I, the Lord, correct the errors of Eric

The Living Eternal languages are those with proper Catholic Bible translations in them.

I, the Lord Jesus, have come to speak through Eric to correct his many errors and to set to right all that he has written here, on emeralogy.com. So, listen to Me, for I have much to say.

Eric is given two names from heaven. All other names were either not given by God, or were removed from Eric by divine judgement. The two names given to Eric by God are Larimar and Belteshazzar. Larimar indicates Eric’s devotion to Mary and his new color of blue. And Belteshazzar indicates Eric’s position with Me as identical to that of Daniel with the Kings of Antiquity. Amen. For Eric is a prophet of God. And through Eric will I reveal all things to the many, whoever shall listen to him speak.

Now, there was a question as to Eric’s rulership in this world. Does Eric really rule any lands in this world, and if so, what lands does he rule over? Now I shall answer you definitively.

You, Eric, are ruler over these lands: The Larimar Kingdom, consisting of the North American lands of the United States of America, Canada, and Greenland. This includes the states of Alaska and the contiguous United States of America.

That is a lot of land and a lot of responsibility, O’ Lord, someone shouts out. Why give him all that land? It is due to Eric having given $20 to a poor homeless Black man he saw on his way to work while getting off the freeway. And that Black man blessed Eric for the day. And it was on that day that I would have struck America but for that good deed that stayed My destructive wrath.

But Lord, is it not written, Let not your right hand know what your left hand has given? Why do you now have Eric reveal exactly what he gave? This is an eternal record. And I tell you Truthfully, what was done in secret will be proclaimed from rooftops.

That deed done in 2017, followed by many similar deeds since then, have resulted in My blessing America rather than cursing it. Therefore, just as to Abraham and his descendants I gave all the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates, so do I now give to Eric and all of his descendants this land of North America. Amen.

And when you say, Eric’s descendants, you are talking about spiritual descendants, right, O’ Lord? No. Eric will have physical descendants. And it will be said of Eric’s physical descendants, that they will outnumber those of Abraham’s. But Lord, that is a distinct impossibility if, in fact, Eric is himself a descendant of Abraham. Mathematically, you are correct. But if you count descendants in the spiritual sense, Eric’s will outnumber Abraham’s. For Abraham left behind no written record, so all men know of Abraham only comes from what God inspired His scribes and writers to write of him from oral traditions handed down through many generations orally into scrolls that came to be the ancient sources for the books that came to be called the Holy Scriptures. But Eric is leaving a written record that he himself has written under My direct inspiration. That, My friends, will produce more descendants in spirit than the scriptures produce from the legends of Abraham as recorded in the Holy Bible.

But is not all of the Holy Bible God breathed? Is Eric claiming to be greater than Abraham? No one who enters My Catholic Church and remains in Me fails to become greater than Abraham. For Abraham was of the Old Covenant and before the Law of Moses. Eric is of the New Covenant and in the Church founded by Jesus. Whoever makes it to where Eric is has eternal life, and I will raise him on the last day.

So, why do I say that Eric’s descendants shall outnumber those of Abraham’s, you ask? It is because I will now announce a new Truth. Eric will found a school for training soldiers for Christ. He will found what shall be called the Monastery of Belteshazzar. And in that monastery, Eric will teach monks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen, the Way he has learned from Me. And all who go there shall be amazed. Never before will they have heard from someone who teaches with authority. He knows scriptures better than most priests.

Now, Lord, there is something missing in the lands you have given over to Eric. What about Iceland? In the previous post, you said that Eric jointly rules Iceland with Queen Eleanor, with whom he marries in a pure, perpetually virgin marriage. What happened to that, O’ Lord? Is their marriage cancelled?

So we are back to square One again? Eric rules over all of Alaska, Canada, the Contiguous United States of America, and Greenland. This is the constant reality, to which things are added, and then snapped back to this reality again. So, is this it? Or does Eric rule any additional lands than these four lands? Eric, I will grant you to marry a Queen, and as her King to jointly rule with her both of your lands together as one united Kingdom. Do you agree to these terms, O’ Eric? Yes, O’ Lord.

The one you are to marry is not Eleanor. That was not the one We are giving to you. Instead, we are giving you a girl closer to home. You will marry a girl whose territories intersect with your own home state of California. For the Kingdom of Aztlan extends into the southwestern United States of America. Your Queen is Ester of Aztlan, an Hispanic Catholic girl. Congratulations, Eric. And your Kingdom with her will be united as one Kingdom, ruled by the both of you jointly. And the official languages of your United Kingdom of Larimar and Aztlan shall be: English, Spanish, French, and Nahuatl. To shorten the name of your jointly ruled Kingdom, it shall be called the Kingdom of Larimaratlan. And the land added to your Kingdom shall include all of Mexico west of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, inclusive.

And Lord, this marriage to Ester of Azlan, will any offspring come from this marriage? Yes, you shall have children. And you shall have two sons, to whom you shall give the names, John and Andrew to. Amen. These two sons shall grow up to be great men, highly renown.

So I am to have normal sexual relations in a normal marriage, O’ Lord? No more celibacy for me? What changed, O’ Lord? That passing away of Sandra has changed everything. And that you cried at her passing has been recorded down in her Book of Life. She will be saved by your final words to her. Particularly powerful were your words: Jesus still loves you. These words shall haunt her as she passes from this life. And now I shall reveal a Truth: Rarely is it in My Kingdom found an instance where one soul was given the direct power over another soul to affect or not to affect her salvation. Many souls are give the power of life and death, but rarely the power of eternal life or eternal death. You held this power over Sandra. And now I Am pleased to announce her salvation. She will be saved. And you will pray for her speedy passage from purgatory to heaven. And it is because she has passed that you are now free to marry again.

But Lord, how do you say I was married to Sandra? By the vows you made to each other, you and her were called married in spirit. And this spiritual binding bound both of you to each other and prevented either of you from any possibility of breaking this marital bond that existed between you two. Now this is passing. In a few hours, you will no longer have a wife, though not because of any neglect on your part, for you moved heaven and earth to save her soul. Her soul is now saved. And she has now passed beyond the veil. Now she sees what you cannot yet see.

Go, Eric, and eat some chocolate. For you must prophesy of many Kings, Princes, Governors, and Lords before the night is out. And many things must come to pass before We arrive with the girl you are to marry. Amen.

Lord, is the girl you will arrive with Sandra? Or is she Ester? No, Eric. Sandra has passed. And you are now free from your marital bonds that you had with her. We are bringing to you the girl you are to marry. Tomorrow you shall meet and be with the one you are to marry. We are in tomorrow, O’ Lord, for it is 2:11 AM now. Realize, O’ Lord Eric, you have given up to God the girl who was given to you 77 days into the Age of Mary. Now, exactly 113 weeks after Sandra entered your life, she is taken away, and you shall be given a new girl, one who you shall meet in the flesh, and with whom you shall enter a full sacramental marriage with. Amen.

That is great, O’ Lord! How will I know her when I see her? You once knew, as a close friend, a girl whose family was from Mexico. Her name was Victoria. And she perished long ago. You did all you could, but in the end you could not save her. But while she knew you, you were very close friends. Well, a girl like Victoria is the girl We are giving to you to be your wife. She won’t be exactly the same, but then, a girl exactly the same wouldn’t work out. She will be holier, more devout, and of greater diligence into doing what she understands to be what God commands of her. And she will be dark, but lovely (Song of Songs 1:5).

Now, realize this final Truth that We will to tell you in this post. Once you receive this girl as your girlfriend, everything changes in your life. You will go from being unknown and slightly despised, to a hated and envied figure among men. For just as the world hated Me, your Lord Jesus, so also shall the whole world hate you, O’ My servant Eric.

So, where shall I have you live, do you think? Tell me, O’ Lord. Where shall we live? In England you shall migrate to. And there you will learn the remainder of your training before I take you away by angel flight to the next world. For the one who comes to power after President Trump is the little horn we spoke of in Daniel 7:8 & 8:9-12. He will be the one called Antichrist. And it will not be wise to remain in the United States of America all the way to the elections of November 3, 2020, for then it will be too late to escape. I Am Coming soon. Blessed is he who keeps his clothes on so that he will not go naked and people see him exposed.

So, My Lord, instead of a Larimar Pawn and a Larimar Reign, there shall be instead, the reign of Antichrist? You must flee to England, O’ Eric. And there you are to remain until I take you away. And what of my wife and children, O’ Lord? After I take you away, your wife and children shall flee out to the dune sea. And there they will remain until I come, in complete safety out of reach of both Antichrist and Satan.

And then there shall be great tribulation. So then, O’ Lord, is it safe to assume that you return around the two thousand year anniversary of your death on the cross? Yes, Lord Belteshazzar. Now, unseal this prophecy. Let all and everyone read it. For your days are numbered here, O’ Eric. On the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary you are to wed your future wife. And before I take you to the next world, you shall have had two sons born and weaned. Will my wife be a pregnant or nursing mother in those days of the End when she must take flight, O’ Lord? No, for her two sons will be of walking age by that time, and no other children shall she bear. For she will be a mom of advanced age, some ten years your junior, O’ Larimar King. And she will be led to flee with them to the Sanctuary lands where she will find shelter and housing and be taken care of for the remainder of the final Age of mortal Man. And then I shall be seen coming in the clouds, and the world shall mourn. Every eye shall see Me, even those who are blind. And for those who delayed their repentance, they will find that it will then be too late to repent when I Am seen coming in the clouds.

Now, one last thing I shall say. Eric lasted to the end. And he has triumphed. Now, all things shall be easy for him. And he shall go hated by many as he heads into the night of his life. For as they hated Me, so also shall they hate Eric. But Eric will not be overcome by them. Instead, Eric will overcome the many. And now I shall reveal the place where Eric will meet his bride. Only in a Church, and only in that Church that especially gives honor to My Mother, shall I have Eric meet his future bride. And now I have said all. Good night.

Lord, I have a question regarding the divisions of lands in both this post and the previous post. Ask, My servant Larimar. You have been careful to specify where each island and piece of lands go except for Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam go. Now, historically, they have been made part of the Larimar Kingdom, and sometimes of some other Kingdoms of the Pacific. So, who owns those lands, O’ Lord? What eternal Monarch owns them? You will visit Hawaii again on your honeymoon, O’ Larimar King. And I will also have you visit New Zealand with your wife. And after that, you shall flee America to go to England and remain there until I come to take you to heaven. Now, who owns New Zealand, O’ Larimar King? Lord Pounamu, King of the Oceanic Pacific Kingdom, owns those lands, O’ Lord. You have answered correctly. And what culture is found in Hawaii, O’ Larimar King? It is largely a Polynesian, Filipino, Japanese, and other Pacific Islander people that largely inhabits those volcanic islands, O’ Lord. Good, Eric, you have answered with wisdom. To Lord Pounamu shall belong the islands and lands of his people, the Pacific Islanders. And thus, Hawaii shall belong to Lord Pounamu, along with the island of Guam. But the Northern Mariana Islands shall be given to Queen Pearl of Japan. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Hence, now you know that you have no possessions in the Pacific other than the islands belonging to Alaska and the coastal islands along the Pacific coast of your Kingdom.

And what of the Atlantic, O’ Lord? Lord Anglo of Guyana owns the lands of the Bermuda Triangle, not you, with the exception of the lands of Florida, which is part of your contiguous United States of America. And Lady Isabella owns Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. Hence, your territories are in fact limited to these four, and now five, lands due to your future marriage to the Queen of Aztlan:

The entire lands of Larimaratlan:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. the Contiguous United States of America
  5. Mexico west of the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, inclusive

And this Kingdom has four official languages:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Nahuatl

And two monarchs reign over it as a combined Kingdom: King Larimar and Queen Ester of the Kingdom of Larimaratlan. Amen. Lord, now someone asks, since there are more Chinese speakers in North America than speakers of Nahuatl, shouldn’t Chinese also be considered as an official language in this Kingdom of Larimaratlan? For if it is based on numbers alone, Chinese speakers in North America outnumber Nahuatl speakers. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

Prince Larimar, the line must be drawn somewhere between the list of official languages and the list of nonofficial languages. You have drawn it to include these four: English, Spanish, French, and Nahuatl. The Monarchs have the arbitrary right to choose which among the languages spoken in their Kingdoms should be made official. If you wished to do so, you, Eric, could make Danish or Russian official languages in your Kingdom, due to the former official status of Danish in Greenland and Russian in Alaska. Whatever you choose is highly arbitrary and up to the Monarch to choose.

But Lord, what is the problem with overdoing the official languages. With each new official language added to your list, there need to be translators found within your Kingdom to translate all official proclamations to all of the official languages in the Kingdom. In that case, O’ Lord, I will to limit the number of official languages to just those four: English, Spanish, French, and Nahuatl. And I will omit Chinese due to its great difficulty in learning for English speakers. Amen. Besides, Nahuatl has a historical legacy in Mexico and is the most spoken native language remaining in North America. Chinese, on the other hand, is like an exotic plant. It comes from foreign sources. And then some argue, so also are English, Spanish, and French. However these languages have been established as official languages in the Americas for many centuries, and have evolved under the heavy influence of Christianity. Amen.

Now someone cries out, “Eric is racist! He prefers White Man’s languages over languages of people of color.” And what is the answer to this charge, O’ Lord? Languages do not belong to specific races, but rather, to whoever can speak them. And in whatever people that a language comes to, that people will adjust that language to their own ways of speaking, spawning off new languages. And thus, languages are constantly evolving. But the mistake is to say that all languages originating in Europe are White people’s languages. Everyone’s language is unique to each individual. Their ability to speak to their neighbor is due to having learned in parallel the same set of rules for speaking and being understood by your neighbor. What I value most in a language is how Christianity and its concepts can be expressed in that language and how well the language accommodates and expresses Christian and Catholic doctrines. I have now spoken. Amen.

English, Spanish, and French are languages that evolved within the Kingdom of Christendom, and hence, are Christian languages. Should a language be evolved to express well the concepts of Christianity, and be spoken by significant numbers of North Americans, then I will add it to my list of official languages. And Nahuatl is spoken by many North American Catholics, and a Catholic Bishop has started the process of translating the whole Catholic Holy Bible to the vernacular language of Nahuatl. And when this is done, Nahuatl, like English, Spanish, and French, will become an eternal language. Thus are the reasons why Nahuatl is added to this list of official languages. And this list is fluid. It can change. I, Eric, have spoken. Now I am off to Church. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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