Celibacy or Marriage, Lord Ironwort Chooses

That Eric will marry Hyacinth is the final resolved decision of this post.

Behold, I shall ask God a few questions, and then I will decide on whether I will choose to remain a virgin and walk the celibate path, or to marry and lose my virginity in that path. So, let us begin.

Lord, if it were from You the path to marriage, what would be the character of the path to that vocation, for that particular individual whom You willed to marry. Lord Ironwort, if I were to will one to marry, I would provide a suitable maiden whose presence led to good things, not bad things.

Lord, such is not in my experiences in that path. Am I led then to believe that it is not and never was your will that I enter that path? Some may argue that one should play another round of poker and see if you get dealt a better hand. Others will argue that the odds are against you coming out ahead, and that you should quit while you are not destroyed. Have I accurately characterized the situation, O’ Lord? Or do I mischaracterize the situation?

Or to put it another way, my experiences on this path seem to be lost in nettles and thorns. I never see any good thing come from following this path, that is, the path towards romance and marriage. Since the Lord teaches life lessons through experience, what life lessons are You teaching me, O’ Lord? It seems that you are teaching me that of the two paths, the path towards marriage and sex leads to destruction, while the path away from marriage and sex leads to peace and freedom from such bonds of slavery. What saith Thou, O’ Lord?

The let us consider the Council of Trent, which authoritatively answers this question in God’s name by stating, Whoever does not accept the celibate and virgin path to be better and holier than the path of the marital embrace, then let him be anathema, which means cut off from God and His people. Lord, the Council of Trent speaks with higher authority than any private revelation can. Hence, I do not need You to answer this question. Instead, I will let the Council of Trent answer for You, O’ Mighty and Powerful God.

So hear me, O’ People of Israel and America and the whole world, I hereby renounce marriage and all possibility of it for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. And I turn now, following the God Who speaks through the Council of Trent, on that holier and better path of perpetual virginity and celibacy.

Lord, You have not yet spoken in this post, but You know what? Any voice that contradicts the Council of Trent I will regard as Satan’s and only the voices that agree with the Council of Trent will I allow the possibility of being from God. What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord and Master?

As a consequence, You know I cannot marry Hyacinth or any other girl. Now, what saith Thou? Therefore, O’ Lord, all those Dukedoms and Duchies, Baronies, Barons, and Baronesses, that must all now be rewritten to correct all the past insertions from Satan. I await Your Word, O’ Lord. But if You shall not speak, I will now utter My decrees.

Nothing that was spoken previously in this website are you to regard as coming from God unless God now speaks and reaffirms it. I, Eric, have spoken. Now, You may speak, O’ Lord. Affirm what was from You written here previously. Do not affirm what You never said. I am waiting, O’ Lord. For You did tell me to say it here and get my answers from You here. And so I have now come. And should you affirm nothing, then nothing written previously here is from God.

Eric, I shall now speak through you, My dear prophet. You have traveled the path of a lone wolf, and you have never known the warmth of other human contact. How, then, could you come to understand the ways of romance? Nor will I push such things upon you. Instead, your path is to be My lone prophet, one who shall neither marry nor ever have sex. It is a path both chosen by you and chosen for you from above. For you, Eric, are to become as a star in the firmament. And you will lead the many to walk that path that you have now found. You are quite correct. What you are hearing from Me right now is what the Catholic Church defines as private revelation. And the dogmatic definitions coming from the Catholic Councils have higher authority. But now I shall speak.

As you have wished it, I am taking away Sandra from your life. She is to be brought to a different path. For you are now too holy for her. And her affect in your life is to lead to unholiness. That is why We must remove her at once. So, you know that she will be departing from your life very soon.

And now We, the living Lord and all His hosts of angels shall confirm or deny everything currently written in Emeralogy.com So, let us begin. First, let us consider who you are. And let us consider how you relate to the Most Holy Virgin Mary.

First, let us confirm the validity of the visitation you received from Mary along with the angel at her side in early December, 1996. This was followed by the FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996. And this in turn was followed by the Dream of Jesus in early January, 1997. You don’t have the exact dates, as you never recorded them down. That FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996, was in fact the fourth and final nervous breakdown of your life. Let it also be stated for the record, for anyone reading and wondering, that Eric is diagnosed as manic depressive, which is another name for having bi-polar disorder. This condition is now well treated, and, given that the treatment does not come to an end, there will never be any further relapses.

From the above paragraph, it should be plainly seen why it is not advisable that Eric seek the priesthood, and also it is not advisable that Eric pursue any path of romance. It is not that romance is bad, but that the stresses of the romantic life could push Eric back into a mental unstable state. That is why it is best that you remain as you are, Eric, celibate and virgin. And there is a reward for that. But that reward becomes diminished if you place yourself above your married neighbors by the fact that you are celibate and virgin. For I tell you truthfully, there are married couples who rank ahead of you in the scales of glory. But if you humble yourself and do right, I will reward you excellently when you come before me to be judged at the end of your life. I also am made happy that you have never taken advantage of any girl in your life. But let this be a warning to anyone, whether a girl or a homosexual man, do not make an advance on My servant Eric. Eric will reject you, and if you do not accept that rejection, I will destroy you. Amen.

Now, let us go through this one more time. Since the visitation of Mary was true, so also was the angel’s response to your question to him also true. You asked, “Am I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?” And then in the silence that followed, you said, “I must know.” To this, the angel replied, “You are, but do not tell anyone.” Now, starting with the many revelations you began receiving on July 22, 2017, followed by the next day that you called the Age of Mary begun, you have been revealing everything about yourself. Did We in heaven command this, or did you receive this command from Satan? Lord, I know that definitely some of the things I have received were from Satan, and others from God. Please distinguish these things for me, O’ Lord.

I will now distinguish them. But first, let us address the meaning of the angel’s reply to you: “You are [the First Rider of the Apocalypse], but do not tell anyone.” Eric, you know you are not the only one. You now know full well that you are one of many. Many preceded you, and there are those who have followed you. It was, therefore, presumption, to state that you were the only one, or that you were the “par excellence” one or the “quintessential” one. But it is true that you fulfill that prophecy. But it is also true that many others have as well. You were told not to tell anyone for your own protection. So, was it from us or from Satan that you are now ordered to reveal all? If it was not from us, we would not be speaking through you here. So, relax, Eric. You have obeyed us.

Also, come to understand this dark phenomenon. There are in fact two Virgin Marys. One is the true one, who speaks seldom. The other is a false multitude of ones that speak voraciously. Our Lady of Lourdes was the true one, and she only said a few key things. Our Lady of Medjugorje, is a false one, and she keeps on speaking utter nonsense and worthless words. Well, in your own spiritual life, there were a few key Lourdes true Mary appearances, and many Medjugorje anti-Marys. Many of the deleted posts of Emeralogy.com were written by these anti-Marys speaking through you.

And so, let us examine the mandate from Mary. It was said that you received on Sunday, July 23, 2017, the mandate from Mary that you were to receive a girl you were to take as your apprentice and teach everything to her. And later revelations said you were to marry her and have children by her. I tell you Truthfully, the mandate from Mary is from Us in heaven. But the later revelations of marriage, sex, and future children were from the evil one.

Now, if this mandate is from heaven, who then is this girl you are to teach? Is she someone yet to come, or is she someone who has already come, back then, near the time that the mandate was first given? Look, you recorded down the date of the first time you met Sandra, whom you call Hyacinth. And that date is Saturday, October 7, 2017, which is the seventy-seventh (77th) day in the Age of Mary, which is what you called that period that began when Mary gave you the mandate, and you became a recipient of a deluge of prophecies. Therefore, if there is a girl to fulfill this prophecy, could Sandra be it?

Since Sandra has stated that she wills to remain celibate and virgin if you will to remain that, then you must take it as her testimony that she is this holy apprentice that you were to receive. Therefore, remain with Hyacinth, and accept her. Even if you wish to remain celibate, keep her as your Apprentice, for that is how you shall please God the most. And nothing you do for her is a waste. Note also how only this girl and no other have you ever directly helped online. So stay with her, for she is your apprentice. But you are also right about the celibate route being higher than the married route. Therefore, remain in the celibate route with this girl. She will follow you everywhere, whether it is in celibacy or in marriage.

And should we marry, what would happen then, O’ Lord? If you and her went the married route, you would marry very soon after being brought together. For you will be given the means to do this and accomplish it. Very well, then, O’ Lord, I accept Hyacinth as the one I shall marry.

Good, Eric. It is then sealed. You and Hyacinth shall indeed marry. And I will now tell you when and where. In first half of next year, 2020, you shall enter into formal marriage in the Catholic Church with Caesar Sandra Nikee, the girl you call Hyacinth. And this is now made possible by the path you led her to enter My Catholic Church into full communion with the pope in Rome. And now she goes to Church every day, in addition to working her job. Indeed, she chose the place she lives in to be situated between the Catholic Church and her place of work so as to remove any need to travel by expensive taxi.

And the place you shall marry shall be in your own parish Catholic Church. For I do not recommend spending unnecessary effort into exotic or extravagant weddings. Now, will we honeymoon anywhere, O’ Lord? You will do many things together. The important thing is to plan these things together, not on your own. For these things need to be decided by like thinking minds. But I offer these suggestions: You could visit New Zealand for your honeymoon. You will have the necessary funds for it. And that is a place you have not yet been to. You have been to Australia, Hawaii, Baja California of Mexico, Canada, Ireland, England, and all around the United States. Why not go to somewhere where you have not been to? I will make the vacation successful.

Now, as for the Kingdoms, Dukedoms, Archdukedoms, and Baronies, I will say this. Whenever you seek Truth in spiritual matters, seek those things that remain and persist, for there is Truth to them. And those things that constantly change are imaginary. That you are some sort of spiritual authority over North America, particularly the USA and Canada, is persistent. The exact borders of those lands are constantly changing, indicating imagination. Hence, let us fill in the details. You, Eric, are a sort of demigod type of authority over the general region of North America. That is your dominion on this earth. But all the politics and shuffling of borders and lands is pure fiction. There is no, you owning this land or you receiving that land. That is all myth. The essence of the reality is that you rule North America in the spiritual sense. And another reality is that there are also other rulers ruling both other realms, some outside yours, others overlapping, and still others within yours. And the nature of these rulers regards the spiritual realm, not the political realm. Hence, it was pure fantasy that you determine the official languages of your kingdoms.

Also, there is a form of prophecy playing out in your narratives. You keep on having it so that you acquire England, somehow, someway. And what is the prophecy in this, you ask? It has to do with your future emigration there. But do not be concerned about it right now. Consider it like the emigration Tobias made with his wife Sarah from Nineveh to Media in the Book of Tobit. You need either a Catholic Bible or a Bible with the Apocrypha to read this special book. You and Sandra will make this journey together to flee the wrath of God before it descends upon North America to destroy it. You will escape that destruction and be safe in England until We take you to heaven. Amen. But this flight is some years away. Nevertheless, when it comes, it will come rapidly. Amen.

Now, ask one question, O’ Eric. and I will answer it for this post. Am I depicted anywhere in the new Star Wars movies coming out? Or am I no longer a visible figure depicted in such works? Star Wars of today is not the Star Wars you grew up knowing. All the characters are different. And it is no longer a classic. Not only that, but all the main characters are now killed off, as of the ninth movie. Amen. It has become a failed branch, like Star Trek. Nor were you ever really in any of these movies you saw and watched. You are simply not as significant as you once thought of yourself to be. You are but a little man. Accept your littleness and your nothingness and then you will be raised by My will to be made into something. For only the humble rise to spiritual heights. The proud and haughty remain in their spiritual dungeons. Now I have concluded this talk. We have confirmed three things:

  1. You will marry Caesar Sandar Nikee, whom you call, Hyacinth.
  2. You have correctly obeyed Mary in taking Hyacinth as your Apprentice.
  3. You are a spiritual ruler of North America, but will flee to England later.

And as for your relationship with Mary, yes, she is your commandress and protectress. Both of those are the Truth. Now go, Eric, you must get ready for the Black Friday sales online. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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