The Lord speaks on Brexit and other issues

Lady Elizabeth is Ruler over England, Scotland, and Wales.

I Who Am Am pleased with My servant Lord Ironwort, to whom I have given the name, Belteshazzar. For he to Me is as the Prophet Daniel was to the Kings of Antiquity. Now, listen to Me! For I have important developments to discuss.

In the last post, you saw how many lands were consolidated under the dominions of five of the Rank of Archduke or Archduchess. These were:

  1. Archduke Larimar of North American Christendom
  2. Archduchess Ester of Latin American Christendom
  3. Archduchess Elsa of European Christendom
  4. Archduke Pounamu of Pacific Oceanic Christendom
  5. Archduke Mithril Silver of Wakanda African Christendom.

And you also saw how Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola chose to withdraw from Ester’s Latin American Archduchy and enter Larimar’s North American Archdukedom due partly due to French being an official language of Larimar’s realm, but not of Ester’s realm. Now, another land has elected to join Larimar’s Kingdom from another Archduchy.

And what land is that, O’ Lord? It is Lord Philip, Baron of the United Kingdom of England and Wales, who has seceded from Queen Elsa’s British Isles, leaving behind the Baronies of Scotland and Northern Ireland to become independent nations under Queen Elsa. Instead, Lord Philip has petitioned and been accepted to join King Larimar’s Archdukedom as the Duke of England and Wales. Hence, England and Wales now form a Dukedom under King Philip, Duke of England and Wales, and this Dukedom is a European possession of the Archdukedom of the Larimar Kingdom of North American Christendom. Hence, a new name is now given to this Kingdom. It shall now be called the Larimar Kingdom of Christendom of North America and Southern Great Britain.

Furthermore, Queen Elsa of the British Isles is now called Queen Elsa of Ireland and Scotland. But she nevertheless remains the Archduchess of European Christendom. Now, let us go through that list of Archdukes again:

  1. Archduke Larimar of Christendom of North America and Southern Great Britain
  2. Archduchess Ester of Latin American Christendom
  3. Archduchess Elsa of European Christendom
  4. Archduke Pounamu of Pacific Oceanic Christendom
  5. Archduke Mithril Silver of Wakanda African Christendom.

And now let us now go through all the lands contained within the ArchDukedom of Christendom of North America and Southern Great Britain:

  1. The Contiguous United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Alaska
  4. Greenland
  5. Hawaii
  6. Northern Mariana Islands
  7. Guam
  8. Burmuda
  9. The Bahamas
  10. Turks and Caicos
  11. United Kingdom of Southern Great Britain
  12. Haiti
  13. The Dominican Republic
  14. Antigua and Barbuda
  15. St. Kitts and Nevis
  16. Dominica
  17. St Lucia
  18. St Vincent & Grenadines
  19. Grenada

And now someone asks, What about Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands? These are in the possession of Queen Isabella, who has elected to remain within the ArchDuchy of Queen Ester of Aztlan, ArchDuchess of Latin American Christendom. And as for the South Pacific possessions of the United States, these are in the eternal possession of Archduke Pounamu, Archduke of Pacific Oceanic Christendom. And so, is this it? Are the lands now settled into their eternal status, O’ Lord? Yes, as far as regards the Larimar Kingdom, these lands are now eternally yours, O’ Larimar King. And now I shall instruct you on how you shall rule them.

First, you must understand who has control over the Ring of Power. Is this Ring still in the hands of the Player Firefly, O’ Lord? Yes, and it is not leaving her hands anytime soon. But what about the impeachment proceedings in the United States against her primary Pawn, President Trump? For now a majority of Americans feel that Trump should be impeached. Do not be concerned about the polls. Concern yourself for how the Senate reacts to their own polls. Senators are very sensitive to polling in their districts. And if a certain number of swing states in the Senate say they want Trump out, then the votes in the Senate shall be there to impeach the President. And I tell you truthfully, Trump is a falling tree. And whoever he falls on is going to get crushed. And he will be falling on those who stood by him. Do not think, Republican senators, that you shall receive favors from Trump in return for your undying support of him. Trump considers you to be lesser servants. You are only doing what he expects of you. Therefore, no gratitude or thanks will be coming back your way. Gratitude and thanks, in Trump’s mind, belong to the big movers and shakers, such as Vladimir Putin, and the billionaires who can lend Trump some money. But you in the Senate, you are just little guys. It would be an act of lowering himself for Trump to throw a tidbit of a morsel from his plate to you dogs.

But I thought that now we are going to see the return to power of Eric, who in his previous incarnation reigned as Emerald King, and who now shall reign as Larimar King. When does this take place, O’ Lord? And when does Firefly give up the Ring to her successor, King Larimar? I will now tell you the exact date, O’ Belteshazzar. So hear Me and hear Me well! On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Monday, December 9, 2019, Firefly shall meet her Waterloo and be given her mortal blow. And from that date forward, Lord Ironwort shall be reigning in the United States of America and throughout the whole world. Amen.

That is great, O’ Lord! I can’t wait! And how shall this event be manifested in America? Will it result in the resignation or assassination of President Trump, O’ Lord? This is the sequence of events that shall unfold. Trump’s supporter, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, shall be found shot dead, either in the palace gardens or outside in the front streets of the Kremlin. And new elections shall then be called in Russia. This will begin the unraveling of Trump’s base, which was built on support from Russia. You see, Trump is a Russian agent. And without Putin, Trump serves no further purpose. The “Make America Great Again” slogan was all a lie and a deception. Instead, the goal was to gut America of its wealth, destroy her alliances, and to render her unfit to deal with Russian aggression in eastern Europe, where Russia wishes to consolidate her holdings of Crimea by completing a land bridge to it through more seizures of land from Ukraine. But Putin’s death puts a red mark on Trump. For Russian intelligence will decide it doesn’t want their mole in America blabbering. So they will elect to stage an assassination of Trump through an anonymous blonde woman, someone who was said to have been wronged by him in the past, and that will be the stated motive for the assassination. But the real reason will be for the Kremlin to clean up its mole operation. No use keeping a mole around beyond its window of usability. And this mole must be kept from blabbing.

And what of the Larimar King, O’ Lord? Will the Russians decide to do him in as well? No, because they believe that the Larimar King is either a foreign plant or a genuine prophet. Whatever the case, they wish to see his prophecies come to fruition or failure before they decide to do something about him. And what of the United States intelligence, O’ Lord? Will they decide to do something regarding the Larimar King? No, for they believe that the Larimar King is a harmless windbag, whose prophecies are of a religious nature and have no power over their arena. This is similar to how Pilate and King Herod of the times of Jesus had little regard for Jesus, but nevertheless considered him a harmless fool and were therefore willing to let him go.

And what about the Muslims, O’ Lord? For surely the Muslims may seek to take out the Larimar King? For hasn’t he insulted their Prophet? Search the words of the Larimar King for the word, “Muhammed”, and you will see that the Larimar King does not insult the prophets or leaders of other religions. For although Larimar declares Islam’s Prophet Muhammed as someone deceived by malevolent spirits, he does not speak of him in judgement, but rather in recognition of how easily every adult on the planet has at one time or another been deceived by such malevolent spirits. And the great variety of religious beliefs is the handiwork of an imaginative dark spiritual enemy, whose goal is not so much to damn all Mankind, but to mock them in the process. For Satan gets great satisfaction in his mockery of Mankind, getting them to make apes out of theirselves in all the religious practices he gets them to do that do nothing for their salvation.

So, will the Muslims seek to kill the Larimar King, O’ Lord? They are afraid of a power behind the Larimar King that is hidden and unseen. Therefore, no order shall come from them to kill the Larimar King. And what is this power behind the Larimar King that so terrifies Muslims. It is the sight of the Virgin Mary, whom the Muslims honor. For the Larimar King is her masterpiece, over whom she is protectress and commandress. And he is pledged to do whatever she commands of him.

That leaves it to the bishops and the priests. Will they move against the Larimar King, perhaps to seek to excommunicate him for some religious offense, O’ Lord? No, they have no grounds to do so, and no motive. For Eric has no disciples. He has no organization. He has no religious movement. If he is a prophet, he is a lone wolf of a prophet, and therefore, someone better left to himself, in their mind. Only if he were to gather a momentum in the Catholic Church would any bishop or priest take notice. But the Truth is, very few people actually know about the Larimar King. And hence, neither is the Church concerned about him. Instead, they get concerned with those who have significant numbers of followers. Amen.

So, at some point, O’ Lord, the Larimar King is to become known. Am I correct? Yes, but that is a distant future. Right now, you are in developmental phase. You are being trained for your role in the future. And what is my future, O’ Lord? Am I to marry? Or am I to remain celibate? Which is my fate, O’ Lord? Which do you prefer, O’ Larimar? Celibacy, O’ Lord Jesus, just like You. You, Prince Larimar, have brought music to My ears. Henceforth, let all the land now know, I declare Eric Robert Dunstan My Prince, the one to sit at My left hand. And who is it that is to sit at Your right, O’ Lord? The one to sit at My right is none other than John, My beloved Apostle. Hence, you, Eric, and My Apostle John, are declared as My two unkillable prophets. And neither of you may die by martyrdom. John is now with Me in heaven. His death marked the end of the Prophetic Age. And you, Prince Eric, shall remain on the earth until I come. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Therefore, what now becomes of Lady Hyacinth, who I have been helping due to my love for neighbor, O’ Lord? I shall now take her from the planet. She can no longer live here, for her purpose is complete. And what was that purpose, O’ Master? Lady Hyacinth’s purpose was to wean you away from any need for women. And she has now done that quite nicely. And now her usefulness is up. I will not have you give any further sustenance to her. And I will show her to you in a vision when we take her away to her reward in the next world. Note that you have done us a world of good. For her soul has been saved by your selfless love. And now We shall take her away from you. Hence, you are like Conan using the sword to cut the chains that bound him from his ankles. But what of the riddle of steel? The answer is not flesh, boy. It is Spirit. He who makes himself one with My Spirit is of super human strength. For what is the hand that wields the sword compared to the Spirit Who knows where to strike? Now this is what I shall command thee, O’ Servant of the Word! You are no longer under the power of any woman except for your eternal Commandress, the Virgin Mary, to whom you shall always obey. Now, listen to Me!

On Sunday, July 23, 2017, the Virgin Mary commanded you to take a certain woman as your Apprentice and to teach her everything. Do you remember anything by which she described this woman, O’ Eric? Her name was Elizabeth, and she was a resident of England. Correct, O’ King Larimar. But you are not in England. You are in America. Lord Jesus, if you wish to make a woman my Apprentice, should you not simply send her to me? Eric, it is Our orders from Jesus that you are to marry this Elizabeth and sire a son by her. I can do that, My Lord. I accept such a fate. Then We shall bring her to you. And you may not reject her when We do so. She will be a blonde girl of fair complexion, the very same one you saw in your vision that you mentioned in a recent post. You will take her and marry her on Saturday, August 15, 2020, the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I will comply with all that you command. And Lord, I have a question. Do I cease all sexual activity with this woman once this son is born, or do we continue our relations to have other children? For I have heard orders going in both directions. So, since you say I am to marry Elizabeth, what is your answer to this question, O’ Lord? Well is it indeed for you to seek clarification on this matter. For it is a serious matter indeed. We do not require your abstinence from sex after this son is born. But if you wish to abstain, you may not decide this on your own, but in consultation with your wife. Now, there are benefits from abstinence, and they are simply the spiritual heights that are closed to those involved with carnal passions. But for our married souls, We do not recommend a complete break from sexuality, but only periodic breaks, followed by a return to sexual relations, so that neither of you are tempted into any immorality while on your sojourn of abstinence from sex.

Lord, if I am to marry this Elizabeth, what happens to my sitting at your left hand? He who obeys Me never loses anything that he is promised. Remember that, O’ Larimar King. And now We must bring this post to a close. Are there any questions you wish to ask before this post is ended, O’ Lord Ironwort? Yes, is this Elizabeth a figure of nobility among these Baronies and Dukedoms and Duchies in Your Global Kingdom of the New Earth that you have been describing through me, and if so, tell me about her position and lands within these vast Kingdoms that you have described? Is she a vast land holder? Or is she a minor Lady or Baroness?

I, the Lord, shall now answer your question definitively. Lady Elizabeth of England is the Baroness of England, Scotland, and Wales. She hold baronies in both ArchDuchess Elsa’s Kingdom and in Duke Philip’s Dukedom, which is now a part of Larimar’s ArchDukedom. Hence, she is a ruler that possesses lands in two separate Kingdoms. But, Lord, this is only due to the Brexit, that mad rush of Duke Philip to leave Europe. Tell me, O’ Lord, her rank in comparison to that of Duke Philip. Is she above him or below him in rank? She ranks below both Duke Philip and Queen Elsa. But she is more powerful than both on the island of Great Britain, for she owns the whole island, whereas Duke Philip and Queen Elsa own just a part of it. Nevertheless, she is subject to both of them and under the rule of both. But this assignment of land is an eternal assignment. It cannot be taken away from her or them. Amen.

And what of Ireland? Or the Isle of Man? Or the Outer Hebrides? Or the Orkney Islands? Or the Shetland Islands? Or the Scilly Islands? Or the Channel Islands? Does this Elizabeth have possession of any of these as well, O’ Lord and Master? Only over the Isle of Man, and the islands within the control of Scotland and England and Wales does she possess. She does not possess Ireland or any Irish lands. Now I shall speak of where you shall meet your future bride, this Elizabeth. When you see the yellow tree of which I spoke to you earlier, then, at that hour, you shall encounter the one you are to marry. And you will recognize her from the vision We have given you. Now, go, Eric, and eat your breakfast. And the time has come to publish this post. Amen.

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