Eric shall marry who I, the Lord, decree shall be his bride

It is I, the Lord God, Who decide who marries who lawfully in My Catholic Church. Amen.

I Who Am have decided who among My flock shall be married to whom, and who shall remain unmarried, who shall enter Religious life, and who shall remain in the laity. It is Mine to decide all these things. And I make My decisions known to those who seek Me in knowing their vocations.

Lord, is it your intention and decree that Eric is to marry an Hispanic woman he has not yet met, by the name of Isabella, O’ Lord? What is your judgement, O’ Eric? How do you see that happening? I see no Isabella coming, but I see Hyacinth still with me. And so it shall be. Oracle of the Lord! Hyacinth shall be bride to Eric, rather than Isabella. This I have now resolved. And no further changes will be made to their story.

Hence, you need to know what is My dowry for Hyacinth. And what is the Kingdom of Isabella, now that she is rejected. I will not take away the lands I have given to Isabella, out of love. And so, her Kingdom shall remain in possession of Bermuda and the Lucayan Archipelago, in addition to her Kingdom of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. The lands I gave her do not go back to King Anglo.

But what of Queen Hyacinth? What lands do I give her as her dowry for marriage to King Larimar? What would be a suitable gift, you ask? The completion of the British Isles into her possession, O’ Lord of Hosts? Your mind, O’ Eric, is astute and clear. Yes, from the Kingdom of Eleanor do I take away her remaining possessions of the Northern British Isles and give these to Queen Hyacinth as her dowry for marriage to the Larimar King.

Hence, Queen Eleanor shall rule over European Scandinavia and Holland, a Kingdom including Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. And her Prince Consort will be a Baron of lands beneath the authority of Queen Hyacinth in the British Isles.

Queen Hyacinth, thus, is now given rulership over England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands, the Outer Hebrides, the Channel Islands, the Isles of Scilly, Gibraltar, and Malta. Amen.

Hence, Queen Hyacinth brings a worthy dowry to her marriage to King Larimar. Oracle of the Lord. And thus shall we specify the Kingdom of Larimar-Hyacinth as such:

The Kingdom of Larimar-Hyacinth:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. the Contiguous United States of America
  5. Great Britain
  6. the Island of Ireland
  7. the Isle of Man
  8. the Orkney Islands
  9. the Shetland Islands
  10. the Outer Hebrides
  11. the Channel Islands
  12. The Isles of Scilly
  13. Gibraltar
  14. Malta

Such is the complete Kingdom of Larimar and Hyacinth.

Now, Lord, how long will this last before the definition changes again? For Eric does not seem very successful in gaining a mate. For if he were successful, wouldn’t he be married by now and settled down? Surely someone worthy of such recognition, titles of honor and glory, would not have to wait until he is fifty years old before he marries? Am I correct?

Eric, what did you learn in the Walt Disney movie of Sleeping Beauty? Remember when the Witch showed the Prince his future fate with the Princess Aurora, but told it in a mocking voice, saying a hundred years are but a day for a steadfast heart. And in the vision she showed him, he was released from his prison as a very old man to go to his true love to release her from her spell of sleep by love’s first kiss, for True Love Conquers All!

But Lord, that Witch mocked the Prince, for in her eyes, he was defeated, arriving at the Princess Aurora’s sleeping form as a very old man, well past the age of fathering children. She did not understand that True Love is not about having sex, nor of raising a family together, nor of playing house. True Love is found in serving God and in serving Him alone. Hence, nothing is lost by the Prince having been released from his prison as an old man. Nothing is lost by spending one’s life in servitude or slavery if one is a servant and a slave to God. Nothing is lost by missing out in life as long as you are doing so as a service to God.

I am such a servant to God. Lord, Jesus, what is my fate now? I am willing to marry Hyacinth, and I am willing to wait until you make it possible. And I am willing to never marry or to do and go wherever would serve you best. What doest Thou command me to do, O’ Lord? I, to you, Eric, utter the following commands. Do them exactly, and you shall live to see your bride.

Obey Me in this command, O’ Eric, and ye shall live: Hyacinth has been taken away and will not be brought to you. She is in prison. And she cannot be your bride. Thus saith the Lord God, Jesus Christ. Hence, choose for yourself another bride among the Ladies who have Kingdoms in this world. And realize that though Hyacinth is imprisoned, she is keeping her full possessions of the entire British Isles, Gibraltar, and Malta. So, you can’t touch that, O’ Lord Larimar. Now choose for yourself a bride.

Lord, there was no reason for me to reject Isabella, And the ancient prophecies said the name of the girl would be Elizabeth or Isabel or Isabela. And Hispanic girls attract me, O’ Lord. The only girl I ever kissed in my life was an Hispanic girl. Actually, she was a Mexican girl, whose ancestry went back to the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula and other parts of Mexico and also Europe. We never married because she left the Catholic Church, and the most important quality and requirement I have for the girl I am to marry is that she be of the elect of Jesus. Well, a girl who rejects the religion of Jesus is not likely to be among His elect. And so I rejected her for her rejection of Catholicism. Her name was Victoria, and I kissed her only one time, the only girl I ever kissed.

Very well, Eric. you are open to marriage to a girl like Victoria, but one who will remain in My religion, rather than leave it. I will in fact give you such a girl, since that is your only requirement. And she will be Hispanic. Now, Lord, she can be any race. I don’t require a certain race, just that she be a member of your elect.

But you know, the desire to marry a blonde White woman would likely involve other things than love, such as having the status of marrying a blonde, and the lust for blonde women, and the natural attraction to golden and bright colors. I am not against marriage to a blonde woman, O’ Lord, but I also know that most blondes are simply not Catholic. That’s why you see a lot of Blacks and blondes together. For very few Blacks are Catholic either. Hence, your greatest probability in finding a faithful Catholic woman is to look to the Hispanic people. Most White Catholics are Hispanics. And most Hispanics are not White, but mixed in race. So, Lord, who do you recommend me to choose among these remaining women since you have taken Hyacinth away?

I will take Isabella back, O’ Lord. For I never left her except by your command a few minutes ago, that I was to take Hyacinth instead. I wish to marry Isabella, Baroness of Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, the Lucayan Archipelago, and Bermuda, O’ Lord. For although her Barony is the smallest among the eighteen Baronesses, Queens, and Empresses, I wish to marry out of love and not out of greed.

What saith Thou, O’ Lord? Doest Thou agree or disagree with My choice? Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. Eric, why have you not considered the possibility of marriage to Queen Choeblack, Baroness of Hispaniola, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and certain islands of the Lesser Antilles, as detailed in earlier posts. Yes, Eric, she is a jet black African girl. Why do you overlook her? You raise a good point. A good wife could indeed be found among African American women, and Haiti, where the word choeblack means Hibiscus in the national language, is a very Catholic country. Two stark differences, though, exist between us: race/color and education/wealth level. We simply may be too different from each other for our marriage to successfully work out, O’ Lord. There is an evolutionary survival advantage of people choosing to marry those who are similar to themselves. And this is found in animals. Giraffes actually come in many different pattern types, which can be called giraffe races. Well, in their natural habitat, giraffes only mate with other giraffes of the same racial pattern of spots. They are very race conscious. But if they are confined to a zoo, then they will mate with other giraffes of other races and patterns. And this is found replicated throughout the animal Kingdom. Only when a race is headed for extinction is there the survival impetus for marrying outside their race. And this was seen in the black wolves and the red wolves as they went extinct in the Deep South. They began mating outside their species. And this explains why African American men, a highly selected against group in the sense of evolution, are preferring to marry White women or women from other races and not their own Black women. It is a sign that Black men are in dire danger of extinction. And species in such predicaments mate outside their races and species, for it is a gamble worth taking, in the sense of evolutionary calculation, in seeking to successfully pass their genes onto the next generation.

Well done, Eric. We just wanted to see your explanation as to your reasoning. We know full well how your mind works. Black women to you are the least desirable as mates. You have no problems conversing with Black women and having a lively conversation with them, but as far as mating is concerned, Black women are never considered as even remote possibilities in your mind. And this is how many other White men think, as well as many other men of other races. And that is why Black women have very few marriage prospects. Even their own men shun them for marriage.

My Lord, that is tragic, but I also know this maxim: Never marry as an act of charity. All is fair in love and war. Very well, then, O’ Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. I will now tell you who shall be your bride. It will not be Lady Hyacinth. And it will not be Lady Choeblack. Instead, we present you with these three choices. Choose one of these, and she will be yours. Oracle of the Lord: Lady Ester of Aztlan, Lady Isabella of Puerto Rico, and Lady Eleanor of Scandinavia and Holland. I give you ten minutes to make your choice.

Lord, I have analyzed all things in the calmness of my mind. And I have determined that since Aztlan intersects my Kingdom and includes the lands in which I now live, that to marry Ester of Aztlan, she could live with me where I live now and still be within her Kingdom while I remain in mine. So I choose Ester of Aztlan, O’ Lord. What saith Thou to that?

And she chooses you, O’ fairest of princes. Hence, I declare that there shall be a united Kingdom of Larimar and Aztlan. And where your two Kingdoms overlap, there the both of you shall live. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And now hear My decree on your official languages of your United Kingdom of Larimar and Aztlan. It shall be the intersection of the official languages of your two Kingdoms. Hence, in your Larimar Kingdom, you have three official languages: English, Spanish, and French. And in the Kingdom of Aztlan, which includes the area of not just Mexico but also of southwestern United States, she also has three official languages: Spanish, English, and Nahuatl.

The intersection of these two Kingdoms contains only Spanish and English in common. Hence, French is now set to be a localized language of the Larimar subkingdom of your United Kingdom. And Nahuatl is set to be a localized language of her Aztlan subkingdom.

Hence the Kingdom of Larimar-Aztlan consists of these five lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. the contiguous United States of America
  5. Mexico west of Veracruz and Oaxaca, inclusive.

And thus, the official languages of your entire Unified Kingdom of Larimar-Azlan of North America are just these two languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish

I Who Am have decreed that this shall be the case. And so it was. Amen. And so now we will redefine the forty-four Kingdoms as they stand now:

  1. Kingdom of Larimar-Aztlan of North America, under Lord Larimar and Lady Ester
  2. Kingdom of Jadeite Central America, under Lord Jadeite
  3. Kingdom of Hispaniola, Jamaica, and other Caribbean, under Lady Choeblack
  4. Kingdom of Puerto Rico and West Indies Bermuda Triangle, under Lady Isabella
  5. Kingdom of Ecuador and the Galapagos, under Lady Esmeralda
  6. Kingdom of Venezuela, under Lady Orinoco
  7. Kingdom of Guyana and British Lesser Antilles, under Lord Anglo
  8. Kingdom of Suriname and Dutch Lesser Antilles, under Lord Puma
  9. Empire of France and French Possessions, under Empress Isabelle
  10. Kingdom of Portugal, Spain, and Andorra, under Lady Iberia
  11. Kingdom of the British Isles, Gibraltar, and Malta, under Lady Hyacinth
  12. Kingdom of European Scandinavia and Holland, under Lady Eleanor
  13. Kingdom of Germany and Austria, under Lord Germanium
  14. Kingdom of East Baltic Sea, under Lord Aurelian
  15. Kingdom of Latium, under the Apostle Peter, Duke of Rome and Italy
  16. Kingdom of the western Balkans, under Lady Vespera
  17. Kingdom of Greeco-Macedonia, under Lord Macedon.
  18. Kingdom of Aegean and Crete, under the Apostle John, Lord of Patmos
  19. Kingdom of Armenia and Georgia, under Queen Maria
  20. Kingdom of Ukraine, Belarus, and the eastern Balkans, under Lady Oksana
  21. Kingdom of Russia, under Lord Alexandrite
  22. Khanate of Central Asia, under Lord Khan
  23. Kingdom of Northern and Central India, and other Southern Asian nations, under Queen Ebony
  24. Kingdom of Kerala and Tamil Nadu of Southern India, under the Apostle Thomas Didymus, Lord of Tamil India.
  25. Kingdom of Sri Lanka under Lady Lily
  26. Kingdom of Burma, under Lord Padauk
  27. Empire of China and Mongolia, under Emperor Bombyx
  28. Kingdom of United Korea, under Lord Nephrite
  29. Kingdom of Japan, and the Kuril, and Mariana Islands, under Lady Pearl
  30. Kingdom of French Indochina, under Lady Lotus
  31. Kingdom of Malay Archipelago, under Lord Komodo
  32. Kingdom of Australia and Tasmania, under Lord Dromedary
  33. Kingdom of the Deep Pacific, under Lord Pounamu
  34. Kingdom of Andean South America, under Lord Oro Peruano
  35. Kingdom of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, under Lady Erythrina
  36. Kingdom of Brazilian Theobroma, under Lord Cacau
  37. Kingdom of Kong, under Lord Kong and Lady Lobelia
  38. Kingdom of Kalahari Africa, under Lord Ferro
  39. Kingdom of Volkstaat, under Lord Ivory
  40. Kingdom of Wakanda Africa, under Lord Mithril Silver
  41. Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba and Yemin, under Lord Turaco
  42. Kingdom of Sahara North Africa, under Lord Sahara
  43. Kingdom of Imperial Israel, under Duke Crown Prince Immanuel
  44. Kingdom of Persia, under Lady Esther

Such is the summary of the now 44 Kingdoms as they are currently defined. And now we shall detail certain changes.

Lady Pearl of Japan now possesses the Kuril Islands previously taken away from her by Russia. And she also repossesses the Northern Mariana Islands, taken from the Larimar Kingdom and given to her Kingdom by God Almighty.

Lord, what is the fate of Crimea in all of this? For it is not mentioned in these posts that much, and I want to know its true fate. Crimea is rightfully a possession of Ukraine, under the agreement signed by Russia’s first duly elected head of state, President Yeltsin. President Yeltsin’s signature on that agreement outweighs all the ballots stuffed into the ballot boxes by Putin’s henchmen in Crimea under his staged referendum of independence there. Hence, by the divine judgement of all righteousness, Russia will be forced to pay back to Ukraine that land that she took, plus compensation. And what compensation is that, O’ Lord? Belarus will leave Russia and join Ukraine as a Union separated from Russia and moving closer to Europe. Also, all the lands of eastern Ukraine will be retaken by Ukraine. Hence, this Kingdom shall be called the Ukrainian-Belarusian-East Balkan Kingdom, and it shall include Belarus, all of Ukraine, including Crimea and eastern Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria.

Also, Lord Aurelian shall gain into his Kingdom the lands of Kaliningrad, which shall elect to leave Russia and join Europe by the same justification Putin used to take away Crimea from Ukraine. Lord Aurelian’s Kingdom shall include Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, and hence, be called the East Baltic Kingdom.

Russia, under Lord Alexandrite, will be a little smaller than it is now, but not by much. Russia will lose Kaliningrad to Europe. And Belarus will join Ukraine in forming a Trade Bloc situated between the European Union and Russia. And Russia will, under the ruler to be set to power over her by the Larimar King, come to honor the agreements and treaties signed by Russia under first democratically elected Russian President Boris Yeltsin. And that means he will restore the borders with his neighbors as they existed at the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Hence, Ukraine is getting back its Crimea and its lands in the east. And Georgia will be restored the lands taken from her. However, the new Russian leader shall be astute, and he will secure a fifty year agreement with Ukraine for leasing the military port of Sevastopol in Crimea in return for a steady supply of cheap Russian natural gas. He will be the third ruler set up by Eric in Russia. Eric is the Rider on the White Horse figured in the Coat of Arms of Russia, and also in Revelation 6:2

Lord Nephrite has retaken North Korea from the Empire of China and reincorporated it into his Kingdom of Korea, forming a Unified Korea. Hence, the Empire of China now includes merely China and Mongolia. Furthermore, Taiwan has been snatched away from China by Lord Pounamu of the Deep Pacific.

And hence, we will now define all the lands of Pounamu: King Pounamu of Pacific Oceania, now rules over Madagascar, New Zealand, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Philippines, Palau, Guam, the Hawaiian Islands, Taiwan, the Kermadec Islands, Tonga, Easter Island, Santa Cruz Island, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Samoa, Fiji, the Caroline Islands, the Marshall Islands, and Kiribati. Note the addition of Madagascar to the lands of Pounamu. Thus, under current definitions, four lands have been taken from three Kingdoms and added to the Kingdom of Pounamu. These were Madagascar from French Empress Isabelle, Taiwan from Chinese Emperor Bombyx, and Hawaii and Guam from the Kingdom of Larimar. And yet, Pounamu’s Kingdom is not yet an empire, as his lands basically remain populated by roughly the same general groupings of Pacific Islanders and Polynesian peoples. Though briefly he also possessed Australia, South Korea, and Japan, this has been reversed, as these are a separate people. These developments are not changes to Truth, but definitions and determinations that develop as we approach the ultimate Truth of Reality.

Hence, this change in ownership of Madagascar significantly reduces the possessions of the French Empress in the Indian Ocean. Hence, the possessions of the French Empress are now: French Guiana of South America, and the French possessions of Guadeloupe, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, and Martinique in the Lesser Antilles, and also, the tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon off the southern coast of Canada in the Northwestern Atlantic. Her rulership over Quebec is under the authority of Lord Larimar, as a sub barony within Canada. In Europe, Empress Isabelle rules over the nations of France and Monaco, and the French parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. And in the Indian Ocean she rules the small island states and territories of Mayotte, Reunion, Comoros, Seychelles, and Mauritius. And in the Pacific Ocean, she rules over French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu. This may still seem like a lot, but in reality, Empress Isabelle’s empire is now small in lands, with most of her sovereign lands now in Europe, and there, mostly within the nation of France.

King Macedon of Greeco-Macedon has lost the Aegean Sea and Crete to the Apostle John, who is the true ruler of those lands. However, King Macedon still rules all of Greece, Macedonia, and northwestern Turkey, both in Europe and in Asia Minor. John the Apostle is called Lord of Patmos and the Islands of the Aegean, including Crete, due to having written the Book of Revelation in that region of the earth. For the meek inherit the earth. And where you die, or where you perform your most defining acts as a saint in Jesus’ Kingdom, that is where your Barony will be defined, should you be deemed worthy of a Barony.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu of Southern India are made the Barony of the Apostle Thomas Didymus. He would have received all of India had his conversions borne full fruition of a true Catholic enclave in India. However, the Christians planted by him in India separated from Rome and withered. Hence, Lady Ebony retains most of the lands of India, all the lands to the north of those the southern most states. And Lady Ebony also rules over Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. And how can a ruler of Hindu India also rule over a Muslim majority state, you ask? This is after Catholicism sweeps both lands and both peoples profess the Crucified One as Lord.

King Kong has now come to be called Lord Kong to distinguish him from the fictional giant gorilla of the famous science fiction movie, King Kong. It should be noted, rather, that Lord Kong is a distinguished gentleman lord, and not a brutish or a savage tribal chief. Also, his wife Lobelia is of his own native African people. He did not marry outside his race.

Israel is now called Imperial Israel to distinguish it from the tiny Jewish state that exists now in the eastern Mediterranean coast. Instead, Imperial Israel is a Hebrew Catholic empire that controls lands as far south in the Arabian Peninsula as, but not including, Yemen, and as far east as the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Omar. Also, it extends up to the borders of the Kingdom of Persia under Lady Esther, where the two Kingdoms meet at and are divided by the River Euphrates from the Persian Gulf to its source in deep Anatolia. All of the eastern Mediterranean coastline is of this Imperial Israel, as well as the full island of Cyprus. This is the reality of Israel as the Catholic nation it is meant to be by God.

The Kingdom of Latium has been recognized as in reality the Kingdom under the Apostle Peter, Duke of Rome and Italy.

Lady Choeblack’s Kingdom includes these four states of the Greater Antilles: Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, and these six states of the Lesser Antilles: Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent & Grenadines, and Grenada. Hence, her Kingdom is a Union of ten Caribbean states.

Lady Isabella’s Kingdom includes Bermuda, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. She irrevocably chose not to join the Larimar Kingdom. A woman has the right to reject or to accept the proposal of a man for marriage. And she exercised her right to reject. All is fair in love and war. But it is never permissible to seek vengeance on any perceived slight or rejection by the opposite sex. For all is fair in love and war. Do not be like Trump, the ultimate grudge holder, who remembers who rejects him, and seeks his revenge against everyone. And so he wages war against the whole world for not giving him his perceived due glorification, and ends up without any true friends. Isn’t Putin Trump’s friend? And what about Kim Jong Un? Both of these would slit Trump’s throat in the night if they had the opportunity to do it and they felt doing so would serve their interests. No, if Trump counts them as friends, no wonder why he acts in the manner that he does.

Lord Anglo’s Kingdom includes Guyana, and these islands of the Lesser Antilles: the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Montserrat, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago. His Kingdom has not lost much land to Lady Isabella, compared to the lands he has retained. And perhaps, their Kingdoms could unite in a future marriage, forming a large West Indies Kingdom, for his nation of Guyana is technically classified as part of the West Indies.

Lady Eleanor wished it and received the one she wished to marry, a Baron whose lands are a sub barony of the British Isles, Prince Consort Philip. How is it that Philip went from being a Monarch to a sub baron in his own lands, you ask? Some sort of illogical events involved with the Brexit caused the rise and fall of certain rulers in the British Isles. But make no mistake about it, Lady Eleanor and Lord Philip are a couple. And so, Lady Eleanor is ruler over the European lands of Scandinavia, including Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and also the tiny nation of Holland, also called the Netherlands. But all of the British Isles she has lost to Hyacinth.

Now, Hyacinth is a matter of certain concern. Eric, give no more concern for this one. She will be taken care of by Me, and I will see to her needs from now on. I fully give you permission to refuse to help her in any further needs she may have. Hyacinth’s possessions are currently all of the British Isles, including the entire Archipelago, and also Gibraltar and Malta in the Mediterranean. But note that this designation is unstable. If it destabilizes further, Hyacinth may vanish, and her Kingdom would then be divided up among her vassal Barons, one of whom is Prince Philip. Amen. And then Philip may become one of the top level Monarchs again, whose total number is now 44 Sovereign Monarchs on the earth. This number will be increasing as the Kingdoms come closer into their ultimate definitions. Remember that the Truth is not changing, but rather, the Truth is being determined and defined as it unfolds and becomes realized prophetically as shown to My prophet, Eric.

I have a question for Eric, O’ Lord Jesus. Ask, My subject. Why is it that Eric’s Larimar Kingdom is the largest of all the Kingdoms by land? It is even larger than Lord Alexandrite’s Kingdom of Russia. And Russia is currently the largest nation on the earth. Well, a similar question could be, Why did Pope John Paul II make Saint Therese of Lisieux a Doctor of the Church, and not Saint Faustina Kowalska, who wrote much more, and Saint Faustina’s writings are included as part of Divine Mercy Sunday? Why make Saint Theresa a doctor and not Saint Faustina? Does it have something to do with with racism, as Therese is from France, whereas Faustina is from Poland? Obviously not! Since Pope John Paul II himself was from Poland. He acted as he did by the inscrutable resolutions of God through the Holy Spirit. In the same manner, why Eric’s Kingdom is currently defined as largest also has to do with such inscrutable resolutions from God. Did Eric give himself these lands? Or did God give them to him. God gave them, and He listed His reasons: In the year 2017, when He was prepared to destroy the United States of America, one man stayed His hand by his act of charity for his Black neighbor, a homeless man having no possibility of paying him back. That deed made God decide not to destroy this nation. And that is why America is blessed. And whoever strikes the Larimar King shall die. For I was hungry, and he gave Me to eat! And I Am a most powerful God! Therefore, ask not why Eric is given what he is given, but ask, how you can do likewise and receive similar blessings. Amen.

Now, let us bring up the traitor Judas Iscariot. He was replaced by Matthias as one of the Twelve Apostles of the Lord, who is set up as King over the Sixth Gate, the Dung Gate, whose tribe was Dan, which was removed and replaced by the Tribe of Manasseh, first son of Joseph, whose second son was Ephraim. This Joseph was one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, but who got a double portion of the inheritance, and this made up for the loss of the Tribe of Dan, also one of the Twelve. The gemstone of this sixth foundation of Jerusalem is Carnelian, a fiery red or blood red gemstone. And what is the Kingdom assigned to this Gate? The Desert Kingdom of the Sahara, under Lord Sahara. And who was the original ruler of the Sahara in Larimar lore? It was, before the emergence of Queen Isabelle, the Emperor of France, King Charlemagne II. But this King Charlemagne II was found to be corrupt and false, and he lost his entire French empire except for his holdings in North Africa. Hence, he is the predecessor of Lord Sahara. Lord Sahara, hence, replaced King Charlemagne II in North Africa. And now there is no more sign of this once great emperor of the French Kingdom. He had fancied himself to be the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecies. However, now he is gone and forgotten. And his successor in Europe, French Empress Isabelle, knows nothing about him, as she arrived long after he was gone. All the writings and posts that recorded his deeds and glory have been deleted and lost. What, therefore, O’ Lord, is the fate of this most accursed land, the vast North African Sahara Desert lands? I will now tell thee. These lands are to remain a desolate wasteland to the End of Time, as a curse to the wicked who betray the Lord of Hosts. And note that the original inhabitants of the land all converted to Catholicism, and then they fell away with the coming if Islam. Therefore, they will remain abandoned and lost to the End of Time. Amen. But Lord, shouldn’t there be some sort of mercy for these people? What is some of them convert to your religion? This is My judgment then. All the lands that wish to convert will become ruled by Empress Isabelle of France, and she will make you Catholic and French speaking. Amen. And what of Lord Sahara? What is your judgement for him? Where does he gain in the conversion of his people to Catholicism? Lord Sahara is the one of the Twelve latter Lords who must die and be replaced by a later arriving Lord as one of the Twelve Latter Kings. This later arriving Lord shall be revealed in the final definitions of this story. Amen. Very well, then, O’ Lord, then Empress Isabelle stands to possibly gain large tracts of land to her heavily dwindled empire? I will reveal this in a later post.

Now publish this post, O’ Larimar King. You are My prophet King. And you will marry the one in this world who is symbolically represented by the figure of the Lady Ester of Aztlan. She is an Hispanic American Catholic woman. Expect her soon arrival into your life. And you will know it when We give her to you. If you need to ask, then that is not her. And she will bear you two sons and some daughters. Name your two sons, John and Philip. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

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