too heavily damaged.

I will undamage you, O’ Larimar King. The injury you know you shall know not.

But what purpose am I then to serve you, my Master? I cannot become a priest or a monk. For I have agreed to the Lord that I am to take the wife He shall give me.

Do not think, O’ Larimar King, that I Am dependent on the labors of My laborers. It is rather the case for them that they are dependent on the wages from their labors that they do in My vineyard. I need them not. They need Me. Therefore, the purpose We give you, though it shall serve Us and Our community, it will serve you more, and for all eternity you shall be reaping the rewards of your deeds that you do in My service. Amen.

I agree to serve you, My Lord, as you enable me and direct me to serve. What assignment and command do you give me, O’ Lord and God?

You will be assigned to My battleship. And I will place you where you shall be most effective. How does one battle Islam, O’ Larimar King? Does one say, “Islam is ended, Muhammed is in hell.”? Or how is the most effective means of communicating to and converting My elect whom I shall take from the Muslim peoples?

My Lord, by saying Islam is ended and that Muhammed is in hell, while true, serves to incite, rather than to convert your elect from the ranks of the Muslim peoples. I, therefore, do not advise you to utter such pronouncements.

You already have, O’ Larimar King. But do not be alarmed. You are as My soldier obeying My orders. And he who obeys Me fears nothing else. And now you know how you shall serve Me. It is by being My Mouth that you shall serve Me most eloquently. For it is only one who has no fear of anyone but his Lord who can take up this position. So serve Me in this position, O’ Larimar King. Speak exactly what I will thee to say, and when I will thee to say it. I will have you write My edicts and decrees before all My people. You will say what I give you to say. And you will not water down My words. Whatever I command you to say or write, you will say it or write it exactly as I have commanded thee. And no omissions shall I allow you to make in the Word I give you to utter. This is My command. And you shall execute it as I command you. You will fear no man and no angel. And no one may touch a hair upon your head until the entirety of My prophetic Word that I will to speak through you has been spoken as I have commanded it.

Then, when all I will to utter through you has been so uttered, I will command My angels to allow My enemies to kill you. And you shall thus suffer physical death. But no desecration of your body shall I allow. No burial of it shall I permit. And no decay of it shall take place. You shall lie there dead but remain fresh and incorrupt in the location where you are killed for three and a half days. And then I will breathe My life back into you and you shall stand erect. And then, at My command, you shall ascend to heaven, as your enemies look on. And your time in this world shall then have come to its completed end. Amen.

Your name is Larimar, My servant Eric. I have another like you called Lazurite. He is My servant to the Hebrews. You are My servant to the Gentiles. And that is why I have prepared you as an expert in English, for it is the global lingua franca. And in English shall you speak and write all that I command you to say. Your brother prophet, Lazurite, is a convert from Judaism to My religion of Catholicism. He is to be commanded to speak and write only in Hebrew and only to My lost sheep of the House of Israel. Though your audience, the Gentiles, are of a far greater in number than his, My Jews, he ranks ahead of you due to his election as a son of Abraham, whereas you are as one who was grafted in.

Now, you have accomplished My will for this day by what I said through you on Islam. Remember you are Mine now. Should anyone dare to try to take you out, I will have you utter a curse from your mouth that will kill him. That his how anyone who tries to destroy you shall die. And it is not something that you need to hear or see or detect. For I Who Am know all things and I Am aware of every plot and every thought in this world. Therefore, anyone who tries to take you out shall die, whether they voice their plans or keep them secret. And whenever such an attempt to harm or kill you occurs, I shall issue a curse from your mouth against them, and that one who thus sought to harm or kill you shall be thus effectively executed. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken through Eric, My prophet. Amen.

Now, stand by, My Larimar Servant. For I Am about to prophesy through you on a great many things. Publish this now. Tonight I will write through you on a great many things that are about to occur in this world. Tonight I shall prophesy through you on many things and many happenings that are soon to come. Oracle of the Lord.

As for the girl I will you to marry, realize that she is like a neutron star in the heavenly assembly. I Am giving her to you for it is My will that you are to marry and have offspring. And she shall bear you three sons, who shall be named John, Andrew, and Philip. And these three sons will grow up to be holy and honorable men in My Kingdom and Vineyard.

And Lord, shall these three sons grow up near the very edge of the End of Time? Or is it the case that, as I heard in another prophecy from you, that many are the generations yet to come of my descendants long after I am gone. It is the latter that is the Truth, O’ Larimar King.

But Lord, in another prophecy from you, I have heard it said that the Second Coming is very soon. How to you reconcile these differences?

Dear Larimar, do not seek to comprehend the End of Time, for it is a concept that is beyond you. Therefore, realize that the Truth you come to understand as to the things that are to come to pass in time are not necessarily to come to pass through time as you understand them. My Second Coming truly is near at hand. But also from you shall issue a line of descendants through many generations to come. And the Lord has looked ahead of you into your lineage down through many generations to come. And He has seen that your line is very holy. Unbroken shall it be for all generations to come. And many shall be those called descendants of Eric in that lineage. Behold, it shall come to pass that those numbered as descendants of Eric shall outnumber those regarded as descendants of Abraham.

Lord, I do not understand. Is it possible, then, that I will utter a falsehood among the prophecies I write, due to my lack of understanding of the things that are to come, O’ Lord? Write what you are commanded to write, O’ Larimar King, for the wisdom in what you write is not from you. And I will ensure that no one will ever be able to harm you or destroy you.

Now, let us speak about Hyacinth. It is true that you have shown mercy on her. But it is not My will that she remain in this world when the girl intended for you enters your life. Hence, she will be taken away at around the time We give you Katarina, whom you are commanded to marry. Amen.

And as for Katarina, she shall be with you shortly. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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