Larimar King speaks unto Republican Strategists

Lord Larimar addresses his fellow Republicans and rebukes them.

I am Eric, the Larimar King, to whom God has given the name of Belteshazzar as my eternal name in heaven. For I am to King Jesus as the prophet Daniel was to the Kings of Antiquity. Now I shall speak unto Republic strategists, for I, too, am a Republican.

Republicans in Congress, and other Republican leaders, know ye what thou art doing! Do not do evil to an innocent party in order to save your own skin. For whosoever does evil to an innocent party, seeking to save himself or his own, he becomes indistinguishable from the enemy. And he will then be added to that list of targets for termination.

Ukraine is a little democracy, a fledgling democracy where people have freedom to vote and to express their opinions. If you value your freedom in this country, then you must stand for their freedom in that country as well. You cannot have freedom if every man looks out only for himself. Freedom is not defended when leaders do evil to the innocent to save themselves. Instead, freedom dies under those decisions. When men of free countries do not defend the rights of the little guy, but bear false witness against him, so that they can continue to put food on their own tables for their own families, that is when freedom dies and tyranny takes over.

President Donald John Trump is a tyrant. He bears false witness against the little guy who is innocent to serve his own personal interests. And he expects his party to fall in line with him. But those who do so cross the line, as far as I am concerned. Whosoever bears false witness against an innocent party irrevocably crosses the line to the enemy in my book.

Why are you not taking a stand for God? If the only people taking a stand against Trump are those who favor abortion and gay marriage, then this nation is doomed for destruction. Let the true men of God come forward and stand for Ukraine against Russia and against Trump. Let the true men of God denounce Trump to his face and rebuke him and make their stand with God clear! Isn’t Congress an equal branch of government to the executive branch? Cannot the Congress remove the President should he commit high crimes and misdemeanors?

Yes, that is why the Congress was given the right to impeach the President. The framers of the Constitution gave Congress the right to impeach the President and to remove him from office for the very reasons that exist now regarding the state of the current President, Donald Trump. President Trump has clearly chosen as his strategy a deliberate decision of not obeying laws. We are a nation of rules and laws. And if the chief executive has decided that he is above the law, that is when it is high time for him to be removed from office.

Therefore, let me, Lord Belteshazzar, Larimar King over North America, issue this decree and request from heaven. O’ Mary Mother of God and My Lord Jesus Christ, let all those hidden Republicans in the Senate who secretly wish to vote for impeaching the President come forth when the time of voting for impeachment comes and vote to impeach him and to remove him from office. Let them break ranks finally, and let their true colors show. And let a sizable number Republicans come forth for this effort. Let them no longer be cowards at that moment. For that is the moment you can make a difference. And now the Lord shall prophesy unto thee of things that shall come to pass.

I AM Jesus, and I AM pleased with My servant Eric. Eric stands for the little guy. Eric would not physically push the President of Montenegro out of the way in an act of intimidation. No, for that is the act of a cowardly bully. I AM displeased with President Trump, but I AM more displeased with those who profess My religion, but do not rebuke the President when he transgresses My Laws. And one of My laws is that no one may bear false witness against their neighbor. You will either follow Me or you will be servant to yourself. Those who serve themselves I do not save on their deathbeds.

And that goes for you too, Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. For it was Eric, not Trump, who saw to it that you passed your confirmation hearings. Eric prayed to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to Mary, his Mother through Me, that Kavanaugh pass the confirmation process, despite all the unjust accusations being brought against him that were lies being treated as truths by the Democrats. Without Eric’s prayers, Kavanaugh’s passage would have failed. Amen. Therefore, do not rule according to any form of loyalty to Trump. Rule according to what is right and just. And look honestly at the situation. Trump is being most unjust. For the Judicial branch of government is also equal, not subject, to the branch of the Presidency. You do not owe any political favors to the President who nominates you to the bench. Rather, you owe it to the American people to judge with justice and fairness, as you ought to have received at your confirmation hearings. For no one has the right to falsely accuse another, lacking any shred of evidence to back up their claims. Therefore, it is incumbent that no Supreme Court Justice act as though he is servant to the chief executive. Your loyalty is to God and to the constitution and to the people, not to any sitting President.

Now I shall speak. I AM taking President Trump away soon, but not before I see where everyone stands regarding this most foul mouthed leader to ever sit in the oval office. Trump will not be on the November 3, 2020 ballot. Instead, I Am setting up a ruler after the likeness of the Larimar King. And who is this ruler, O’ Lord? Is he running for President right now? Joe Walsh is My servant who I deem worthy to unseat the President. He is willing and able to be made suitable for My cause. I do not choose qualified people; I qualify those I have chosen. I have elected for this man to stand for Me on My issues of life, such as that human life begins at the moment human beings are conceived, and hence, so also begins at that same moment, their reception of their inalienable rights, such as the right to life. If Joe Walsh successfully leads America in overturning Roe vs Wade, he will have served My full intended purpose for which he was called forth to lead. Amen. But there is more on My agenda for him to accomplish than just that. He will serve Me in many things. And on those issues where he is not currently aligned to Mine, I will have him switch. For all who belong to Me switch sides to My side when they see the light I show them. Hence, Joe Walsh will be your next President. Vote for him.

Fallen is Trump. Fallen is Trump. Fallen is Trump. (Revelation 18:2). I Who Am have rejected him. He can no longer rule America. So also have I rejected Putin. Do not think that because you are the head-of-state of a superpower that you cannot be toppled or overthrown. No, indeed you must fear Me. For at an hour you do not suspect, I will overthrow you both. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Long have I looked at the rulers of America when it came to Russian aggression in the Ukraine. Obama failed Me when he did nothing to stop Russia from invading Ukraine and taking over as they did. And now Trump, who claims to be on America’s side is in reality on Russia’s side, and is working against Ukraine. Both of these men are unworthy of Me. Trump rightly blames many things on Obama. But with his one finger pointed at Obama, he has three other fingers pointing back at himself. Trump is throwing stones from his glass house. And now his glass house will implode and he will get cut. I Am most displeased with Trump. He brings Me great displeasure.

And now I will give personal instructions to My servant, Eric. Eric, you will soon be granted your bride. Realize that your marriage will take place in a post Trump America. Trump will have been removed from office by a means that I will have elected to use. Amen. For you, Eric, are the reigning Player now. To you are now given back the Ring of Power. How you rule is now law. And so, issue your edicts.

I declare, let Trump be removed from office by whatever means You will to do so, O’ Lord God Jesus Christ and Mary Mother of God. Whether Trump is to be removed by death, incapacitation, or constitutional means, let it happen now. And let Trump be denied the power and opportunity to pardon those complicit in crime with him. Trump is a vile and noxious weed. Let him be uprooted and cast into the fire where he belongs.

Now, I shall speak of your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King, and also that of Lady Hyacinth. You were ordered, O’ Larimar King, to have no further dealings with Lady Hyacinth, for she was to be taken on a different path, one that led to a different fate for her. She is not of your fate. And you may give to her no more. And has Eric obeyed My commands of him, you ask? Yes. Eric has kept to My commands and triumphed. And so, Eric, now I shall confer a Kingdom upon you. For only those who place obedience to Me above the love they have in their hearts will I confer a Kingdom upon. And what is this Kingdom, O’ Lord? I will now tell thee, O’ Servant of the Word.

The full United States of America is now your eternal dominion, O’ Larimar King. To you belong all the states in the Union and all her territories and possessions. In addition, I make you ruler of the United Kingdom and all her territories and possessions. And further, I make you ruler of Canada, Greenland, and Ireland. Amen. Hence, the Larimar Kingdom is now as such:

  1. The United States of America and all her lands and territories
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. The United Kingdom and all her lands and territories
  5. The Republic if Ireland

But, Lord, what becomes of Hyacinth’s possessions? And what becomes of Hyacinth. She has been removed from the picture, for she was never material for eternal definitions of the Kingdoms.

And what of Prince Philip? Where are his lands, O’ Lord? He is granted his sub Barony within the United Kingdom under Lord Eric.

And what has become of Lady Ester, the woman Eric was to marry? For did you not say to Eric in the previous post to choose for himself one of the landed ladies, and did not Eric choose Ester? And did not you say, Ester has likewise chosen Eric? I, the Lord, shall now speak. I have not taken away Ester from Eric. Rather, I have made it so that this Ester is welcome to come forth and claim her husband. Let her, therefore, be brought forth to meet her husband, for the time has come for them to meet. And so it shall be. And what is Ester’s Kingdom of Aztlan defined as, you ask? I will now tell thee:

  1. Mexico west of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, inclusive
  2. Much of southwestern United States. (under the dominion of Larimar)

Note that Ester’s Kingdom intersects that of Larimar’s. The part that intersects is subordinate to Larimar, for King Larimar is the primary owner of the lands in His Kingdom. He rules over Quebec, a Sub Barony of French Empress Isabelle. And when his son inherits Alaska, British Columbia, and Yukon, that son’s Kingdom will remain a sub barony of the Larimar Kingdom.

The combined Kingdom of Larimar-Azlan North America has just two official languages: English and Spanish.

Now, Lord, concerning the Kingdom of Larimar, to whom belongs these territories?

  1. The Isle of Man
  2. The Channel Islands
  3. Gibraltar
  4. Malta

These four lands also belong to the Larimar King. Amen. Hence, the Larimar King is now a most powerful European force. And what are his commands for his possessions in Europe, O’ Lord Jesus Christ. Issue your edicts, O’ Lord Belteshazzar, and I will carry them out.

Let the United Kingdom not separate itself from the European Union, but rather, let the European Union be reformed into a Union founded on Catholic defined natural law. Let, therefore, for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union and to work to change her from within. And let, therefore, no hard borders be set up between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Let Boris Johnson lose heavily in this upcoming election such that Brexit is both defeated and cancelled permanently. Amen. And let Ireland and the United Kingdom remain closely related in trade and rights of residency within each other for citizens of both nations. Amen.

And so it shall be, Lord Belteshazzar, I will issue a stinging defeat for Boris Johnson in the upcoming elections. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Let the fall and defeat of Boris Johnson be that first sign that Larimar is now in charge, and that FIrefly is now ousted. Amen.

Lord, with your new designation and decrees regarding the Kingdom of Larimar, many lands belonging to Lord Pounamu, Lord Anglo, Lady Isabella, and Lady Erythrina are now under the dominion of and in the Kingdom of Larimar, due to being either overseas possessions of the United States of America or of the United Kingdom. That is correct. You are very astute. Eric is now a powerful Lord. And he will now reign over much territory. Those lords and ladies continue to rule their lands under Larimar, but now as sub baronies under the rule of the Larimar King.

And this Larimar King is a Baron in your heavenly court, O’ Lord? Is this still the case, O’ Heavenly King? It is, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. And you are to have no further dealings with Hyacinth, for Ester shall be your wife, and she will bear you nine children. Amen. Lord, is that possible for a woman? She will be of that age and physical state where such is possible. Now, as to whether Eric will be anointed to be a Duke, let’s ask the Father. Father God, I do not ask nor request it, but just ask in curiosity, will Eric remain a Baron in your heavenly court, or will he come to inherit a higher rank in your nobility, O’ Living Lord? Yes, Lord Belteshazzar, and this is the rank you shall receive: I do not make you a duke, but I do make you Viceroy of North America and the British Isles. Amen. And I, Lord Jesus, Am the Monarch you serve. You are the eternal Viceroy of those regions under Me. Amen. Now ask one last question for this post, O’ Lord Belteshazzar.

Since I am to have nine children by Lady Ester, my future wife, I believe that, therefore, I cannot die within fourteen years time. Am I correct, O’ Lord? And if so, when do I die? How much time do you truly give me? And where shall we live, and where shall we marry? Or what is the Truth, O’ Lord? For how can I have nine children in just fourteen years?

Eric, now I shall speak. You will have five children: two sons and three daughters. And you will live until late 2033. Do I make Myself abundantly clear? Clear as crystal, O’ Lord! And will my future wife be Hispanic, O’ Lord, or White, or some other race or nationality? She is White Hispanic. Now I have spoken sufficiently. You know your duties and My requirements of you. Do as I have commanded you and you shall triumph. And I will now reiterate what I have commanded:

  1. Speak no more on Hyacinth, and do not associate yourself with her, for she is a true enchantress, capable of bringing down a man.
  2. Receive and accept the girl We give you. She you will recognize intuitively, by prior private revelation. Amen. Take her and no other.
  3. Realize your status as Baron in My court can never change.
  4. Realize your appointment as Viceroy is an eternal appointment.
  5. Two sons you will have, whom you will name John and Philip.
  6. You will marry in the parish Church of your bride.
  7. Your marriage will take place in late 2020.
  8. You will not flee America, for you are ruler of it.
  9. I will have you revisit Hawaii on your honeymoon. There you will return to Saint Raphael’s Catholic Church where you went to for Divine Mercy Sunday while in Kauai for your brother’s wedding.
  10. You will also visit New Zealand. I will you to visit this land so that you will see this beautiful country where you have never been to before.

And Lord, what of my vow to Mary to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes when I become able to do so? Eric, Mankind has only so much time in this world. Life here is very short. Therefore, be busy about doing My works and what I command you to do, and you will find that you have the time to accomplish My works. I have no need for you to visit Europe. And so, you never shall again. But what about the British Isles over which I am ruler, and Ireland in which I am a citizen. Your rulership over the British Isles is spiritual in nature, not physical. Hence, you have no need to physically visit any of the lands you spiritually rule. As for your citizenship in Ireland, you will use that passport when you enter New Zealand. Other than that, you will not be using that passport, for your duties lie in the United States. And where you live, there you will remain. Amen.

Now, go and reread this post, O’ Larimar King, and then publish it. And then get ready to go to work. For you are found worthy of many things now. And I will prepare you for great accomplishments. But realize you have limited time. So only do what I command of you, and you will always find yourself with ample time to accomplish My works. And I now make you equal to My Crown Prince in Jerusalem. You are now an equal to him in My eyes. But Lord, he is a Duke and I am a Baron and a Viceroy. Is this still the case, O’ Lord? No, for the Father God has now issued this decree:

Let is be stated throughout all the lands. I hereby declare Eric Duke of the Larimar Kingdom. He will rule that Dukedom forever. And of his reign there shall be no end. Amen. Furthermore, Eric will rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall they be smashed. (Revelation 2:26-27) Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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