Eric is to marry; Hyacinth has died

Eric has received the Crown of Victory in the game called Earth.

Behold, I am Eric, servant to Jesus, King of kings and Lord of Lords, and subject to Queen Mary, Mother of all Saints. It has come to my certain knowledge of the passing away of Hyacinth. And with her passing has come the knowledge of her salvation victory. Behold, God has this message to say:

Behold, Eric, I Am Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. And I Am pleased that you never abandoned My wife. Because you never abandoned My wife, but remained faithful to My will to the End, I hereby grant you a wife. You, Eric, shall marry. And the girl you shall marry shall be that one who is represented by Rey in the Star Wars Franchise. No, I Am not giving you the actress as your wife. Instead, understand how movies work. Each character in a movie story gets its inspiration from a real figure somewhere in this world. This figure is not necessarily known personally by the makers of the movie, but rather, the figure behind the inspirations exists in the subconscious of their waking state, and may be a reality in their dream state. However, the figure is nevertheless real and truly exists, though without the fictional add-ons, like Jedi powers.

Hence, We in heaven are giving you Rey. And in this life, her name is Katarina Alexandria, with a hidden last name. Her last name cannot be revealed here, nor can anything by which she can be traced or tracked.

Tell Me, O’ Lord, how has Hyacinth bypassed purgatory and gone straight to heaven? Oracle of the Lord, Eric. Whosoever obeys you, Eric, because he or she recognizes Me in your command, shall undergo their purgatory in this world, and when they die, shall advance to heaven at the moment of death. Consider it similar to how your Spanish teacher in High School advanced your grade from an F to an A all because you came into class extra early each morning to do extra work to make up for your past underperformance. I tell you Truthfully, that teacher also advanced from a F to an A in My judgement of him. This took place during that era of your past when you were a servant to the evil one. Your conversion to My path was not to occur until your senior year in college during the summer of 1992. And that was when you decided to stand for Me in accordance to My teachings as you read them in My gospels. And note the place where you read them. You read them in a public library because your parents had confiscated all your religious books, including your Holy Bibles.

Your parents today are both lost from My Kingdom. And I do not elect to save them. Neither would I have the power to change their freely elected decisions to reject Me and My Church. And thus, though they were both brought up as Catholic, both of them have fallen away from Me. But you I retained. Your brothers, though, I lost. I kept you. For you were ideal soil. And in you I found a spirit willing to die for Me. Of course I would have to test this. And so I did on your birthday in June 24, 1995, when you turned 25 years old. It was then, when you got your wish to encounter Cain in battle. And you sunk his ship. How this happened, I will now detail.

Cain appeared as a police officer in your arrest for doing that act by which you proved your obedience to Me, that act of walking on water. The officer in question, at the police station, where the ultimate battle took place, said, “Kneel,” unto you. But you said unto him in reply, “I bow to no one but God!” in a voice like thunder. To this, this police officer replied, “I am God.” And to this you said, in a firm and resolute and calm rejection, “No.” And then, the police offers took you down, and you immediately began crying out My name, “Jesus!” over and over again. And then you were placed in a cell by yourself, locked to a chair, where you sat in the dark until midnight had passed, and all those hours you spent in conversing with Me in the silence of that darkened room. This, together with your earlier act of walking on water, constituted your martyrdom for My Kingdom. Never again could you have fear for anyone but Me, for you had died for Me, and death is the ultimate act any power can do to you that is not Mine. Therefore, you are now a perfect soldier in My forces, for you fear no one but Me. And I completed your perfection by bringing you into My Catholic Church and making you in full communion with My pope in Rome on March 30, 2002, which was Easter Vigil. Amen.

Lord, it has now come to our attention that Hyacinth is not dead. She still lives and is very well. Eric, I allowed you to believe that she had passed away to test you and to see your loyalty to Me. So, go ahead with your plan and give her the help you have promised her. But realize that your marriage is to Katerina. She is the one We will have you marry, O’ Larimar King.

Lord, it was a matter of past revelation that said when the prophesied girl was given, that this one we call Hyacinth was to perish. Is this prophesy to come to pass now, O’ Lord and Master? No, My servant. But you are under no obligation to do anything beyond your promises to Hyacinth. Do, therefore, those things you have said. They are small acts of mercy for you. And they will serve Me in My Kingdom. And realize this, though you are not given all the Truth all the time, I hereby nevertheless Am your Lord. And I declare you Mine.

Tell Me, O’ Lord, who are the people of this world? Who rules these lands? What is the nature of the forty-nine Monarchs? Could your rehash that prophecy in an updated form, O’ King and Lord and God? I will do as you desire, O’ Larimar King. Now, listen to Me!

In the previous post, you gave up your Kingdom, and decided that you would rather reign from My temple, where you will serve Me day and night. I honor that, O’ Larimar King. And thus, I no longer call you King over the United States of America and Canada. But you have lost nothing.

That Kingdom, the combination of the United States of America and Canada was just a little larger than that of Russia. Hence, it was the largest of the Kingdoms of the earth. But no longer is it so. It has been dissolved. And now two rulers who were once sub rulers within it are now top level rulers in those lands. These are Queen Ester of Aztlan and Empress Isabelle of France. Isabelle’s ownership of Quebec is now a top level possession for her. And Queen Ester of Aztlan has now made a claim of much of southwestern contiguous United States of America. How shall invaders divide up the former Kingdom of Larimar, you ask? Will Russia seek to take back Alaska? And will King Jadeite and Queen Choeblack and King Anglo seek to invade now that the strongman is gone?

Also, realize that in the transition from fantasy to reality, there were some changes made to the Kings and Queens. And so, as you saw in a previous post, the ruler of Russia is no longer King Alexandrite, but Queen Eleonora. So, what shall she do, O’ Lord? Is she ambitious to take territory, to recover lost territories that Russia once had in the past? Will she invade Alaska and take her? And what of King Pounamu of Oceania and Queen Pearl of Japan? Will either of them seek to retake Hawaii or the Marianna Islands, O’ Lord? For Eric has abandoned his Kingdom, and rules there no more.

What saith Thou, O’ Lord? They fear you, Eric. And they will not take territory now, even with you gone. Hence, those lands are now unclaimed. If, though, you wish to reclaim your lands, you will find that Quebec and a large region of southwestern United States now belongs to other Monarchs. I, My Lord, forsake these lands. And I will no longer claim territories in this world. For I now know true possession. And true possession is the possession of God in your soul. I hereby give up everything else to keep this true possession Mine. Oracle of the Lord. I, Eric, have spoken.

Good, Eric. You have won the game called Earth. For you alone among the Players in it learned to give up what you could not take with you to enter into My Kingdom. Congratulations, Winner. Now, I shall speak.

It is now after Christmas Day. We now transition from this point forward from the Age of the past to the Age of Freedom. King Larimar enters into this Age as a free man. He may marry if he so wishes it. And will you marry, O’ Larimar King? If I meet this one called Katarina Alexandrea, I will definitely consider it, O’ Lord of Hosts. But know Ye, O’ Lord, I Am a free man. And I Am no longer bound to the rules and games of the past.

Hence, there is no Age of Larimar or of Lazurite. All those things are now behind Me. And I go forth into this new world, having broken out of the game called Earth, having won the game by giving up everything and every possession within in it for the sake of possessing only God within my soul.

Eric, you have defeated the netherworld. Now, go, Eric. For your victory is great. And you are no longer bound to anything of this earth. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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