Lord Ironwort Charity prophesies on many things

Joe Walsh I have elected to serve as Larimar Pawn for My purposes in America. He will win the November 2020 elections and put an end to the abortions of human life in the womb.

I am Lord Ironwort Charity, and I am sent to prophesy. So listen to Me! This saith the Lord God Jesus Christ Almighty:

I Am Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords. Through Eric Am I speaking. Now listen to Me as I prophesy on many things yet to come. Amen.

That I Who Am Am speaking through Eric is true. And through Eric I Who Am shall reveal many things of realities yet to come. USMCA, the deal Trump has made to replace NAFTA, has been ratified by Mexico and shall be ratified in the USA and Canada. USMCA shall be expanded to include the nation of England, and be called USMCAE from that point onward. Amen.

Democrats will attempt to but fail to defeat Trump heading into the November elections. After that, there will be an effort to get work done in Congress. In the process of replacement of Supreme Court Justices under Trump, the courts will shift to the conservative side, and gay marriage and abortion will be declared as unconstitutional rights and banned. Gay marriage will be found unconstitutional by the affirmation of the natural law that says a man can only be married to a woman, and not to another man. And likewise, a woman cannot marry another woman, but only be married to a man. This acknowledgement of the natural law as the basis for United States law shall be ruled as self evident fact. And thus, gay marriage will be revoked and defined as a federal crime. Also, human life will be defined as beginning at conception, which agrees with science. And thus, abortion will be, by honest logical conclusion, defined as the act of murder that it obviously is and banned and made a federal crime, punishable as a felony similar to the crime of infanticide.

Now I shall speak of the Kingdom of Larimar. Eric, the Larimar King, shall be commanded to learn Latin and Koine Greek, for the sake of having greater understanding of the original Greek Biblical texts and the Catholic Vulgate. This studying of these languages shall commence with the Age of Larimar, which has now begun, as of December 1, 2019. Master, do you truly command that I master the languages of Latin and Koine Greek? Yes, Lord Ironwort, for your path in life as My prophet requires it.

Lord, is it Your will that I marry Hyacinth? Or do you will me to do otherwise, O’ Lord? For I am your subject, and to You do I wish to obey. Eric, you are not in any act of disobedience to Me. And as for Sandra, whom you call Hyacinth, you have returned to her out of the compassion of your heart. And yet, there is no self seeking in your return to her. And that is why you are quite willing for her to go her own way, should she wish it. And does she wish it, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, Am leading her away from you, for I do not wish for My prophet to marry and have sex with a woman, unless We, the Lord God, have elected for her to come into your life. So let Sandra go. We will lead her to depart from you, and then you will be free.

So Eric, are you willing to walk the celibate path with us, to never turn to a woman for comfort? I am, O’ Lord God. What you have said is true, O’ Ironwort. So hear Me, O’ House of Jerusalem and House of Rome! Eric is now declared an eternal virgin. He will never marry and never have sex. Oracle of the Lord!

Furthermore, Sandra, whom Eric has helped in a great many ways, I hereby take away from Eric. Their paths do now irrevocably diverge. Eric now goes the route to My Catholic priesthood, while Sandra pursues Me and My Way in whatever station to which she is called. But there shall be no future union of Sandra and Eric. Amen.

Lord, I have put my hand on the plough and I am never looking back. Do not let anyone enter or remain in my life who seeks to turn me back to the things I have left behind. Well done, My servant Larimar. I will heal you promptly and send you to the priests who are to decide to sponsor your entry into the priesthood of My Catholic Church. And so it has been accomplished. Eric’s celibacy is now ratified as eternal, along with his virginity. Amen.

And what now, O’ Lord, with the promises You have made to John, son of Eric, who can now never come to be? You, Eric, will serve that purpose that John was to serve Me. And now I shall speak.

To Lord Ironwort Ulric Larimar Charity Belteshazzar, I hereby grant a new name, and this name will refer to Eric as My eternal celibate priest in My Kingdom. You, Eric, shall be called Lord Sapphire. And henceforth, you are My Sapphirine Servant. And as ordained priest, you will be known as Father Lord Sapphire.

Lord Sapphire, Eric My Servant, I hereby call you to enter My seminary to become ordained a priest. You will begin the process the moment you realize you have received your complete cures to all your afflictions. If I leave anything uncured, do not consider yourself to be bound to this calling, but only if you find yourself completely and permanently cured. Amen. And these cures take place today. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His son. Amen. For you have now seen the yellow leaved tree, which you saw at My Catholic Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Amen.

Sapphire will now replace your name of Eric as your first name in My book. Hence, your full prophetic name is now: Lord Sapphire Ulric Ironwort Larimar Charity Belteshazzar Alexandria. Amen. These seven names constitute your eternal designation. And now it shall be made known your fate to the nations.

Now We shall discuss the fates of your two brothers, you mother, and your father. I have elected not to save your two brothers. Your mother you know is already damned. As for your father, he I will give more time to enter into My Kingdom. Hence, like chaff that the wind drives away shall your brothers and your mother disappear into the night and be gone. Amen.

As for the Trump Administration, President Trump shall soon die. For he has lied to Me and to the American people. Lord, shall Trump die before or after the November elections of 2020? Well before, O’ Lord Sapphire, for your Pawn, not Firefly’s Pawn, shall be reigning in America from January, 2021, onwards. Amen. And who shall be my Pawn, O’ Lord? Is he in the race for President yet, O’ Lord? Yes, and I will now tell you who he is. He is Joe Walsh, who is 100% pro life. But Lord, Joe Walsh accepts gay marriage as settled law. Eric, My servant, Joe Walsh has flipped on this issue in the past, and I shall have him flip back to the correct stance, for pure logic dictates that a man can only marry a woman. Just realize that Joe Walsh is the candidate who shall represent your interests in the November, 2020 elections. And he shall defeat whatever candidate the Democrats put on their ticket. Amen.

And now I will make My closing statements to you, O’ Lord Sapphire. Great indeed is your worthiness before Me and in My sight. Do not mind what the homosexuals are doing. Abortion is to be dealt with first. Get that outlawed, and then we will deal with restoring the institution of marriage in United States law. For it is a nobrainer that gay marriage is a bad move, and one that must be rejected for the protection of marriage in society. Gays do not have the right to destroy marriage by calling their abominable relationships as legal marriages. I Who Am have spoken. Now, Eric, publish this post.

One last question, O’ Lord? Ask, My servant, Lord Sapphire. Since I am to have no son, do you now make that promise to me that you made to him that I will endure on the earth to the end and live to witness Your Second Coming in the clouds, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? That you are the eternal King of the Larimar Kingdom is now an established fact. But whether you will last to the end upon the earth, I cannot reveal unto you, for it would affect your future decisions on doing My will. Hence, you will not know the day or hour in which I will come to take your soul to heaven. Just realize that the hour and day I take you away, whoever remains on the earth will undergo severe tribulation. And then, in the great suffering of those days, I shall come again. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

4 thoughts on “Lord Ironwort Charity prophesies on many things”

  1. Sorry about the “Like” as I don’t care who, Joe Walsh or otherwise, will be the country’s choice. Has Eric considered the quote of the famous Anglo- Irish stateman and philosopher, Edmund Burke? He has said, “Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it”. Consider… perhaps Donald John Trump and some other woman will both commit suicide after the election. Once his bid for re-election is finalized; he may still seek suicide as a way out of his own administration’s betrayal, and that of everyone else! Just a thought. Anything otherwise could also prompt a intentional or unintentional suicide by his own hand.


  2. Hiya! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share. Cheers!


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