I Who Am detail the fate of Eric

My Servants, Lazurite and Larimar, shall rule My Kingdom forever.

I Who Am have now come to speak on a great many things. And I will now detail Eric’s fate and his destiny. Eric is not to marry any girl. Instead, he is to remain celibate, virgin, and in perfect purity from now on.

Now, we shall speak of his fate in this land. America has been spared because Eric has lived within her midst. I Am choosing to take Eric out from the midst of where he lives now and place him in a protected ivory tower, where he will remain for the rest of his life in his state of probation.

And in that ivory tower, Eric will rule all of Christendom outside of Israel. Eric cannot rule over Israel, for he is not elected to rule over Israel. And Eric wisely elects not to touch that nation again. For he rightly fears Me, as should any ruler who sets his sights on changing the leadership of My chosen nation. For the last time Eric did that, it ended with his Martyrdom breakdowns, followed shortly after by the assassination of his Israeli Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin. Instead, the one who shall rule Israel from this point onward shall be the Player who We in heaven have given the name of Lazurite to. Lazurite, therefore, is the heavenly name given to that Player who is to rule over all of Israel from now until the Second Coming.

Outside of Israel, in those lands called Christendom, shall rule the Player Larimar, whose name in this world is Eric. Eric was given the name of Larimar from us in heaven. We in heaven have given him that name. And the name of Larimar comes from heaven. Larimar and Lazurite are named after two gemstones famous for their blue coloration, and this blue color links them to Our Lady, Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. For both of these men are devoted to her.

Now, allow us to speak of Eric and his reign as Larimar. Three new Pawns of Larimar are scheduled to rise up in Russia, in the United Kingdom, and in the United States of America. These three Pawns will replace the three wicked rulers currently running those nations, whose names are Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson, and Donald Trump. The reigns of all three of these rulers are to come to a sudden and abrupt end, as Larimar’s Reign has now come. And he is fire in the sky.

But Lord, in the prophecies of Daniel about the coming Antichrist, it is said that he shall lay low three kings (Daniel 7:8 & 7:24). Very well done, Eric. You have seen where you would have been were you to have fallen and turned to evil. But you are a servant to Jesus and Mary. Hence, these prophecies are not applicable to you. Instead, they are applicable to the one who rises up after you. For you are the Great Monarch. The one who comes after you is Antichrist. And you also know who that one shall be. It shall be Twilight, the one who was the power behind George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon. He is now in the abyss. But he will arise again and come forth, as a repeat of his first coming, when you were called Emerald. And in this coming time, this returning Twilight shall be known as the Beast, following closely after you, who are now called Larimar.

Between the Reign of Larimar and the future Reign of the Beast shall reign the Mystery Woman, Babylon the Great, Mother of all Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth. And do you, O’ Lord, say that Eric as Larimar reigns for Twelve years and Seven months? Is this the total time I have left, O’ Lord? And is Eric to have a child in those twelve years and seven months, one who would be eleven at the time of his being taken away? No. Eric, you are now perfectly celibate and virgin. Hence, you neither enter marriage not beget any child. Hence, to you, and not to any such son, are applied all the prophecies and promises that were to come from God to be bestowed upon your son.

And one of those promises made to the son of Eric was that he was to remain upon the earth until I, the Lord God Jesus Christ, come again. I Am Coming again soon. And do I pass this guarantee now unto Eric that he shall live to see Me coming in the clouds? No, for to no man is given certain knowledge or any deadline to the Coming of the Son of Man. Hence, you do not know how long you shall remain in this world, nor whether you shall still be here when I Am seen Coming in the clouds. Then how was this promise validly offered to the hypothetical son of Eric? It was only conjecture, never an actual promise sworn by the Lord.

So tell me, O’ Lord, what is the fate of President Donald John Trump, now that he has been impeached in the House of Representatives on the charges of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. What shall become of him, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, shall explain it to you. Trump is dying. His madness is now very much apparent. His insanity will come out in broad daylight over the Christmas holidays, prompting sufficient numbers of responsible Republican senators to break ranks from Trump and vote to convict him of his charges, effectively ending his Presidency and handing victory to your choice for President, Joe Walsh. And I shall tell you truthfully, Joe Walsh shall successfully bring an end to legalized abortion in America. Trump will not willingly do that. And that is the root of why I, the Lord, Am getting rid of him.

Under Joe Walsh, I will lead America back into the space age. And under him, America will begin again sending astronauts to the International Space Station. And under Joe Walsh will fossil fuels be redirected to usage in power plants, where their carbon emissions can be more effectively captured and away from the powering of combustion engine vehicles, where carbon capturing is economically infeasible. Hence, he will lead America in the electric vehicle revolution. And this will go a long ways in bringing down carbon emissions.

As for President Jair Bolsonaro, that wicked version of Trump ruling Brazil and destroying that carbon sink of his country that the vast rainforests of Brazil provides, I will now tell you his fate. He is to die. And a new President is to come to power who shall do as We require of him to preserve the natural resources of the world and avoid the self destruction of the world that was happening under irresponsible, evil, and selfish people who have myopic vision and blind forward planning. For this earth is meant to last under My people. And the one who destroys the earth shall himself be destroyed (Revelation 11:18).

As for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he will succeed in breaking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, and then he, himself, will be broken out of the government and himself destroyed. And the United Kingdom shall be splintered into her four constituent countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. These four will remain under the British Crown, but will cease to be members of the same nation state. Instead, they will go their separate ways. Some will move back toward the European Union, while others seek a closer trade deal with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade bloc. Just realize that the United Kingdom shall no longer be united in the British Isles.

Is this a certainty, O’ Lord? That Scotland and Northern Ireland will break from England and Wales is certain, O’ Larimar King. As for whether they break into four separate countries or two separate counties remains to be seen. But from this point forward, new names need to be made for the nations that exist on the British Isles. And “United” can not be part of those names. Neither shall Northern Ireland elect to rejoin the Republic of Ireland. However, both nations in Ireland will be members in the European Union. As for Scotland, it will separate from England, retaining ownership of the Outer Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, and the Shetland Islands. This development will lead to the weakening of the British state of England. And England and Wales will be a weaker union going forward.

And which of these countries will claim the territorial possessions of the United Kingdom in the West Indies, the South Atlantic, the Pacific, and Gibraltar, O’ Lord? The nation containing London will retain its claim over those possessions. But from this point onward, England will be in its decline. And eventually, she will be overrun. For England should not have chosen to go it alone.

And will the Larimar King ever live in England, O’ Lord? For I have heard rumors that said he was to be relocated there. No, Eric. You are to remain in America. You will remain in your country until the end of your Larimar Reign. And how long is that Larimar Reign, O’ Lord? Does it last twelve years and seven months, O’ Lord? It shall last until the time comes for the Beast to come to power. And will that Beast then seek to destroy those rulers who ruled ahead of him? When the time comes for the ascendancy of the Beast, I will then call Larimar and Lazurite to prophesy to the nations. And they will wear sackcloth and will speak My Words in My Holy City, before all the world. And there, in that city, before all the world, they will stand together and deliver all that I will to be testified to. Larimar shall speak in English, while Lazurite speaks in Hebrew. And after My Word has been spoken in full, I will pull back and allow the Satanic forces to come forward and overwhelm and kill My two servants. They will then lay there dead before them, but I will not allow their bodies to be desecrated. And there they will lie there dead in the streets. The world will be allowed to watch them, celebrating, and exchanging gifts. I will permit the whole world to look upon them, but not to touch. And at the end of 42 hours of daylight, My breath of life shall reenter My servants, and they will stand on their two feet, and this will bring holy fear to all who look upon them. And then I will say, “Come up here!” And they will rise to heaven in a cloud and be seen no more upon the earth.

So, My Lord, they lay dead for 42 daylight hours (Revelation 11:11). Let us look at how long they will have reigned. Eric became a Christian, though not of any church, in July of 1992. And he became fully Catholic in March 30, 2002. And if he completes his Larimar Reign in July of 2033, he will have reigned in his Christian walk for 41 years, but only as Catholic for 31 years. If he then speaks is sackcloth as one of the Two Witnesses then for three and a half years (Revelation 11:2-3), before his ultimate martyrdom, he will have reigned as Larimar for about 16 years and as a Christian for about 44 and a half years and as a Catholic for 34 years. Is this math correct, O’ Lord? Or is all of this nonsense, O’ Lord? Speak of My future, O’ Lord, and tell me of my years remaining? And is it true that Larimar and Lazarite serve you as the Two Witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11?

Prince Larimar, I shall now reveal to you the Truth. Indeed, you and Lazurite are My two witnesses. And both of you shall be testifying and crying out My Word to all the world in the last days. You will speak to My Gentiles, while Lazurite speaks to My Jews. And both of you shall testify and speak until I allow your twin martyrdoms at a time of My secret election, whose timing I have not revealed. After you both have died, I will work great signs before all the people, including your twin resuscitations and ascensions to heaven. But those signs will be reserved for the last times, when the Beast will have arisen and begun his final reign. He will reign for half of one Seven. And then he will be defeated. But no dates do I give you, nor any means by which you can calculate these dates. Hence, you, Prince Larimar, cannot calculate how long you shall live. Just realize that you are confirmed as One of My Two Witnesses. And that Lazurite is confirmed as the other.

But as for your works of fiction concerning the forty-two or forty-four monarchs, realize that that was not true. There are no such Kingdoms upon the earth. And you and Lazurite are not such kings. Neither of you are given territories in this world over which you reign. Hence, neither should you seek to calculate the lengths of your reigns nor the territories over which you shall rule.

And Prince Larimar, it has been known for some time that you have wavered back and forth between celibacy and the married path. But which path are you now on and are you firmly committed to it, O’ Larimar Prince? The celibate path, O’ Lord, I am firmly committed to forever. And the crown of virginity do I seek to receive. Good, Prince Larimar. Both of those you shall receive. As for the priesthood, where do you stand on that, O’ Larimar King? I am willing to enter into the seminary and become ordained a priest if you are willing to call me to that, O’ Lord Jesus Christ. Good, King Larimar. I do hereby call you to this. You are thus called. The sign of your calling will be the manner of how and where you are cured. If you are cured in the presence of My anointed shepherds, you are to be likewise anointed as well. And if my anointed are not present at the time and place where you are cured, then neither shall I anoint you into Holy Orders.

Also, I shall ensure that the bishop will approve your entrance into My seminary. And you shall reign as a diocesan priest. In the Los Angeles diocese shall you belong. And in the region where you live now, there also shall you serve Me as priest. And who shall sponsor my entrance, O’ Master? I shall direct you to him, and it shall be done, O’ king of certain vast tomes of knowledge.

But Lord, I, therefore know so very little, O’ Lord. Many details are hidden from me. And that is the Way it should be, O’ Larimar King. But two things are now certain: You are eternally celibate and you are eternally virgin. And nothing else matters. And because you will remain in America, I will not allow serious curses to come down upon this nation during your reign in it. She will not be completely destroyed in this age of your reign, to be known as the Age of Larimar and Lazurite. Amen.

But Lord, do you ensure that under My rule, these two things shall come to a complete end: the legalized murder of unborn human beings, and the legal recognization of homosexual marriage? Both of those aberrations shall come to a complete end. It shall be recognized in law, as it is in science, that the human creature comes to exist at the moment his first cell contains his whole genome, that is, at the union of sperm to egg. Human beings do not acquire their human rights by attaining a certain stage of development in the transition from single celled zygote to fully formed adult. No, they receive their inalienable human rights throughout their entire lifecycle as human beings, starting from their status as a single celled zygote to their death at whatever stage in their life that occurs in. A living human being is always a human being. He does not become a human being by being born or by reaching adulthood. Instead, he becomes a human being by being conceived, that is, at the moment he exists and has a soul.

And when does he have a soul, O’ Lord? The presence of a soul is beyond what science can measure. But the soul exists at the moment of the zinc spark, which is something science can detect, and scientists observe this zinc spark at the moment of a successful conception. Hence, human life exists at the moment that the zinc spark occurs, whether it is observed or not. And that is the sign given by God that a new human being, complete with an eternal soul, has come into existence. As for where the soul comes from, it does not exist before its body is formed from an egg united to a sperm. Before that union, neither does the soul exists nor true human life. Instead, what you have are two single celled animal like lifeforms, called gametes. The gametes are the eggs and the sperm. And understand this: the gametes are simple single celled lifeforms that do not possess souls. Hence, the killings of sperm or unfertilized eggs do not constitute any form of murder. Furthermore, the human gametes are the single celled lifeforms of the haploid phase of the human reproduction cycle, having just half of the normal set of human DNA. They are living beings of the human lifecycle, but are not human beings. But when two compatible gametes unite, they form a new united diploid flesh, and that new living cell, having a newly combined and complete set of human DNA, is a brand new human being, starting out as a single diploid cell, known as a zygote. And two things then occur: The soul is formed by God for this new human being, and He signifies this to the world by creating a spark of life, which can be observed by science as what is called the zinc spark.

This zinc spark occurs when an egg is fertilized by a sperm. It does not occur by uniting sperm with sperm. Nor does it occur by uniting egg with egg. Sperm are the gametes produced in the male. And eggs are the gametes produced in the female. Therefore, male to male sex is futile. It can produce nothing but filth. And female to female sex is futile. Nothing can come from it. Sexual reproduction, therefore, requires both a being that produces sperm to be united to a being that produces eggs. And marriage is the institution that is set up to protect the rights of the members of these sexual unions to each other and the rights of the human beings that come to exist by the sexual unions between these two members. Marriage is senseless to be applied to two men, who cannot be united. Nor does marriage make sense to be applied to two women, who likewise cannot be united. Attempting to apply marriage law to those who cannot be united in marriage weakens that institution and the protections of its laws when it comes to protecting the members of valid marriages and their families that they were set up to protect. Furthermore, the toleration in society for sexual relationships that break from natural or moral laws serves to pollute and degrade society and leads to the loss of graces and its eventual destruction by the wrath of God, Whose laws should never be ignored.

So, My Lord, Joe Walsh is against abortion, but he does not yet stand aligned with us against gay marriage. What shall become of this, O’ Lord? Whosoever stands with Me will be forced to correctly align himself with all of My statutes and decrees, as you do, O’ Larimar King. Otherwise, he will be destroyed. And I completely stand against the killing of the unborn, no matter how invisible or silent that little human being is. And I also firmly stand against the toleration of any and all forms homosexual sex acts, especially that unlawful assertion that a homosexual marriage can exist, which is an intolerable falsehood in My eyes. I Who Am have spoken. Now, go, Eric, and walk your dog. When you get back we will continue this discussion.

I am back, O’ Lord. Lord, I have been thinking in terms of electronics. And I have noted that in uniting cables or outlets together, two things are required: (1) compatibility, and (2) opposite gender. For example, to connect to a female HDMI, you need a male HDMI. A male USB won’t connect. And neither can you unite a female HDMI to another female HDMI. Nor can you unite a male HDMI to another male HDMI. Connecting HDMI requires a male HDMI connector inserted into a female HDMI. There is no other way to make such connections in electronics. And thus, it seems so clear and yet, how can this same concept not be understood by judges and justices who have studied in universities and published scholarly papers? I tell you truthfully, the feces on your toilet paper is of greater value than the substance of their scholarly papers, for they have written them under utter blindness, and their writings, hence, are utter garbage.

I will now answer your question, O’ Larimar King. Satan is great at arguing people into making total jackasses of themselves. If Satan could do it, he would legalize pedophilia in the classroom. And perhaps, if given enough time, he would accomplish that feat. And then he would make it a hate crime to speak against pedophiles. And after that, he would establish pedophile marriage as an institution. And whoever refused to recognize a pedophile marriage would face lawsuits and lose their positions. It is only a matter of time that this would be the case for a people who have abandoned God. And that is why, only by standing on the Rock will anyone keep himself from being swept away by the flood of immorality and sin.

Lord, has the Larimar Reign truly begun as of December 1, 2019? You are effectively Larimar King as of December 1, 2019. And Firefly is now rejected. So, Lord, what is the next step? What happens next, O’ Lord? The next step, O’ Larimar King, is your removal from this world and your entrance into the Ivory Tower, where you shall rule all the world with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall you smash them. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. And this shall be the sign for you. I am sending Death into your family. And he shall touch whom I will him to. And when you see this one stricken with death, realize I spoke of it before the fact, and you shall then believe all that I have said here. Amen. And the ones to be stricken with death first shall be those who rightly should fear it the most. But all of them, with the exception of your mother, who is already damned, shall be granted the possibility of deathbed conversions. And I will commission you to fetch a priest to administer to them the last rites, should they wish it. Now, go to bed, Larimar King. And publish this for it is done and complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. Today, I went to the beach with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4
    year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the
    shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.

    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off
    topic but I had to tell someone!


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