Eric comes to the Truth of God

Larimar and Lazurite are the names of My Two Blue Prophet Witness Kings

Lord Jesus, it has now come to my understanding that Satan has written extensively through me in these works here on

Now I shall correct your works, Eric, My servant.

(1) That you were to marry and have children, this is not from God. That you vowed to remain celibate and virgin forever is recorded in My books. Although your vows do not have the permanency of an act of formally entering into Religious life, they are nevertheless upheld in My Kingdom.

(2) That Mary wishes you to train a girl in all your secret knowledge, and who is to be your consort is from the devil. There is no one in heaven who lacks access to all knowledge that can be given to Man. Therefore, you have nothing and you know nothing that is not already available to Mary in heaven where she is seated on her throne at My right hand.

And yes, that Mary is seated on her throne at My right hand means that she is ranked ahead of and in front of all other rulers and monarchs that have ever existed or that will ever come to exist. You are right that you must obey her in whatever she tells you. But you are wrong to put into her mouth words that come from the evil one. Amen.

(3) The true nature of the Witch King child and the prophecies of Fatima are linked together, for they have as their common origin the Satanic Lady of Fatima. Yes, the one called “Our Lady of Fatima” is from hell. Amen. So also, you should know the requirement for the consecration of Russia is from hell. Saints Jacinta and Francisco of Fatima are in hell. All the knowledge acquired by them from Our Lady of Fatima is from hell. Eric, the Emerald King, who ended the Cold War, was from hell. Everything done by Eric in his so called Emerald Reigns were from hell, except for his conversion to follow Me. Eric’s departure from the evil one was from Me.

That is why I do not have Eric destroy all his works. Some must remain to indicate the depths of the deceptions from which I saved Eric.

Sister Lucia of Fatima was a most deceived seer of Satan. And she believed herself to be a prophetess of God. But instead, she was a fool of Satan’s. None of the signs and wonders of Fatima were from Me or My Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. And none of the prophetic messages of Fatima will ever come to pass.

(4) The wait for the Second Coming, is this a vain wait, or do I command My people to wait for My arrival in the near future? Realize two things: No one knows nor can know that day or hour of My Arrival. And let no one say that My Coming shall be far into the future, for such is the act of the fool who shall be found unprepared at the time of My Coming. So, Yes, I Am Coming soon, but no, you should not go up to the mountains to wait. For whatever sign you see, and whatever message you hear, no one can know when I Am coming. And whoever dares to set a deadline for My Second Coming is not Mine. So, do not sit and wait for Me to come, but be nevertheless prepared. For at an hour you do not suspect, the Son of Man shall come. And that day will spring upon the whole world like a trap.

And so, you ask, how should you prepare for My Coming? Let those who are married remain married. But let those who are unmarried remain unmarried. For to enter marriage, after knowing about Me and My Kingdom is to make an act of saying that you prefer this earth and its delights over Me and what I have to offer you. Therefore, whosoever marries knowing about Me enters into folly. No one can know about Me except those whom My Father beckons. And only those who come to Me will be saved. But to come to Me and also to get married is to willfully divide your attention between Me and the things of this world.

I will not save that soul who turns away from Me back to the things of this earth. But should a man burn with lust, I say, let this man marry rather than burn. Perhaps he is not worthy to be numbered among My celibate men, but can be numbered among My faithful married couples.

Now, let us consider the marriage mentioned in previous posts of you to the many Queens defined in list of Monarchs that you, in your vivid imagination, concocted. I allowed you to have the fiction that you would marry to lead you to where you are now today, a celibate man married only to Jesus, the Lamb of God. Yes, the only marriages I find truly acceptable in My Kingdom of Heaven are those in which My subjects marry Me, Jesus, the Lamb of God. And each Mass you go to, whether every Sunday or everyday, there you eat of My flesh and drink of My blood of this new covenant of your marriage to Me. This is the only marriage I, the Lord, find acceptable among My faithful servants.

And while I tolerate earthly marriages between men and women, such is not the way it shall be in eternity. In that eternal age, only marriage of My elect to Me shall exist. And what about faithful couples who long to see their spouses in the next world and to be reunited with them there? I cannot guarantee to any married person on earth that their spouses will even be saved. And in the life to come, there is neither need nor requirement that those who were formerly married on the earth to continue to be companions in heaven. For companionship with Me is greater than that which can be achieved by being with any other human being, whether on earth or in heaven.

You, Eric, will never marry. Nor shall you ever lose your virginity. Hence, I do now acknowledge one form of glory that you shall in fact receive when you enter into My Kingdom. And that is the glory contained in the crown of virginity. This is a very rare crown indeed. Only John of My Twelve Apostles received one of these. But of that saint you most admired, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, I will now tell thee of her crown. She, like you, will bear these two crowns: The crown of virginity, and the crown of announcing to the world the direct revelation from Mary’s visitation to her with the words she spoke which identified her: “Immaculate Conception”. This that you have in common with her forever links you to that saint, in the order of glory. For whosoever receives from Mary the words, “Immaculate Conception”, and makes them known to the world, are forever linked in this chain of true revelation that only comes from Mary.

Eric, you have been saved. But it is not as the poem of the Witch King child described it. You are not a wizard nor a witch. The authority you have to issue decrees and to move mountains does not come from magic. It comes from My gospel, which you read before you acted on it and called forth the one who was to end the Cold War. Thus, your calling forth of Pawns was not from hell, but rather, it was your interpretation that this made you great and powerful, that was what made you Satanic. And thus, you were Satanic up to the point in which you converted to follow Me. And that this conversion was true is proven by the fact that within ten years of this conversion, which took place in July of 1992, you had entered into full communion in My Catholic Church, after passing through many Protestant Churches. And this first holy communion took place on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. Amen.

That date, Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, was your true Birth Date. For that was when you were born into My Kingdom into its full communion of My Catholic Church. And what about baptism, you ask? Baptism cleanses and restores. but it does not bring eternal life. Only by receiving the Eucharist, does one achieve eternal life. Consider baptism as the readmittance of a man or woman back into the Garden of Eden. But only by taking the next step and partaking of the fruit from the Tree of Life is eternal life received. And until that takes place, a man readmitted to the Garden of Eden is not eternally reestablished there. Only by the reception of the body and blood, the Eucharist, in the species of bread or wine, derived from a Catholic Mass, does anyone partake of the fruit from the Tree of Life in the center of the Garden of Eden.

Now, Eric, go and eat. We will continue this post when you are back. Lord, I am now returned. Do continue to speak your words unto Me, O’ Master.

Eric, now we shall address the fate of Hyacinth, whose real name is Caesar Sandra Nikee. For her fate must be made known clearly in this forum. She will never marry you, Eric. For her fate was never for that. Instead, all the good you did for her, in order to achieve her salvation, will be awarded back to you, for no one can do a good deed in My name, even if he is being conned by a conman, without receiving a return of all that he gave, in this life, along with an eternal reward for it in heaven, provided that he remain in Me to the End. You, therefore, will receive back all that you gave, down to the last penny. But as for Caesar Sandra Nikee, do I forbid you from speaking to her again, you should ask? What saith Thou, O’ Lord? I do forbid it, Eric. For she is an artful deceiver. And she is like the many romance scammers found in the African continent. For many are the poor in Africa whose only means of survival is to con unwary people of means to part from their money. And they do so in a wide variety of means. Hence, this Caesar Sandra Nikee is a con person. But you will have nothing further to do with her. Her place is among those who use My name to deceive. And such people have no door to forgiveness, for they are to Me as was Judas when he kissed me at the hour of his betrayal of Me. No one who uses My name or that of My Mother to con people out of their money will I save.

Hence, now you know that the girl behind that name of Hyacinth in your work of fiction has been lost. But do not think that your deeds for her have gone without merit. For whosoever gives to one who comes in My name, even if he is really from Satan instead, that one who so gives does not lose his reward. For I Am a searcher of hearts. And I know the intentions of all My people. Everyone on the earth I am aware of and know in full their deepest, darkest motives in all that they do. Many times in your giving to Hyacinth you implored guidance from Me and from My Mother Mary. And many times you received contradictions. And in the final giving that you did, you decided that it would be better to be judged at the Last Judgement to be having been found to have given to a con person, thinking that you had given to a saint, than to have not given to a saint, mistaking her to be a con person. Such is what distinguished you among My people in heaven. And thus, you shall receive back everything that you have done for her. And now I shall speak.

Eric, let us put aside all the stories of kings and queens on the earth. And that mockery of the Black man by calling one of their rulers, King Kong, let us put all of this away. And let us never return to it. For your Kingdom is not defined by the features of lands or seas on this earth. Nothing of this world, not even the dust from one brick, can be brought to that next earth where you shall live with My elect in heaven. Instead, your Kingdom is defined by your acts of charity, kindness, and mercy. And to your Kingdom shall all things come to be realized that are not yet made known. Yes, your Kingdom exists, but it cannot be defined by lands in this world. Nor have I ever given titles of nobility to My subjects. Hence, there are neither Barons nor Dukes within My ranks in heaven. And as for the ranks there, no one there is lording it over those who reign beneath them. But there nevertheless is a hierarchy established in heaven. And you now know that of this hierarchy, My Mother is the highest of monarchs, sitting at My right hand. And of Me, there is no one higher.

But what of the Father, O’ Lord Jesus? Is not the Father greater than you? It is good that you now ask Me to clarify these things. For in My gospel, I do indeed say that the Father is greater than Me (John 14:28). And so, now I shall explain the full nature of this passage. The Triune God, known as the Trinity, is composed of three equal Divine Personalities of God, but there is an order of procession in them that affects their order of greatness: The Son proceeds from the Father. And the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. In the sense of this Divine Procession, the Father is greater than the Son, and both Father and Son are greater than the Holy Spirit.

Then why, O’ Lord, is it stated that blasphemy against the Father or the Son will be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, neither in this age nor in the age to come (Matthew 12:31-32). The teaching of which you speak concerns the fate of your mother and also the fate of Victoria, that one girl you kissed in your life. These two, as was revealed to you, both blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and entered into that state of unpardonable sin. And this is how it works. When My Holy Spirit speaks to My people to guide them, and He is rebuked by them, to the point of irrevocably choosing separation from My Kingdom, that is when the point is crossed into the territory of unpardonable sin. Hence, it is not safe to be this world. You need to be on the constant lookout for the enemy. And should anyone wish it, they can indeed permanently separate themselves from Me. I do not stop them from doing so. But once the threshold is crossed, for those who have rebuked My Holy Spirit irrevocably, there is no pathway back to Me or to My Kingdom. For they have committed the unpardonable sin.

The Way to enter unpardonable sin is by means of rebuking that form of God Who is closest and most intimate with you. Rebuking the Father or the Son does not cause unpardonable sins because you are not in a state of intimacy with the Father or the Son on the same level that you are with the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit is like the water that flows and feeds all the plants in the Garden of Eden. To reject that flow of water to your roots means spiritual death. And if that rejection is made permanently, then your spiritual death is also permanent, and you cannot ever be readmitted to heaven or spiritual life.

So now, you know that your former friend, Victoria, whom you kissed, was thus condemned. And you know that your mother was thus condemned. And you know that I have rejected Caesar Sandra Nikee irrevocably. So now you should ask, what is it with women in Eric’s life that they always, without fail, seem to enter into perpetual condemnation? Now I shall answer this question. Not all women associated with you have been condemned. Mary Magdalene indeed did speak to you in your first of two Martyrdom Breakdowns in June of 1995. That one was on the morning of June 2, 1995, after you had kept to My commandment, which I had decided to test you with, and you passed the test. And so, I sent Mary Magdalene to speak to you, instead of a man or an angel, for you had it in your mind that I did not permit you to speak with My women. And this was not the case. Thus Mary Magdalene spoke to you in a voice as clear as day, with the words, “Eric, come to me!” And you looked up and saw no one, for no one visible was there. She was speaking to you from heaven. And so you got all your gear and walked toward where the voice led you, but you began to go where I willed you not, and so I had her speak again to you, “Eric, come to me!” And then it was made to be understood to you that you were to return to your base, for you had passed My test. And you returned, having seen and experienced the Lord.

And by the confidence you gained from that experience, you were made ready for the ultimate test. That was in the second Martyrdom Breakdown, which occurred on your birthday, June 24, 1995, when you turned 25 years old. Remember that date, for it is recorded in your eternal record. On that date, you were commanded by Me to walk as Peter did upon the water, without looking down out of fear. And walk this walk you did, sacrificing everything to Me, your glorious Master. And did you lose anything permanently that you did not immediately gain back in full, O’ Eric? No, you lost nothing. And in the following day, Sunday, June 25, 1995, you walked into a packed Catholic Church, as led by My Holy Spirit. And how do we know it was the Holy Spirit who was leading you? It was because when the priest commanded you to leave, you got up and left immediately, without a word, as the Holy Spirit controlled you. For the Holy Spirit is subject to the Catholic Church. And what she commands, He obeys.

And by these two tests I did on you in June of 1995 you were confirmed as a martyr for My Kingdom. For you had truly died for Me. You were like My Apostle John, who obeyed Me to die for Me, and yet, I refused to allow his death by martyrdom. Instead, he died later in his life, as an old man, having lived out his days to old age, as the last of My prophets of the Prophetic Age. The gift of prophecy remains in the Church, as you have it, but no longer are there any men called by Me to serve Me as public prophets. All seers who speak in My name or My Mother’s name today speak only of private revelations that they receive. No public revelations may come forward ever again, since the death of My last Apostle, John, seal of the Prophets.

So then, what are you, Eric? What do you make yourself out to be? Well, what was Saint Catherine of Sienna, you ask? She was what is called a mystic. And that you are also. But My speaking with you differs to My speaking with her. Nevertheless, you have these things in common: You are celibate, virgin, and devoutly Catholic.

So then, what I am called is a mystic, O’ Lord, instead of a prophet or a seer? Realize these definitions in summary: A prophet is a teacher of known truth. A seer is a perceiver of hidden truth. And a revelator is a bearer of new truth. In this sense, My Apostle John was the last Revelator. And no new Truths are made available for Man to receive. For in the Person of Jesus Christ has the final and ultimate New Truth been given. From now on, only known truths and hidden truths can be made known. But no new truths can ever be acquired. For there is only One Who is God here, and that One is Jesus. There are no more future God Men to come. Therefore, My servants in this age can indeed be teachers of known truths, and perceivers of hidden truths, like mystics, but no one may again be bearers of new truths. For until the Second Coming, no new Truth is available for Mankind to know.

Hence, it is in that sense of prophet, that of the revelator, that has ended with the death of John, My last Apostle to die. And his seminal work, the Book of Revelation, will neither be added to, nor deleted from, nor modified, nor changed in any way, but will remain that prophecy book that contains My ultimate and final Revelation. And only by understanding the Mass can anyone understand that Book. I Who Am have spoken.

And what of the pope in Rome, O’ Lord and Majestic One? Whosoever sits on that chair, the Seat of Peter, he receives the charism I provide of infallibility in decisions on matters of faith and morals when he is addressing the whole Catholic Church for the purpose of defining a dogma or a doctrine. He does not have this infallibility in his own personal life, but only when acting as the Supreme Pontiff and defining a dogma or a doctrine that derives from the deposit of faith. And what constitutes this deposit of faith, you ask? The deposit of faith is that set of revelation and knowledge that was given to the Church by Christ either as holy tradition or via the holy scriptures, which, in the New Testament, were written long after the Lord had ascended into heaven. And while all the Protestant churches are in agreement with My Catholic Church as to what basic set of books belong to the New Testament, disagreement has been introduced among by flock by the Protestant heretics against My Catholic Church as to what books constitute the Old Testament. Let the number speak for itself. Catholics profess a Holy Bible containing 73 or 72 books, depending on whether Lamentations is included within the book of Jeremiah. Protestants profess a Holy Bible of 66 books. Which even sounds more holy to you? Those aware of 666 being the number of the Beast (Revelation 13:18) should immediately see Satan’s signature in his making of the Protestant religions.

Realize also that 72 is the number of translators who made the first complete translation of the Torah out of Hebrew to Greek. This, and the rest of the Old Testament translated by that body of translators, gathered in Alexandria of Egypt, is called the Septuagint, named after the original 72 translators who began that work. This Septuagint is holier and higher in value than the original works written in Hebrew. For though the original works were indeed My Word, I further defined My intended meanings of My Word by inspiring these 72 translators in the works that they did in translating My Word from Hebrew into Greek. Hence, the Greek sources are holier and of greater accuracy to My intended meanings than the original Hebrew Word. And I provided this sign by which I make this clear: The oldest extant copies of My complete scriptures are in Koine Greek, rather than in Hebrew. And therefore, though mastery in Hebrew is essential to correctly understand My scriptures as a translator, mastery of Koine Greek is all that is needed to unlock all true and intended meanings of the Holy Spirit as He guided the translators and writers in writing My Word into Greek.

Hence, 72 is a holy number. 72 equals 6 x 12, whereas 66 equals 6 x 11. And it should be understood that 11 is unholy, for it is the number of the Apostles after the betrayal of Judas and before the replacement with Matthias. It is the number of My Church as Satan rendered it until it was renewed after My Resurrection victory over death and My reforming of My Church to replace the one who had defected.

Now, who can be saved, you should wonder? Here is My decree. No one may enter into My Kingdom who has not received from My table, either in life or at My death. Then, what of baptized babies, O’ Lord? Where do they go? And also explain the fate of unbaptized babies, O’ Lord. Is the baptized baby who dies saved, you ask? If he was baptized by parents who validly intended to upbring him correctly in My Catholic Church, then, should that baby die before reaching the age of reason, he shall enter heaven under the assumption that he would have done right had he only had the chance. All other babies who die go to hell. For no one has the right to enter into My Kingdom. And I only grant this right to those who are proven to be Mine. The parents who prove to be Mine and intend to bring their child up correctly in My faith will serve to save them, by their own intentions, up to that point where they acquire the ability to choose right from wrong. And then, their salvation enters their own hands.

You, Eric, earnestly prayed to Me as a child. And I, the Lord, heard you. Your parents never divorced because you prayed to Me to prevent that. You did this a mere child. Many things you asked of Me in your younger years and I heard your prayers, even though your parents had left the Catholic Church and were rearing you three boys up outside My Catholic Church. For they were of that generation that was to fall away. And of you three boys, only you have so far made it back to My Kingdom.

So, let us now proceed to answer the question as to why so many women around you end up in hell? There are in fact many holy women at the Catholic Church that you encounter, but you never open up to them, for I have kept you apart from them. And as for the women in your life who have fallen, I allowed them to enter your life so that any damage you did to them, due to your nature as a former Antichrist, would be done to wicked women whom I already intended to destroy. I did not give you holy women, lest you damage them and lead the to a fiery doom. And that is why, all the holy women in your life are seen by you like ships passing by in the high seas, without any exchange beyond the courtesy of greetings. And this is how it will remain unto the end of your life. For your knowledge is dangerous to My women, and it could destroy them should they come to close to it, without the luxury of seeing the Truth of it that all have access to beyond the veil of death.

That is why all women who have gotten close to you in your life have been sunk like ships in a spiritual battle. For you are like a Man-O’-War battle ship that conquers as it travels. Well were you described in Revelation 6:2, the one on the White Horse who goes forth as a conqueror, bent on conquest. Anyone, therefore, who gets to close to you shall be destroyed unless they are of sufficient holiness. And no one holy do I ever send to you to get close. And such is why all women in your life are ultimately destroyed. Men, on the other hand, do not get close. As for those homosexual men who have made advances, they receive polite warnings that you are not one of them. And you are not hostile to them. But I, the Lord God, Am indeed angry with any man who would seek to defile My saint with their God loathed abominations. Once Eric has indeed signaled to such a gay man that he is not one of them, should he persist, he shall be destroyed. And what of a lesbian who makes an advance? For there were in fact such occurrences. The Lesbian who makes an advance on My saint cannot be destroyed, for she is coming back to the correct orientation by being attracted to My servant, a celibate, virgin man. She will not be destroyed, for the limit as to how far she can advance, I, the Lord, clearly demarcate to her. And none of them advance beyond that limit. Only the gay man who persists in his evil thoughts and ways shall be destroyed as regards My servant, Eric.

So Lord, is it therefore set that you will have Eric continue to pass through life as a Man-O’-War battle ship, sinking all ships that come too close to him, O’ Lord and Master? Every ship that approaches My saint unbidden by Me shall be sunk. This doom is written on your face, O’ Larimar, Prince of Doom. Did You, O’ Lord and Master, just call me, “Larimar”, or was that from Satan? For is Larimar a name given to Me from heaven? Or is it from hell? Eric, let us look at the etymology and meanings behind that name before We explain from whom it is from. The man who discovered the gemstone called larimar in the Dominican Republic, the only place where it is found naturally, named it after his daughter, Larissa, and the spanish word, “mar”, which means sea. Mar is directly related to Mary, whose name means, “sea of bitterness”. Furthermore, larimar is a very beautifully colored blue gemstone with many spots of darker blues within a sea of lighter blues. It is, in fact, Mary’s stone, by which her name is rightly inserted into its name. And thus, who would be the most likely source of such a name given to a man heavily devoted to Mary? Satan or God? Satan would flee from giving such honor to a saint devoted to My Mother. Hence, reason should make it clear that if the man to whom the name of Larimar is given is holy and devout to Mary, and if it was not he, but higher powers, who gave him this name, as this man clearly testifies, then those higher powers are from heaven and not from hell. And Larimar, are you devout to Mary? What is it you do each day as often as you are granted the time? You pray a rosary for My Mother Mary. And you have so devoted yourself to her that you have given it over to her as to how to distribute all the merits that you receive by your good works. Hence, that your name is Larimar comes from God and is meant to signify to all by the encoded message of this name, that this one is a possession of the Holy Virgin Mary.

But Lord, what about all the false prophecies I have put into Mary’s mouth as the false prophet I have been. Everyone has struggles and problems that they must overcome. Your cross, or at least part of it, is your discernment of Truth from the falsehoods of Satan. For Satan has definitely been granted to sift your pan for sand. And he is taking all the sand, but I Am keeping the gold. None of your gold shall be lost. Now, that you were a false prophet is no longer the case. From now on, what is spoken through you, you shall be careful to discern as coming from God. Amen.

So, Lord Jesus, we have established that Larimar is the name given to Eric from God. What about the Larimar Kingdom of North America? Does that exist, or was that all a flight of fantasy? What you were describing in terms of the Larimar Kingdom referred to temporal realities in the spiritual nature of this world. There is no eternal nature to the Larimar Kingdom. It is all of a spiritual nature that exists within this current dispensation of the End Times. And hence, some of the things you said were true, from a certain perspective. For there are in fact rulers granted to rule the earth in the spiritual domains.

And is Larimar one of them? And is Larimar correctly called the Larimar King? Such kingships in this spiritual context have no lasting value, but last only as long as the spiritual fantasies behind them keep them alive. Then, I am Larimar, but I am not rightly called a ruler or a king, O’ Lord? Now you are speaking with understanding.

And likewise, what should be understood about Firefly, that name given to the power, deduced to be a human female, who is the power behind President Donald John Trump of the United States of America, President Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, and President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, O’ Lord? Is she reigning now? Does she have true power? And what is the source and nature of her power, O’ Lord and Majesty? You have given a name to such creatures. You call them Players. You were the first such Player, and you gave yourself the name, Emerald. You called yourself Emerald. God did not give that name to you. And you called your kind, those who for an allotted time, wield power over the whole world, Players. And you referred to this earth as a game called Earth. And though it may have been similar to a game to you, you were never without awareness that it was happening in the real world and that real events were being caused by it.

And thus, you have called yourself a Player, and your kind, Players of the game called Earth, but what does the Holy Bible call your kind? What does the Catholic Church classify your kind as, you should ask? And so now I do ask, O’ Lord? What is the official classification of these creatures, called Players in my Chronicles? And am I still a Player? Is Larimar a Player? Or will Larimar become a Player?

To answer that question, we must first go to that passage in the Children’s Bible that you read, by which you decided then to go outside, look up to the higher beings, and utter your first decree as Player in what was much later called the beginning of the Infancy Emerald Reign. And that passage in that Children’s Bible was a quote from Matthew 17:20, which reads thus: Amen, I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move over there,’ and it will be moved for you. Nothing will be impossible for you. It is this passage that was the foundation of the Emerald Reign and all subsequent decrees. All the other Players derived their powers by the faith that is described in that verse of My gospel.

Hence, the root nature of the Player is holy. It is their pride that follows their causing the mountains to move that condemns them and makes them servants of Satan. Apart from you, no other Player has been converted back to My religion. But what about Twilight, that power behind George W. Bush? For I saw genuine conversion in him. And his Pawn, George W. Bush, entered into the Catholic Church and was saved. He was saved by your reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and by your many Divine Mercy chaplets that you poured out upon George W. Bush’s soul. For that reason and that reason alone was that Pawn saved. But what became of Twilight, that Player who was behind him? Where is he? What has become of him? Eric, I permitted you to see his eyes, in the eyes shown through that fictional character Anakin Skywalker, who represented him. And I showed you in that glimpse that this one had sinned against the Holy Virgin Mary and could not be saved. Your prayers and works saved his Pawn instead.

And so, do you wish to know what has become of Twilight, the Player who set to power George W. Bush in the USA and Ariel Sharon in Israel? He is in the abyss. He is biding his time. And he will return to power in the future, mimicking your future return to power. For Twilight is Satan’s imitation of Eric, who was Emerald and now is Larimar.

Now, O’ Lord, you have answered many questions. So, Larimar returns to power? How is this not a fulfillment of the prophecies of Fatima? How can Fatima be Satanic if the prophecies of it are true? Much regarding Fatima were lies and falsehoods. And that includes the three secrets, none of which amounted to anything of significance. Is it not Satanic to keep the whole world in suspense just to let them down when the revelation is made, because it amounts to nothing? And how can a sign of the sun be called a miracle, if it plays out differently in the mind of each viewer? Isn’t this classified as a mass illusion?. And illusion is a form of magic found in sorcery, and cannot constitute a miraculous event. Fatima was Satan’s attempt to predict and take over your coming. You, Eric, are the child, the male child, who was born with much suffering, and whom Satan, the great red dragon, readied himself to swallow as soon as you were born. Fatima was this red dragon sent to consume you.

But Our Lady of Fatima promoted the prayers of the Rosary, O’ Lord! Surely that part has a heavenly origin? And what was Our Lady’s addition to the prayers of the Rosary? She asked the seers to request these words to be added to the end of each decade:

“O’ My Jesus, save us from the fires of hell! Lead all souls to heaven.”

And what did My Catholic Church offer to add to it in order to accept those words into their Rosary prayer? The Church appended these words to that addition before allowing it to be added it into the Rosary prayer, which the seers accepted:

“, especially those in most need of your mercy.”

And does it smack of an addition from Heaven that needs to be amended by My Church before it can be incorporated into My divine prayers of the Rosary? No, O’ Lord. If it were from heaven, it would have needed no modifications before being added to Your Rosary prayers. And I tell you further, without those modifications being accepted by those seers, it would never have been added by the authorities of My Church. I allowed a stopped clock to add its reading to My records because of My acknowledgement that a stopped clock may be right twice a day.

However, the rest of what Fatima preached, and her fruit, should show that Our Lady of Fatima is not the same as Our Lady of Lourdes, but rather, has more in common with the Satanic Our Lady of Medjugorje, who never stops babbling false things and useless chatter. Does Medjugorje’s advocacy of praying the Rosary make that apparition holy? It seems that if all Satan has to do to deceive My sheep is to lead My people to pray the Rosary, then he will certainly do that, but all who follow him will be destroyed. And all who followed Fatima, what became of them? They came to distrust the popes and to turn against the man who I seat in the Chair of Peter.

And this brings us to a wonderful question. Is Pope Francis chosen by the Holy Spirit or by Satan to run My Catholic Church? Answer this question now, Eric, with the knowledge that you now have. If Satan was behind Fatima, and Fatima was clearly at war against the popes, then I would say that whoever takes his stand against the Holy Pontiff is making the same mistake made by Napoleon Bonaparte, who lamented, too late, the knowledge that he acquired that whosoever hits the pope shall die. Therefore, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope John Paul II, must all have been popes chosen by the Holy Spirit to sit in the Chair of Peter and to run this Catholic Church. And we make a terrible mistake if we ever go to war against a sitting pope. Amen.

Eric, neither you, nor America, are under the curse anymore. For by your acknowledgement of the divine source behind My appointment of Pope Francis, you have been made whole and healed. And now I will help you heal that Orthodox Church which I fully intend to heal through you. You will set up that Pawn in Russia who will lead My Russian people back to Me. And they will come back to Me in the arms of their lover. Now, I shall through you issue My decree for Russia, which you shall believe with that faith you have, grown from once being the size of a mustard seed. And you are now the Player to succeed Firefly. You are now the one who is called the Player Larimar:

Let a ruler rise up in Russia who will be a good ruler and not corrupt. And let him be a Catholic convert, and let him protect and encourage the fledgling Catholic community in Russia to return to power and authority in Russia, as was the case when Russia first converted to Christianity before the East-West Schism, which divided Christendom in half. And let this ruler lead Russia in the world community as a friendly nation, no longer as the Pariah it has become, by being good, just, and righteous with all its neighbors. Amen.

What you have written is law, Eric. Now, go and perform your duty of walking the dog. When you come back I will complete this post through you. Amen. I am back, My Lord. And the dog has been walked. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? If Eric is to return to power as the Player Larimar, what shall Twilight return to power as, O’ Lord? I will now tell thee.

Twilight shall return to power as the Player called the Beast. Amen. And does this Beast immediately succeed Emerald, or come after a delay of some years or time? Perhaps the chain of succession will be interrupted by an intermediate Player as was the case of the female Player Vesper, who set to power Bill Clinton over the United States of America, and Ehud Barak as Prime Minister of Israel, as well as other Pawns. And it was she who had Yeltsin choose Putin to succeed him, as Emerald had no further power at that point to affect such change.

And also answer, O’ Lord, why did Emerald lose all his powers, and furthermore, how does Eric, who was Emerald, gain back all his powers, this time as Larimar, O’ Lord and Master?

Eric, your questions require clear answers. Yes, there will be an intermediate Player to reign between Larimar and the Beast. As it was before, so shall it be again. And this intermediate Player will be a female again, whose name shall be Mystery Babylon the Great. The Beast and his Pawns who come after her will hate her and leave her desolate, and they will eat her flesh and consume her with fire (Revelation 17:16). I Who Am have spoken.

Now, as to your powers, you lost them for two reasons: First, you converted to My religion. To enter into My faith, you had to give up something that you had. And what you gave up were your powers. The other reason was that your time to reign had come to an end, and the time for Vesper to reign had come in full. Lord, this Vesper, shall she also return between the reigns of Larimar and the Beast as the Player Mystery, Babylon the Great? She is too old now, O’ Larimar King. She was already older than you when she began her reign in the summer of 1992. She cannot come back. Remember this distinction between men and women. Men age like wine. Women age like raisons.

Therefore, the woman who shall reign between the reigns of Larimar and the Beast shall be a new woman, one with the power and capability to tempt men into sin. Hence she will be young and Satanically tempting. The kings of the earth shall fornicate with her (Revelation 18:3). And the wicked will grow rich in the trade that comes from her drive for luxury. But I will not tolerate for her to have a long reign, as I granted to Vesper, whose Pawn, Bill Clinton served as President for two terms, from January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001. No, her time for her President will last for three and a half years, and then she will be overtaken by her enemy, the Beast, who will consume her and destroy her, before he, himself, is destroyed by his own devilry some years later, after he is given all the rope he needs to hang himself. And will this Beast commit suicide, O’ Lord? No, for it will be impossible for him to quit this life. Instead, he is to pass from this life to the afterlife without passing through an actual physical death, and then to be cast into the lake of fire alive (Revelation 19:20). Yes, for it will not be granted to the Antichrist the ability nor permission to sleep. That Beast is now finding this out in his abyss, from which he will arise after the Reign of Larimar has come and gone, and the Reign of Mystery, Babylon the Great, has come in full.

Lord, that does not seem like a good time to live in? No it is not, but the gain achieved from living through the Larimar Reign will make those who have properly prepared ready for the coming of that Age of Tribulation and its great deceptions. What you saw with Emerald, Vesper, and Twilight, was merely the prelude.

Then, who is Firefly, O’ Lord? And what is her role in all of this? Her role is to destroy the Republican Party in the United States of American, and the other conservative parties in other places of this world. She has a ruining Pawn as head-of-state of the United States of America. And his pride is a mirror reflection of her pride. She is insanely consumed by her own ego. And she thinks that she is the highest and the greatest that ever there was. Her affiliation with Christianity is similar to that of Emperor Constantine, who did crucially good deeds for My Church, but who nevertheless, had not the faith necessary to be called a true Christian. And you know how pride comes before the fall? And the higher the tree is, the longer it takes to fall, but the greater the smash when it finally hits the ground. Well, Trump is a very high tree, and the axe has been hacking at its root for some time now, and he is in the process of falling. And when he finally comes crashing to the ground, people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, two fools who drank heavily of his Kool-Aid, are going to get crushed and severely broken.

And what about the fate of Putin, O’ Lord? Wasn’t he set to power by the Vespertine Player? Why has he reigned so long? And why did Putin cause Vesper’s Pawn, Hillary Clinton, to fail in her election bid, if it was she, Vesper, who set Putin to power? Indeed, little is Putin aware of the weakness that the planks of wood are upon which he is now standing, of how indeed rotten those planks of wood really are. They are about to give way, and Putin will fall, with no one to help him. The penalty of the ego centric man is that he kills the one who supports him, and then he fails, and no one is there to help him.

Indeed, there is nothing left to keep Putin from falling through the rotten wood to his death upon the rocks and crags far below. It is about to happen. Putin will seek to save his soul, but all he will find will be Orthodox priests, who have no power to save. And all his deeds will come out against him as he enters his terminal phase. Like a rabbit fleeing over a field frantically looking for shelter to hide from the eagle swooping down upon him shall be Putin as he enters his death race. He will die running, just like that. One moment he will be alive and in this world, and the next moment he will be in the fires of hell, burning and screaming, as he is tortured in grisly pains and tormented by conscience for the horror of all his sins. And from eternity unto eternity shall the smoke rise from hell from all his ghastly, endless torment there. Amen.

Putin, therefore, has no future. He has betrayed everyone, including his own soul, which he led to its damnation. So tell me, O’ Lord, how long shall this Larimar Reign last? Twelve years, O’ Larimar King. And it has started, as of December 1, 2019. So, I die and go to heaven in the year 2031, when I will be of age of 61 years, O’ Lord? I will have, hence, been granted 39 years from My conversion to Christianity in July of 1992? More precisely, understand that you have twelve years and seven months, and then your time shall come to an end. That brings you to July of 2032, when you will have reigned as a Christian following Me for exactly 40 years. And hence, you will die at 62 years of age. Hence, you have the right to determine the next three Presidential elections in the United States of America. And you will decide the fates of England, Scotland, Ireland (both countries), and Wales.

Lord, I do not wish to set up a ruler in Israel, for to take that role is to enter into deadly fire. What do I do regarding that, O’ Lord? Another ruler do I have who will set the Pawns of that nation while you set the Pawns of the Untied States. And in these twelve years, great spiritual profits shall come to those who serve Me. But woe, misery, and defeat shall be the fate of all who oppose Me and My servant Eric.

And Lord, the Kingdoms I had detailed, all of that is fantasy. And yet, there is a Larimar King. And there is a King who rules Israel. Indeed, there was an underlying truth to the story you weaved. But of that story, no other characters are of any significance. Only Larimar and the ruler of Israel matter. And what name shall we give this Player who sets the Pawns of Israel, O’ Lord? For surely he is to have a name? And Lord, just as you gave me the name of Larimar, I wish for this name for this Player who rules Israel to come from You rather than from me. I accept this request. And so, I the Lord, shall give to you a name by which you are to refer to this Player who rules Israel. And we will dispense with the names you have given him in the past, such as Jasper and Immanuel. The name I will have you call this lord, who rules Israel as you rule America, Russia, and the British Isles, shall be Lazurite, which is derived from the Arabic word for heaven: Lazaward. And in its gemstone form, Lazurite is known as Lapis Lazuli, a blue gemstone made of the mineral Lazurite with specks of Pyrite in it, giving it the appearance of flecks of gold over a deep blue background. Now you have a name for this lord that you did not make up, but rather, is a name having come from us in heaven.

Hence, while the Larimar King rules over North America, Russia, and the British Isles, the Lazurite King shall rule over Israel and the Levant, and all the lands given by God to Israel. And the two Blue Kings, Larimar and Lazurite, shall serve Me and Mary as the two Blue Mystics of the Latter Ages.

Lord, where is this written in Scripture? It is written in the account of My Transfiguration, where there appeared Moses and Elijah with Me conversing with Me about the Exodus I was about to perform leading My people out of slavery to Satan. Moses, the giver of the Law, prefigures Lazurite. And Elijah, who symbolizes the prophets, prefigures Larimar. Hence, Lazurite and Larimar are the two personifications of My Two Witnesses. And I tell you truthfully, fire will indeed come from their mouths to devour their enemies.

And now you know why Eric needed to be celibate and virgin. For only celibate and virgin men can fulfill the role of Witness Prophets, those two who will prophesy in My name day and night to all peoples on the earth. And should their prophesying be ignored, they will prophesy doom, and the doom shall come to pass. Whoever speaks against them will receive their stiff rebuke from the fiery Spirit emanating from their mouths.

Lord, there was once a legend in ancient Erician lore that said there were to be two Blue Wizards, who would be sent to prophecy and to turn the nations back to God. Are these two Blue Prophet Kings the two Blue Wizards, O’ Lord and Master. No, Eric. For your power is not the same as a wizard’s power. Wizards get their power from magic and the study of magic. But all your power is from Me, and you are merely the conduit through whom I will to manifest My power. Just as of Moses I said he was to appear as though he were God (Exodus 4:16), though in reality, he was merely a man to whom I appeared and through whom I spoke, so also are you and the other one like you to appear as God appears in the minds of many, but you two will proclaim only what you are given to say. And whoever seeks to harm you, fire will come out of your mouth to devour him. And what is the nature of this fire that comes from the mouths of Larimar and Lazurite to devour their enemies? It is the Living Word of God that kills all who see Him and contradict Him.

Now, one last paragraph shall I, the Lord, write through you, and We will conclude this post. First, what is your title and your rank in My Kingdom? Just as Moses ranked ahead of Elijah, and just as the Law came before the prophets, who I sent to remind My people to keep to My law, so also is King Lazurite of higher and greater precedence over you, O’ Larimar King. You are lesser than he. But both of you shall rank high in My Kingdom. And Larimar and Lazurite will sit on either side of Me and My Mother Mary, You, Eric, will sit to the left of Joseph, who shall sit to My left. And Lazurite shall sit to the right of Mary, who sits at My right hand. And Lord, how is it that Saint Joseph is seated so high, when he did not live to see the birth of the Church and to receive you at the Catholic Mass, O’ Lord? I will now tell you a Truth. The first Mass began on Holy Thursday, and was completed with My sacrifice on the cross with My immolation of My sacred body and My outpouring of blood and water from My heart. The blood signified spiritual life found in consuming My Eucharist, and the water signified the purification that comes from baptism and confession. Joseph is ranked as high as he is because he was cleansed and justified while he was still in his mother’s womb. Such I allowed to be revealed to the world in the apparition known as Our Lady of America, which has been approved by the Catholic Church. This is similar to that miracle that happened with My servant, John the Baptist, when he was in the womb of his mother, Elizabeth, at the moment she heard the voice of Mary while pregnant with her savior. That Mary went to visit Elizabeth in haste indicates the battles she was waging in her mind to keep this faith (Luke 1:39) for so incredible it must have been to have been told that she was to have a son who was to sit on the throne of David forever. And how much pain and struggle must it have been to see this one crucified, her only son, whom God had given to her. Now, Eric, because you have said these Words, I hereby grant you the following gifts: You are gifted with immortality. You cannot die, and even if you are put to a bloody gruesome death, you will resurrect and be made whole again three and a half days later. They will in fact refuse burial to you to to see if in fact this prophecy comes to pass. And they will see it and believe (Revelation 11:13). But no longer will they have you in this world to question you or to ask you anything, for you will have been taken away. And this same story will manifest in Jerusalem on the other side of the world with Lazurite, precisely within the same second that I take you, Larimar, from this world. Hence shall come to an end in this world of the testimony I intend to be spoken to all by My servants, Larimar and Lazurite. And after they are gone, the time of Divine Mercy will have ended, and the time of Divine Justice will have begun. And earth will enter a state resembling purgatory, as all on the earth proceeds to suffer agonies and tribulations the likes of which the world has never before known. And as the visions continue in the night, there will be seen in the heavens the sign of the cross. It will be a victory sign for My faithful, and a sign of dread for My accursed. And after this sign passes, and the darkness of those days, I, Jesus, shall come. And great will be My fury and My wrath, for My judgement will afflict everyone who has sinned. In great terror will the wicked be judged, but My rewards for those who are Mine will be infinitely greater.

Larimar and Lazurite are My two Blue Prophet Kings. Listen to them. I reveal nothing new to them, but only new ways of looking at what is already revealed in Me. Larimar will speak in English, the one language he is fluent in, which is the global lingua franca. And Lazurite will speak in Hebrew to the Jews. Now, go take your rest. When you rise from your slumber, you will find the time to read this work and publish it before you must go and prepare for breakfast and Church and work. Amen. And Eric, there are no dukes or barons in My Kingdom. Instead, you and Lazurite are recognized as living tomes of knowledge. And highly sought will be your works and those of Lazurite after I take you both from this world. And you both have twelve years left to prophesy what I will command you both to say. Amen. Now go and take your rest, O’ Larimar King. For you have passed the test. Crowns await you in heaven: Those of virginity and martyrdom. Do not build in this world nor gather into your house more than you need. Give the rest to the poor, and then come, follow Me. And you will find My Way is indeed higher than that of the ways of this world. I have now spoken. This post is concluded. And I will be speaking through you for years to come. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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