I Who Am Am

Behold, I remove Eric from this world on January 31, 2020. Amen.

I Who Am shall now speak through Eric, My servant on a great many things. Hence, this will be the longest post ever written by Eric. And in the course of these events, I Am taking Eric from your midst and planting him in another world. Now I shall speak.

There is an electric car revolution that is gaining steam now. And it shall overwhelm the world with electric vehicles. The gas consuming vehicles will be legacy vehicles. And eventually, they will cease to be made.

However, the need for energy will not go down. Instead of fossil fuels flowing into gas tanks, they will be flowing into power plants to generate the electricity necessary to power all the electric vehicles throughout the electrified world.

Even Eric will be driving an electric car. But, but, but, you stammer, how can Eric be driving an electric vehicle if he is not in this world, you sputter? I Am taking Eric to England. And there he will dwell, in a secret place, while all the world enters a nuclear holocaust.

Lord, what is about to happen to this world? We are on the eve of war. And Trump’s temper tantrums have resulted in America being unprepared for war. America is simply not combat ready. That is why half the power grid will go down in America at the onset of war.

And who will be the attacking nations, O’ Wise and Powerful Lord? President Trump’s friends in Asia will be the one’s attacking America. They will decide that now is the greatest and most opportune time to catch America flat footed as its imbecile in the White House has trouble even forming a cabinet and setting up a runnable government, even after three years into his first term in office. China, North Korea, and Russia will lead the attack on America. And they will succeed in their undertaking. For America has been hollowed out. She has a homosexualized, politically correct, pansy armed forces. And they will be defeated on the battlefield, while Trump attempts to figure out how to tweet on twitter with the internet down.

So, what does China, North Korea, and Russia hope to gain in attacking America, you ask? It is because Trump America has become a big bully, and the other boys will have decided to gang up on him and beat him up. And so, they will smash the power grid, destroying the lifelines to many cities. Half of the United States population will die in the aftermath of the war. Then American culture will be introduced to a new smell, that of rotting human flesh, for it will be everywhere, in every street of every city. Even the rats will die when they eat the rotting human flesh. Only the maggots will successfully gorge themselves on the feast. And flies, mosquitoes, and deadly diseases will be everywhere and uncontrollable. Even those diseases that had been wiped out will have been released back into the world, due to their storage labs having been damaged by the nuclear attack.

Also, all the many poisonous vats of toxic chemicals will have been damaged or destroyed, and their toxic chemicals will have been spilled into the environment and flowing into the oceans, both into the Pacific and into the Atlantic. This will result in certain fish species consumed by humans to go extinct, and certain regions in the oceans to become chemically toxic.

The destruction of America will be interpreted as the fulfillment of Revelation, chapter 18. America will be ruined for a generation. And much of her lands will be permanently destroyed. It will be understood by the onlookers that this was the ultimate in Man’s achievement and that this summit will never be achievable again. America the Great is Babylon the Great. What Trump’s slogan should really have been was: Make America Great Again as Babylon the Great is Great. For that will be realized to have been the true meaning of his agenda. Just realize that although Trump was pals with Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, he was not in on their plans for America’s destruction. So, give that billionaire family a break and don’t blame them as traitors to America. Instead, realize that they were no more guilty than Ted Cruz was guilty of abandoning his principles by standing with Trump. Trump was just as big a fool as were the fools who followed him. Therefore, tar and feather Trump and his cronies, but do not put them to death for their acts of treason, for they were just pawns of a mastermind outside the USA.

So, now you ask, if all this destruction is going on, how does technology advance? Will it not be wiped out, you ask? What about American companies, Boeing and SpaceX, in their technological advances in completing their spacecraft for ferrying U.S. Astronauts to the International Space Station? What happens to all of that, O’ Lord? I will now tell thee, O’ Eric the inquisitive. Although many of the developers will be wiped out, their work will be preserved and backed up, so that new developers can take over where they left off and pick up the slack, and get America back in business again, under foreign dominion. Thus, computer developers will be in high demand, especially those who can take over the jobs of those who died and start right in where they left off. “Let the dead bury their dead,” will be the new slogan for motivating the workers.

Hence, technological advances will continue, despite the great losses in human capital. This event will come to be known as the Great thinning. And China will elect to perform it on their own populations, for the one child policy will be deemed insufficiently effective. The idea that if you kill off one half of the population, that you can save the other half, will be called the Thanos Solution, after the Marvel Movie, Avengers: Infinity War, where madman Thanos exalts himself as the savior of the universe by wiping out half of the populations on all planets to save the other half. The Thanos solution will be applied, but in a stronger dosage. For it will be determined that the earth cannot support more than several hundred million people. And so those seven billion excess people have to go.

And so, how will it be decided which populations die out and which survive? The evil geniuses will decided that certain carriers of valuable genomes should survive, while those of lesser genomes should be thrown away. And so, genetic tests will be performed on all people throughout the world. And in the database resulting in all the analysis of the world’s genes, the thinking computers will be given the task of calculating which people have the ideal genes, which people should live and which people should die. And bots will be sent out to wipe out all the undesirables.

Of course, the evil geniuses will be sure to program in a special safety feature so that the computers will pass over those humans specified as the Masters, such as themselves and their loved ones, even if they are found to have inferior genes. That way, the evil geniuses and their loved ones will remain safe and sound, while the rest of the world dies and is slaughtered by war, famine, disease, and plague, all caused by the super computers analyzing gene populations and world events and applying tactics to further the agendas that they are programmed to have.

The algorithms programmed by the evil geniuses will decide that the African Black Man has to go, and will proceed to replace him by transplanting Black Indians from India into Africa to displace them. And gradually, the Indians will supplant the Africans in Africa, eventually completely replacing them. This process is real and has already begun its implementation in East Africa. The goal is to make Africa a new India.

And what about the Blacks of the Caribbean? There too, already the process of the replacement of the African Blacks with the Asian Blacks has begun. The goal is the complete extinction of the African Black, with a few human specimens kept alive in prisons and ghettos from which they can never escape. This process is justified by the perceived superior intellect of the Asian Indian compared to the African. And ultimately if you want good slaves, you will want them civilized, and that means choosing Asian Indians over Africans.

And what about Haiti, that most Black and poorest nation in the Americas? They are almost completely African Black. Haiti is a special ghetto nation, like a reserve for Black people to be studied in. And they have been deliberately separated from the rest of the Americas by ensuring that they speak a language that no one else understands. This is for keeping them isolated and poor, so that they can be controlled. In the end, they will be used as body organ sources. Healthy organs will be harvested from them in exchange for a few token pieces of paper money, and that will be the purpose served by supporting this poverty stricken backward nation. For everything is to serve for a profitable end. And there is nothing that lasts that has no purpose. Hence, the Blacks in Haiti will serve the Whites by growing their organs for them for transplanting needs. For the White Man is perpetually the Slave Master, and the Black Man is perpetually the slave.

So tell me, O’ Lord, what is the fate of South Africa? Will there ever be reconciliation between the Blacks and the Whites there? The White man is about to force the South African government, which listens to and obeys big money, to give the White Man his own self ruling homeland where he has veto power over any government interference from the Black ruled federal government. And one of the laws in effect in this homeland, to be called the Homeland of Volkstaat, or the Homeland of the Afrikaner, will be that descent from the Afrikaner or Boer increases the power of your vote, such that the Boers and Afrikaners will always control who wins in all elections in that homeland. That sounds fair. For it is their lands. But what lands shall they carve out for their homeland, O’ Lord and God? I will now tell thee candidly. One sixth of the land of South Africa will I give to the Afrikaner people to set up their homeland. They may choose whatever part of the land they wish, providing that there is a significant Afrikaner presence on most of it, and that it is contiguous. Also, I will not allow them to form a landlocked homeland. They must have access to a sea port in their lands. Oracle of the Lord. And will this be the end of reconciliation between the White and the Blacks in South Africa, O’ Lord? No, for the British and other White inhabitants of South Africa not descended from the Boers or Afrikaner people will remain as they are, living in South Africa and going about their business as equals to the Blacks there. This homeland deal affects only those people of Afrikaner or Boer descent. Such will be the law of the land. I rule this ruling because the Black government of South Africa has violated the rights of the Boer people. And this may no longer be permitted. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, you have said that the only Kings that matter or Larimar and Lazurite. Tell me what lands they are to be rulers over. Or are they rulers over any lands? Or are they rulers over any peoples? No, for their lands are holy. And the Kingdoms that they rule are of a holy nature. Hence, they are undefinable upon the earth. So, how may the Kingdoms of Larimar and Lazurite be defined or described, O’ Lord and Majestic One? I will now tell thee, O’ listener to the Lord. The lands of Larimar consist of all of Christendom outside the Beautiful land. And the lands of Lazurite consist of the Beautiful land itself, and all its places where My people in it dwell. Now you see all things.

Lord, is Eric called King Larimar I? And is he to have a son or a foster son, born from a virgin, who shall be called King Larimar II? And is he to enter into any form of relationship with any girl, whether of celibate or sexual nature? No, Eric. All this you heard about King Larimar II, son of Eric, shall never come to pass. You are the only one given the name of Larimar. And no one who comes after you will receive that name in heaven. Furthermore, your celibacy is now of an eternal nature in the Kingdom of Heaven. You may no longer turn from it to father a child or to engage in romance. Hence, you are like My Apostle John, of whom I said, “What if I choose to have him remain until I come?” (John 21:22). And will you, O’ Lord, have Eric remain on the earth until you come again? I, the Lord God, have elected to bring you into My Kingdom, rather than suffer further upon the earth. And this is the date in which you shall ascend to heaven: January 31, 2020. You do not live on the earth beyond that date, O’ Larimar King.

Then, O’ Lord, what was all this talk of Eric moving to England and of Eric driving an electric car? For will any of these things take place where you are taking Eric to when he ascends to heaven on that date, O’ Lord? Or were those prophecies in this very same post false? Or what is the Truth, O’ Lord? Did I get the correct reading from you that Eric ascends to heaven on January 31, 2020, O’ Lord? You, Eric, will be with Me in heaven upon the first light of dawn of that date. But as for driving an electric car, I make no such promises. And of living in England, there is no requirement from Me that you do so. You will work your job until I take you up. And you will prophesy in My name here until your time comes. Lord, today is December 18, 2019, before Dawn. You, hence, are saying I have no more than 44 days left to live in this world? 44 days further are allotted to you, O’ Larimar King. And then you shall be taken. And by what sign may we know that this revelation is of heavenly origin, O’ Lord and Master? This is the sign by which it will become clear. I will cure you of all your afflictions on Christmas Eve. From that date to the date of your Ascension, there are 38 days. In those remaining days, you will spend your time reading My Holy Scriptures and writing My Word. Also, you will pay your taxes one last time before you go. Amen. For it is said that only death and taxes are certain things in this world. To this I add these items: Judgement and Eternal Retribution. Will I watch any movies in my cured state, O’ Lord? Or will I mainly read your scriptures? I will prefer you to read My scriptures rather than waste your time with movies. For all movies involve romance, and that you may have no part in anymore. But your share in My Holy Spirit is considerable. And thus, when you read My scriptures, greatly will your profits be. Now, ask one more question, O’ Holy Eric, and we shall conclude this post and get you ready to go to work.

What tribe of the Twelve Tribes of the New Jerusalem do I belong to, if any, O’ Lord? And do I belong to any of the Twelve gates? And am I one of the Twenty-four Elders, or was that all a false and Satanic prophecy? And if so, am I at least, a member of the 144,000 virgin first fruits? And please explain, O’ Lord and Majestic One. And if I am to ascend to heaven in 44 days, then I am not one of the Two Witnesses? Are not Larimar and Lazarite your two witnesses? How then can I be removed from the earth so soon? Larimar is not one of the Two Witnesses as described in Revelation, chapter 11. Instead, Larimar and Lazarite are My two martyrs who have stood by Me in these latter years fighting spiritual battles, which both of you have won. Both your martyrdoms and battles were of a spiritual nature, and hence, were unseen by those around you. You will both ascend to My Kingdom on My appointed date, which for you is January 31, 2020. And then, I will let loose my wrath upon the earth. For I only held back while you were in it.

You do not belong to any of the Twelve Tribes, for you are not a Jew. Instead, I have derived you from the heathen peoples of northwestern Europe. And from them are you descended. But of that group known figuratively as the 144,000, those who sing the song of the Lamb, you are numbered among them. And your place in My Kingdom is as a star in the firmament. Now go, Eric, and prepare your breakfast. For I intend to work great works through you right up to that point in which I cure you in six days time. The Holy Spirit has now testified through Eric of the things that are about to come to be. Amen. And one last thing I wish to say. Everyone will miss you when you are gone. And those who never knew you, but who could have, will never forgive themselves for their eternal loss. And of any girl who loved you, they will realize, upon reading these words, that they could never have had you. Amen. Now, go, Eric, and publish this post. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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