God answers many questions

I hereby answer Eric’s many questions on a great many things.

I Am Who Am, Eric. Now ask Me whatever is on your mind, and I will answer all your questions.

(1) Lord, it is said that I will bring my Study Bible with me when I am taken away at dawn of the 44th day from today. Where, therefore, shall I be taken, O’ Lord? For I know I cannot bring a book with me to heaven.

I Am taking you to a new place where you shall develop in secrecy. It is there that I will have you master the languages of Latin and Koine Greek. And I will also have you bring your new laptop, for you shall use it to do your work for Me. And now you should ask, where is this place where I Am taking you to? And I will answer you in these words: I Am taking you to another world.

(2) Do they speak English in this other world, O’ Lord? And do they have access to the world wide web, the internet, there, O’ Lord? Yes, to both of those questions, O’ Prince Larimar. And now I shall proceed to tell you where exactly I Am taking you to.

Fallen, fallen is America the Great! (Revelation 14:8). For it has become a cage of every unclean bird and every abominable beast. Every filthy thing that is done under the sun has been done in her. And the Kings have had intercourse with her. But not My son Eric, who serves Me night and day.

No, Eric. You cannot remain in her. You brought her blessings and mercy by your many good acts and charitable deeds. But her crimes are now piled up high to the sky. Her punishment can no longer be delayed. Hence, I grant you until dawn, January 31, 2020, and then you will be taken, as I took Lot of Sodom before I destroyed that city.

(3) Are you taking me to England, or somewhere in the Americas, O’ Lord? I Am taking you to a secret place known only to Me. There is a Catholic Church there that you will attend. And I will set you up there so that you can do the work I will there have you do. And what belongings of mine will I take with Me on this adventure, O’ Lord and God? Your two passports, your identification, your rosary, that Study Bible you bought, and your new laptop. Everything else you will leave behind.

(4) What about My cell phone? Do I not bring that, O’ Lord? If you were to bring that, you could be tracked and traced. No, leave it behind. You cannot take something that leaves evidence of where you are and where you have gone to. You will be doing no work that involves making smart phone apps, neither for iOS nor for Android. But you will be doing work that involves the computer language of Rust. So continue to study that language and master it, as you did C, C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, and Javascript. You will use it in the company I will have hire you and provide you with employment in your new location, which I here keep secret.

(5) Lord, now that I am perfectly celibate, I take it that I am to be like a monk laboring in a monastery. Is this the case, O’ Sovereign Lord? Yes, perfect! You have fully accepted your fate. And I will actually bring you to enter Religious life as a monk. Well done, O’ Larimar King. You have arrived at your ultimate fate. I Am bringing you to a secret monastery, where you will work and do what I command of you. You need not concern yourself with filing your taxes in America in April of 2020, for taxes will be impossible to file due to certain damage having been done to the communications systems and the personnel deficit in the internal revenue service department of the United States of America. Many things will simply no longer work in America, such as the toilets in the White House, much to the discomfort of the occupants of that building.

(6) But Lord, it is not my fate to enter into Holy Orders, but just into Religious Life as a monk. Am I correct, O’ Lord and Master? We can arrange for you to enter the priesthood, O’ Larimar King. That door is not closed to you. But Lord, I cannot enter the priesthood unless I am called. And you will know your calling when you are cured this Christmas Eve. Remember what I told you. If you are in the presence of My priest at the hour of your being cured, then that is the sign that you are called to enter My priesthood. But if no priests you see within your line of sight when I cure you, that is the sign that I have not called you to enter the priesthood. But you know the approximate time of your cures: Christmas Eve. And when you have been cured, you will be ordered to detail each and every cure you have received on this website, no matter the possible repercussions. Do I make Myself abundantly clear, O’ Larimar King? Yes, O’ Lord, and You know I will obey You in total completion.

(7) Very well then, O’ Lord, I am open to entering Religious Life and the priesthood, as however you shall will it, O’ Lord and Master. Eric, let Me tell you this Truth, so that you know. Your path to My priesthood is covered. It is possible, despite your past history of mental illness, for you have been mentally stable since the December, 1996, FaithFinder Breakdown, which, preceded by the visitation from Mary that same month, and followed by the Dream of Jesus in the following month, rendered your faith as rock solid and you as fit for My Catholic Church, which you entered into full communion on Easter Vigil, March 30 2002. And in your ascendancy to My Way in My Catholic religion, your mind has achieved the stability of the Sea of Peace. Hence, you are well suited to the priesthood. And your past four nervous breakdowns will not be a roadblock to your entrance into My priesthood. Besides, you will be entering in as a Religious Order priest, and not as a diocesan priest. For I will you to make the vow of poverty in your vocation as priest.

(8) So then I am to become a priest, O’ Lord? Yes, My servant, Eric. You will become My priest. And you will serve in an Order I will set up in a secret part of the world where you will be unknown and safe. Will this secret part of the world be in a third world country? Or will it be in a first world country? For it is always much easier to hide in the third world countries than it is in the first world. O’ Lord, what saith Thou? I will hide you where I will hide you, O’ Larimar King. Just realize that the place where I will hide you is nearby where you currently live.

(9) That is most interesting, O’ Lord! Does that mean that my continuing presence in America will keep it blessed? It means I will not completely destroy it, as I did Sodom. And what does not kill you makes you stronger.

(10) Lord, I know some Spanish, enough to be able to read a Holy Bible and understand half of what I read. Good. In the Spanish subculture is where you will be hidden. You will complete your mastery of Spanish where you will be hidden. And only the Spanish speaking world will know of you on the other side of moment I take you away.

And yes, you will be writing in Spanish My Word, just as you are writing now in English My Word. But do not be concerned. Your skills with Spanish are almost complete. You mainly lack vocabulary to be a competent speaker and writer in Spanish. And I will supply you with what you need to make up for your deficiency.

Also, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church will be your parish. And your place of residence will be someplace near there. And you will do the work I command you to do and receive the pay I command you to be paid.

(11) That is indeed close to where I currently live. In fact, I go to that Church each morning before I go to work. And I like the priests there. The Pastor there is very nice, but his Spanish needs help, especially when he gives homilies that he makes up as he goes along. You are right, O’ Larimar King. His Spanish skills are similar to yours, though your reading and writing comprehension in Spanish are what matters in your case more than speaking abilities. But he will choose to sponsor you into My priesthood of My Catholic Church. Anticipate this, for it shall be done. But Lord, he is a diocesan priest. And so it shall be the case that a diocesan priest you shall become.

(12) Lord, I accept all of this. Can’t wait! And what becomes of My parent’s house and where they now live? If I were to tell you that, then it would not happen. For the secret revealed would change the history as it plays out in time. I cannot reveal to you all the players and actors who will unite in the effort to take down the Larimar King. But converge on your house, they will. Encircle it, they shall. Destroy it, so shall it be done. And return to it, you shall not. That is why you shall be taken at dawn out of your house on January 31, 2020, for right after you are taken away, the enemies shall come. And they will have no reason to believe that you are not there.

An assumed identity shall you be given. A new name you shall have. Under a new identity shall you do business. And no one who knew you as Eric will know you in your new identity, except for My clergy, who must know everything for documents to be validated and sacraments to have effect.

(13) So, will I still do work at the company I currently work at, O’ Lord? Only remotely. Never in person again after that event. And they will pay you by direct deposit into a new account that will be opened up for you. Yes, your old business identity must be shuttered. And a new business identity you must assume.

(14) Lord, when I am cured, will everything be cured? Will I never need medication again? Correct, Lord Larimar. For you are a miraculous creature. You are not made of earth and bone as regular human beings are. So the condition you have that you are unable to fall asleep unless you take certain medication will be cured and done away with.

(15) And so, will I be assumed dead by those who knew me, O’ Lord? Those in the know will know of your new identity. But those who are formally acquainted with you will assume you died in that event called the Great Thinning. But this website you will continue to write in, but under a new name.

(16) Wouldn’t the readers of this website then be able to link the two identities together and know who I am? No, Eric. Remember that hardly anyone ever reads this website. Since no one really knows about this website, what you reveal here will not be revealed to your enemies. Just realize that most of the casual readers of this website have no idea of whether you yourself are even a real person. Most readers right now believe that you are a fabricated person, and that the Eric you are identified with is just a made up identity. Only governments with spy networks are aware that your information checks out and is credible. But even they suspect you to be a plant or some sort of operation under the facade of a prophet. And none of them know who you work for. They do not believe that these prophecies are the work of one man working by himself.

And they are not. They are the work of God. But God does not factor into their equations. And so, you must be a plant of some governmental operatives. And there will be made the effort to acquire you to question you in order to determine your source and who you are working for.

(17) Now, do some of them assume that I am working for the Trump Administration? No, for you are actively undermining that operation. Nor do they believe you are working for Russia, for you are a vicious attacker of Vladimir Putin. Instead, it is assumed you are an Israeli plant, not directly of the ruling government, but of some agency within the secret services of that regime. And why is that, O’ Lord? It is because you are always on Israel’s side in every political position you have taken in your long history of writing. Furthermore, they will assign you to be of a clandestine Christian Zionist movement. And after they have gathered all the facts they can, they will attempt to shut you down. But they will do nothing to this website.

(18) Why won’t they shut down this website, O’ Lord? They want to shut you down first. The website is harmless, and few visit it. And the information on it is dated and gets old fast. Hence, there is no gain to shutting down this website. Only if you had many followers who relied on this website to receive their orders from you would shutting it down change anything. But you neither give orders nor show any evidence of having any followers whatsoever. And few ever come here to see these writings. Hence, it is more advantageous to them to let you speak here so that they can monitor you, than to shut this website down before acquiring you into their custody.

(19) And will they attempt to acquire me, O’ Lord? Yes, but I will snatch you away when that time comes. They do not consider that possibility because they do not allow for the possibility that these words are coming from a deity. Hence, when you are taken away, they will cast their net wide to catch you, but you will have long since escaped. Miraculous powers are not something they factor into their calculations.

(20) And what becomes of my two brothers, Mark and David? And what becomes of my parents, O’ Lord? I Am taking them away. They will be held in detention to ascertain what they know. And it will not be accepted that they know nothing about you or who you are. And torture will be used to extract information from them. I will allow them to be tortured.

(21) Lord, is there to be a woman in my life? Probably not because I am to be a priest, right, O’ Lord? Yes, a woman is to enter your life soon and become your personal confidant. But she cannot be my lover, O’ Lord, since I am celibate, right, O’ Lord? No, Eric, no woman can get that close to you. For it is forbidden. This personal confidant will be celibate like you, also a Religious. And she will be a close friend, but nothing sexually intimate will ever pass between you and her.

(22) And Lord, will I have time to master Koine Greek and Latin? And what about Hebrew? Your abilities in Koine Greek and Latin will become as how you now know and are skilled in Spanish. And you will become quite fluent. I will have you study these languages, and dabble a little in Hebrew, just to perfect your understanding of the original Greek in the New Testament and the Septuagint Old Testament so that you can with great authority preach in My Church when you assume your rights as an ordained Catholic priest. Amen, Eric. Now go and read what I command you to read. And you will be doing My will. Amen.

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