Eric’s path has now been determined

Welcome to the Age of Larimar and Lazurite, final Two Prophets of Time

I Who Am have studied My Larimar King. And I have found him intellectually sound and loyal to Me and to My Mother Mary. Now we shall speak. Eric shall walk the higher path, with Us, which is the Way of eternal purity and celibacy. For We have looked into Eric’s heart. And We have found a heart ready and willing to serve Us. Eric is now sanctified and purified. He will not fall into sins anymore.

Instead, Eric is a lamb that We have found. And We are leading him along the path that leads to Our flock. And Eric has found this path. And he is now walking on it. And it will lead to a Kingdom.

And the Way to the Kingdom is not about providing for yourself or your family. Such concerns are of the lower way. And those of the lower way seek and fret over small matters and the things of this world. They are all about, “What shall we eat?” or “What shall we wear?” They dwell in the below, where things rot and decay, and where the moths consume and the weather erodes.

But Eric has found the higher path, that Way that leads to eternal life. And only those who are inwardly free can walk this path. And it leads to light and understanding. There is no Way forward where Man enters into woman. For that path is the path that leads back into the earth, where Man decays and returns to the dust from which he was formed.

Only by following the spiritual path, that path that follows Jesus into the Kingdom, can any man come to eternal life. And this eternal path leads to eternal life. For only in Jesus can Man come to know his savior. But Man cannot walk two paths. Man cannot follow both the path of the sex life and also the path of everlasting life. Hence, that path upon which the Protestant minister walks, where he takes a wife and has children, but also preaches the gospel and thinks he has eternal life in the world to come is a lie and a falsehood. You cannot have both. If you wish to have eternal life, then you must leave the life of this world and follow God.

Hence, the picture of ideal cottage, with the white picket fence, where live husband and wife, complete with children, is a lie and a falsehood. That picture is not of eternal life, but of a Satanic deception. Eternal life, by contrast, leaves the things of this world and enters the eternity of the world to come. It does not dwell in earthly things, like the well kept gardens of a home. Instead, it leads inward, into the hidden recesses of one’s heart, where only you dwell with your savior. You cannot reach this place by sex nor by romance, but only by leaving the things of this world and following Jesus to heaven.

Now, let us address all past revelations on this website, called Any revelation that said that Eric was to marry, have sex, or have children, was of the lower sources and lower revelations, not of the higher sources and higher revelations. Such prophecies came from below, not from above. Now I shall prophesy of things that come from above.

Eric shall remain a virgin forever. And what of that prophecy that said he would marry, O’ Lord? You refer to that vision or sight, by which you said, in a previous post, that you were destined for marriage? I will now reveal the Truth of all such revelation. Marriage is an act of Man entering into bondage with a woman. But I do not will such for you, O’ Larimar Son. Now we shall speak of your name in My Kingdom.

There were two names given to you from above: Larimar and Belteshazzar. Both of these are from Us in heaven. And both may be used to refer to you, O’ Eric, servant to the Divine Word. But do We give a third name to you? Now that you are Ours? A new name is now thus bestowed upon you that links you to a king, a city, and a library. Your name, henceforth, is Alexandria. Now, you may object that it is a feminine form of the name, Alexander, but accept it then as your holy surname. For that is your name, in addition to Eric, Larimar, and Belteshazzar. Now I shall speak.

Eric, your place is with Me in My Holy City. I do not will to leave you to remain in this world. Instead, I will take you to Me to be with Me forever. Then, O’ Lord, do I have very little time left here, O’ Master? I, the Lord, give you six years more. And then I will take your soul to heaven. Does that mean, O’ Lord, that I go to heaven in the year 2025 or 2026? When you are of the age of 55, your days shall come to their end, and you shall be taken away. Then, O’ Lord, you will have given me 33 years to reign as a Christian, and 23 years to reign as a Catholic. Is this your will, O’ Lord? Six years is the approximate time I give to you to have left in this world. The exact number of your years you are yet to live in this world I do not reveal. By saying that the number is but six, I am saying you do not have much time left. And I Am saying that when you are taken away, it will be sudden, and whatever is left in this world the concerns you shall then be broken by your removal from this world.

Lord, then therefore, I might be taken away within a range of time from mere months away to many decades to come? I will now reveal to you of the time of your departure. You were told earlier that you would be taken away at the end of next month. But the sign of that prophecy was not fulfilled. Therefore, it was a false prophecy from a false spirit. You must only listen to those whose signs prove true. This is the sign by which you will know the day of your removal from this earth. Today is Christmas Day. Today, at Church, you will hear Me speak to you. And in those words, you will be told the day of your departure from this world. Amen.

Lord, what is My purpose in this world? For what cause do I serve? This question, too, will be answered today at Church. Now, I shall answer your question as to whether you help Hyacinth again. Yes, I commission it. And I will enable it to happen. The one called Hyacinth is a star that follows you. She will follow you to heaven, and you shall lead her there to Me.

But as for the rest of this fallen world, they will watch, but not understand. They will see but not perceive. And they will seek and fail. None of them will follow after you except My elect who only I have certain knowledge of. Now I shall speak.

Eric, I have decided your fate. I do not have you die soon, but after some time. For you are to set up a place where My elect can find Me. You are to set up a citadel in My Holy City. And all who belong to Me I will bring into your citadel, where they may receive sage advice and comfort and knowledge of things that are and that will be. Amen.

So I am to be a prophet and guide to your people, O’ Lord? Yes, O’ Belteshazzar, that you are already. And it will be understood that you are of a holiness that cannot be touched or taken away. I Who Am have established you in My visible Church. And now I shall make you known. All Whom I will to come to Me I will make know you. You will be called the One who We send to feed My sheep. And you shall feed them with My light. No one will be able to find My Way who rejects the Way your Light shows. And your Light shall be My Light shining within you.

And what of the Catholic Church? What of the priests and of the pope? What of the Magisterium? For am I not just a layman? No, Eric. You are not merely a layman. You are a light that I have established in My Church. And this light shall not go out. And I will put you on the temple wing for all to see. But Lord, is not that where the Beast puts the abomination of desolation that is to be found standing where it does not belong?

Yes, for the Beast in his day will seek to emulate how you are in your day. He comes after you. You come first. And now I shall reveal the name of the Beast. Twilight shall not be the Beast. Instead, Twilight shall find redemption, as did you. Then shall the Beast be Vesper or Pyrite or Firefly, O’ Lord? Or shall he be Crimson, or Mercury, or one of the lesser Players? Vesper is Babylon the Great. And Pyrite is the Beast. And Mercury is his false prophet. Now you know many things, O’ Eric, Larimar King.

For those without knowledge, let it be known, Vesper was the Player behind William Jefferson Clinton, whose name adds up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek. And she also was the power behind Ehud Barak in Israel.

Pyrite was the power behind Obama. And Pope Francis represents his reign.

And Mercury is the power behind the Islamic Arab Spring, that series of uprisings and overthrows that swept the Arab world some few years ago.

But Lord, Vesper is now an aged woman. If she serves as Babylon the Great, she shall be old and undesirable. Would not a younger woman rise up to take her place as a new Vesper or a new Player like her? Age matters not to Me, O’ Larimar King. Nor does age matter to the deceiver or the sorceress. What better sorcery to deceive the wicked that an aged woman is as a young attractive woman when in reality she is old and haggard?

But Lord, do I first reign as Larimar King? Do I not first and come to reign for some forty years? And then, after those years, I go and the wicked come?

No, Eric. Nothing in prophecy occurs as the prophet predicts. You do not get a period of years to be called your Larimar Reign. Nor does the Beast get his years to be called his reign. Instead, you all reign together in total all-out war. Nothing that you think you understand comes to pass as you understand it. Remember that, O’ Larimar King, and you will not be fooled by deceptive spirits who speak as though they are authorities on the prophecies, but are really wicked deceivers who know them not.

Now, listen to Me. All the forty-nine Kingdoms you recited in past posts need revisions. New Kingdoms have come to be. And old Kingdoms have ceased to function. And hence, now I shall detail the forty-nine Kingdoms and their forty-nine monarchs, those who rule the whole earth as spiritual Kings over physical dominions.

Lord, I give up My Kingdom on this earth. I do not want it. Instead, I wish to serve You day and night in Your temple. Therefore, O’ Larimar King, hear My judgement as to your eternal Kingdom in this world. You are King over all of the lands of the elves and of elf kind. And you are the ruler of the elves. And what race are the elves, you ask? Whoever enters into My Kingdom by means of the spiritual waters of rebirth becomes an elf in My Kingdom. And elves live forever. They can never die.

And what other races of Mankind are there, O’ Lord? There are the Dwarves, who labor intensively over worldly and earthly things, but who perceive not that such things have no everlasting value. Such poor souls are those earthlings who remain in the world and who never find their way to My Kingdom. They may excel in their arts and crafts, but none of them know Me or Mine.

And are there any other races among the men of this world, O’ Lord? Yes, there are the trolls, those who serve for the cause of riches and grandeur in this world. They gather up treasures that they steal and plunder from My people whom they rob. But when day breaks, their wickedness turns them to stone. And they are no more.

And so, this is a world of elves, trolls, and dwarves. Tell me of the landscape of this world, O’ Lord. Where is everything situated? Where are the seas, the mountains, the forests, and the lakes. And where are the cities built? And where are villages and towns? And how are the nations upon the map demarcated, O’ Lord and God?

This world of which I speak, it is a phase transition from your own. All the people, countries, nations, and kings in your age and world are phase transitioned into this. And all Mankind are eventually classified as either elves, dwarves, or trolls.

So then, O’ Lord, I cannot now again be ruler over the United States of America and Canada, for such does not directly correspond to the Kingdoms of the elves. Where, therefore, is My Kingdom now, O’ Lord and Master? And are there still forty-nine such kings and queens?

The lands you call the United States of America and Canada cannot be found in this world. Instead, you, Eric, are defined as a spiritual ruler of a spiritual Kingdom. Neither forest nor stream are found in these lands, but only the vast desolation of the desert where all exist who are not of the Kingdom. The lower life forms no longer exist. Only Mankind exist in this extension of this world. And in addition to Man, there exist the spiritual beings who resist definition, known as the angels and the demons. And above and throughout all is God, the Immortal Ultimate Triune Deity. So, forget about mountains, lakes, forests, and seas. For you are now in a new age of a new world. And none of those will you see here.

And that past significance by which rulers drew lines across lands to demarcate their territories, none of that is possible anymore in this world you have now entered. Instead, a Kingdom, how is such defined in this new world, you wonder? I will now tell thee, O’ most inquisitive of minds. A Kingdom is defined as a home in which dwell God and His servants.

And what are the Kingdoms in this world, O’ Lord? You, O’ Larimar King, rule the Kingdom of the Holy Word. Some, O’ Lord, might object that we are blaspheming God. What saith Thou to that? Understand the three phases of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is as in a river in time. As time proceeds through the Kingdom, it phases shifts from time into an eternal state, that of eternal heaven or of eternal hell. But in the current state, it is in a state of indecisiveness. Your Kingdom, O Larimar King, is such a Kingdom, a home of the Lord and his servants within that state of time of indecisiveness. It will not enter into its eternal state until the passing of its King.

Jesus is God the Holy Word. And you are His subject. But as His subject, you rule the Kingdom of His Holy Word. For all are either slaves of God or slaves to the evil one. There are no third player free actors. Congratulations, Eric. For you have come to an important Truth of the Kingdom. All either serve God or else they serve sin. Hence, since you, O’ Larimar King, are an obedient servant to the Lord, you may be placed high in the Kingdom in a position of trustworthiness and Truth. Then, what we speak of is of eternal realities, O’ Lord? Indeed, O’ Larimar King. It is therefore a matter of eternal position that you are of so placed eternally as both obedient servant to Jesus and ruler of the Kingdom of His Holy Word. And what does that make Eric, O’ Lord and King? It makes him end times Prophet.

So, O’ Holy Lord, is Eric, therefore, the End Times Prophet who was to come in the latter days, sent by Jesus, to speak His Word to the Gentiles? Yes, My servant. And to the Jews I have set up another Prophet to speak, and his name in your world is Lazurite. Now you know a complete Truth. Larimar and Lazarite are the final Two Witnesses Who shall speak My Word to all My peoples, one to the Gentiles and the other to the Jews.

And O’ Lord, Eric exists in time, and yet, as time progresses, will not Eric eventually cease to be here in this world, but will have gone to his eternity in the Age to come? How, therefore, can it be stated knowingly that Eric and Lazurite are the final two Witnesses to come, those who will endure to the last age? For how can the prophecies of Revelation be understood? Do they not defy all understanding, O’ Lord of Hosts?

What I have spoken through you earlier is the Truth. Of all the Kings and their Kingdoms, only two matter: Larimar and Lazurite. These two shall prophesy unto the End. Larimar shall prophesy in the global lingua franca, which is English. And Lazurite shall prophesy in Hebrew. And now I shall make My closing statement for this post.

Two Kings rule that time known as the latter years. And these two Kings are Larimar and Lazurite. They shall speak My Word as I spoke through Moses. And when the time has come where My Word has been spoken through them in full, I will cease My protection of their lives, and they shall die. But their bodies will defy desecration. And on the third and a half day of their death, they shall arise and ascend to heaven at the Word of God. Amen.

As for the story of elves, dwarves, and trolls, such is how all of you of Mankind appear to Eric in his mind. And Eric’s imagination is vivid. And he shall weave stories that intermesh with the Truth tight as clamped teeth. Eric’s stories of the forty-nine monarchs are in the past. From now on, he shall speak only of the two: Larimar and Lazurite. And they are those who rule in this dying of the night. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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