I Choose Dr. Fiona Hill as the Next President of the United States

Have hope and courage in the Lord, for now comes the Dawn of the Larimar Reign!

I, Eric Lord Ironwort, Servant of Jesus and Mary, have found good Presidential material, superior to that of Joe Walsh, for serving as the next President of the United States of America. And this chosen leader is former Top Trump Russian Advisor, Dr. Fiona Hill. But, Eric, this one is a woman, and you have previously said, “Women never win elections in America for President of the United States of America.” That was because we never saw Presidential material before in a woman. And neither have the American people before seen such Presidential material in a woman. I have searched long and hard for such material in men, and all I found was Joe Walsh, and his quality is only so so. Maybe there is good quality Presidential material in men still out there, but I do not see it anywhere in current political figures stepping up to the plate. That is why I have turned to women and have been willing to consider this woman. She is suitable to lead America and the world. And I believe that she will lead America as God has commanded me to, that is, by making America great again, not at the expense of her neighbors, but in serving her neighbors. For it is written, “No one can become greater than another unless he first comes to him as his servant.” (Matthew 20:25-28).

Therefore, I issue this decree to the Holy Virgin Mary: O’ Mary, Mother of God, let Dr. Fiona Hill, former Top Adviser to Russia in the Trump Administration, she who I have found well worthy and of right mind to run this nation, let this worthy woman be encouraged and brought forth to run for President of the United States of America. Let top Republican donors donate to her campaign and promote her for President. And let her, if she agrees to it, become elected as the next United States President, replacing Trump on the November Ballot of 2020. I, Eric Robert Dunstan, have issued my decree. Let it be fulfilled by my order and executive power. What saith Thou, O’ Lord, of My decree, O’ My God?

Eric, you are the Player of Power now. You replace Firefly, the Player behind Trump. And your name as Player of Power is Larimar. Now I shall issue My decree. I hereby command the Republican leadership to take heed to this decree. I hereby command them to jump ship on Trump, abandon him and to endorse this woman Eric has found for President. It will be unprecedented for a woman to win the Republican nomination for President, let alone to win the Presidential election for President, but I have given Eric the power to order and to decree. Hence, I will command My angels to carry out Eric’s order. And this shall indeed come to pass. Hence, the first Larimar Pawn shall be a woman. Let us review the Pawns set up by Eric, when he was Emerald:

Prior to the 1989 Devastation Breakdown that started the Greater Emerald Reign, Eric set up Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev when he was but a small child with these exact words in English addressed to the higher beings: “Let a ruler rise up in Russia who will be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who will carry out many reforms and end the Cold War.” Eric called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics by the word, “Russia”, and yet, the Higher Beings had no problem understanding what he meant. Remember that Eric, born in June 24, 1970, was a small child at the time he made this first request, and he made this request after reading in a Children’s Bible the Words of Jesus when He said, “If you say to this mountain, move over there, and you have faith the size of a mustard seed, it will be done for you.”

Two other rulers that rose up prior to 1989 by Eric’s endorsement were Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush, but these were rulers Eric chose after seeing them come to run for President, and Eric had not yet realized his powers at this time, and he did not call these rulers over the USA to come forth by decree as he did for the ruler of Russia.

Come February 2, 1989, Eric fell sick in his senior year in high school and missed his final semester of school, and from a hospital bed in the medical center of the University of California Los Angeles, Eric called for the fall of the Berlin Wall. And the Berlin Wall fell. And with democracy uprisings spreading through eastern Europe, one nation resisted, that of Romania. And Eric then called for the overthrow of the Communist government of Romania, and the government was overthrown.

Many, then, became the requests of Eric from that point onward. And a Black spirit came to Eric at night, petitioning for Eric to do something for South Africa. And so, Eric called forth a ruler to rise up in South Africa who would be a good ruler and not corrupt and who would end Apartheid. And then Frederick de Klerk became President of South Africa and ended Apartheid as Eric decreed it to end.

Due to the slowness of reforms under Gorbachev, Eric called forth a ruler to rise up in Russia who would be a good ruler and not corrupt and who would be one rank below Gorbachev in Russia, and who would bring democracy and prosperity to Russia. Eric also saw that many of the Republics of the USSR were majority Muslim, while others were majority Christian. Eric also saw that the USSR was the last true empire. Eric then decided it was time to end the Age of Empires and break up the USSR into its constituent Republics, with the current territorial integrity of the existing borders being respected by all parties. And so it was. And by this decree, Gorbachev ceased to be a head of state, and then Boris Yeltsin, the successor Eric had called forth, then became the new head of state of the new state of the Russian Federation. And so it was. The hope was that the nine new Christian states: Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Armenia, that these would become successful democracies with Christian majorities voting in good leaders. And as for the new Muslim states, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, strong secular dictatorships were preferred for these, for Eric the Emerald clearly recognized, though not yet a Christian, that democracy only works in Christian countries and never in Muslim countries. Those rare Muslim democracies that existed, like Iran and Turkey, were recognized as repressive and unfree nations where all citizens were forced to agree with the ruling religion. It was Eric’s own later conversion to Christianity that effectively interrupted and put an end to the Emerald Reign. That is why it may seem to some that the experiment of democracy in Russia has the appearance of an abandoned experiment.

Now, why did Eric wage Desert Storm, many ask? This is a very important matter to be made clear. For the Player Twilight, who rose to power years after the Emerald Reign had faded into history, sought to replay the war of Desert Storm, to relive that glory, but had disastrous results in it. He never understood the motives Eric had in his one war in his reign. Eric’s reign was then entering the Middle East back in 1990, but his information by which he made his decisions was acquired by reading newspapers. And so, to get the issues affecting the Middle East into the newspapers so that he could analyze them, he ignited war in the Middle East. And that ignition sparked Saddam Hussein, dictator of Iraq, to invade Kuwait. Eric then began to study Middle East issues as he read about them in the newspapers. But Eric did not want to have massive deaths or unnecessary wars. And so, he went to extraordinary lengths to get Saddam Hussein to leave Kuwait peacefully. But neither was Eric bluffing when he assembled NATO forces in Saudi Arabia to liberate Kuwait by force if Saddam Hussein did not leave in peace. And thus, the final attempt to turn Saddam Hussein to leave Kuwait was his request to heaven that God send Jesus Christ to Saddam Hussein to tell him to leave Kuwait. But the powers of heaven replied to Eric that it would do no good. And so, Eric, not yet a Christian, requested for the powers of heaven to send the Islamic Prophet Muhammed to go to Saddam Hussein to tell him to leave Kuwait. And this Prophet Muhammed was indeed brought up from the netherworld by God and sent to appear to Saddam Hussein in a dream, which he publicized, a very rare event, for Muslims do not ordinarily get visited by Muhammed in dreams. However, the Prophet Muhammed did not carry out Eric’s orders as he commanded, but instead, gave military advice to Saddam Hussein. And so, with no further means to avoid war, Eric launched the war.

Note that it was by Eric’s orders that Israel not participate in the war. For Eric had a long term objective to bring peace to the region. And that required for Israel to follow the advice of Jesus gave, which was that we turn the other cheek to our enemies, and not fight back, and Israel was instead told to let America and her NATO allies carry out the defense of their nation in this war, for the sake of longterm peace objectives between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

Note this curious fact. Some ask why in the next war, the one carried out by George W. Bush against Saddam Hussein for no just cause, why did Saddam Hussein not attack Israel in that second war? And it was for this reason. Eric reappeared to Saddam Hussein once he had given up trying to stop the Bush Junior Administration from launching that unjust war, and he told Saddam Hussein these words in spirit: “I am the one who was behind Desert Storm in the previous decade, and it was I who sent the Prophet Muhammed to visit you in your dreams. Now, if you wish to be saved, you will signal this to heaven by not attacking Israel in this second war.” Unfortunately for Saddam Hussein, he was not found worthy by God to be granted a conversion to Christianity in his life before he died. He died by execution while praying the prayer of his profession to the Islamic faith. But his eternal fate I am not allowed to reveal.

Eric deeply regretted the many Iraqi soldiers who died in the War called Desert Storm, a name that did not come from him. And yet, Eric was under a mandate from God in carrying out this war. He was commanded that he would be granted success in this war providing that he did not try to take out Saddam Hussein, but that he stop the war once the objective, the liberation of Kuwait, was achieved. And so, he had Bush stop the war once the objective was achieved.

And yet, Eric disobeyed the Lord by starting uprisings in Iraq in various places, seeking to overthrow Saddam Hussein through popular uprisings from the Iraqi people. But these were all put down by the forces of Saddam Hussein. And in punishment against Eric, God had the Iraqis successfully bomb the barracks of United States soldiers in Saudi Arabia when the war had ended. Eric recognized the bombing as a rebuke from God and he therefore ordered no retaliation against the Iraqis. And thus, the war came to an end with minimal casualties on the American side. And the Age of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima, came to pass in its first form.

Now, with the coming return of Eric to power, no longer under the color of Emerald Green, but under the color of Larimar blue, a new Age of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima is set to come to be. And this will involved a new pope and a true conversion of Russia to Catholicism. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

After the war, Desert Storm, Eric decided to try to bring peace to the Middle East, and called forth a ruler to rise up in Israel, who would be a good ruler, and not corrupt, and who would bring peace between Israel and her neighbors. Yitzhak Rabin rose up and won the election. And now, the Emerald King was as like a spiritual Aircraft Carrier. He had Emerald Pawns ruling both superpowers of the USA and Russia, a Pawn ruling South Africa, and now a new Pawn of Emerald was in the process of forming a government in Israel. This was in July of 1992, at the sunset of the Greater Emerald Reign.

And the fatal event took place on that glorious forgotten date in July of 1992, as Eric left Chemistry class with his brother, and on their way to the parking lot to go home. Eric was taking summer school at Cal State University of Fullerton with his brother Mark, though Eric did not need the credits for his graduation requirements from Whittier College, which took place the following year in 1993, where he received a B.A. in biology, the study of life. What was driving Eric was that he wanted to know what was the Christian view of who he was and what he was doing, and he saw an opportunity at that place and time to find out. There was a Christian behind a booth on Christianity that Eric saw as he was walking by with his brother Mark. What more excellent an opportunity was there for Eric to get his answers? Though his role that he was playing in all these things he strictly chose to keep secret at this time.

And so, Eric went to this booth, knowing full well that there would be repercussions should his brother, Mark, report these things to his parents, which he did. For Eric’s parents were fallen Catholics. And his mother in particular was anti-religion. All forms of religion she rejected. And so, as his brother was driving home to report everything to his parents, Eric, not knowing this, proceeded to talk at length with this Christian about the many things happening throughout the world, of the peace breaking out all over the world, and what was the Christian interpretation of these events. And at no time did Eric reveal that any of these things were being caused by him.

And their conversation was long, but Eric came to hear something that shook him to the core. The one behind these things was Antichrist. Eric was Antichrist. But Eric was a very good poker player. He did not let his feelings be revealed in his facial expressions. And so, as he left the booth, many thoughts were coming to his mind. He called home when he found out Mark had left him there. And Mark drove back and picked him up to bring him home to face his very wrathful parents. And severely scolded was Eric for having talked to a Christian. And then Eric went to his room.

There in the quiet of his room, Eric confessed to God that he was Antichrist and that he wished to turn to follow Jesus and become a Christian. And at the moment he confessed this, he saw great fear in the angels who served him, and he saw them flee from him in terror. But certain angels remained, and these asked him to complete his setup of Yitzhak Rabin. And so, Eric at that moment, ordered for the Shas Party to join Rabin’s coalition, and so it occurred, and Yitzhak Rabin successfully formed his government. Thus began the Watered Down Emerald Reign, so called due to the waters of the Holy Spirit now being poured out upon the Emerald King to cool his white hot, formerly Antichrist, pride. And so, it is an unmistakable fact that the Antichrist converted to Christianity the moment he took over the nation of Israel. The Emerald Reign became Christian the moment it entered the Holy Land.

On Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, Eric formally entered into communion with the pope in the Roman Catholic Church, within ten years of his conversion to Christianity. Thus ended the Watered Down Emerald Reign and officially began what is now called the Larimar Reign. As of yet, no new Pawns have been set up by Eric since the setup of Yitzhak Rabin. For other Players have possessed the Ring of Power. But now that Ring of Power is returning to Eric, who is no longer the Emerald King, but the Larimar King. Amen. And what is the meaning of Larimar, in the spiritual sense? The “mar” in Larimar refers to both the Sea of Peace and to Mary, the Commandress of Eric. For Eric is now servant to Jesus and Mary in totality. And larimar itself is a type of blue semi-precious gemstone, found only in Hispaniola, the Barony ruled by Queen Choeblack, one of the forty-two top level Monarchs of the Eternal Phase, as described next in this post. Blue, the color of Mary, is now also the color of Eric, the Larimar King, as a sign of his devotion to Mary.

And now, We in heaven shall resurrect the Forty-Two Baronies previously defined by Eric who had then later declared them null and void. They are not null and void, but merely need to be refined, in light of Eric’s now eternal virginity and celibacy. For Eric will neither marry nor have sex. Only in a Josephite marriage to another eternal virgin would Eric ever consent to enter into from now on. Amen. So, let us reconsider all the Baronies and their true definitions. Now, I shall detail them in full. I, the Lord God Jesus, Am doing this. I have thus decreed Eric to be My son and a King over an eternal Barony defined in this world, just as real as the lands My Father gave to Abraham in his vision of God in Genesis 15:17-21.

The Divisions of Land in the Forty-Two Top Level Baronies upon the Earth as defined by God, the Living Lord

  1. The Larimar Kingdom, consisting of the North American lands of the United States of America and Canada, along with Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam in the Pacific, and the Lucayan Archipelago, Bermuda, and Greenland in the Atlantic. This Barony belongs to King Larimar. Amen.
  2. The Aztlan Kingdom, consisting of all of Mexico west of and including the Mexican states of Veracruz and Oaxaca. This Barony belongs to Queen Ester. Amen.
  3. The Jadeite Kingdom, consisting of Mexico east of and excluding the Mexican states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, and all of Central America, and northwestern Columbia. This Barony belongs to King Jadeite. Amen.
  4. The Kingdom of Cuba, consisting of the island state of Cuba. This Barony belongs to King Oscar. Amen.
  5. The Kingdom of Jamaica, consisting of the island state of Jamaica and the nearby Cayman Islands. This Barony belongs to Queen Jemima. Amen.
  6. The Kingdom of Hispaniola, consisting of the neighboring states of Haiti and the Dominican Republic on the same island. Also awarded to this state are the various islands of the Lesser Antilles unclaimed by the definitions of the other Caribbean Baronies. This Barony belongs to Queen Choeblack. Amen. Queen Choeblack is named after the Haitian Creole word for the Hibiscus flower, which is the state flower of Haiti. And the etymological roots of that name derive from the former usage of Hibiscus flowers in Haiti for polishing shoes.
  7. The Kingdom of Puerto Rico, consisting of the United States territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This Barony belongs to Queen Isabella, a citizen of the United States, who shall bring her lands to join the Union as a state. Amen.
  8. The Kingdom of Guyana, consisting of the South American nation of Guyana and these English speaking islands of the Lesser Antilles: Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Montserrat, Anguilla, and the British Virgin Islands. The Barony belongs to King Anglic, a speaker of English. Amen.
  9. The Kingdom of Suriname, consisting of the South American nation of Suriname and the Dutch and Papiamento speaking islands of the Lesser Antilles. This Barony belongs to King Puma. Amen.
  10. The French Empire, consisting of French Guiana of South America, the French possessions of Guadalupe, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, and Martinique in the Lesser Antilles, the tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon off the southern coast of Canada in the Northwestern Atlantic, the nations of France and Monaco in Europe, the French parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland in Europe, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu in the Pacific, the lands of what was once called French Indochina, consisting of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, in Asia, and various French speaking islands of the Indian Ocean, particularly including the vast island near Africa called Madagascar. This Barony belongs to French Empress Isabelle. And she also possesses a sub-Barony within the Larimar Kingdom called Quebec. She possesses nothing in continental Africa, despite that continent containing a great number of French speakers, for the African Kings have rejected French rule. Amen.
  11. The Kingdom of Iberia, consisting of nations of Spain and Portugal, and the Atlantic archipelagos of the Canary Islands, the Azores Islands, and the Madeira Islands. This Barony belongs to Queen Iberia. Amen.
  12. The British Isles, consisting of the the islands of Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands, the Channel Islands, and the Scilly Islands. This Barony belongs to Queen Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, celibate consort to King Larimar. Note that all Kings and Queens of the Eternal Baronies are sworn to eternal celibacy and virginity, and they cannot keep their eternal Barony if they leave their station of eternal virginity. Hence, any possible marriage between Larimar and Sarah can only be of the perpetual virgin celibate kind, defined as a Josephite marriage in the Catholic Church, a rare but possible practice. Amen.
  13. The Kingdom of Germanium, consisting of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and the German parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. This Barony belongs to King Germanium. King Germanium also possesses the Dutch speaking nation of the Netherlands. Amen.
  14. The Kingdom of European Scandinavia, consisting of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. This Barony belongs to Queen Eleanor. Amen.
  15. The Kingdom of Baltic Poland, consisting of Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Kaliningrad. This Barony belongs to King Aurelian. Amen.
  16. The Kingdom of Eastern Europe, consisting of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria. This Barony belongs to Queen Oksana. Amen.
  17. The Kingdom of Latium, consisting of all of Rome, including the Vatican City, and all of Italy. This Barony belongs to King Latium. Amen.
  18. The Kingdom of the Balkans, consisting of the the nations of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. This Barony belongs to Queen Vespera. Amen.
  19. The Kingdom of Macedon-Greece, consisting of the nations of Greece, Macedonia, northwestern Turkey, including Istanbul renamed to Constantinople, and also all of the islands of the Aegean Sea and the island of Crete. This Barony belongs to King Macedon. Amen.
  20. The Kingdom of Armenia, consisting of the nations of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and northeastern Turkey. This Barony belongs to Queen Maria. Amen.
  21. The Kingdom of Israel, consisting of the nations of Israel, Lebanon, the entire island of Cyprus, all the lands west of the Euphrates in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, the entire Arabian Peninsula, and all of Egypt east of the Nile and north of the Red Sea. This Dominion belongs to the Crown Prince Immanuel of the Kingdom of Israel.
  22. The Kingdom of Persia, consisting of the nations of Iran, and all of the lands east of the Euphrates in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, and the nations of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This Barony belongs to Queen Esther. Amen.
  23. The Kingdom of Khan, consisting of the nations of Central Asia, namely, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. This Barony belongs to King Khan. Amen.
  24. The Kingdom of Russia, consisting of the nation of Russia. This Barony belongs to King Alexandrite. Amen.
  25. The Kingdom of China, consisting of the nations of China, Taiwan, and Mongolia. This Barony belongs to King Bombyx, Amen.
  26. The Kingdom of Korea, consisting of the nations of North Korea and South Korea. This Barony belongs to King Nephrite.
  27. The Kingdom of Japan, consisting of the nation of Japan and the Kuril Islands. This Barony belongs to Queen Pearl. Amen.
  28. The Pacific Island Kingdom, consisting of the Philippines, Palau, New Zealand, the Kermadec Islands, Tonga, Easter Island, Santa Cruz Island, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Samoa, Fiji, the Caroline Islands, the Marshall Islands, and Kiribati. This Barony belongs to King Pounamu. Amen.
  29. The Continental Kingdom of Australia, consisting of the continent of Australia and the island of Tasmania. This Barony belongs to King Dromedary, who is of British descent. Amen.
  30. The Kingdom of the Malay Archipelago, consisting of the nations of Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Thailand. This Barony belongs to King Komodo. Amen.
  31. The Kingdom of India and Southern Asia, consisting of the nations of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. This Barony belongs to Queen Ebony. Amen.
  32. The Kingdom of Sheba, consisting of the nations of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, northern Somalia, and all of North Africa east of the Nile and south of the Sinai. This Barony belongs to King Turaco. Amen.
  33. The Kingdom of the Sahara, consisting of all the lands of the Sahara west of the Nile River. This Barony belongs to King Sahara. Amen.
  34. The Kingdom of Kong, consisting of all of western Africa between the desert lands of the Sahara in the north and the Kalahari in the south, and bounded in the east by the Great Lakes of Africa. This vast Barony of the jungles of Africa belongs to King Kong. Amen.
  35. The Kingdom of East African Wakanda, consisting of the lands of eastern Africa south of the Kingdom of Sheba and east of the Kingdom of Kong and north of the Kingdom of Ferro. This Barony of Wakanda belongs to King Mithril Silver. Amen.
  36. The Kingdom of Ferro, consisting of the lands of the Kalahari and Namib deserts and all the lands of Black Africa from these deserts east to the Indian Ocean that are not assigned by God to the dominion of the Kingdom of Volkstaat. This Barony of Ferro belongs to the King Ferro. Amen.
  37. The Kingdom of Volkstaat, consisting of all the lands of southern Africa that God elects to assign to be of the dominion of the White Afrikaner nation. This White ruled Barony of southern Africa belongs to King Ivory. Amen. Hence, White ruled and Black ruled lands of southern Africa are to be divided up between King Ivory and King Ferro respectively by God in His eternal election as to how these lands are to be eternally divided up between these two peoples. Amen.
  38. The Kingdom of Patagonia, consisting of the nations of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. This Barony belongs to Queen Erythrina. Amen.
  39. The Rainforest Kingdom of Theobroma, consisting of the nation of Brazil and the Amazon River Basin. This Barony belongs to King Cacau. Amen.
  40. The Kingdom of the Andes, consisting of the nations of Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. This Barony belongs to King Oro Peruano. Amen.
  41. The Emerald Kingdom, consisting of Ecuador, southern Columbia, and the Galapagos Islands. This Barony belongs to Queen Esmeralda.
  42. The Orinoco Kingdom, consisting of Venezuela and eastern Columbia. This Barony belongs to Queen Orinoco. Amen.

Hence, a summary of these forty-two Kings and Queens are as thus:

  1. King Larimar
  2. Queen Ester
  3. King Jadeite
  4. King Oscar
  5. Queen Jemima
  6. Queen Choeblack
  7. Queen Isabella
  8. King Anglic
  9. King Puma
  10. Empress Isabelle
  11. Queen Iberia
  12. Queen Sarah – celibate consort to Larimar
  13. King Germanium
  14. Queen Eleanor
  15. King Aurelian
  16. Queen Oksana
  17. King Latium
  18. Queen Vespera
  19. King Macedon
  20. Queen Maria
  21. Crown Prince Immanuel
  22. Queen Esther
  23. King Khan
  24. King Alexandrite
  25. King Bombyx
  26. King Nephrite
  27. Queen Pearl
  28. King Pounamu
  29. King Dromedary
  30. King Komodo
  31. Queen Ebony
  32. King Turaco
  33. King Sahara
  34. King Kong
  35. King Mithril Silver
  36. King Ferro
  37. King Ivory
  38. Queen Erythrina
  39. King Cacau
  40. King Oro Peruano
  41. Queen Esmeralda
  42. Queen Orinoco

Hence, there are a total of 25 Kings and 17 Queens. One of the Kings is called the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Israel, and one of the Queens is called the Empress of the Empire of France. Now, someone cries out, Eric is racist! For he is making a mockery of Black people by calling one of the Black Kings, King Kong, which is the same name given to a famous fictional giant gorilla. What saith Thou, O’ Lord, to these charges? I tell you truthfully, the White man cannot speak freely in the presence of Black people without saying something that unintentionally offends some Black person somewhere because of some association with some kind of injury the Black race suffered somewhere in its historic past. Black people, get over it. Eric does not intend to offend you, but his prophetic writings cannot be modified for the sake of political correctness. I, the Lord, have spoken. Amen. Instead, Eric’s names given to the various Kings and Queens are as I decree them to be. Though in later definitions, they may change as the Truth is further defined.

But note this fact. There are three named Black Queens among the various Monarchs: Queen Jemima of Jamaica, Queen Choeblack of Hispaniola, and Queen Ebony of India. In addition, there are five named Black Kings: King Puma, King Turaco, King Kong, King Mithril Silver, and King Ferro. That means Eight of the Forty-Two Monarchs are defined as of the Black peoples, and many of the other Monarchs are other kinds of people of color, also known as the Brown peoples. Analysis of this list of forty-two Monarchs indicates a total of eighteen who are definitely White in race: King Larimar, Empress Isabelle, Queen Iberia, Queen Sarah, King Germanium, Queen Eleanor, King Aurelian, Queen Oksana, King Latium, Queen Vespera, King Macedon, Queen Maria, Crown Prince Immanuel, Queen Esther, King Alexandrite, King Dromedary, King Ivory, and Queen Erythrina. Hence, this list consists of nine named White Queens and nine named White Kings. The Monarchs who are neither fully Black nor fully White, but who would rather be described as people of color include: Queen Ester, King Jadeite, King Oscar, Queen Isabella, King Anglic, King Khan, King Bombyx, King Nephrite, Queen Pearl, King Pounamu, King Komodo, King Sahara, King Cacau, King Oro Peruano, Queen Esmeralda, and Queen Orinoco. That includes five Queens and eleven Kings of color, a total of fifteen Monarchs of color.

Hence, there are 3 Black Queens, 9 White Queens, and 5 Brown Queens. And there are 5 Black Kings, 9 White Kings, and 11 Brown Kings. This gives a total of 42 Monarchs, of which 8 are Black, 18 are White, and 16 are Brown. But note that this classification is somewhat deceptive. For what is defined as Black, White, or Brown differs from mind to mind, and has no definitive litmus test by which one can say for certain that a given individual is definitely of the Black camp or definitely of the White camp. Note also that this list of 42 monarchs only covers the top layer of Baronies. There are many sub levels in which many sub baronies are defined. And all those assigned to have Baronies must meet the requirements of eternal virginity and eternal celibacy. That may explain the lesser numbers of Blacks than Whites in this list of Monarchs. For Blacks are well known for their sexual prowess, but much less for their sexual self control. Amen.

And how many total number of Monarchs are there, when all the Kings and Queens, Barons and Baronesses are fully counted, including all the sub levels of Baronies down to the lowest level Baron and Baroness, O’ Lord and Master? Eric, what are the factors of 42? They are 2 x 3 x 7. And what are the factors of 144,000? They are 12 x 12 x 1000. And when you multiply them all together, what do you get? 24 x 36 x 7000 = 6048000. That is the total number of Kings and Queens to be awarded these Baronies, as written in the Book. Hence, six million forty-eight thousand Baronies and Sub Baronies are to be defined, forty-two of which are Top Level. All the rest are divisions below. Amen. That is great, My Lord!

Now, I have a question. Ask, Eric. Actually, I have two questions. The first regards the Blue Enchantress, who is still pursuing me. And I cannot marry her, for she is of the carnal flesh, while I am of the spiritual path of perpetual virginity and permanent celibacy. I ask you, O’ Virgin Mary, Mother of God, that you remove all such women from my life who seek to bring me back to the flesh. What saith thou to this? And what shall you do about her, this Sandra, whom I call Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress? For I cannot remain in contact with her. She could destroy my perpetual virgin state if ever we met. And as for Sarah, the one called the Celestial Enchantress, you know I cannot leave My celibate, virgin station in any marriage I enter into with her, so she must be as I am, celibate and eternally virgin like me, if we are to ever enter into such a Josephite marriage together, or else let no woman not as such ever enter into my life. So what is to become of Me regarding her, this Sarah the Celestial Enchantress, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Do we really enter into a Josephite marriage together? And is she to bear any child conceived by the Holy Spirit or by any other means while in that marriage? And if so, what children would come to be? And if we were to marry, where would this marriage take place? What saith Thou, O’ Lord Jesus and Mary, Mother of God? And what am I to do? I intend these to be the final questions of this post, for we are nearing midnight, and I have to go to work tomorrow. Amen. I await your answers O’ Jesus and Mary.

I am at work the following morning, writing during my lunch break. And now the Lord has answers to My question. So, speak, my Master, for your servant is listening.

Eric, I will now answer all three of your questions. Answer number 1: Sandra, whom you call the Blue Enchantress, and whom we call Cassandra, has failed us by threatening to commit suicide within 12 hours should you not break radio silence, wishing to die with you. If this is to be a modern day Romeo and Juliet story, realize that My servant Eric is no Romeo. He cannot self terminate. It is against everything he has mastered in My Way. Sandra, by merely threatening to commit suicide, has crossed the line. She may no longer be trained in the Way by my servant Eric. For I do not allow My Jedi Master to train suicides. Hence, I have ordered Eric not to break radio silence with her. He is to train her no more in the Jedi Way. Amen.

Answer number 2: Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress, is to serve as your life long companion and to be your apprentice to whom you are to teach everything. And We, the Searcher of hearts, know full well who is worthy to be your disciple and who is not. Amen. As for marriage, this will not be necessary, for she is to have a blessed womb that never bore and blessed breasts that never nursed. She, like you, has been confirmed to a state of perfect virgin celibacy. Hence, like you, she will never marry and never have sex. But we will have her, nevertheless, become your holy companion for life. Remember, though, that you are in the End Times, and what did I warn My people about the End Times? Woe to those who are pregnant and those who are breast feeding their infants in those days, (Matthew 24:19-21) for so great will be the tribulation in the last days of that final age. And you know you are already in that short time at the end of the Millennium where Satan has been released. The time left is short indeed.

And so, Answer number 3: The prophecies that said you were to marry and have a son shall now never occur. And so, what happens with the prophecies and promises we made regarding your future son who shall never be? They get applied to you, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. Remember that you are to Me as the prophet Daniel was to the Kings of Antiquity. And that is why you have this name, both now and forever. Hence, to you do I give the promise I almost gave to My Apostle John: You will remain in this life until I come. (John 21:22-23). Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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