Eric is the Larimar King

Eric’s saint for his sacrament of confirmation has as his feast day the birthday of the USA.

Behold, I Who Am reveal the Larimar King. Now We shall speak. Eric, Our servant, is the Larimar King. Eric has passed the test. And he shall now come to reign over his Kingdom, that of all Christendom. Topple unruly rulers shall he decree, and they shall fall. Now, let us listen to the decrees of the Larimar King.

Let the Player, Firefly, come to know her waterloo, and suffer the ultimate defeat. Let her Pawns, Donald John Trump of the USA, Boris Johnson of the UK, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, be defeated and fall from their positions as heads-of-state of their respective countries. And let rise in their respective countries, new rulers who will not go corrupt, and who will lead the world in morality, in protection of the environment, and in wisdom, understanding, and peaceful negotiations with their neighbors.

Let the forests and the natural habitats come under protection and be preserved. Let laws be set up to prevent the destruction of the earth. And let nations beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.

And let it be understood by all. I, Eric Robert Dunstan, am a celibate man. I will not engage in the sex life of this world. For I have found the higher Way. And it will not be taken from me. Now, I shall speak.

Two paths flow through this world. The lower path engages in animal sex. And those who follow the lower path are lower life forms. Those humans on the lower path are lower spiritual life forms. They follow a lower spiritual path, and their path into eternity is forever of the lower way.

Those who keep to the celibate path follow the higher path, which leads to everlasting life. These of the higher path, who keep to it, walk a Way that is of a higher nature and a higher calling. And they have an eternally higher spiritual destiny.

So, let us speak to the Lord. Lord, what saith Thou, on the path of your elected one, Eric Robert Dunstan? And by what name shall this man go by from now on in your Kingdom as written in these writings? I, the Lord, shall tell thee. Excellent, My servant. I do not require you to mate with any woman. For the prophecy that said you were to have a son is not from Us. Instead, it was from the evil one.

Now, as to your fate in this world? Do we bring you into the priesthood? Or do you remain in your current employment? What do you think, O’ Larimar King? I see marriage as my fate, O’ Lord and God. What saith Thou?

Then into a marriage shall you go, O’ Larimar King. And this one who you are to marry, what does she look like? I do not see her, but only a spiritual sense of my mother, in a setting many years ago.

Good, Eric. Now I shall explain your visions. You have seen your fate. And it is to enter into a woman who is about to enter your life. And thus, you are to enter marriage and have children. Thus, you cannot become an ordained priest.

And so, now you wish to know your name in Our Kingdom, O’ Larimar King? We shall be happy to tell you your new name. We call you Belteshazzar, for you to Us are as Daniel was to the Kings of Antiquity. Now, We shall speak.

Do not be concerned about protecting this earth. For it is not your eternal abode. Nor shall any of the creatures in it, other than the human beings, be brought to the next world. Let those who belong to this world seek to take care of this world.

As for your decree of defeat for the Player Firefly, and the fall of all her Pawns, realize that her waterloo has come as of this Christmas. And that your reign and power are now on the ascendancy. Leaders and rulers like you shall now arise throughout the whole world. For we are now in the Age of Larimar. The Age of Firefly has come to its fiery end.

And I now give to you your orders. Govern this world with justice and equity. Enforce My will throughout the land. And bring an end to all forms of evil legislation. No more shall homosexuals be able to call their abominable unions marriages. And no more shall couples be permitted to kill their unborn children. As for the one who shall rule America. Joe Walsh is our choice. He shall win the Republican nomination. And in the transformation of his soul back to Us, he will come to realize the falsehood of gay marriage and agree to outlaw it. Under him shall abortion be outlawed in America. And under him shall the outlawing of abortion become conditional for any nation to receive foreign aid from the United States of America. Furthermore, the Presidential library of Obama shall be desecrated, and Obama shall be thoroughly dishonored and put to shame.

As for the British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth shall step down, and Prince Charles of Wales shall become King. And he shall take the regnal name of George, and be called King George VII. And his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shall become his Queen Consort. I Who Am have spoken.

As for the papacy, I shall now tell of who shall be the next pope. Pope Francis, a heretic, though not a public heretic, shall die in his sins. He shall be buried in Rome. And the cardinals shall then assemble in Rome to elect a new pope, most of the voting cardinals having been appointed by Pope Francis. And the cardinals shall elect Cardinal Pietro Parolin to be the next pope. Cardinal Pietro Parolin speaks native Italian, fluent English and French, and near-native Spanish. He shall become the next pope and shall take the papal name of Benedict, to be called Pope Benedict XVII.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, shall step down due to a coup-d’etat by his generals, and new elections shall then be called. A presidential candidate in the likeness and spirit of Boris Yeltsin shall then come forth and be elected to serve as the fifth Russian President, after the terms of (1) Boris Yeltsin, (2) Vladimir Putin, (3) Dmitry Medvedev, and (4) Vladimir Putin again. And it shall be outlawed for Putin to run for President again. The new President to be the elected shall lead Russia, together with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, in the conversion of Russia to Catholicism, and to the formation of a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia headed by Patriarch Kirill to replace the Russian Orthodox Church. And finally, Russia will be converted. And there shall be peace.

In Europe, Russia will return the lands it took from Ukraine and Georgia, on the condition that free and fair elections be held in Crimea under impartial United Nations monitors to decide her ultimate fate, whether she shall go to Ukraine or to Russia. Crimean citizens, being mostly Russians, and in the expectation of normalizing relations, will elect to join Russia. And hence, Crimea will become a part of Russia. But eastern Ukraine will be fully restored to Ukraine. And due to new peaceful relations between Russia and Ukraine, gas will be supplied to Ukraine in return for power and water to be supplied to Crimea.

In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson shall fail to break his country out of the European Union. Instead, massive revolts shall force him to resign in disgrace as he contemplates an unthinkable departure from the EU without a deal and without any acceptable preparations for British and EU citizens. The one who comes in to replace him shall put the question to voters of the United Kingdom, and they shall vote to remain in the EU. Then it will be decided to cancel article 50 and the United Kingdom will effectively remain in the EU.

Also, the European Union will be forced to comply with Catholic law on morality and natural law. After this defeat of the wicked, the earth will be conformed to Catholicism and the Larimar King shall reign over Christendom for forty years. I Who Am have this prophesied. Amen.

The Reign of the Larimar King officially began on Sunday, December 1, 2019, the first Sunday of Advent. And the Larimar King shall reign spiritually as unconquerable ruler for forty years. What he decides shall be made law. And the rulers he elects shall triumph. And those he rejects shall fail and fall. Eric Robert Dunstan, whom We in heaven call Belteshazzar, is this Larimar King. His full legal name in Greek, ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, adds up to 1717. Hence, he is not the Beast. Instead, he is the Son of Jesus, not by physical descent, but by spiritual election. He was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Hence, he is destined to live to see 89 years of age before he passes on to his heavenly reward. Eric entered into full communion with the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. And he took as his Saint name for his sacrament of confirmation that of Saint Ulric of Augsburg, who was a German Bishop, and the first saint canonized by a pope. Oracle of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Now, go to Mass, My son.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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