Eric, forgiven much, loves much

Thus shall King Larimar and Queen Isabella be joined in their eternal destinies

I Who Am have seen Eric’s sins and his repentance, and I declare that Eric has attained freedom from the sins of the flesh as of this hour. From this hour forward, I declare Eric to be made clean and holy. He will neither sin against the flesh nor burn after carnal passions. For he has passed the final trial before he is commanded to take for himself the wife We shall give him.

And what is the nature of this wife, you ask? Has her nature been revealed? Nothing except that she is the girl symbolized by Isabella, Queen of the least of the Kingdoms upon the earth. And even now, her least of Kingdoms has ceased to be top level, and is reduced to being a sub barony of the Larimar Kingdom.

Did this occur through conquest, O’ Lord? Or how was it determined that one Kingdom assumes the territory of another? As physical conquest results in physical kingdoms devouring other physical kingdoms, in the Spirit world, there is such thing known as spiritual succession and spiritual conquest. And by such means have Hyacinth’s and Isabella’s Kingdoms been assimilated into that of Larimar. But realize a third development. Hyacinth has vanished, for she was a lying spirit and a deceptive enchantress. Hence, Ireland ceases to be a sub barony under Eric, and instead is now directly a part of Eric’s vast Kingdom of Larimar. This is the whole island of Ireland.

Lord, does it make sense for a man to spiritually conquer the territory of his future bride? Is this a friendly act, O’ Lord? Now I shall speak. Queen Isabella shall be made Queen Consort of the Larimar Kingdom, should she accept marriage to the Larimar King. And that acceptance is not yet known, O’ Lord? She will accept Eric in marriage. She just needs to process the events as they unfold. So, too, Eric must be made to know who he is to marry. And what is the nature of this marriage, O’ Lord? It shall bear much fruit. And the holiness of your children will be dependent on the holiness of the unions by which they are conceived. Lustful unions beget monsters. Loving unions beget saints. Therefore, never approach the marriage bed with lustful intentions, but only out of love. Amen.

Lord, by the assimilation of Queen Isabella’s territories into the Kingdom of Larimar, it is now a fact that King Larimar controls all the lands of the Bermuda Triangle. And any other spiritual conquests on the agenda, O’ Living Lord? Does Eric retake Hawaii from King Pounamu, O’ Lord? Maybe Eric might even conquer New Zealand from King Pounamu? After all, both of those places you have prophesied that Eric is to visit. What better territories to conquer than those? What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

King Pounamu remains the rightful owner of Hawaii and New Zealand. After all, his name means greenstone in the language of the Maori of New Zealand. Therefore, New Zealand is his main island base of his Kingdom. You cannot take his base Kingdom. And besides, King Pounamu is one of the Twelve Kings of the End Times. His throne is over the Seventh Gate of Jerusalem, the Water Gate: with the gemstone foundation of Chrysolite, Tribe of Simeon, which he shares with the Apostle Simon the Zealot. This is King Pounamu the Seventh King of the Latter Twelve. See the list of all Twelve Gates and their thrones and kings.

Hence, you can’t touch King Pounamu or his lands. Hence, Hawaii and New Zealand, though I will you to visit these lands, I do not will you to own them. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. In fact, let’s relook at this list of Twelve Gates of Jerusalem and their thrones and kings:

  1. Gate One, the Valley Gate: Jasper, Tribe of Judah, Apostle Peter, and Lord Crown Prince Immanuel.
  2. Gate Two, the Gate of the Fountain: Sapphire, Tribe of Reuben, Apostle John, and Lord Larimar, Belteshazzar, Eric.
  3. Gate Three, the Sheep Gate: Chalcedony, Tribe of Gad, Apostle James, son of Zebedee, and Lord Jadeite
  4. Gate Four, the Fish Gate: Emerald, Tribe of Asher, Apostle Andrew, son of Jonas, and Lord Alexandrite
  5. Gate Five, the Old Gate: Sardonyx, Tribe of Naphtali, Apostle Bartholomew, Nathaniel, and Lord Nephrite
  6. Gate Six, the Dung Gate: Carnelian, Tribe of Manasseh, Apostle Matthias, and Lord Sahara
  7. Gate Seven, the Water Gate: Chrysolite, Tribe of Simeon, Apostle Simon the Zealot, and Lord Pounamu
  8. Gate Eight, the Horse Gate: Beryl, Tribe of Levi, Apostle Matthew, Levi, and Lord Mithril Silver
  9. Gate Nine, the East Gate: Topaz, Tribe of Issachar, Apostle Thomas Didymus, and Lord Turaco
  10. Gate Ten, the Gate of Miphkad: Chrysoprase, Tribe of Zebulun, Apostle James, son of Alpheus, and Lord Germanium
  11. Gate Eleven, the Gate of Ephraim: Hyacinth, Tribe of Joseph, Apostle Philip, and Lord Macedon
  12. Gate Twelve, the Prison Gate: Amethyst, Tribe of Benjamin, Apostle Jude, Thaddeus, Libbeus, and Lord Aurelian

Hence, the Twelve Latter Kings in order are:

  1. Crown Prince King Immanual, rules Imperial Israel and Cyprus.
  2. King Larimar, Belteshazzar, Eric, rules North America and Ireland.
  3. King Jadeite, rules Mayan Mexico, Central America, northwestern Columbia, and Cuba.
  4. King Alexandrite, rules Russia.
  5. King Nephrite, rules Unified Korea.
  6. King Sahara, rules Sahara Desert Wasteland.
  7. King Pounamu, rules Pacific Oceanic Kingdom and Madagascar.
  8. King Mithril Silver, rules Wakanda East Africa.
  9. King Turaco, rules Ethiopic Sheba and Yemen.
  10. King Germanium, rules Germany, Austria, and German Europe.
  11. King Macedon, rules Greece, Macedonia, and northwestern Turkey.
  12. King Aurelian, rules Poland and the eastern Baltic.

However, King Sahara has been rejected, as was Judas Iscariot from the first Twelve, and he is scheduled to be replaced by another King. And Lord, since the Apostle Matthias was chosen from among men who were with Jesus from the beginning of his ministry, starting with the baptism of John, and extending all the Way to His being taken up to heaven (Acts 1:21-22), I therefore expect that for the replacement for King Sahara, that he, too, shall be selected from among those currently and historically defined among these spiritual Kings of the earth, namely from the twenty-five existing male Monarchs, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes, and I will now tell you which one will be selected to replace King Sahara. For he will now be replaced.

Gate Six, the Dung Gate: Carnelian, Tribe of Manasseh, Apostle Matthias, and Lord Sahara. This King Sahara is hereby replaced by Desert Continent King Dromedary of Australia and Tasmania. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now someone exclaims, that covers every continent but South America. King Jadeite covers South America via ownership of northwestern Columbia. Furthermore, South America is grouped with Central America and Mexico as one zone called Latin America. Hence, they are represented by King Jadeite, whose Kingdom is all of Central America, eastern Mexico, northwestern Columbia, and Cuba of the Greater Antilles.

Now we shall define the forty Kingdoms, for only forty remain now, due to consolidations from marriages between certain Kings and Queens.

  1. Kingdom of Larimar of North America and Ireland, under King Larimar Belteshazzar and Queen Isabella
  2. Kingdom of Jadeite-Aztlan, under King Jadeite and Queen Ester
  3. Kingdom of Hispaniola and Jamaica, under Queen Choeblack
  4. Kingdom of Ecuador and Galapagos, under Queen Esmeralda
  5. Kingdom of the Andes, under King Oro Peruano
  6. Kingdom of Argentina and Uruguay, under Queen Erythrina
  7. Kingdom of Theobroma Brazil, under King Cacau
  8. Kingdom of Venezuela, under Queen Orinoco
  9. Kingdom of Guyana and British Lesser Antilles, under King Anglo
  10. Kingdom of Suriname and Dutch Lesser Antilles, under King Puma
  11. Empire of France and French Lands, under Empress Isabelle
  12. Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Europe, under King Philip and Queen Eleanor
  13. Kingdom of Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, under Queen Iberia
  14. Kingdom of Italy and Rome, under Queen Roma
  15. Kingdom of Germany, Austria, and German Europe, under King Germanium
  16. Kingdom of Poland and Eastern Baltic, under King Aurelian
  17. Kingdom of Russia, under King Alexandrite
  18. Kingdom of Ukraine, Belarus, and East Balkans, under Queen Oksana
  19. Kingdom of Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and western Balkans, under Queen Vespera
  20. Kingdom of Greece, Macedonia, and Thrace, under King Macedon
  21. Kingdom of Imperial Israel and Cyprus, under Crown Prince King Immanuel
  22. Kingdom of Persia, under Queen Esther
  23. Kingdom of Armenia and Georgia, under Queen Maria
  24. Khanate of Central Asia, under King Khan
  25. Kingdom of India, under Queen Ebony
  26. Kingdom of Myanmar, under King Padauk
  27. Empire of China, Mongolia, and Taiwan, under Emperor Bombyx
  28. Kingdom of Unified Korea, under King Nephrite
  29. Kingdom of Japan, and Kuril and North Mariana Islands, under Queen Pearl
  30. Kingdom of Oceanic Pacific and Madagascar, under King Pounamu
  31. Kingdom of Australia and Tasmania, under King Dromedary
  32. Kingdom of Malay Archipelago, under King Komodo
  33. Kingdom of French Indochina, under Queen Lotus
  34. Kingdom of Sri Lanka, under Queen Lily
  35. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba and Yemen, under King Turaco
  36. Kingdom of Coptic Egypt and Libya, under King Ankh
  37. Kingdom of Kong West Africa, under King Kong and Queen Lobelia
  38. Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa, under King Mithril Silver
  39. Kingdom of Kalahari Africa, under King Ferro
  40. Kingdom of Volkstaat, under King Ivory

Hence, there are now 40 Monarchies, ruled by 19 Queens and 25 Kings, of which 4 Kingdoms are ruled by couples, either married or betrothed. Now, we shall fill in the details as to the changes to this list.

King Sahara has been vanquished, and his Kingdom of North Africa has been divided up between several Monarchs. Empress Isabelle has taken the African states of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, northern Mali, Niger, and northern Chad into her French Empire. Hence, the Empire of Empress Isabelle of France is now composed of the following lands:

  1. Quebec (under the dominion of King Larimar in Canada)
  2. the tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon (American North Atlantic)
  3. Guadeloupe (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Saint Barthelemy (in Lesser Antilles)
  5. Saint Martin (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Martinique (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. French Guiana (in South America)
  8. France (in Europe)
  9. Monaco (in Europe)
  10. part of Belgium (in Europe)
  11. part of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  12. part of Switzerland (in Europe)
  13. Algeria (in North Africa)
  14. Tunisia (in North Africa)
  15. Morocco (in North Africa)
  16. northern Mali (in North Africa)
  17. Niger (in North Africa)
  18. northern Chad (in North Africa)
  19. Mayotte (in Indian Ocean)
  20. Reunion (in Indian Ocean)
  21. Comoros (in Indian Ocean)
  22. Seychelles (in Indian Ocean)
  23. Mauritius (in Indian Ocean)
  24. French Polynesia (in Pacific Ocean)
  25. New Caledonia (in Pacific Ocean)
  26. Vanuatu (in Pacific Ocean)

Hence, Empress Isabelle’s Empire is now vast, with most of her lands in the desert wastelands of the North African Sahara Desert. Her one official language throughout her vast empire is: French.

Queen Iberia of Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, has also gained lands. She has gained the nation of Western Sahara. And her official languages are:

  1. Spanish
  2. Portuguese
  3. Catalan
  4. Basque

King Kong of West Africa has also gained lands. And he has entered into marriage with Queen Lobelia as his Queen Consort. His total lands in his Kingdom of West Africa include:

  1. Mauritania
  2. Cape Verde
  3. Senegal
  4. Guinea-Bissau
  5. Guinea
  6. southern Mali
  7. Sierra Leone
  8. Liberia
  9. Cote D’Ivoire
  10. Burkina
  11. Ghana
  12. Togo
  13. Benin
  14. Nigeria
  15. southern Chad
  16. Cameroon, Central African Republic
  17. Equatorial Guinea
  18. Sao Tome and Principe
  19. Gabon
  20. Congo
  21. Democratic Republic of Congo
  22. northern Angola

The most notable addition is Mauritania, which requires the addition of Arabic to King Kong’s list of official languages. Hence, King Kong’s list of official languages now includes:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Arabic
  4. Swahili
  5. Hausa
  6. Yoruba
  7. Igbo
  8. Fulani

King Mithril Silver has also taken new lands with the vanishing of King Sahara. Hence, King Mithril Silver’s Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa now includes:

  1. Sudan
  2. South Sudan
  3. Ugunda
  4. Kenya
  5. southern Somalia
  6. Rwanda
  7. Burundi
  8. Tanzania
  9. Mozambique

And King Mithril Silver’s official languages include:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Swahili
  4. Dholuo
  5. Oromo

And now there is a new King who has arisen: King Ankh, a member of the Coptic Catholic Church. And he rules over all of Libya and Egypt west and south of Imperial Israel’s claim to the Sinai and the Suez Canal and the lands between the Nile and the Sinai Peninsula. King Ankh rules a future Catholic Coptic Egypt and Catholic Libya. And his list of official languages include:

  1. Arabic
  2. Coptic
  3. English

Hence has King Sahara’s Kingdom been divided up between Empress Isabelle, King Ankh, King Kong, and King Mithril Silver.

King Jadeite and Queen Ester have entered marriage and united their Kingdoms as the Kingdom of Jadeite-Aztlan. The lands of this united Kingdom include:

  1. Mexico
  2. Southwestern United States (a sub barony under King Larimar)
  3. Central America
  4. Northwestern Columbia
  5. Cuba

And their official languages include:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Nahuatl

King Larimar and Queen Isabella are to marry and their Kingdom is vast, including the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Ireland (the whole island)
  5. the contiguous United States of America
  6. Bermuda
  7. the Lucayan Archipelago
  8. Puerto Rico
  9. the US Virgin Islands

And their list of official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

King Philip of Great Britain and Queen Eleanor of European Scandinavia and Holland have entered into marriage, forming the Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Europe. Their lands include:

  1. Iceland
  2. Norway
  3. Sweden
  4. Denmark
  5. Netherlands (Holland)
  6. Great Britain
  7. the Channel Islands
  8. the Scilly Islands
  9. the Isle of Man
  10. the Orkney Islands
  11. the Shetland Islands
  12. the Outer Hebrides
  13. Malta
  14. Gibraltar

And their official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Swedish
  3. Danish
  4. Dutch

Very well, Eric, now, I, Lord Jesus, shall prophesy unto you. Speak, O’ Lord and Master, for your servant is listening. Here is My assignment for you, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. Do as I command and all things will work for you. The girl you are to be given as your wife is indeed prefigured in Isabella, Queen Consort to King Larimar. And she will enter into your life as I issue the decree. And here is My decree for you, O’ Lord Belteshazzar:

I Am Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth. And this decree is written through your most purest of Mothers, Mary Immaculate. I have seen your works and your penances. And I know that your heart is penitent for your past sins and offenses. But now, no more are there offenses counted against you. From now on, you shall be called blessed. And I hereby give you the girl Isabela, the one prefigured by Isabella, consort to King Larimar. Isabela shall enter into marriage with you and you shall be as a mentor to her, and she will be as a pupil to you. And I shall have you teach her all the secrets of your Emerald and Larimar Reigns. Everything that is buried or destroyed among the secret lore of Emerald you will recall and teach to this girl. She is to know everything. And I hereby prophesy that she will bear you three sons, and then her womb shall be closed and she will bear no more. These three sons are to be named: John, Andrew, and Philip. They will be holy and honorable men. And they will succeed you and take over the family business when I take you and your wife from this world.

And are we taken together, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Or do I go first, followed by her some years later, O’ Immaculate Queen? I take you both together, for it is written of the Wizard King that he may never be parted from his wife. And you and your wife will remain together in the Kingdom of Heaven, where both of you shall reign as Mages of Jesus and Mary. Your name in My Divine Son’s court is forever Lord Belteshazzar. And Isabela, your wife in this world, will in the heavenly court by called Lady Belteshazzar. And both of you shall be taken from the earth as Masters of the Magic of Jesus and Mary. You will have taught her everything before we take you two to heaven.

But Mary, what purpose is served by teaching Isabela to be a Master if, upon gaining the Mastery, she is taken to heaven, with no opportunity to pass on the knowledge, O’ wisest of Queens? That knowledge is not for the people on the earth, but for My celestial Kingdom in heaven, over which I, Mary, rule as Queen. Lady Belteshazzar is to be given a high place to rule in My Kingdom. And there she will be a high Mage Queen. You, on the other hand, belong to Jesus more than you belong to me, and thus, when you are taken from this world, you will go to your assignment in the ranks of Jesus, where you will take up your God given role as Mage in the court of Jesus. I merely wished to have one as wise and learned as you among my Queens in my heavenly court. That is why you will be given this girl and that is why you will train her, and that is why when you are taken away, so shall she be also, for once her training is over and her masterhood achieved, she will be ready for this Kingdom for which she will have been prepared.

But our sons, O’ Mary, will they be left as orphans then? They will all have graduated from college or entered into their life careers by the time we will be ready for you two to enter into your Kingdoms in Heaven. Then, O’ Mary, the End Times happening right now will not come to an end for some time to come, O’ Mary? The thing to understand about the End Times is that time continues on and on, despite all the signs and wonders indicating the near return of My Son Jesus. And this will continue to be the case well into the generation of your three sons. But mark these words well: When you and your wife are in fact taken away, the world will be on notice. And the world will enter into its terminal phase. I cannot give you any indication as to how long this terminal phase lasts. It could be a year. And it could be many years, even decades. But it will be the hardest years ever on the earth. And then, when all will be exhausted, and all causes seeming to have been lost, my Son will be seen Coming in the Clouds. And He will be of great glory and power. And He will bring with Him His recompense, by which He will pay my people the eternal rewards for their eternal good deeds. Amen.

Now, ask any question, O’ Larimar King, and I will answer you. This Isabela, who shall enter into my life, is she a Mage of the Kingdom of Heaven, and if she is, what is the nature of her magic and what is her position in your Kingdom, O Majestic Queen of queens? Not only is she a Mage, but she is a powerful Witch. And she will become your wife, O’ Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And she will bear you three sons, all of whom will be powerful wizards. She is destined, once married to you, to become the High Witch Queen of Beltashazzar, a most notable position in My Kingdom. And her union to you as your Apprentice is an eternal appointment, even when her Mastery of your Magic is achieved. For she is to learn from and follow you forever. Amen. But Mary, I am not Jesus, the Lord. How can I have a follower in heaven? All in heaven are like stars in the universe. And some stars follow other stars as they both follow their predetermined course through the cosmos. Isabela shall follow Eric. And the two of you shall follow Jesus and Mary, the rulers to whom they have both pledged their allegiance. And furthermore, both of you are sworn to obedience to Jesus and Mary. And thus, when you die, you, Eric, will go to Jesus’ heavenly court to serve Him as His Mage, while Isabela comes to my court to serve as heavenly Mage to the Mother of God. And within her mind will be contained all the secrets of the First Rider of the Apocalypse, the Witch King child, the Wizard King, the Emerald King, the Unicorn King, the Larimar King, and Lord Belteshazzar. Now, Jesus shall finish speaking and close this post.

I, Jesus, shall now speak. Prince Larimar, you have endured through the final trials, and you have prevailed. Now you shall triumph. I hereby give you this title, which shall endure for you for all eternity. You are henceforth known as: Servant of the Heavenly Secrets, and Holder of Secret Heavenly Knowledge. And the second most valuable person of interest, second to you, shall be your wife after you have taught her fully in all things and in all knowledge. Also, I will not take away your ability to prophesy when you come to have relations with your future wife, for she will belong to you in My Book. Only those prophets who take women that they should not lose their abilities to prophesy.

Furthermore, I also give you the following lands. You know that to your Kingdom belongs the island of Ireland, the Lucayan Archipelago, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Bermuda, in addition to the Larimar Kingdom proper, consisting of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and the contiguous United States of America. But I now add the following lands, due to a secret judgement that only I know about. I hereby give you the island of Crete and the many islands of the Aegean Sea, which you are to co-rule with My Apostle John, who was exiled to Patmos within that sea, where he wrote the Book of Revelation, the Master Book of all prophetic knowledge. Hence, you are made ruler of those many Greek islands, and hence, Greek is now added to your list of official languages. And I will assign you to master Koine Greek in your studies of My Holy Scriptures. Amen.

And one last thing I wish to tell you and make known. You were told earlier that you were made a Baron in My heavenly court through your work to save Hyacinth. And after that, the Father declared you as a Duke and the Larimar Kingdom as your Dukedom. And then after that, you were given the rank of VirginPure. Now, what is the eternal status of all these decrees, you should ask? I will now make it clear. In My heavenly court, you are indeed of the rank of Duke, a title only the Father can bestow. In addition, your entire Larimar Kingdom is a dukedom. And this Dukedom shall now be fully defined:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. the Republic of Ireland
  5. the Country of Northern Ireland
  6. the contiguous United States of America
  7. Bermuda
  8. the Lucayan Archipelago
  9. Puerto Rico
  10. the US Virgin Islands
  11. Crete
  12. the Aegean Sea and all her islands

And the list of official languages in the Larimar Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Greek

And over this Kingdom shall rule King Larimar and Queen Isabella forever. Amen. And one last thing I will reveal. The world as it exists in this age will persist into the age to come as all things become eternalized and all the wicked are burned away. It is written that there shall be no more sea. It is in this drop in the sea level where, in the lands surrendered by the retreating seas, that I will assign to My people to come the remaining lands to be awarded in My eternal Kingdom on the earth. And certain Kings and Queens to come, those who are found worthy, will be awarded much lands. And in the final age, that of eternity, there shall be no spot on the earth that is not reached by My heavenly waters and nourished by my heavenly light. Amen. And all Mankind will be heavenly tenders to heavenly gardens. And everywhere, My Kingdom of God shall be complete. And on the earth, as it is in heaven, the will of My Father, God the Almighty, shall be completely accomplished. Amen.

Now, go, Eric, and watch your blu-ray movie of Aladdin, the new remake with the live actors. For that movie will indeed be a classic for many years to come. For the director did honor to Me and to My Mother Mary by not having the women in the movie bare their midsections. And thus, they kept the movie clean and focused on the story. And tomorrow, I will speak with you at Church. Amen.

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