I, Jesus, prophesy

I Who Am have prepared the fate of Eric, My servant

I, Jesus, have come to prophesy through My servant, Eric. Yes, I acknowledge that the prophecy made through Eric has failed. For it was said through him that Boris Johnson would suffer a terrible defeat in the elections, and the opposite has happened. What does this mean, O’ Lord? It means that the Player Firefly is not yet ousted. Then who holds the Ring of Power, O’ Lord? What happens when two Players command opposite things, O’ Lord? Whose command is fulfilled? I will now tell thee, O’ Larimar King.

Firefly is very much still an active Player. And she very much still has hold of and access to the Ring of Power. Remember that she has only been reigning through Trump in power since January 20, 2017. That will make three years total next month. But I always give three and a half years to My Players to reign. Hence, she is in power now, but wait until July of 2020. Then she will meet her waterloo, just as you met yours in July of 1992, when you converted to Christianity and became My follower. Let us understand President George Herbert Walker Bush, that is, Bush Senior, was in fact your Pawn, even though you have no memory of calling him forth. Through him you waged Operation Desert Storm, and through him you did many things. And, like Firefly, you had many other Pawns set up as heads-of-state throughout the whole world: Gorbachev of USSR, Yeltsin of Russia, de Klerk of South Africa, and Rabin of Israel. Gorbachev was from your decree made when you were a child. And Rabin was the final setup of the Greater Emerald Reign, and his forming his government was completed in the Watered Down Emerald Reign, on that very night of your conversion to My religion in July, 1992.

So, how does it go, O’ Lord? Will Firefly be given the same test that Eric the Emerald was given? Yes, and if she fails, she will die. But regardless of whether she fails or succeeds, her reign ends on that day, and her Ring of Power will be passed onto the next Player. And you know that that is just before the 2020 elections. Remember how in the 1992 elections after you converted, how you saw the rise of Vesper. And you abandoned your Pawn in favor of hers, Bill Clinton, whose full legal name, William Jefferson Clinton, adds up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek.

And by way of reference, what does Eric’s full legal name add up to in Greek? Eric’s full legal name, Eric Robert Dunstan, in Greek: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, does in fact add up to 1717 in Greek. And note it has exactly 17 letters in it. So, what is it with the number 17 with Eric, you ask? Let us quote Dueteronomy 17:17: Neither shall he [the King of Israel] take a great number of wives, lest his heart be estranged, nor shall he accumulate a vast amount of silver and gold. This is the definition of King Larimar. And it has been also the case back when he was Emerald, that name he gave to himself in his Emerald Reign as possessor of the Ring of Power.

So, who holds the Ring of Power, and who is the next Player to receive that Ring come July, 2020, O’ Lord? I will now tell thee, O’ Servant of the Lord. You are the one to take back the Ring of Power. And why you, someone asks? Eric gave up his powers at their height to follow Me. And whatever you give up for My sake, or the sake of My Kingdom, you are guaranteed to see them return to you in this life, and to have eternal life in the hereafter. Hence, that is why Eric must come to reign again. And so, from 1992 to 2020, the Ring of Power will have passed through seven Presidential terms in the hands of four unworthy Players. That is 28 years, the length of a generation, or 7 full length United States Presidential terms. And through all this time, Eric has lived in celibacy. He has neither married nor had sex. For he is a virgin.

Now, I Who Am Am giving Eric a new title. Instead of being called Duke, Eric will be called VirginPure. And this title I will bestow on all those sealed as members of My elite 144,000 elect who have not defiled themselves with women. I do not require them to be virgins, but simply Virgin Pure, that is, as pure as a virgin. And that requires never having taken of women what was not granted to you to take. Hence, Eric is a VirginPure. And so also are all the Kings numbered among the 24, regardless of whether they married or not, regardless of whether they are virgin or not. What matters is did they take or refrain from what I had forbidden them. Amen.

The first 12 of these 24 Kings are the 12 Apostles, all of whom were elected by Me, including Matthias, who I elected to replace Judas, through the casting of lots. For to Me, accidents never occur. And everything called an accident is misunderstood. For I Am behind all things that happen to all people. I control whatever any man sees. And no one can see or hear anything except for what I grant him to see or hear. Amen. Therefore, if there is an accident, I Am the cause of it, but I do not allow you to blame Me. Blame, rather, your sins, for it is by your sins that I have elected to humble you, or to rebuke you, or to call you to attention to your sins. Now, I shall speak.

First, let us deal with the prophecies that say Eric is to marry. Are any of these prophecies from Me, the Lord Jesus? Or have all these prophecies been mere thought suggestions, or insertions from Satan? Tell ME, O’ Eric, your thoughts. Lord, I know from the Virgin Mary, that she did in fact offer me the path of Virgin Celibacy, which I elected to follow, but did not keep to it completely. Good, then you are aware of that calling of you. Yes, if you wish it, I will reinstate you to that path. I wish it, O’ Lord.

Eric Robert Dunstan is hereby declared a celibate virgin saint forever. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, do utter this prophecy. And so it shall be. And what, therefore, are the ramifications of this prophecy, O’ Lord? Where will you lead Eric to? Into the priesthood, where he is disqualified, due to his bipolar disorder? My servants, Eric would never be allowed to enter My priesthood by the priests and bishops reading his posts here. No, the priesthood I do not need nor require Eric to enter into. Remember that virgin celibacy does not mean one has a vocation to enter Holy Orders. Only by My personal calling to the individual does one receive the vocation to enter Holy Orders. Hence, let all the people know and relent. Only I, the Lord Jesus, decide who is called to Holy Orders. No one else decides this. And have I called Eric to enter in, you ask? What saith Thou, O’ Lord and Master? Eric I have called to serve Me as Prophet King, not as ordained priest. Let this be accepted as My final answer on this question. I AM the Lord!

Ok, Eric, I have a new description for your spiritual Kingdom which you rule in the Spirit world over the face of the present earth. I now have new definitions to announce through you on the forty-four kings and queens. And their numbers have now changed again. So, let me prophesy again.

Eric the Larimar King is ruler over the Larimar Kingdom. And what constitutes his lands in the eternal spiritual sense. For these lands I anoint Eric to rule over forever as High King. And no one may oppose him on his lands. So, listen to Me. I give Eric North America, but not including Mexico nor Central America. And I grant to Eric the island of Greenland. And what lands of the West Indies, O’ Lord, do you grant to Eric, celibate virgin King?

There are now a total of 44 top level Monarchs, as defined in this post, consisting of 19 female Queens and 25 male Kings. Now I shall speak.

  1. Larimar Kingdom of North America, under Prophet King Larimar
  2. Kingdom of Aztlan, under Queen Ester
  3. Mayan and Central American Kingdom, under King Jadeite
  4. Hispaniola and Jamaican Kingdom, under Queen Choeblack
  5. Kingdom of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, under Queen Isabella
  6. Kingdom of Venezuela, under Queen Orinoco
  7. Kingdom of Guyana and British West Indies, under King Anglo
  8. Kingdom of Suriname and Dutch Lesser Antilles, under King Puma
  9. Kingdom of Ecuador and Galapagos, under Queen Esmeralda
  10. Kingdom of the Andes of South America, under King Oro Peruano
  11. Kingdom of Argentina and Uruguay, under Queen Erythrina
  12. Kingdom of Theobroma Brazil, under King Cacau
  13. Empire of France, under Empress Isabelle
  14. Kingdom of European Scandinavia, under Queen Eleanor
  15. Kingdom of United Ireland, under Queen Hyacinth
  16. Kingdom of Great Britain, under King Philip
  17. Kingdom of Germany and Austria, under King Germanium
  18. Kingdom of Poland and the Eastern Baltic, under King Aurelian
  19. Kingdom of Russia, under King Alexandrite
  20. Kingdom of Ukraine, Belarus, and East Balkans, under Queen Oksana
  21. Kingdom of Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Western Balkans, under Queen Vespera
  22. Kingdom of Rome and Italy, under Queen Roma
  23. Kingdom of Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, under Queen Iberia
  24. Kingdom of Greeco-Macedonia, under King Macedon
  25. Kingdom of Armenia and Georgia, under Queen Maria
  26. Khanate of Central Asia, under King Khan
  27. Kingdom of India and South Asia, under Queen Ebony
  28. Empire of China, Mongolia, and Taiwan, under Emperor Bombyx
  29. Kingdom of Unified Korea, under King Nephrite
  30. Kingdom of Japan and Kuril and Mariana Islands, under Queen Pearl
  31. Kingdom of Oceanic Pacific and Madagascar, under King Pounamu
  32. Kingdom of Australia and Tasmania, under King Dromedary
  33. Kingdom of Malay Archipelago, under King Komodo
  34. Kingdom of French Indochina, under Queen Lotus
  35. Kingdom of Burma, under King Padauk
  36. Kingdom of Sri Lanka, under Queen Lily
  37. Kingdom of Persia, under Queen Esther
  38. Kingdom of Imperial Israel, under Crown Prince King Immanuel
  39. Kingdom of Sahara, under King Sahara
  40. Kingdom of Kong West Africa, under King Kong
  41. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba and Yemen, under King Turaco
  42. Kingdom of Wakanda East Africa, under King Mithril Silver
  43. Kingdom of Kalihari, under King Ferro
  44. Kingdom of Volkstaat, under King Ivory

In this new designation, which I, the Lord, have decreed through Eric, the Kingdom of Larimar now consists of just these lands of North America:

  1. Alaska (in North America)
  2. Canada (in North America)
  3. Greenland (in North America)
  4. the contiguous United States of America (in North America)

And there are three official languages recognized in this Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

To these three languages shall official documents be translated. And what are the lands belonging to the other Kingdoms, O’ Lord? For I see some serious changes. I, the Lord, shall now illuminate that to you:

To Queen Isabella belong the following lands:

  1. Puerto Rico (in the Greater Antilles)
  2. the US Virgin Islands (in the Lesser Antilles)
  3. the Bahamas (in the West Indies, outside the Caribbean)
  4. Turks and Caicos Islands (in the West Indies, outside the Caribbean)
  5. Bermuda (in the West Indies, outside the Caribbean)

And the official languages in her Kingdom are:

  1. Spanish
  2. English

To King Anglo belong the following lands:

  1. Guyana (in South America)
  2. British Virgin Islands (in the Lesser Antilles)
  3. Anguilla (in the Lesser Antilles)
  4. Montserrat (in the Lesser Antilles)
  5. Barbados (in the Lesser Antilles)
  6. Trinidad and Tobago (in the Lesser Antilles)

And his official language is: English

Queen Choeblack’s Kingdom holds the following lands:

  1. Haiti (in Hispaniola, of the Greater Antilles)
  2. the Dominican Republic (in Hispaniola of the Greater Antilles)
  3. the Cayman Islands (in the Greater Antilles)
  4. Jamaica (in the Greater Antilles)
  5. Antigua and Barbuda (in the Lesser Antilles)
  6. St. Kitts and Nevis (in the Lesser Antilles)
  7. Dominica (in the Lesser Antilles)
  8. St Lucia (in the Lesser Antilles)
  9. St Vincent & Grenadines (in the Lesser Antilles)
  10. Grenada (in the Lesser Antilles)

And her official languages are:

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. English

King Puma’s Kingdom holds the following lands:

  1. Suriname (in South America)
  2. Curacao (in the Lesser Antilles)
  3. Aruba (in the Lesser Antilles)
  4. Bonaire (in the Lesser Antilles)
  5. Sint Maarten (in the Lesser Antilles)
  6. Sint Eustatius (in the Lesser Antilles)
  7. Saba (in the Lesser Antilles)

And his official languages include:

  1. Dutch
  2. Papiamento
  3. English

And Queen Ester’s Kingdom of Aztlan consists of the following lands:

  1. Mexico west of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, inclusive (in North America)
  2. Southwestern United States of America (a sub-barony within Larimar’s Kingdom of North America)

And her official languages are:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Nahuatl

King Jadeite’s Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Mexico east of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, exclusive (in North America)
  2. Guatamala (in Central America)
  3. Belize (in Central America)
  4. El Salvador (in Central America)
  5. Honduras (in Central America)
  6. Nicaragua (in Central America)
  7. Costa Rica (in Central America)
  8. Panama (in Central America)
  9. northwestern Columbia (in South America)
  10. Cuba (in the Greater Antilles, of the Caribbean)

And his official language is just: Spanish

Queen Esmeralda’s Kingdom includes:

  1. Ecuador (in South America)
  2. the Galapagos Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  3. southern and western Columbia (in South America)

And her official languages are:

  1. Spanish
  2. Kichwa
  3. Shuar

Queen Orinoco’s Kingdom includes:

  1. Venezuela (in South America)
  2. eastern Columbia (in South America)

And her official language is: Spanish

King Pounamu’s vast Kingdom includes

  1. Madagascar (in Indian Ocean)
  2. Maldives (in Indian Ocean)
  3. New Zealand (in Pacific Ocean)
  4. East Timor (in Malay Archipelago)
  5. Papua New Guinea (in Malay Archipelago)
  6. the Solomon Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  7. the Philippines (in Malay Archipelago)
  8. Palau (in Pacific Ocean)
  9. Guam (in Pacific Ocean)
  10. the Hawaiian Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  11. the Kermadec Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  12. Tonga (in Pacific Ocean)
  13. Easter Island (in Pacific Ocean)
  14. Santa Cruz Island (in Pacific Ocean)
  15. Tuvalu (in Pacific Ocean)
  16. Tokelau (in Pacific Ocean)
  17. Samoa (in Pacific Ocean)
  18. Fiji (in Pacific Ocean)
  19. the Caroline Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  20. the Marshall Islands (in Pacific Ocean)
  21. Kiribati (in Pacific Ocean)

And his official languages include:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Malagasy
  4. Maori
  5. Hawaiian
  6. Filipino
  7. Dhivehi

Note his loss of Taiwan back to China. Chinese Emperor Bombyx rules the following lands:

  1. China
  2. Mongolia
  3. Taiwan

And he has just two official languages:

  1. Mandarin Chinese
  2. Mongolian

French Empress Isabelle has gained certain lands in North Africa, whom I shall take from Sahara and convert to My religion and make French Catholic. These are Algeria and Tunisia. Hence, with this new development, most of the land area of Isabelle’s sovereign empire now exists in North Africa. Hence, her lands now include:

  1. Quebec (under the dominion of King Larimar in Canada)
  2. the tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon (American North Atlantic)
  3. Guadeloupe (in Lesser Antilles)
  4. Saint Barthelemy (in Lesser Antilles)
  5. Saint Martin (in Lesser Antilles)
  6. Martinique (in Lesser Antilles)
  7. French Guiana (in South America)
  8. France (in Europe)
  9. Monaco (in Europe)
  10. part of Belgium (in Europe)
  11. part of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  12. part of Switzerland (in Europe)
  13. Algeria (in Africa)
  14. Tunisia (in Africa)
  15. Mayotte (in Indian Ocean)
  16. Reunion (in Indian Ocean)
  17. Comoros (in Indian Ocean)
  18. Seychelles (in Indian Ocean)
  19. Mauritius (in Indian Ocean)
  20. French Polynesia (in Pacific Ocean)
  21. New Caledonia (in Pacific Ocean)
  22. Vanuatu (in Pacific Ocean)

And her one official language remains: French

The Kingdom of Queen Hyacinth now includes:

  1. The Republic of Ireland (in the island of Ireland)
  2. Northern Ireland (in the island of Ireland)

And her one official language is: English

The Kingdom of King Philip now includes:

  1. England (in Great Britain)
  2. Scotland (in Great Britain)
  3. Wales (in Great Britain)
  4. the Isle of Man (in Irish Sea)
  5. the Channel Islands (in North Sea, of North Atlantic)
  6. the Scilly Islands (in the North Atlantic)
  7. the Orkney Islands (in the North Atlantic)
  8. the Outer Hebrides (in the North Atlantic)
  9. the Shetland Islands (in the North Atlantic)
  10. Gibraltar (in strait connecting the Mediterranean to the Atlantic)
  11. Malta (in the Mediterranean)

And his official languages include just: English

The Kingdom of Queen Eleanor includes:

  1. Iceland (in North Atlantic)
  2. Norway (in Northern Europe)
  3. Sweden (in Northern Europe)
  4. Denmark (in Northern Europe)
  5. Netherlands, also called Holland (in Central Europe)

And her official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Swedish
  3. Danish
  4. Dutch

Queen Roma rules all Rome and Italy:

  1. Italy
  2. Vatican City

And her official languages are:

  1. Italian
  2. Latin

King Turaco of Ethiopic Sheba and Yemen rules all of:

  1. Ethiopia
  2. Eritrea
  3. Djibouti
  4. Yemen
  5. northern Somalia

And his official languages include:

  1. Amharic
  2. Tigrinya
  3. Arabic
  4. French

Crown Prince King Immanuel of Imperial Israel rules all of:

  1. Israel (in Levant)
  2. Jordan (in Levant)
  3. Lebanon (in Levant)
  4. Saudi Arabia (in Arabian Peninsula)
  5. Kuwait (in Persian Gulf)
  6. Bahrain (in Persian Gulf)
  7. Qatar (in Persian Gulf)
  8. United Arab Emirates (in Persian Gulf)
  9. Omar (in Arabian Peninsula)
  10. Turkey, Syria, and Iraq west of the Euphrates (in southwestern Asia)
  11. Cyprus (in eastern Mediterranean)
  12. northwestern Egypt and Sinai (in North Africa)

And his official languages include:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. Greek
  4. Russian

I Who Am have spoken. Such are how I, the Lord, have defined all the lands. Note how Lady Hyacinth continues to exist, along with Lady Isabella, Lady Ester, and Lady Eleanor, despite the fact that Eric is now an eternal, celibate virgin in My Kingdom. Now, hear My decreed fate for the Larimar King.

Eric, because of his perfected continence, I will now make exceedingly wealthy, in both spiritual riches and in physical means. He will be commissioned by buy his own house and move out of his parent’s house. And he will have an electric car, which he will use to drive to work.

Eric will remain in southern California. I Am not removing him from there. And he will continue in his job as a technology manager/developer at his place of work. Now, should he meet a woman whom he finds attractive, will I allow him to enter marital relations with her, you ask? Or will he remain on the fixed, straight, and narrow path that leads to victory? What saith thou, O’ Eric? It is for you to decide now, which course you will take.

O’ Lord, I cannot deviate from the straight and narrow path of perfect celibacy, no matter how attractive such a girl is. I will not marry her nor fall for her. Good, My servant. And thus, I now bestow upon you a new Kingdom. And this will be your eternal Kingdom designation. Queen Hyacinth’s Kingdom of Ireland and Queen Isabella’s Kingdom of Puerto Rico and West Indies are now a part of your vast Kingdom of Larimar as sub-baronies ruled by those two Queens as Baronesses beneath your reign. Amen. Hence, Queen Hyacinth and Queen Isabella now cease to be among the 44 top level Monarchs. Hence, there are now just 42 top level Monarchs, composed of 17 Queens and 25 Kings. Amen. Hence, your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King, is now defined a such:

  1. Alaska (in North America)
  2. Canada (in North America)
  3. Greenland (in North America)
  4. the contiguous United States of America (in North America)
  5. Puerto Rico (in the Greater Antilles)
  6. the US Virgin Islands (in the Lesser Antilles)
  7. the Bahamas (in the West Indies, outside the Caribbean)
  8. Turks and Caicos Islands (in the West Indies, outside the Caribbean)
  9. Bermuda (in the West Indies, outside the Caribbean)
  10. The Republic of Ireland (in the island of Ireland, in Europe)
  11. Northern Ireland (in the island of Ireland, in Europe)

Also, you, Eric, will choose between Hyacinth and Isabella as to which girl shall become your eternal consort. Amen. Choose now, O’ Larimar King. What about Queen Ester, O’ Lord? Why do you exclude her, O’ Mighty King and Master? Very well, then, O’ Eric, you may choose her instead. Now choose from among these three. Whomever you choose, that will determine your destiny forever.

I choose to remain with Ester, who was chosen for me in the previous post. What saith Thou, O’ Lord? But Lord, aren’t I eternally celibate now? Why would I have an eternal consort?

Eric, though you have chosen Ester, she will not be yours. Instead, I Am giving you Isabella. And she will be your eternal apprentice, to whom you are commanded to teach everything forever. She will be an eternal companion to you, and as Joseph is to the Virgin Mary, Isabella will be called your chaste spouse forever. And now I shall speak.

That Eric is to remain an eternal virgin is an eternal reality. It can never change. It has been ratified in heaven. But that Isabella shall accompany him for the rest of his journey on earth is an eternal decree from the Lord God. And now I shall give to you this girlfriend, the one alluded to in the poem of the Witch King child:

And with a story she [Mary] did outpour
such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

You, Eric, are now dear to us, and We in heaven elect to join this girl to you in a platonic, eternal friendship. Today, this covenant is ratified. And today is the day in which you shall be cured. Amen. Now, ask one question, O’ Larimar King, and We shall answer it.

What is the fate of Queen Isabella? What becomes of her, now that she is to be my perpetual, platonic friend, as an assignment by God? And will she ever bear any children? No, Eric, she is to have the blessings of the Lord when He said, “Blessed are the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never sucked.” She will remain with you to the very end. And both of you shall be taken up to heaven at the final trumpet. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, go and eat your breakfast, O’ Larimar King, and then go to work, after Church. Amen.

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