I hereby detail the Larimar Kingdom, among others

Hyacinth, Queen Consort to the Larimar King, shall possess the temperate rainforest Kingdom of Lothlorien, consisting of northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, shall now, through Lord Ironwort Charity, detail to you the Larimar Kingdom, and all the lands that it contains, as well as all surrounding and nearby Kingdoms. So, let us begin.

Eric is the Larimar King, a ruler and owner of many lands in a spiritual dimension parallel to the political units upon the earth in this generation. And this generation marks the sealing of all such Kingdoms to their eternal Kings. All such eternal Kings shall be defined in this generation of Eric and the Age of Mary. Amen.

Now we shall speak. To Eric, the Larimar King, belongs the following lands in the spiritual dimension in which the eternal Kingdoms of Mankind are defined: King Larimar owns the North American lands of the United States of America, Canada, and Greenland. In the Atlantic, King Larimar owns Bermuda, the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies, and the Kingdom of England on the island of Great Britain. The ownerships of the other Kingdoms and states on the British Isles will be a matter for later definitions and revelations. And in the Pacific, King Larimar possesses the state of Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam.

And is that the full definition of the lands belonging to King Larimar of the Larimar Kingdom, O’ Lord? What of Hispaniola, as it was said to have been moved from another Kingdom into Larimar’s Kingdom in a previous post? And what of the many other Kingdoms and lands throughout the earth?

Eric, the Larimar Kingdom does not need to possess the lands in which the gemstone larimar is actually found to be called the Larimar Kingdom. Do not box yourself into such constraints. You are King Larimar, and your name as Larimar has nothing to do with actual physical larimar gemstones or where they can be found. Larimar is simply used as a metaphor to refer to your new color of blue, associating you with the Holy Virgin Mary. Also the ending of “mar” in Larimar is in fact etymologically related to the name of Mary. The one who coined the word combined his daughter’s name with the Spanish word for sea. And the name of Mary means “sea of bitterness.”

However, there are other lands that have been added to your Larimar Kingdom via a means known exclusively to Me. And I shall now reveal these additional lands and the means by which they were added. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, both those belonging to the United States and those belonging to the United Kingdom, are included into your Kingdom, O’ Larimar King. They have elected to join due to the coming reality of the entrance of Puerto Rico into the United States as a 52nd state with the anticipated entrance of Greenland into the Union as the 51st state during President Trump’s second term. This 52nd state will contain just Puerto Rico. It cannot also contain the Virgin Islands due to the constraints of what is possible to achieve in the limited amount of time given.

That makes sense, O’ Lord, and by that addition, Eric the Larimar King will obtain complete control over the Bermuda Triangle. And tell me more, O’ Lord. What else do you say shall belong to the Larimar King? I will now tell thee, O’ Eric My servant. The South American nations of Guyana and Suriname shall be yours. This is because they do not belong to Latin America, which is the definition of another Kingdom of the Americas, the Kingdom of Latin America. By such reasoning, much of the Caribbean is not of Latin America, O’ Lord. What states in the Caribbean, therefore, shall belong to the Larimar King? All the states where the dominant language is either English or Dutch shall be yours. And what of French speaking Caribbean. Here is where there is discernment called for. Those nations and islands that speak French as an official language or that have French or a French Creole as their dominant language will belong to the French Monarch if they are currently owned by France, but if France no longer possesses them, they will belong to the Larimar King.

Hence, the Americas are divided into four camps: The Larimar Kingdom, the Latin American Kingdom, the French Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Theobroma. The Larimar Kingdom contains all the lands where English, Dutch, or French is the main or official language, but where France does not rule or own. The French Monarch owns all current territories and departments of France still in the Americas. And the Latin American Kingdom owns all those lands where Spanish is spoken as the primary or official tongue. And the Kingdom of Theobroma is the general area of the Amazon rainforest, and covers all of the Portuguese speaking regions.

Therefore, does Belize, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Haiti, along with most of the Lesser Antilles, now belong to the Larimar King in this arrangement, O’ Lord? Exactly, My servant. In that case, then King Larimar owns land in Central America by owning Belize. And he owns Haiti, the closest nation in the Kingdom of Larimar to the only known natural deposits of larimar gemstones. Due to that fact that larimar is mined only in the Dominican Republic, next to Haiti, the ruler of Latin America wishes to do a trade with you. The Latin American ruler offers you the possession of the Spanish speaking Dominican Republic in return for English speaking Belize, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Do you accept the trade, O’ Eric. I do, O’ Lord God Jesus Christ. Then this trade is accomplished. Now the entire island of Hispaniola is in the Kingdom of Larimar. And Larimar owns no part of Central America anymore. Amen. King Larimar is primarily an English speaker and writer, though he knows many computer languages, and the foreign language he is currently best in is Spanish.

And who is this ruler of Latin America, O’ Lord? Queen Ester is the ruler of the Latin American Kingdom. And her home nation is called Aztlan. Her rule is all of Spanish America from Mexico to the tip of South America. And her lands in the Caribbean consist of Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and the Spanish Main. Amen. Queen Ester is primarily a Spanish speaker, but she has some knowledge of the native languages in her lands.

And the ruler of Theobroma is King Cacau. His name and the name of his Kingdom come from a treasure found long ago in the Amazon rainforest. This treasure is the cocoa tree, from whose cocoa beans are made chocolate, one of the exotic treasures Columbus brought with him back to Spain. Many other treasures continue to exist in the rainforests of the world waiting to be discovered. King Cacau, therefore, is a protector of the Amazon rainforest, and the destroyer of it he will topple. King Cacau is primarily a speaker of Portuguese.

And the French Monarch, who is that, O’ Lord? She is Empress Isabelle. And she, as you may rightly have guessed, speaks primarily French. Hence the primary languages of the eternal Monarchs of the Americas are English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Now I shall speak of the many things to come.

The Trump Administration of the United States of America shall win the November elections to enter into a second term. At some point late into this second term, an irate blonde woman will pull out a gun while in close proximity to the President and shoot him from behind fatally. And why do you allow this to happen, O’ Lord? It is the Way of things. All sins must be paid for. And no one can escape the payment of those sins. Amen. But before Trump exits this world, he will have accomplished many things, including making the Supreme Court conservative leaning, and he will have achieved the statehood of Greenland and Puerto Rice together. Trump will agree to this, and thus he will go down in history as the first President since Dwight D. Eisenhower to get two states added to the United States of America during his term in office. And he will see the need to compromise with the Democrats to further his agenda and to get things done. But he will die in office, nevertheless. And with his passing, so will America pass from the hands of the Player Firefly into the hands of the Larimar King. Hence, the ruler to come from Larimar comes onto the scene for the elections of 2024, not for 2020. And this future ruler from Larimar will be a Republican servant of God and fully compliant to the will of the Larimar King.

As you know, Vladimir Putin is about to die. It will be by assassination by a senior level aide who shall do Putin in. The assassination will take place either in the palace gardens or in the streets outside the Kremlin. The bullet will kill him instantly. He will have no time to repent, or to prepare himself to meet his Maker. And how shall I judge this man, you ask? Vladimir is not My servant. Instead, he will be assigned a place with the hypocrites, those who do abominable deeds and tell lies. With the passing of Putin, the Grand Kremlin Palace will be seen as blazing, consumed by fire. I Who Am have spoken. Oracle of the Lord!

The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico will reform into a new trade bloc. And Trump readily recognizes the important role of cheap Mexican labor, for he hired such at all of his golf courses during his many years of running them before becoming President. Hence, Trump will include Mexico into the trade bloc, very similar to NAFTA. And one European addition shall be added to that bloc: England, which will hard exit from the European Union. This hard exit will in fact break up the United Kingdom, and her other parts, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, will form a bridge bloc between England and the European Union, taking the best of both worlds, as full members of the EU. And to this bridge bloc will the Republic of Ireland join. Hence, the entire British Isles will have highly favorable access to both the American markets through England and also to the European Union under new membership arrangements for these new states.

Let it therefore be made known that outside the Americas, the British Isles, the entire archipelago, shall belong to the Larimar King. And these islands and Gibraltar will constitute the entire European possessions of King Larimar. And what of any other places throughout the lands, O’ Lord? Nowhere in Africa do you rule, O’ Eric. As for Madagascar, that vast African island is given to French Empress Isabelle, as her sole possession in Africa. And what about Asia and Oceania, O’ Lord? You know that Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam are yours. All of Alaska is yours. The Galapagos belongs to Queen Ester. The rest of the Pacific islands scattered throughout the Pacific that do not belong to the Asian Kings or France will be the possessions of King Pounamu, King of Oceanic Christendom. It is he who owns all of New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, Easter Island, and many other archipelagos and islands of the Pacific. And none of the lands of Asia are to belong to you, O’ Larimar King.

But let me get back to events happening in this world. The events of the Larimar Kingdom are of a different dimension in the Spiritual world. Good. Now we shall discuss the fate of the papacy. As you know, Pope Benedict XVII succeeds Pope Francis, and this event happens very soon, Pope Benedict XVII will be Cardinal Burke from America. He will be elected after a great thinning of the populations has taken place throughout the whole world to prepare the world for the advent of the Larimar Reign. Cardinal Burke is fluent in English, French, Italian, and Latin, making him an excellent choice for pope.

Now, one last thing I shall say before I conclude this post. It is now time to fully define all the lands of the Kingdom of Larimar:

  1. The Contiguous United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Alaska
  4. Greenland
  5. Hawaii
  6. The Northern Mariana Islands
  7. Guam
  8. Hispaniola
  9. Puerto Rico
  10. The United States Virgin Islands
  11. The rest of the Lesser Antilles minus the possessions of France
  12. Guyana
  13. Suriname
  14. The Lucayan Archipelago
  15. Bermuda
  16. The British Isles, the entire archipelago.
  17. Gibraltar

Such are the Seventeen eternal possessions of the Larimar Kingdom. Amen, And what, O’ Lord, of the Kingdoms of Europe? For these lands, too, border the Larimar Kingdom.

The Kingdom of European Scandinavia is ruled by Queen Eleanor. And her lands include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. The lands of mainland Europe are under the rule of various Monarchs, whose Kingdoms shall be further defined in a later post. Amen.

And what is the nature of the Larimar Kingdom, O’ Lord? In what way is it of eternal definition? The Larimar King is the eternal ruler of this Kingdom. It shall never be taken away from him. And what of his descendants, O’ Lord? Will they come to reign over any of these lands? One generation is to issue from Eric before we take him to his eternal reward. The eldest son of Larimar will be the second Larimar King to rule on his throne, forming a two king dynasty. To this second Larimar King, I will make a most unique promise. He will witness on earth in his mortal life My Second Coming. Oracle of the Lord! God has now definitively spoken to His people, Amen.

And what will be his name, and what lands of the Larimar Kingdom shall he eternally possess under Eric? He shall be called John. And John, son of Eric, shall possess Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon territories as his eternal possessions of land.

And what of the other subkingdoms and the sub rulers of the Larimar Kingdom? These will be defined in later posts. Suffice it to say that Queen Ester of Aztlan and Latin American Christendom, Queen Choeblack of Haiti, King Philip of Great Britain, Queen Elsa of the British Isles, and Empress Isabelle of France all have parts of their lands or all of their lands as subkingdoms or sub dominions of the Kingdom of Larimar. For Aztlan extends into the Western United States, under King Larimar. And Empress Isabelle rules Quebec under Larimar’s possession of Canada. Queen Elsa is subordinate to Larimar regarding the British Isles, though not for the rest of her European Kingdom of Christendom. And Queen Choeblack of Haiti and King Philip of Great Britain have their entire Kingdoms within the dominion of the Larimar Kingdom.

And O’ Lord, what if some other nation or Kingdom wishes to join the Kingdom of Larimar? There will be no future additions to your Kingdom, O’ Larimar, for the borders have been settled and sealed. Some Kingdoms yet to be defined may overlap yours as your subordinate rulerships. But no new lands will ever be added to nor taken away from this current definition of the Kingdom of Larimar. And that you are to be its eternal ruler is now verified. As for your Queen, she shall be the mystical Blue Enchantress, to whom you are pledged to marry. She will be Queen Consort to you. And to her shall be given the temperate rainforest regions of the Pacific northwest, the lands of northern California, Oregon, and Washington. And this subkingdom shall be called the Forest Kingdom of Lothlorien, eternal possession of Queen Consort Hyacinth, wife of the Larimar King. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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