Queen Mary speaks

Behold, the Virgin Mary is a most excellent wedding planner. Trust in her provision. Amen.

Behold, I am Eric speaking. In the previous post, I made the error of assuming someone could be President if they were simply an American citizen. No, you need to have been born an American citizen. Dr. Fiona Hill does not qualify for President because she was born British and only obtained her United States citizenship through marriage to an American. Actually, that deal allowed her to keep her British citizenship, enabling her to be a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The point is that we cannot use her as a possible Presidential candidate due to the clause in the Constitution that requires only those born American to be eligible for the Presidency. And I agree with this requirement, for it prevented former California governor and Terminator actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, from running and winning the Presidency. His place is being a macho man in macho movies, like Rambo vs Terminator, if they ever make that. He does not belong in serious settings, like the United States Presidency.

I have an important announcement to make. The Virgin Mary is now called the rightful owner of the Larimar King. She is his Supreme Commandress. And he is to obey her in all things. Now, someone asks, What about Jesus? Isn’t Eric supposed to be obeying Jesus rather than Mary? Mary is immediately beneath Jesus. So whatever Jesus wishes to command Eric, he will command it through Mary. It cannot be overstressed. Mary is Eric’s Commandress. He must obey her in everything she commands him to. For the poem called, The Salvation of the Witch King Child (detailed in a recent previous post) is fully true and accurate. Eric was saved by the mercy of Mary. And Mary chose to save Eric by witnessing in him an act of love that Eric was showing to unloved puppies while he was in Ireland in the summer of 1980 as a ten year old child.

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above,

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break.

See this post for the full poem of The Salvation of the Witch King Child.

Mary saved Eric, and Eric now is her personal Conqueror on a White Horse (Revelation 6:2) who does whatever she commands him to.

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win;

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore.

Hence, the Witch King is in total obedience to Mary. And what about Sandra, who Eric calls Hyacinth? Isn’t she strongly devoted to Mary also? Doesn’t Mary speak to her? What about her, O’ Mary, Mother of God? What fate is in store for Hyacinth, for it is known that she resisted the temptation to commit suicide, and is back in communication with Eric. Speak, O’ Mary, Mother of God, for your servant is listening.

I, the Blessed Virgin, shall now speak for the rest of this post. For I have much to say to you, O’ Ironwort. And you have much to obey in the coming years, as you enter marriage to Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, as you call her. Yes, you are correct, Sandra did not go to hell, but was saved by grace that came from turning to me, her heavenly Mother. You taught her to turn to me for all trials and tribulations. Such was good training for teaching the Way of the Lord to this child of God.

Now, it was written in the previous post that you would not teach the Way of Jesus to a suicide. Such is not true. The Way is to be taught to all, especially those in most need of God’s mercy. And what is more, you are now under a binding agreement to pray the Rosary each day that you are able to, and for those days where you have not the time, you will pray three simple Hail Marys, for everyone has time to do at least that much in a day.

I will now tell you of your job and where it shall lead. Right now, you lead the IT department of a small company. I will make that company profitable, and you will be given full employment there and a substantial raise. And I will enable you to buy properties in Southern California, where you now live. And one such property will be your primary home.

So we are to become rich, O’ Mary, Mother of God? You will be a millionaire middle class family. You will make your millions by correctly managing the modest money and income that you receive. And you will not neglect the poor or the Lazaruses of this world. In your home will be found many treasures that come from charitable acts and kind deeds to your neighbor. You will rather help the poor than to gather up gold. But I will make your work profitable and your house holy. As it is upon walking into a monastery, so also shall be the feeling upon entering into your home. Holy icons and holy water shall be found on the walls within your house.

At your current place of employment you shall not leave until you retire three decades from now. So I will retire at age of 79, O’ Mary? Indeed so shall it be. But your work is a work that involves the mind, and hence, it is a work that you will be able to do for many years to come. For your mind will remain sharp and clear all the way to your being taken up from this earth.

And now I shall speak of your bride. First, let us address Sandra, and why she is not to be your bride. Although Sandra is in love with you, and earnestly has sought to make your marriage to her a physical reality, we can not allow for her to come to you, for her heart is in the flesh, whereas your heart is in the soul. She will remain where she is, and when she sees you marry the girl we give you, only then will she allow her heart to consider another man. Such is the way of love.

A new girl shall enter your life soon. And she will be a girl we call Sarah. This name is found in the Book of Tobit, the fictional love story of the Holy Bible, but one that is not found in Protestant Bibles unless they include the Apocrypha. Sarah in that book also briefly had thoughts of taking her own life in her utter despair, but then the thought of how it would affect her father, and by her love for her father, she put away such thoughts and endured the distress of her times. And the story recounts her marriage and the breaking of the curse that had destroyed all her previous attempts at marriage. She and her husband then fled at a certain point from the city to another location before God rained down destruction on it, as He had prophesied that He would, and so they escaped the destruction and heard of it in their old age. Amen. The story I have just told is the story of Sarah, future consort to Eric, the Larimar King. Amen.

But the exact dates and times will not be revealed. Nor will it be revealed to where Eric and Sarah are to flee. But flee they shall from great destruction that shall befall the lands in which they live. And Eric and Sarah are commanded to have one child together, and when their one son is born, they are to have no more sex. This command comes from God. And by obeying it in totality, neither Eric nor Sarah will lose anything that was given them when they had accepted eternal virgin celibacy. For no one loses anything eternal by obeying God. One son is of the promise, and he, and only he, must come to be. Amen.

Mary, will you reveal information about this son? Where he will go to higher education? What he will train to be? Will he be called to enter the priesthood? Where will he live? And what shall be his name? What will you say about him, O’ Mary most holy? I will reveal this. His name shall be John, son of Eric. And he will attend Humboldt State University for his undergraduate degree. Hence, to northern California, you know you shall relocate. For he will be commuting to college from his home. By that time, most cars sold will be electric cars. Hence, the car you will be driving then shall be electric.

And hence, you now know that you will not be leaving California when you flee from the destruction of Los Angeles County. Eric, though you have decades left to live, your time is rapidly drawing to a close. When forty years have passed in your marriage to Sarah, I will appear to you one chilly, frosty morning, and you will know that your time to leave this world has come. Jesus will accompany me. And we will take you to the Kingdom where you will enter into your heavenly reign. Now think. Your divinely appointed Barony is North America, consisting of the United States of America and Canada, and some additional islands in the Pacific and the Atlantic. Where do you think Sarah’s Barony is? Is it in the British Isles, as was defined earlier? No, a different Monarch is defined to rule the British Isles. We will define that one next. Sarah’s Barony is within yours, as part of it. And hence, she will be reigning in her Kingdom while living with you reigning in yours. And your Baronies will overlap.

The Barony of the British Isles belongs to a British Queen called Elsa. She has long blonde hair and is of white complexion. And she has nothing to do with Eric, the Larimar King. Amen. Furthermore, Eric shall never live in the British Isles. Instead, Eric will reign mainly within California. And hence, let us redefine the Kingdom of Larimar to mainly include the western regions of the United States. For it is there that King Larimar is set to dwell all the days of his life. Amen. And while he lives in the land, Antichrist will never come to it. Amen.

Now, one last thought I wish to leave you. Do not take the defined Baronies as solid definitions. For they are fluid. And they are subject to change right up until Noah enters the Ark and the rains come and the floods come and wash all the wicked of this world away. Amen. And then will the 6,048,000 defined Baronies and sub Baronies shine forth with the splendor of the firmament, and all will know each other’s complete reward or punishment. I, the Holy Virgin, have spoken.

O’ Mother Mary, I have a small question. Ask, my son. The vastness of the Baronies of Eric and Sarah have vanished, as though they were but the imagery of a dream, and now we are left with just the vague western region of the United States of America as to where Eric’s and Sarah’s overlapping Baronies are to be found. Did Eric and Sarah forfeit their formerly vast Baronies by agreeing to marry and have a son together? No, Eric. It is simply reality that is settling in as you come closer and closer to your known Truths. In the final analysis, your total Barony and that of your wife, will both fit within the golden state of California, and not extend beyond there. For such is the way of things, seen from afar, that become reduced when seen close up. Your Baronies are simply being defined to their realistic scope. And remember, the one who seeks to rule the whole world forfeits his soul. So do not go back to your former state seeking that. Amen.

Instead, be content with the lands that you are given. In the Eternal Phase, no one really owns anything except the eternal treasures of having helped someone in need while in this world. Do not put greater value on land over that of such treasure. And as for the lands you are to be granted, all of these lands will be fluid and alive. And they will all be joined together as parts of a heavenly body united under Jesus Christ. Therefore, you will not own your lands in isolation, but in cooperation with the rest of the elect. That is why you are all called Barons and Baronesses rather than sovereign monarchs. Now, go, Eric, and prepare for morning. You will meet many important people today. Amen.

And Eric, I will say this one final word of warning. If you ever leave your wife Sarah as you have left Sandra, you will lose everything. For Sarah is your true wife, as recognized by God, whereas Sandra was never truly married to you. And should you ever face great difficulties in your married life with Sarah, realize that you do not have the option of walking away. You must remain with her for richer and for poorer, through sickness and in health, for better and for worse, so help you, God. Such shall your wedding vows consist of. Now, as to the location and timing of your wedding, leave those details to Mary. She has everything planned out, and she will reveal this information on a need to know basis. Suffice it to say, the Virgin Mary is a most excellent wedding planner. So just trust everything over to her, and obey. Now go and publish this post. It is the last you shall publish here before you see the fulfillment of these prophecies. Amen.

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