Mary, Protectress and Commandress of Eric, the Larimar King

Mary is hereby made Commandress, Protectress, and Owner of the Larimar King.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, do now give My eternal edicts regarding Eric and what I have allowed for him to do. For Eric has made himself My servant. And he has decided ultimately to do My will as My servant, rather than as servant to himself. Oracle of the Lord!

  1. Edict Number 1: Eric may never cross the boundary between the celibate, virgin path to My Kingdom and the path of the marital embrace.
  2. Edict Number 2: Eric, in obeying My mother or in following any command from Me, may not enter into any relationship that leads to carnal sin.
  3. Edict Number 3: Eric is made a servant to My Immaculate Mother, Mary, the Mother of God. Eric is to obey Mary in all things, but no command may be made to Eric where any of these edicts from Me are violated. I Am Who Am.

Now, I give time to Mary to speak. And she will give to Eric his first commands he is to receive as her eternal servant.

Congratulations, Eric, for entering the service of Her Majesty, the Queen of Heaven. No one may ever touch the Queen. But the Queen has the right to touch those whom her Divine Son has given her. And that is how she touched your head with her foot, humbling you before all of heaven, in early December, 1996. And by that touch two things were accomplished: Satan was driven out of you due to his indomitable pride, and you, Eric, were cleansed from the head down of all sin and transgression. Mary, you were not permitted to see, except as through a glass darkly. But because of your faithfulness and devotion, the following month you were awarded a dream of Jesus that you remembered in full vivid detail. And so now you know what Jesus looks like. You could paint a picture of His likeness, if you wished to, Eric. And do you allow me to, O’ Mary? In your service to me, the Holy Queen, I will have you in the business of saving a very specific soul.

And what soul is this? Is it Sandra’s soul? Or is it truly the command from Jesus that I forsake her? Forsake Sandra, for I will lead you on a different path away from her. Her path leads to marriage and carnal passions. And that path is forbidden to you. I, your Holy Mother, am forbidden by Jesus from even guiding you to be near such a woman. But a woman I am guided to give to you.

Eric, tell me the answer to this question: Can an old woman be a good woman for a man of similar age? An old woman with a good heart is a good woman. And such a woman would be good for the man she is wedded to, even if this couple are too old for having children. Eric, you have answered perfectly. In a celibate marriage will you be joined to a woman I have elected to be trained by you in the things you have been trained in by God. Though marriage will be your relationship to this woman, touch her you shall never. As is regarded the Ark of the Covenant, so also shall be regarded this woman in your presence. Train her you shall so that she may know how she is to follow me and my Divine Son, Jesus. All that was given by God to you, you shall give to this girl in a way she can understand. And this girl, in turn, shall found a school for witches and prophetesses to be taught the teachings of the Witch King child.

And only woman and girls will be admitted to this school. I accept your orders, O’ Mary Mother of God. And so, this girl is to be my one disciple, and I am to have no other? For it is she, not I, who am to teach the Way I have mastered to the multitudes, O Mary, Mother of God? You I do not permit to teach the women, for you would be tempted to sin. Furthermore, you are my servant and my possession, and My gender alone will possess your knowledge among Mankind on the earth. You, hence, are the only male that shall ever have been or that shall ever again be permitted to speak directly to God while clothed in mortality on this earth.

I know I am granted to speak to God similar to that of Saint Catherine of Siena. No, Eric. You are granted greater access, much greater access to God than any woman could ever be granted. And this access to God was granted to you by My claim of ownership of you. No other man will ever walk through the doors you have while in this life on earth. But what of Moses and Elijah? Did not they speak with God, as it is written of them? Indeed, Eric, the closest access to God as you have been granted that was recorded in the Holy Scriptures was when Peter, James, and John witnessed Moses and Elijah conversing with Jesus on the mountain in that event known as the Transfiguration. But nowhere in their life on earth did either of them approach my Divine Son to speak with Him as you have. You know the movie actor and his smile that is the image of my Divine Son and His smile. I will have you reveal this knowledge now, in this post, so that everyone knows who my Son looks like. Do so now. For you are a prophet not permitted to keep secrets from the people anymore.

The one actor who was the image of Jesus in his smile was Brendan Fraser when he played the comedy Tarzan like character of George in the movie, George of the Jungle. It was his smile in that movie that was the image of the smile I saw and which I still see in my vivid memory of Jesus in the dream He came to me in early January, 1997. Note that Jesus did not tell me Who He was in my dream. My own mouth testified in that dream that it was He by my calling Him that three times, reinstating my faith in Him that had been damaged by my blasphemies against both Him and Mary for one week in late December, 1996. The root of those blasphemies was the deception by Satan that the Biblical Mary and Jesus were imposters to the real and true Mary and Jesus. But this deception lasted for only one week, and constituted the fourth and final nervous breakdown of my life, which I at first called the Falsifier Breakdown, but which an angel of God commanded me to rename as the FaithFinder Breakdown.

Good, Eric. And now reveal that other actor and past TV series you used to watch long ago that had a character in it who resembled my Son, Jesus, as you saw Him in your dream. For God has made a fourth edict:

4. Edict Number 4: Eric, My prophet, shall keep nothing secret from the people.

That only other actor who reminded me of the image of Jesus in my vivid dream was Kevin Sorbo as he played the character of Hercules in the TV series, Hercules, the Legendary Journeys. I know that these two movie characters are not holy, nor were their movies of the height of dignity that is demanded by an image of Jesus, but they were nevertheless the only images I saw in cinema or television that ever reminded me of the image of Jesus I saw in My dream. Furthermore, I will reveal that Jesus in My dream was a man of golden blonde hair. And he had no beard or mustache. It may also be of significance to know that at the time of the dream, I too had no beard or mustache. I had shaven it off some time earlier. But We know from the Shroud of Turin that indeed when Jesus died, he had a beard and mustache. Let it also be known that the Shroud of Turin is that third image, however vague, that I have seen that resembles Jesus as I saw Him in my dream. Jesus resembled the man whose image is in that shroud, but I observed no wounds on Him, because I was not looking for them, and he was clean shaven of any beard and mustache, on his head was long blonde hair going down his back.

Is there anything else regarding that image of Jesus in my dream in early January, 1997, that you will me to reveal, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Only this, O’ Eric, my servant. You have revealed our conversation of the month before, and all the words spoken. Now do the same regarding this dream of Jesus. After you have done so, I will give to you my commands of what you are to do going forward from here.

OK, my Holy Mother Mary, I shall now recount the full dream. As I remember, I found myself in a party situation in my bedroom. And many people were there conversing. And my eyes fell upon a Black girl, an African Negress in race, who was sitting next to me, rejoicing in the Lord. And I was looking at her intently, seeing that this was indeed a Black African who was indeed saved and blessed by God. And as I was studying her facial features, I felt that I was being watched, and I looked, and there on the bed across from mine was a man sitting there, with long blonde hair, but no indication that He was Jesus. And yet, my eyes locked onto Him, for deep in my soul something in me knew I was looking at Jesus.

And then Jesus began to give me advice. And only two things do I remember of that advice: He said, “Seek to make contact with the one who is appointed to you to find out what you are to do.” And after that He said, “And turn this on,” referring to my radio there. And he turned it on, but only static was heard. In all this advice, I said nothing, but only listened to Him speak. And then Jesus got up and ushered everyone out of the room. And then I saw him standing outside my door looking up to heaven in deep sadness, as he was about to leave me. But then I sprang up from my bed and called out to Him, shouting, “Jesus!”. And He looked back at me. And then I said, “Come pray with me.” And then the miracle happened. Jesus came back, and he looked down as he walked back to me, but he had that smile that was vividly and eternally etched into my memory.

And so, we both sat down on opposite beds and I said, “Hold hands,” following the custom of the young Christians I associated with back then of holding hands while praying together. And we held hands as I led in speaking the prayers. And I noticed that His hands were bigger than mine. And I am a man with big hands. And rambled about in prayer, not quite knowing what to say, but I did mention Mary Magdalene in the prayers, for she had been the one person in heaven that I did not blaspheme in my week of blasphemy the previous month, during my FaithFinder Breakdown. And Mary Magdalene was not blasphemed because I knew she was true because it was her voice that I heard speak to me while I was crying at dawn at the end of the June 1-2 Martyrdom breakdown in a deserted parking lot. I had stayed there the whole night in obedience to God. And the vivid voice of Mary Magdalene saying to me, “Eric, come to me,” put an end to all doubt in God and heaven for the rest of my life. The only questions that had to be resolved from that point onward were those of the identities of Jesus and Mary. And it was the visitation of Mary to me, followed by the FaithFinder Breakdown, followed by the dream of Jesus, that put an end to all such questions and doubts. Before this dream, I was with Jesus again, but was fearful that I could be left behind in the Rapture and might not be saved, due to my time of blasphemy. For I was a believer in Protestant theology, not yet a Catholic.

Anyways, after rambling about Mary Magdalene in my prayers with Jesus, I saw a door some ways away in the room open and a man resembling my father enter in. And I shouted out, “No!”. And with that, Jesus flew into the air, but His hands remained in mine. And then I said in a loud voice in my dream, “This is Jesus. This is Jesus.” And so I had called him Jesus three times in my dream, just like Peter had reaffirmed his love for Jesus three times to be restored to grace with Him. And then I saw myself floating back to my body, and I was back on my bed, waking up flat on my back with my body aligned straight with my head to the north and my hands folded across my chest. And I could still feel Jesus’ hands in my hands and I saw a vision of Jesus floating above me, his hands still in mine and He was smiling a smile I will never forget. Amen.

Well done, my son, Eric. Now I will tell you your commands, what you are to do. Eric, the part I enjoyed the most in your recount of your dream with Jesus was your eyes falling upon the Black girl, and you there realizing that this was a Black person who was saved by Jesus. Therefore, it should not be alien to you to know that to a Black girl you are to reveal all these secrets to. You have talked with Black women before, even happily married Black women. So you know that you can get along with such a one. Well, the woman who we will assign to be your celibate wife shall be such a Black woman. Oracle of the Lord!

Mary, you know I will accept and abide by you every order. And I have nothing against mixed marriages, providing that both parties remain faithful. And I know mixed marriages can and do work. The mixed marriage that stands out most to me in recent movies was that between the Genie and the servant girl of Princess Jasmine in the new real live actor Disney remake of the animated classic, Aladdin. Some people objected to a Black actor being chosen for the Genie character, but with such people I must disagree entirely. The Black actor chosen for playing that Genie character was perfect for the Genie character he played. And the chemistry between him and the actress chosen for the White servant girl he married was also perfect in my opinion. Aladdin could not have been made a better movie by having an all White cast. It would have been different, but not better. And the way in which that actor played his character, I did not see him as first Black, but rather, as first the Genie. That movie was a movie in which the mixed marriage that the supporting actress and supporting actor played in made it a golden movie to watch, and one of those rare classics that you want to go to and see over and over again. Another thing that delighted me about the live actor movie remake of Aladdin was the decision to not have the women showing the flesh of their midsections, keeping the movie clean and ensuring it of becoming the classic that it shall forevermore be. It is better than the animated classic by far.

Very well, Eric. Then you will not object to marriage to this Black woman who shall be made your apprentice. But, Mary, what of the many objections Black women have against being seen with a White man if it produces the image of White Master with Black slave woman? For if she is my Apprentice and I am her teacher in this celibate marriage, how does she deal with the issue of being seen as Black slave woman to a White Master? You, Eric, have made an excellent point. No woman wishes to be seen as a slave to her husband, least of all, a Black woman to her White husband. So, what shall we do to rectify this situation and prevent it from happening, O’ Eric?

You can have in it the image of me serving her, just as Jesus is the servant to His flock. Excellent idea, O’ Eric. And so shall it be. I shall have it so that you are seen as serving the one I assign to be your Apprentice. And Mary, you know that I can never cross that boundary between the path of celibate virginity and that of the marital embrace. Hence, no child can ever come from this marriage. Is this as you, my Mother Mary, see the edicts coming from the Lord? Your flesh is sacred, O’ Lord Ironwort. And so also is the flesh of this woman I am giving to you. Now, answer me this question, O’ Ironwort. What do you know via Catholicism about my marriage relationship with Joseph? Did we ever have children together? Or was my Divine Son Jesus our only child, One who had me as His only human parent. It is as Catholicism has authoritatively defined it, O’ Most Excellent of all Mothers. Joseph and Mary never entered the marital embrace, and never had children together, for Mary’s body was the Ark of the Divine Word.

Eric, and so also shall it be the case for your wife. To you has been given by Christ the Divine Word. And you shall teach this Divine Word to your future wife, your Apprentice, who shall then become the Ark of the Divine Word. And when she has mastered everything I will for you to teach her, you shall be removed from the earth, very similar to how Elijah was removed. And then your Apprentice shall be declared a Master, and she will teach the many and pass on the Divine Word alive in her to women only. And to women shall belong these secrets all the Way to the End of Time. Amen.

And what does this make you, O’ Eric? I am an inspired scribe of the Divine Word, O’ Mary? Indeed, you are a possessor of the deep secrets of God. And you are commanded to reveal them to all, but the secret power of your reign, and its secrets by which you prevailed in that path, you will reveal to your wife and to her alone. That secret knowledge I allow to be only taught to women. I, the Virgin Mary, have this decreed. Amen.

Very well then, O’ Blessed Mother Mary, I accept all these things. Now, what do you command me to do? When do all these things take place? And will you reveal the future of things to be, such as with President Trump, the USA, President Putin, Russia, and about the Brexit, and about Pope Francis, and of a future pope to come? And will you reveal anything about the Larimar Kingdom and the Truth about that narrative and that of any other rulers who may be ruling similar or overlapping dominions, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

Tolerate for now the intrusions of your brother David. He will face the Wrath of his Lord very soon. Do not be a part of that Divine Judgement and its horrors. Trump’s Presidency is to end soon. And you will see him carried out of the White House in a golden coffin. He will refuse to leave as Nixon did, and thus shall end his Presidency as Kennedy did. I am the Holy Virgin Mary. Russia shall be converted to the religion of my Divine Son. They were unworthy to convert during the Reign of Emerald, but now, one generation later, they will be converted during the Reign of Larimar. Amen.

Vladimir Putin, strongman of Russia, will burn like a blazing torch, a tree on fire, as he dies and is crumpled back to the dust from which he was formed. This death takes place at your rising to power, O’ Eric. And in what manner is your power to be? As you converted to Christianity the moment your reign took over Israel as you set to power Yitzhak Rabin, so also shall Putin die the moment the pope, together with all his bishops, consecrates Russia to my Immaculate heart. I, the Holy Virgin, this decree. And this will be the sign of your ascendancy to power. And you shall reign as Lord Ironwort forever. And as Larimar King you shall be made known.

But the pope to do this will not be the current one, but his successor. The next pope shall consecrate Russia to my Immaculate heart. And he will be a Cardinal not made a Cardinal by Pope Francis, but by his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. And the Cardinal I have selected to serve next as Pope is American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of Benedict in honor of the pope who made him Cardinal. Hence, he shall be Pope Benedict XVII, the holy pope who is to reign at the same time as my holy Monarch, in fulfillment of the many Catholic prophecies of a future holy pope and gaulish King. And gaulish here is meant to be taken as a word meaning Celtic, as it originally meant in the original prophecies in the pure form from the Mouth of God. Eric is this Celtic King. And he reigns spiritually over all these many lands.

But understand that Eric is not the eternal owner of the many lands over which he shall rule, but only over those lands of the North American continent, which form the eternal dominion of Larimar, in essentially the same way that God revealed to Abraham that the lands from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates are the eternal dominion of his countless descendants through Israel.

Now, Eric has no descendants. And he never shall have any. Instead, he will leave spiritual descendants through the passage of the Divine Word he acquired to his wife and from her down to many through all generations to come. Eric is the head of this Larimar Dynasty. And all his successors shall be female and of his descent by spiritual means only. Now you know many things, O’ Eric my servant. And now you know the true nature of the Larimar Reign and the Larimar Kingdom. And it will be said of Eric that his spiritual descendants shall outnumber those regarded as Abraham’s descendants by the flesh.

And now I shall prophesy concerning Brexit. England, like North America, is a possession of Eric’s. And it shall come to pass that England will leave the camp of Europe to be joined to that of North America. Will England become a state in the United States of America, as Trump has proposed for Greenland, O’ Mary? No, but she will be joined to the trade bloc association that is to be reformed from the restructured NAFTA bloc to be as close to the USA as a trade partner as Canada is now. And this is to signify Eric’s eternal dominion over England as well as North America and Greenland. Amen. In a later post, I will detail the entire eternal dominion of the Larimar King, and then mention other Kings and their eternal dominions. For we are in that age where eternal dominions of eternal kings are defined. Amen.

And what of Eric’s curse that he issued today, that all those who destroy the House of God, all who ruin it as a place for prayer, that these be culled, killed off, wiped out, and put to the sword without mercy and without sparing them, throughout all his dominion of North America and throughout the whole world, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Eric has issued an edict. My Father in heaven shall carry it out in His wrath. For it was by Eric and Eric alone that He withheld his wrathful hand of justice from striking America in holy fury in 2017. Now that Eric is having difficulty in finding a place of quiet to pray in, My Father in heaven will indeed strike the peoples of this earth to remedy the situation. And many, I tell you, shall be put to the sword to satisfy God’s wrath.

And let these words of Eric be the final thing to be noted in these prophecies: It is better for there to be the stench of human flesh rotting in the streets than it is for the silence of my Father’s House of prayer to be disturbed. Amen.

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