I, the Lord, have come to announce the new President

Behold, My time has come. I will never marry. And I am no Baron. Amen.

Behold, Ironwort, I have now elected who shall be the next President of the United States of America. The candidate I have chosen is Joe Walsh. He will make a most suitable candidate to assume the Presidency on January 20, 2021. I will assure his victory and he will win both the Republican nomination and the elections next November, in the year 2020.

As for the Republican leaders who are defending the current President, much disgrace will they face, for it will be revealed that President Donald John Trump was committing treasonable crimes, and all who stood by him will be irreversibly muddied. There will be no political future for those who stood by Trump, who will be clearly seen as the criminal that he is.

Also, Gordon Sondland has been dishonest in his testimony by denying knowledge and memories of statements and conversations that he knows he clearly has. Since he has lied under oath, his trustworthiness is now destroyed. And he has no future in politics. Remember that those who stand with Trump have no future. And only to those with deep pockets does Trump return favors to.

Now Lord, how shall President Donald John Trump leave office? I have heard one report say he will resign Nixon style. And another report says he will exit by being assassinated Kennedy style. But what do you say, O’ Lord my God? This is how he shall exit office. The public will demand him to step down, and Mike Pence will agree to pardon him on his way out. Also, Trump will get Pence to give him the assurances of future pardons for both him and his cronies for any future major troubles he may find himself in for the remainder of Mike Pence’s term in office. For Mike Pence is there to serve. And does Trump show gratitude? No, for Mike Pence is simply an “unprofitable servant. He is only doing what is expected of him.” (Luke 17:10).

Now I shall speak. Eric, your time to reign has come. And Firefly’s time to reign is ending. And her failure is complete. Lord, I have this one question. If this is all true, why was I ordered to be ally to Trump? And if you gave this order, am I relieved of this order, or is it still binding, O’ Lord and God? You were never ordered by Me, the Lord Jesus, to be an ally to Trump. Rather, you were ordered to do the will of God. And what is the will of God? He who follows the will of God stands with Truth. To stand with a liar in an act of lying is not to stand with Truth. I will severely punish the Republican leadership for standing with Trump and not with Me. And when the fallout of the Trump disaster becomes fully visible, all congressmen with the stains of having supported Trump will find themselves unelectable.

Now, hear Me, O’ America! you have gone down some very terrible roads. But you were never one of Mine in the first place. For you started your life as a dead Protestant nation and not as a living Catholic nation. Only Catholic Christians have true life and membership in My kingdom. And all those nations that persecute My Catholic Church are under a curse. However, there is a silver lining still in America. For there is still a sizable minority of Catholics who do My will in America. And Eric, My servant, who has recently attained eternal virginity, is a blessing to the nation in which he lives. He will not depart from America until I reset America back on its correct road. But remember this always. Even in those nations where My will is done by a strong minority, it is never a majority anywhere that do My will, and it is always, as a rule, only a remnant that shall be saved.

Then how, My Lord, will Joe Walsh be successfully elected as the next President, O’ Lord and Savior? You and the land are one, O’ Larimar King. And you, the Larimar King, are the next Player of Power to rule America. And so, let us again review the Players of Power, their Presidents, and their Popes:

Player of Power :: Presidents set to office :: Popes

Emerald :: Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush :: Pope John Paul II
Vesper :: William Jefferson Clinton :: — female Player —
Twilight :: George W. Bush :: Pope Benedict XVI
Pyrite :: Barack Hussein Obama :: Pope Francis
Firefly :: Donald John Trump :: — female Player —

(future seen by prophetic eyes)
Larimar :: Joe Walsh :: Pope John XXIV

Therefore, O’ Lord Ironwort, your man must come to power, for you will be in control of all things in this world. Remember what was written of you:

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.

And who is in possession of this Witch King child, O’ Lord Ironwort? The Holy Virgin Mary, Commandress to the Blue Wizard, and You, O’ Lord Jesus Christ, are the ones in full possession of this Witch King child. Correct, Lord Ironwort. And here are Our first orders for you to obey us, O Witch King:

It is written, is it not, that if you wish to be greater than another that you must first go to them as their servant. So that, My friend, is what I order you to do with the whole world. I send you to serve and to protect. Indeed, Joe Walsh will become the next United States President. And you will be in America, not serving to make America great again at the expense of her neighbors, but serving to make America great again through service to her neighbors. America, like you, shall be called to serve.

And I will make a time of peace come to the whole world. A full twelve years shall pass in which peace will exist between America and all her neighbors. And then, at the completion of these twelve years, I will appear to you, Lord Ironwort, and you will know that your time has come, and you will be taken to receive your eternal recompense for your service to My Kingdom. Then, with you gone, I will take your widow from you and place her in that secret sanctuary, where she will develop on her own, following the Way she learned as your celibate wife, and she will endure there until I Come. Your adopted son, Azariah, born from a virgin, will then go into battle. And he will be joined with My other witness, and together these two witnesses will prophesy in sackcloth for forty-two months. And when these forty-two months have expired, these two prophets will die by martyrdom.

And then, My end times shall come like a flood. Until the end, there shall be war, the desolation that will be decreed. For one period of seven years, the leader shall make a firm compact. For half of those years, he will abolish the Eucharist in all Catholic Churches. Upon the Seat of Peter shall sit the abominable desolating sin, until the ruin that is decreed is poured out upon the horror. Amen.

And Lord, what follows this? Go, Belteshazzar, for many shall be refined, purified, and tested, but the wicked will prove wicked. None of them shall have understanding. But the wise shall have it and shine like the stars in the firmament. Many who sleep in the dust shall awaken. Some to everlasting life, but others to an everlasting horror and disgrace.

Lord, explain Daniel 12:11-12 concerning the numbers of days that are to come. The days are coming, and are now here, when you shall experience tribulation and horrors and pain. But do not be alarmed, for these are the birth pangs that come before the End of the World. The exact numbers of days in Daniel 12:11-12 are not meant for literally counting down from any particular sign sighted. Rather, they are put there to encourage endurance and to give hope. But be prepared to endure for several years, and do not think that you can guess how many days it will be that this ordeal shall last. Nor are you to expect that this ordeal shall be the last. For many ordeals are yet to come. And ordeals shall not end while in this world.

That is why the Two Witnesses I prophesy are to die, but I do not prophesy here their resurrection. For that will not be visible to the people. For whoever contradicts Me never sees Me until the End when it is too late.

But Lord, is it certain that your servant, Belteshazzar will die at the age of 63, that is, in the year 2033? Yes, Lord Ironwort. I guarantee that you die at that time, though the day and hour I withhold from your knowledge. You converted to Christianity in July of 1992. Thus, you will die after having reigned 41 years as a Christian, following Me. And 31 of those years will be as a Catholic in full communion with My pope in Rome.

Lord! Then the End of Time is quite soon! The world does not live beyond 2040? Am I correct, O’ Lord? So you say Time is certain to end 7 years after you die, O’ Belteshazzar? Am I correct in saying that, O’ Lord? For I have calculated it, but I am not sure. When I take you out of this world in 2033, then Satan’s time will have finally come in full. And his time will indeed be short, horrific, and painful. But you will not be here anymore, so you will not be aware of the things happening to the people on the earth.

So how long does the earth have left after I am taken away in 2033, O’ Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? I will now reveal everything. The third millennium of My death is like the third day of My death. And as I rose on the third day, so also shall I return at the dawn of the third millennium of My death. But you do not know how far into that millennium constitutes that dawn. It may be months, years, decades, or centuries. No one knows the day or the hour, nor the year, nor the century of My return, and this shall never be known until I come.

So is it true, O’ Lord, that Eric could become a legendary figure of future civilizations that rise and fall in the third millennium of your death? Indeed, such is indeed possible. And I, Jesus, do not know the day or hour of My Second Coming, but only that it is imminent, an imminency that has been in place since My death some nearly two millennia ago.

But Lord, is it possible, then, for this wait to spill into a fourth millennium, and for that to be even followed by a fifth millennium, O’ Lord and Savior? Indeed, your logic is perfect, O’ Ironwort. Man on earth could still be awaiting My soon return in the year 3019 and beyond. Indeed, the Father has not revealed to Me any clue as to how long before I return, but only that it will be soon, and also know this: The third day does not indicate a deadline of the end of the third millennium, because the third day, and the third millennium, has no deadline in it, but is a metaphor of an endless age.

Hence, then, O’ Lord, a million years could in fact pass before You, O’ Lord, come again, and it would be seen in God’s sight as no more than a thousand days, a short time? Is this a correct Way of looking at this time of waiting, O’ Lord? Indeed, you are correct, O’ Ironwort. Thus, I say, do not go out to the mountains to wait for My return, but concentrate on doing My will in all that you do.

If this is the case, O’ Lord, then the eternity of the Baronies of the forty-two Barons and Baronesses is pure fiction and cannot be eternally enforced. Am I right, My Lord? For it was under My understanding that the Baronies are eternal only by the earth transforming from a mortal phase to an immortal phase, through a phase transition at a cosmic level, and that this phase transition would have to take place in the generation of the Barons and Baronesses who were to be granted eternal Baronies. Am I correct or incorrect, O’ Lord?

Lord Ironwort, that phase transition does occur at the dawn of the third millennium of My death. When exactly this dawn is is hidden, but it shall indeed be roughly two millennia after My death on the cross. Hence, the phase transition of which you speak shall indeed occur on, around, or shortly after the year 2033. Hence, your eternal possession of your Barony shall not be taken away from you.

But Lord, if people continue to live on the earth for millennia after 2033, do none of these future generations receive any such Baronies themselves? Are all the Top Level Baronies eternally set by 2033? Precisely, Lord Ironwort. No one receives any future Baronies after I take you from the earth. Amen.

And why is that, O’ Lord? It is because your removal from the earth is the act of God closing the door to entrance into the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. Everyone is then either inside or outside that eternally fixed group. People can still be saved, but the membership of this body of the elect shall be then eternally fixed. That is why Revelation 7:3-8 speaks of a specific number to be marked with the seal of God. The membership to this group is not open ended. Only a certain narrow window of time is granted for My elect to become members of this group. And once that window is shut, the membership in this group, called the 144,000, is eternally fixed in number. And the exact number sealed will become then a fixed and known number. And only members of this 144,000 are granted eternal Baronies. And the window of entering in began at My death and ends with your removal from this earth, an event My Protestant brethren call the Rapture, and this Rapture will only involve certain select souls.

But why, My Lord, is my future celibate wife to be left behind in this rapture when she is to receive as her Top Level Barony the entire British Isles, O’ Lord and Master? The Rapture does not remove this body from the earth, but only seals the number and fixes the membership of this select group. And why does my removal from the earth coincide with the sealing of the membership of this group, O’ Lord and Mysterious One? You are the One of the First Seal. Why wouldn’t you be the one whose end of life seals the membership of those of the Sixth Seal? You, Eric, are no ordinary lump of clay. You are a special piece anointed for a special purpose. And this anointing would have remained the same whether you were saved or damned. The death of the One of the First Seal seals the fate of the sealed of the Sixth Seal. And if you can understand that, you get a diploma at Eric’s school of wizardry.

I know this logic is not defined in the Holy Scriptures, and hence is not a matter for the Church to rule on. Rather, it is a new teaching. And it was said nothing new would be taught. But look at it this Way. When the Lamb broke open the first seal, you were the first sign to come, and you are called, “the son of Jesus.” And what is the first son of a man called? He is the first sign of his father’s strength. You, therefore, are the first sign of the strength of Jesus. Therefore, your death is significant. And what happens when you die is most significant. Does it not make sense, therefore, that when you die, the Father arises and shuts the door to salvation history for entering into the select group known as the 144,000? And what about the Great Multitude (Revealtion 7:9-17)? When is their membership entry ended, O’ Lord and Master? That group is said to be of an uncountable number (Revelation 8:9). Hence, to that group, the door is never shut until I return. But the number of the group known as the 144,000 is sealed at your being taken from this earth. Amen.

Now, Eric, I will grant you to ask a few more questions, and then we must close this post. So Eric, you are a man of great intellectual prowess. And yet, you know very little when it comes to understanding of eschatology. But then that is the general case for Mankind on the earth. So now I will illuminate you on an issue that has confounded Catholic dogmatists since the time of Saint Augustine, and this is the meaning of Revelation chapter 20. No Church or group has ever correctly understood that chapter. So now I shall explain it in Truth.

Mystically, the passage refers to the time of My Church, spanning from when Satan was bound at My crucifixion and death to when he has been released, which occurred in during the Obama Administration, and the sign of this release of Satan was the worldwide acceptance and forced legalization of homosexual (“gay”) marriage. Understand, therefore, that the period of the thousand years is now in the past. And that we are now in that short time that occurs after the thousand years has ended, during which Satan is released. And if this is the case, then how can earth continue for ages and ages to come? The coming ages and ages to come is mentioned in the passage with the words, “The earth and sky fled from His presence, and there was no place for them.” (Revelation 20:11). This fleeing of earth and heavens refers to the passing of ages upon ages swiftly unto the End of Time. My Second Coming then occurs, at that End of Time, and I Am the One seated upon the Great White Throne with My Father, judging all nations upon the earth. But realize one very important fact. At some point between the rapture of Eric and the fleeing of earth and heavens is the defeat of Satan. And though the fleeing of earth and heavens is a reference to untold ages of time unto the End, the defeat of Satan must occur very soon from this current point in time where We are now. For Satan is distinctly given a short time to reign (Revelation 20:3). And you know that Satan’s reign began with his release at some point in the Obama Presidency. And at what point was that, you ask? A distinct change took place in the whole world at that point. Before that point, people had a natural rejection and a healthy distaste of gay marriage. It was a rejected notion. After that point, the whole world came to accept and to tolerate this abomination. We can, therefore, say that gay marriage, the institution of it, is that desolating abomination that causes desolation and that it is clearly standing where it does not belong. Homosexual marriages do not belong in a Christian Church. And yet, so many Christian churches are now in fact marrying homosexuals at their altars. That is the desolating abomination standing where it does not belong.

Lord, I have a question. Ask, Lord Ironwort. What are the chances that Eric does not marry, not even in a Josephite marriage? What if there is no son of Eric, not even a foster one? What if instead of marrying, Eric plays a more direct role in the remaining events up to the Second Coming? What if Eric is taken up in this prophesied Rapture of Revelation chapter 7, and that Second Coming occurs shortly after that, O’ Lord and Master? Is there really any need then for Eric to marry a celibate wife who is to bear a holy son as a virgin that she conceives by the Holy Spirit? For one thing, there is no scriptural requirement that says the Two Witnesses need to be quite that holy and sanctified.

Congratulations, Eric! You figured it out. You are very correct in all your ways of thinking. No, Eric, there is no need for you to marry. There is no need served by you entering into a Josephite marriage. There is no need served by you having a virgin wife who conceives a child by the Holy Spirit and gives birth to him as a virgin. There is in fact no need for you to remain here in this world much longer at all. And in fact, My Second Coming can occur well before the end of the second millennium of my death. I can Come well before the year 2033. And for that matter, Man does not even know and cannot be sure whether My death was in 30 A.D or 33 A.D., for the date has simply not been remembered. And I reaffirm this Truth. It has truly been revealed to you by God that your time shall be ending very soon, and that the Second Coming is very soon as well.

Dangerous, then, is it to say that you have 14 years left to live. You might not even have one. For one thing, what really is left to be fulfilled before I, the Lord Jesus, return, O’ Ironwort, My Servant? Therefore, I must now ask the question: Is it possible, O’ Lord, that my life may be over within days, weeks, or months down the road? Yes, Eric, it is quite possible.

Therefore, do I marry? Or do I remain single? O’ Lord, what saith Thou? Congratulations, Eric. You will wisely remain as you are. You will not marry. Good, it has now been decided.

Lord, I have been told by the Lord that I am leaving these shores very soon. Is this a reference of my soon end of my life here? Congratulations, Eric. You now know that there really are no future events that must happen in your life before you are taken from this world. Amen.

Lord, then I elect not to marry. Am I right or in sin? Am I correct or disobedient? Eric, the rapture of the saints is about to happen, and you are ready to be raptured up. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, one last question, Eric, and I will conclude this post. Amen.

The prophecy that said I am to rule the continental USA and Canada is false. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Correct, Sir Eric. And I now anoint you as Knight of Truth, for you are now Defender and Servant of the Holy Truth. And it is true that the Baronies simply do not exist. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. And you, Eric, have passed My tests. Endure to the end, for the Second Coming or the Rapture could take place this night. Amen.

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