Eric graduates from My School of Prophecy. Amen.

To the Roman Catholic priesthood do I call My son, Lord Ironwort, to enter into. Amen.

Behold, Eric’s mastery of My prophethood is now complete. My servant Betleshazzar is now a fully mature Prophet of the Lord. Lord Ironwort is now ready to receive his first mission. And King Larimar shall receive his first responsibility as ruling Monarch of North American Christendom. Now I shall speak. All these four names refer to the same person, Eric Robert Dunstan. And now I shall detail to you who Eric is.

Eric’s mind is a Vortex of Religious and theological thought. And yet, it is calm as a crystal lake. For Jesus and His angels have taken up residency within his soul. And God has found a worthy individual to serve His purposes in with the eternal vocation God is about to give to Eric.

Lord, when you added the word ‘eternal’ to ‘vocation’, I knew you were not talking of marriage nor of the priesthood, for those vocations are for this world only. Then why, Master Eric, is it written in the Holy Word, “You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.”? (Hebrews 7:17). My mistake, O’ Lord. So tell me, what is my eternal vocation? O’ Lord?

Lord Belteshazzar, I shall now tell thee exactly that. You are to become a priest in My KIngdom, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. And Lord, do you mean the ordained variety of Catholic priest, or the common priesthood that all Catholics belong to? Ordained, O’ Lord Ironwort.

Lord, I know the sign of this vocation is that when you cure me, I must look around and see if I am in the presence of any of Your priests. And if so, that is the sign from you of my calling to the priesthood, and then I am required to go to the priest you direct me to and to tell him of my calling. But if when I am cured I see no priest in my presence, that is your sign to me that I am not thus called to enter the priesthood, and I am thus ordered not to even try.

Good, Lord Ironwort, your memory of My decrees is good. You will make a good priest and a good student of languages. But Lord, what becomes of my marriage plans to Hyacinth? How do I fulfill the Mandate of Mary that I marry Hyacinth. For I see now that Hyacinth was the one Mary spoke of when she gave me the mandate on Sunday July 23, 2017, the beginning of the Age of Mary. For I first met Hyacinth on Saturday, October 7, 2017, the 77th day of the Age of Mary. Because it was on the 77th day of the reception of the Mandate, I now know that Mary meant Hyacinth and no other girl am I to marry and have children by. But now what saith Thou? Do I not marry her, but instead, become a priest?

Eric, if we call you to the priesthood, you will marry no one. But if we call you to marriage, then Hyacinth will indeed be that girl you shall marry. So, tell me, O’ Lord, which shall it be? Am I called to the ordained priesthood? Or am I called to marry Hyacinth and have many children by her? I am willing to go either way, O’ Lord. So, which is it? What saith Thou?

You shall ask Mary, your commandress, exactly that question, and she will tell you definitively. Very well, O’ Lord the Holy Spirit. So now I ask thee, O’ Most Beautiful of Mothers, Mary Immaculate Queen, you who gave me the Mandate that I am to take who I now know to be Hyacinth and marry her and to teach her everything, tell me the answer to this question, O’ Commandress of my soul? Am I to marry the girl Hyacinth? Am I to father children by her? Or am I to become a priest? I await your answer, O’ Fairest of All Mothers, Mary, Mother of God. Amen.

I, the Holy Queen, the Virgin Mary, shall now speak. I gave you Hyacinth for the purpose of leading you to this point. Now you must choose. Do you take the hand of Hyacinth in marriage that we have given to you? Or do you seek the elusive priesthood, which you will only make it in if we in heaven call you to it? I will take Hyacinth as my wife, but if I am called to be a priest, I cannot marry. So am I so called, O’ Blessed Mother Mary? Yes, you are called to enter my Divine Son’s priesthood.

Now, do not look at anything you are leaving behind, not even your Hyacinth, for the path you have now entered into is holier than that of marriage. You now walk that holy path walked only by a select group of men whom I make shepherds of My flock. You are to be such a shepherd, O’ Larimar, King of North America. Amen.

Lord, I accept the calling, but I also know my instructions. I am not to seek the priesthood until I am cured and I see that sign, namely that a valid priest is in my presence when I am cured. Amen. So, let’s get the game rolling, O’ Lord! I am eager to enter the priesthood, O’ My savior.

Now, I shall tell you of your cures, O’ Ironwort. You shall be cured within the next few days, for you are no longer a prisoner of the impurity trap. Now Eric, I will now define the whole world and its major Kingdoms.

  1. The Archdukedom of North American Christendom, ruled by King Larimar, Archduke of North American Christendom. In his Kingdom, there are but three main official languages: English, Spanish, and French. And his Kingdom includes, all of North American United States, Canada, and Greenland, as well as Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam in the North Pacific, and the Lucayan Archipelago and Bermuda of the West Indies. Oracle of the Lord.
  2. The ArchDuchy of Latin American Christendom, ruled by Queen Ester of Aztlan, Archduchess of Latin American Christendom. And her main official languages are: Spanish, Portuguese, and English. And her lands include all of Mexico, all of Central America, all of the Caribbean islands of the West Indies, and all of South America, with the exception of French Guiana and other possessions of the French Empress Isabelle. Oracle of the Lord.
  3. The ArchDuchy of European Christendom, ruled by Queen Elsa of the British Isles, Archduchess of European Christendom. And her main official languages are: English, French, and German. And her lands include all of Europe and all those lands outside Europe owned by her subject Kings and Queens of Europe. Hence, she rules over all of Russia, over all of the French Empire, and over all of the Macedonian Greek Kingdom, whose lands include Constantinople and much of northwestern Turkey, including lands in Asia Minor. Amen.
  4. The Superstate of Israel, ruled by Global Kingdom Crown Prince, Immanuel, Greatest among all rulers on earth, direct servant to Jesus. His Kingdom includes all the lands of Asia and North Africa between the Nile and the Euphrates. He also rules Cyprus, all of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq west of the Euphrates, and all of the Arabian Peninsula. His official languages include: Hebrew and Arabic. Amen.

Such are all the definitions of the Kingdoms that shall be made at this time. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, speak, O’ Lord. Tell me what I am to do.

Do I continue to study Rust? Or do I now begin studying Biblical languages again, such as Greek, Hebrew, and Latin? Yes, O’ Ironwort, begin studying again the Biblical languages, for Rust will not come to be as useful to you as a priest than will be your knowledge of the Biblical languages and your knowledge of Latin. And also, do not neglect your mastering Spanish. For your skills in Spanish will be of keen interest to those who place you in your positions as a priest. Now, listen to Me! I Am calling you to enter My priesthood. And this calling shall come tomorrow when you are at Church. Remain after the mass is over, and you will see Me and a bright light. Stay firm in that light and you shall know your cures. Amen.

And I will then cure you of all your aliments, and your need for medication shall come to an end. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to his son, Amen. Now, I will take one question, O’ Ironwort, concerning you future role as a priest. What role shall I assume in the Catholic Church as an ordained priest, O’ My Master? In what capacity shall I serve your Kingdom as priest? I shall now tell thee, O’ Lord Ironwort. I shall assign you to Councils set up for organizing the translations of My Holy Word to other languages. Amen. And you will yourself be one of the translators of My Holy Bible to the vernacular. Furthermore, you shall write tomes of My prophetic revelations to you, as well as conversations between you and Me on a great array of philosophical and theological interests. Now, go, Eric, and take your rest. For you have been found worthy of entering My Kingdom. Amen.

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