My election of Lord Ironwort to be Leader of the North American Kingdom is confirmed.

The Kingdom of Larimar of Belteshazzar, Archduke of North American Christendom.

I Who Am Am now speaking. In Eric’s writings is My voice being made written. Now, behold, a mystery do I reveal. A King on a White Horse is on a high hill, calling the nation to arms. Lord Ironwort do I now anoint to the position of leader of North America. He will rule over all of the United States and Canada. Amen.

And what else besides those lands does he rule, O’ Lord? King Ironwort shall rule Hawaii, and the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam of the North Pacific. And in the North Atlantic, King Ironwort shall rule the Lucayan Archipelago, Bermuda, and Greenland. And any other lands, anywhere, O’ Lord? There are forty-two defined top level Baronies. This definition is the definitive definition of the Kingdom of Larimar. And does it matter, O’ Lord, that in none of these lands are found natural mines of the semi-precious gemstone of larimar? The nation of the Dominican Republic is the possession of Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola, and this possession shall never be taken away from her. Hence, she is the one who possesses within her dominion the only natural deposits of the gemstone of larimar found anywhere in the world. Amen. I, the Lord King of kings, have spoken. And what I have decided is as engraved gold. Now, let us speak of your Barony and your rule, O’ Larimar. For many things must now happen. And a most unruly dictator must be deposed.

I command you, Eric, King of the Larimar Kingdom, to execute order 1717. And what order is that, someone asks? The full legal name of the Larimar King, Eric Robert Dunstan, spelled in Greek Letters: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, does in fact add up to the number 1717, and this name does in fact also have exactly 17 letters in it. Therefore, what are we to make of this executive order, 1717? It is the order that you activate your Kingdom and come forth to reign now, O’ Larimar King. No more are you to remain hidden. Now you are to be made clear and in plain sight. Amen.

Hence, I will now carry out your orders to rid the world of various unworthy rulers. And many will be the rulers that are culled. Oracle of the Lord! But who is to replace Donald John Trump in America? Joe Walsh? Or do you have another rabbit up your sleeve, O’ Lord? You will see this man make his appearance at the sight of the golden shine on the coffin of Trump as it is led off for burial. When you see that glimmer of gold, realize that this mystery man is now stepping up to the plate, a man worthy to be called a Larimar Pawn. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And what if the United States Air Force is sent to take you out, O’ Ironwort? What defenses do you have against that? The Master’s weapons cannot be used against the Master, O’ student of theology. Though the order may indeed be given, no missiles shall ever be fired at the Larimar King by his own armed forces. The President must answer to the Larimar King.

What is the nature of the Larimar King that he has this power, O’ Lord? He is the direct subject of the Virgin Mary, his Commandress. He does whatever she commands him to. A blue flame burns in his eyes. Whoever marches against him takes his battle against the Holy Queen, Immaculate Mary.

But Eric is not a pure man, my Lord? Rather, he is impure. He falls far short of the purity that is found in the Most Immaculate Majesty of Queen Virgin Mary. Eric is unworthy to be called a servant of Mary, due to his failures and faults. No, Eric. You are not unworthy to be called my son, through Jesus, my Divine Son. Hence, from henceforth, I now give you this title of nobility: Hence, you are henceforth called Belteshazzar, Archduke of North American Christendom. Amen.

But I thought there were only Barons and Baronesses, O’ Lord? Do you now say that there are Dukes? Queen Elsa, to whom belongs the Duchy of the British Isles is called, Elsa, Duchess of the British Isles. Within that Duchy is the Barony of Great Britain, given to Lord Philip, Baron of Great Britain. He will be consort to Eleanor, Queen of European Scandinavia.

And what of Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, consort to the Larimar King? Does she remain his consort, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, and she shall be called Sarah, Duchess of the American Western Regions. Her Duchy includes all of California, Oregon, and Washington State. Amen.

And what of Sandra, the Blue Enchantress? What is her dominion in the Kingdom of North American Christendom, you ask? That is a very good question. Sandra is made Baroness of Texas. Hence, she is called Lady Hyacinth, Baroness of Texas. Amen. That will be her dominion when she comes back to the states. Amen.

Now, what about Queen Lobelia, wife of King Kong of West Africa, O’ Belteshazzar? She is Queen Lobelia, Duchess of Nigeria, under the dominion and Queen Consort to King Kong. Amen. And who else is married or of a special title in the Kingdom of Global Christendom, O’ Lord? Various of the Monarchs are married under strict obedience to Me, their Lord Jesus Christ. They marry because they are commanded to do so in order that certain predestined children may come to be born into this world. Oracle of the Lord!

Now that this is all cleared away, what shall be the dominion of the son of Eric, this John, who is to be the only child of Eric by decree of God? His dominion is called the Dukedom of the Northwest, consisting of Alaska, Yukon Territory, and British Columbia. Amen.

Now, what happened to the previous post that redefined Eric’s dominion to be just within California? California is the Capital State of the Kingdom of Larimar. But Eric continues to rule his entire Kingdom as previously defined.

And so, now what, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Give me direction? What are your orders, my Commandress, O’ Mary, Most Beautiful Queen? And do you command anything of me, O’ Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings? I do, Sir Eric, Master Knight of My armed forces. This is My command. Listen carefully. You are to no longer go to any girl who shows her flesh to tempt men. From now on, you will not look at such girls nor take notice of them. For your eyes are sacred, and they must not burn in the fires of lust. Hence, I forbid you going to any girl unless We command you to do so. Amen.

Furthermore, I command this. You are to give no more money to Sandra. I will see to her needs. This is a direct command from Jesus. You are not at liberty to disobey it. Oracle of the Lord!

And finally, I give you this command. You have been told that your highest calling is achieved by having sex only to produce the one son predestined to come into your family in your future marriage to Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress. I hereby command you to relinquish from this order and have normal relations with your wife when we marry you to her. And whatever children I bless your wife to conceive, I command you to make welcome into your family. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His son, Eric. Amen.

But Lord, what about my Barony? What about my Dukedom? What about all my lands? Do I lose all of this by entering normal marital relations with a woman? No, because I have ordered you to do this. And there is no forfeiture of possessions or properties by those who obey My direct orders. Amen. Hence, now you know that the Barons are not all required to be celibate and virgin. For example, King Kong will have many children by his wife, Queen Lobelia.

Very well, O’ Lord, your command I will obey. For I am a man who follows orders. And I obey what I am commanded to do. Good, Eric. And I will add to your duties, this one responsibility. You are to make time in your schedule to study the computer language of Rust. For it will definitely help you in your career. Now, you may ask me questions, O’ Lord Ironwort, and I will answer them in accordance to My divine wisdom. Amen.

In Revelation 21:1, it is written that in the new earth the sea is no more. Will the oceans be gone in the eternal phase of the earth, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes, the saltwater oceans are all gone then. Only much smaller, fresh water lakes will remain in the Kingdom that is to come. Hence, the lands that exist now will become plateaus, surrounded by lowlands and deep valleys that used to be deep water sea floors and trenches. And all the things that were swallowed up by the seas will be laid bare and dry for all to see. And what of the whales and dolphins, the sharks and sea turtles, and all the fishes and creatures that currently live in the sea? Where will they live then? Nothing will have eternal life but human beings. Everything else that has life in it will continue to evolve. Hence, life in the new earth will evolve to adapt to life without any oceans or salt water seas, and continue on in their new evolutionary tracks. When we say that nothing ever dies in the age to come, we mean that the evolutionary lines of creatures will never come to a dead end any more. There will be no more extinction events. However, creatures will continue to multiply and live and expire back into the dust from which they came. Only human beings will have eternal life, and these will be like the angels in that they are unmarried and celibate forever.

So, Lord, what happens to my future marriage to Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, when we enter into the Eternal Phase? Your marriage ceases to exist, and you go to your eternal appointment. Everyone upon entering the Eternal Phase, leaves any marital bonds they might once have been in and assumes the positions and responsibilities that I assign and award to them. No one is a housewife in the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone in My Kingdom has a definite purpose there and a measure of responsibility.

Now, ask your final question for this post, O’ Belteshazzar, My servant. Lord, I wish to be a pure man, but I seem to be bogged down by my impurities. Will I now overcome my impurities and come to master my flesh? You already have, My Lord Ironwort. Your purity is now perfect. You will never and can never fall to impurity again. And this will be the sign of it: You will see a vision tonight of the girl you are to receive as your wife. Amen. Now, go, Eric, and prepare for bed. And in your spare time, I recommend that you study the computer language of Rust. For greatly valued will you be among employers, and great will the work you will able to accomplish, once you master that language. I Who Am have spoken. Now go, My servant. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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