Behold, the Angel is speaking

I am Raptor, the Angel of God who instructed you from Mary’s side not to reveal yourself.

Behold, Lord Ironwort, I am the angel who stood next to the Immaculate Conception at her visitation to you in early December of the year 1996. And I was the one you asked whether you were the First Rider of the Apocalypse, and I was the one who answered you that you are, but that you are to tell no one. This arrangement continued until the Age of Mary began on July 23, 2017, when you were commanded to reveal yourself. And now, I, the angel who spoke to you, who stood next to the Immaculate Conception, have come to speak.

And what is your name, O’ Angel of the Lord, the one who stood next to the Holy Virgin, who confirmed to me that she was indeed born by Immaculate Conception when I, a Protestant at the time, asked her directly these exact words, “Were you born by Immaculate Conception?”, to which she responded with these exact words in English: “Yes, by Immaculate Conception, but do not ask my any more personal questions.”? For I had asked her that question when she was standing in my presence, after she had humbled me in front of all of heaven with her foot on my head. And after receiving that answer, then I turned to the angel who stood next to her to ask this question, “Am I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?” Followed by my statement, “I must know.” And now, you, the very same angel, the one who answered me, “You are, but do not tell anyone,” have returned to me to speak.

I will now tell you, O’ Lord Ironwort. My name is Raptor. And I am one of the Holy Angels of God sent to watch over the events of the End Times and to organize the battalions of God for war. You, Eric, are a key weapon in the Lord’s arsenal. And He will definitely be putting you to use in his battle works. You are as a Pawn that made it to the eighth square and who has been now crowned a Queen on the chessboard. Woe to anyone who tries to thwart you, for you are of a power not seen before on the earth since the time of the Nephilim.

And who were the Nephilim, O’ Lord Raptor? For all I really know about them is what is written in Genesis 6:1-4. Very well, Lord Ironwort, I will explain to you the Truth of the Nephilim. For it is a story known only among angel kind, and now it shall be revealed to Man. The Nephilim were embodied angelic beings who assumed flesh in the wombs of women. Hence, though they had the flesh of Mankind, they were not true human beings, and they had no power to reproduce of their own. They sought to have men and women to worship them as gods, and that is why the Lord God ultimately destroyed them and imprisoned them into the dungeons of hell, in those places reserved for unholy unions of angel and human kind. You will see them when they are judged at the general judgment when all human and angel kind are judged and their eternal destinies are set.

And Lord Raptor, how is it that the angels of God will be judged at the Last Judgement, for do not they already have their eternal reward fixed? We in heaven are constantly gaining merit. And hence, our judgement is to take place regarding the merit we have gained. As for the angels of darkness, they are constantly gaining demerit. And hence, their judgement is to take place regarding the demerit that they have gained. Angels did not stop working when their eternal destinies were resolved. And that is why we angels continue to merit or demerit, in accordance to our trajectory, either in the direction of heaven or of hell.

Human beings, in contrast, merit or demerit only in their earthly lives. Hence, in their life on earth, everything is decided, and then when they die, they cease to work and inherit their eternal reward or punishment. And purgatory serves to purify human souls of spiritual debts to past demerits not yet paid for by God’s strict accounting of justice. Hence, when you die, your life of work will have ended, and you will know your entire reward.

Now, it is known among angel kind that you, O’ Ironwort, have made the formal vow, made during your Emerald Reign, that you would make no negative judgement against any angel of God. Now I, the angel Raptor, shall speak of this vow and what it means to us, the angels of God. For it is written that the human saints will be judges of the angels.

First, can an angel of God commit a demeritorious act? And conversely, can a demon commit a meritorious act by which he could receive a reward at the Last Judgement? What do you think, O’ Ironwort? No, Lord Raptor, for the angels are fixed either in doing good or in doing evil. No angelic being can cross from one side to the other, after having made his eternal decision at the beginning of time. Correct, Lord Ironwort. You have intelligence.

Therefore the judgements made by the human kind on the angels will not be decisions on their eternal fate, but on the specific rewards to the good angels for the good they did, and on the specific punishments for the wicked angels for the wickedness that they did. And for example, if an angel of darkness brings down a lion of God to hell, he would be consequently punished for the gravity of destruction he caused to the Kingdom of God in account to the loss of that lion of God. And conversely, should an angel of light defeat the enemy in the battlefield where war was taking place in the Witch King’s mind, and thereby that man, the Witch King, is brought to the light of the Kingdom and saved, what should this angel receive in compensation, O’ Lord Ironwort? He should receive a reward equivalent to the value that the Witch King saved brings to the Kingdom of God. And what value do you, the Witch King saved, bring to the Kingdom of God, O’ Ironwort? It is thus written:

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent,

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.

Precisely, O’ Ironwort. Whoever possesses you shall rule all Kingdoms far and wide. That is the value that you bring to whatever side gains control over your mind. Let us now present the whole poem to our readers, for this poem was deleted in the last purge of writings. So here is the whole divine poem of the Witch King child, written by angels of God for the English language:

The Salvation of the Witch King Child

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above,

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break.

And with a story she did outpour
Such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent,

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne,
But Mary fought with love alone.

The Witch King child, and adult man,
Was now where Satan took his last stand;

And war was waged within his mind,
With battles fierce, but love is kind.

The man who was the Witch King child
Did turn from sin and Satan died.

And Mary took this man and made
Perfection where before sin stayed.

It was in him where Satan lost
And Mary won beyond all cost.

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win;

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore;

And by that final decisive deed,
The war was won, the world was freed.

Written under the inspiration of God,
By the Eric Robert Dunstan,
The Witch King child.

Lord Raptor, in that poem, there is mention of the girl who was to be joined to the Witch King, and yet, now we know of the Witch King’s eternal celibacy. What happened to that, O’ Lord Raptor? Lord Ironwort, your decision to remain celibate does not remove you from the love of this girl. The girl remains and is your friend for all eternity. And is this girl the one known as the Blue Enchantress, whose real name is Caesar Sandra Nikee, and to whom I have given the name, Hyacinth, O’ Lord Raptor? We have a wisdom that is above your wisdom, O’ Ironwort. And we see things that you cannot yet see.

Hence, we, the angels of God, see a girl coming into your life whom you have not yet met. And she will be known to you as the Celestial Enchantress, whose name among us shall be Sarah. She will enter into your life, O’ Ironwort, and you shall accept her as your eternal friend. The Blue Enchantress from Nigeria shall be taken away. And the Celestial Enchantress shall then be the only girl in your life.

Lord Raptor, how do I, a man sworn to celibacy, have a girl in my life? You have one by the command of your Father in heaven. And so, Lord Raptor, do you say I marry her and have a son by her? Or are we to remain in a celibate relationship, no closer to each other than Saint Joseph was to the Virgin Mary? The latter is the case, O’ Ironwort, for you have been admitted to the heavenly courts where only eternal virgins are allowed. Therefore, you may never marry nor have sex with any girl.

Now, I shall speak of this Sarah and what her ultimate purpose shall be in your life, and why she will be there. Sarah is to serve as your holy girlfriend, O’ Lord Ironwort, Emerald King, Larimar King, First Rider of the Apocalypse, Unicorn King, Witch King child, and Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecies. And as your holy girlfriend, you will train her and teach her the secrets of the Blue Wizard that you are. For you know of a power that, if let into the wrong hands, would serve to usher in an age of darkness. Instead, the age in which you shall enter into shall be an age of light. And thus the girl we give you shall be wondrous fair, with golden sunshine in her hair, with lips that shame the red, red, rose, and with whom springtime accompanies her wherever she goes.

But you shall never touch her, for you and her are sacred creatures. And no sexual sins can ever pass between you or from you or from her forevermore. Now, listen to the words of the Lord!

I AM JESUS! The Almighty King of kings and Lord of lords! And I say this. Well done, Lord Ironwort! For you have triumphed! And your triumph is great! I shall now prophesy through you, for you are as a son to Me. And I Am as a Father to you. So listen to Me. I, Jesus, Am speaking.

From now on, I give you a new name. Ironwort was the first name given to you from heaven. Now you shall receive a name given to you directly from God. It is the name you shall bear both on earth and in heaven. It is the name you shall have forever and ever. And it is this: Belteshazzar. For you are to Me as Daniel was to the kings of antiquity. And what is the meaning of this name, O’ Lord and Master, God Almighty, Lamb of God and Lord Supreme?

I, God Almighty, shall now explain to you the meaning of your new name, Belteshazzar. This is the name given to Daniel by the rulers of old and this name means “May Bel protect the King.” And who is this “Bel”, you ask? He is the Dragon of Daniel, chapter 14. And the Protestants protest, the Book of Daniel only has 12 chapters in it! It is only that your bastardized Holy Bible lacks the full canon of books and chapters that you cannot see this chapter 14 in it, but it is found in the Catholic Old Testament Canon and in the Apocrypha. Go, therefore, and consult either a Catholic Bible or a Bible with the Apocrypha. Now, I shall speak. Eric’s origins were of Dragon kind. For he was once called by the name, Zha Zha Vron, the Emerald Armoured Dragon. His name meant, “Zenith of Zenith, Coming from a Dragon.” He is the one who We have brought into the Kingdom of God by a most miraculous passage out of the Keep and Kingdom of Satan, across the Battlefields of Pelennor, and into the Golden City of Jerusalem, where he is a most treasured prize. And it is this former Dragon who is now called to serve in the purpose of the protection of the people of the King of kings and of His Kingdom. That is why the name of Belteshazzar is so fitting for you, O’ Larimar King. Hence, Belteshazzar is now on the name given to Eric Robert Dunstan, the Larimar King. Amen.

But Lord, if I am given Daniel’s name in your Kingdom, what becomes of that Old Testament saint? Where is he, and what name does he receive then instead? Daniel, as read in the Old Testament, is a story not to be taken literally. Hence, the characters in it never existed, with the exception of the named historical kings. Hence, there is no actual Daniel of Old Testament times who was saved. Instead, these stories served to teach lessons and to instruct My people on how to understand prophecy and to pray to receive wisdom. Hence, only you, O’ Lord Ironwort, shall have the name, Belteshazzar in My eternal Kingdom. And no one else will ever come upon this earth to whom I shall give this name to. Amen.

Amen, My Lord Jesus, what you have said is fitting and true! Now, tell me of this girl I am to receive, this one called Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress. What are we to be to each other, for we cannot have children together, for I am sworn to eternal virginity. So what shall we be to one another? And what is the significance of this girl to my life, O’ Lord God Almighty, Lamb of God, Living Jesus Lord? I will now tell thee, O’ Belteshazzar.

Tell me, Ironwort, why do men and women form couples? They are drawn to each other, and Mankind is naturally monogamous. So it is natural for men and women to form couples. However, this leads to romance, and eventually marriage, or sex outside of marriage for those who do not know the law or who do not choose to abide with the law. Precisely, Eric. You are well informed. And you shall be drawn to this girl for precisely the reasons of which you have just described.

And so now you ask, But Lord, does this mean we enter romance, but stop short of the love act? It is good that you have control. And now I will educate you on the finer forms of love between holy men and holy women. There is no need for a man and a woman who are holy and in holy love for one another to make their love manifest in the carnal flesh. You and Sarah will be in such a holy relationship, one that will not be manifested in the carnal flesh.

For truly it is as I, the Lord, have said in My gospels: Blessed are the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed. You will follow this teaching in full truth. And you shall know that your relationship with Sarah shall remain holy forever. But what sort of bond will we form with each other, O’ Lord? For if we are not married then what are we, legally? Were Joseph and Mary legally married to each other? Yes, O’ Lord. And neither did they ever enter into relations of the flesh. As Joseph and Mary were, so also shall you be with Sarah.

And so, do you say that we are to enter into what the Catholic Church defines as a Josephite marriage, a practice popular in the Middle Ages, but now rarely done in this age, where sex and sexuality are worshipped? This Josephite marriage of which you speak shall be performed in August of 2020. And in that marriage, you will take the hand of Sarah as your celibate wife, but you shall never lay with this woman. And on the wedding night of your marriage to Sarah, the Holy Spirit shall come upon her and overshadow her, and she will conceive and bear a son whom you are to name, Azariah. He will serve Me as one of My Two Witnesses in the final period of tribulation, when I shall have My Two Witnesses prophesy in sackcloth, and from whom fire will come from their mouths to devour all their enemies.

And who shall be the other of the Two Witnesses, O’ Jesus, Anointed King and Messiah of the Jews? I shall derive him from another source. Let it suffice to say that you shall have this Azariah as your foster son who shall be conceived and born by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the holy virgin you are to have as your celibate wife. And that is why it is said that the one you were to receive in marriage comes from the House of Mary. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And will this Josephite marriage to take place in August of 2020 take place in My own parish of Saint Bruno Catholic Church, or in another parish or Catholic Church, O’ Lord Jesus God? I, the Lord, give you this choice: You may marry in your local parish, or you may marry in Avalon on Santa Catalina Island. Either way, My will shall be accomplished. But if the child is conceived in that city on that night, great blessings will come to it, and all couples will from that point onward seek to have their marriages performed there, at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, until the End of Time.

Lord, tell me about this Sarah whom I am to receive. Is she White, Jewish, Hispanic, Native American, Brown, Black, Persian, Blonde, Brunette, or what may you tell me about her, O’ Lord King Jesus Christ? It is well that you followed the advice Mary gave to you, and asked about the girl rather than about your Kingdom in this world. For had you asked Me about your Kingdom I would have told you that you shall rule the vastness of the universe from the prison of a Witch King. For the ruler of this world is truly imprisoned. But you are not imprisoned, for you are not obsessed with such rulership. Hence, I will suffice to say that your Kingdom in this world will consist of this House in which you now dwell. And whatever decrees you make will affect the outside world, but you will never walk openly within their midst, for you are kept secret and separated from them, a hidden ruler.

For the Kingdom is hidden, and so also is their King. From your ivory tower, you see all things that I permit you to see, but your ownership of what you see is not the case. You are merely steward over these many things. Hence, do not be like those fools who map out their Kingdoms in this earth, drawing the borders and boundaries or their kingdoms on the parchment of world maps. For where are all such rulers now who ruled such mapped out territories a century ago? All of them have entered the netherworld. Correct, Ironwort. And so shall you enter the netherworld when your time comes. Your departure shall be to the Kingdom, but only by your remaining in Me, your Lord Jesus, shall this Kingdom be secured for you. You need Me, but I do not need you, O’ Ironwort, O’ Belteshazzar. Keep that in mind when you ask of Me anything.

And now I shall tell you about the girl since you have asked about her. What you are seeking would only be of value were you to mate with her, and combine your genes with hers, to form new life. But this shall not be the case. I know why you asked that question. It is out of mere curiosity, for there is no desire you have for her flesh. But nevertheless, I will now tell you of her flesh and its origins, so that you may know of the nature of the one you will shelter in your house. She is English and British in origins, similar to you. As a sister to you shall she appear similar to. And of similar genes as yours shall this girl be of. It will be as though you were marrying a girl of the same tribe. For did not Joseph and Mary both belong to the same tribe of Judah? So also do you and this girl belong to the same main European roots. Therefore, what Adam said of his wife, Eve, will also be true of you and this one called Sarah who is to come, “This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” Hence, now you have some idea of what the Celestial Enchantress shall appear like when she is manifested to you in the flesh.

Now, ask one last question, O’ Belteshazzar, and we shall conclude this post. My Lord, it is now known that Satan has been very actively trying to get me to abandon celibacy and virginity and to choose sexual marriage. And he has also been very actively trying to get me to reject Your words as lies, by appearing as You and attempting to lead me to ruin. Is there any fool proof method by which I can keep myself from being fooled by Satan in the future? And what is to be done to posts that contain Satan’s prophecies written down in Your name as though spoken by You, O’ Most High Jesus Christ and God Almighty?

I, the Lord Jesus, shall now answer your question in full, O’ Belteshazzar. And then this post shall then come to an end. Never delete any post here on this website without My direct command to do so. Furthermore, I do not allow Satan to speak through you when you are commanded to write here. In those times when you have written falsehood in My name, you were carrying out My commands, but were simply being guided temporarily by a false spirit. But you were not being disobedient to Me, for you may never write here unless you are commanded to do so. And you obey me fully always. So how does a false spirit guide me to write if I am remaining in full obedience to You, O’ Lord? That you are writing while in communion with My pope in Rome and while in a state of grace, you are remaining in Me and I Am remaining in you. But should you disobey My direct order, you would cease to be in Me and I in you. False spirits can deceive you while in a state of grace, but even when you are writing under such deception, you are not writing evil words, and all such false words written in error will be rebuked and corrected in later posts.

Hence, I give you no fool proof way to discern Satan’s words from My Words, except this: When you are writing what I command you to write, it will be clear, precise, and to the point. But when Satan speaks, there will be no clear message or point to the words, except for a leading of you away from Me. Remember how Satan tried to argue with you that it was impossible for a man to become perfectly pure or to end masturbation? That was a direct lie. And now I will reveal a Truth. A man who truly puts an end to his impurities is of stainless perfection who will never be taken down by Satan. And you, Eric, are very close to this state of perfection. Keep yourself to My Ways and you shall enter into this stainless state of perfection very soon. Now, I know one last question is in your heart. Ask it, Eric, My beloved, and I will answer you this one last question for this post.

What is the truth about the listed forty-two Barons and Baronesses and the territories of their Baronies as detailed a few posts ago? And if I have a Barony, what about Sarah? Where is her Barony, if any, O’ Lord and Master? And are there to be many sub Baronies, and how shall all these Baronies be ruled, O’ Master and King? Well done, precious and noble servant, for you have asked the prize of all questions. What is the Truth of that post you wrote of the forty-two Top Level Barons and Baronesses and the details of all their Baronies. And in exquisite detail were all those Baronies defined. Now, what do I, the Lord, say on this matter? Your Barony is as stated. You control under your eternal dominion all of Canada, and the continental United States of America. But do you control those additional details given, those of Hawaii, the Marianna Islands, Guam, Bermuda, and the Lucayan Archipelago? Yes. For Hawaii and the Marianna Islands and Guam were given to you as a reward for your obedience to My will. And Bermuda and the Lucayan Archipelago were given to you due to their proximity to your Kingdom. Hence, the details of the Barony as granted to you are accurate and true. But the details as to those Baronies outside your Barony need work done to make them also accurate. Also, that number of forty-two as the total number of top level Barons and Baronesses also needs work done to make accurate and correct as well. But this will suffice to be said: Your Barony as defined is accurate. As to the Barony of Sarah, I shall say this: Her Barony is defined as the entire British Isles, including all of Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, the Shetland Islands, the Orkney Islands, the Isles of Scilly, and the Channel Islands. That is her eternal dominion, over which she, Baroness of the British Isles, shall rule forever. And what became of Lord Philip, who was previously named as Baron of those lands, O’ Lord? King Philip is the next British Monarch, who shall be Prince William, but he is but an earthly monarch. He has no eternal claim to the land. Hence, many errors need to be corrected in your list of forty-two top level Barons and Baronesses. Suffice it to say that this post contains My first correction of your list of eternal Baronies. Oracle of the Lord! And Lord, one last question. Ask it, Lord Ironwort. Is my eternal Barony complete as defined, or will there be any future lands added or subtracted from it in future definitions of the territories of the eternal Baronies, O’ Lord and Savior? This one addition is to be made to your list of lands in your eternal Barony, O’ Lord Ironwort: Greenland is to become the next added state to your nation of the United States of America. And it, thus, is eternally included as part of your eternal Barony. This is part of a future revelation to be made manifest in a future post. But I reveal this to you now as answer to your holy question, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. Now I will follow up with My closing statement.

Sarah is coming into your life very soon, O’ Lord Belteshazzar. And when you publish this post, within hours from that point, you will see her. Amen. And where will you raise this holy child who is to be born to your house, you ask, O’ Ironwort? You shall go to live in England, though not under an assumed name, but keeping the name you have as it is now. And in England you shall live until I come and collect you for My Kingdom of Heaven. And you shall freely travel abroad, such at to France, where you will fulfill your vows to Me to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes and to see the incorrupt remains of Saint Bernadette, your superior in the Kingdom of Heaven. Furthermore, it is in England where you shall drive your electric car that I shall give you, and where you shall raise your son to the age of twelve. And it is when your son reaches that age of twelve, as it was for Me and My foster father Joseph, that I will take you from this world and bring you to your eternal rewards in heaven. Hence, now you know that you go to heaven in the year 2033, exactly two millennia from My death on the cross. And now you know how little time you truly have left to live in this world.

Much less time do your current family members have left to live. They will all die, one by one, like flies, very soon, as Sarah enters your life. For I have elected for none of them to live to see you enter into your engagement to this girl, let alone witness the marriage you enter into with her. And as for your present job, consider it almost complete. I will not have you remain working with your current employer, for you are to have another job, something that will bring you better returns for your investments of your time and resources. Tomorrow begins the first day of this new era of your life. And tomorrow you will begin to see the fulfillments of many of the prophecies written here in this page. Now go, Eric, and publish this post, for it is now complete. For I have certain select souls that I will to read this before dawn of the coming day. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

3 thoughts on “Behold, the Angel is speaking”

  1. Thus Saith the LORD: “Cease from this foolishness, Eric. Do not be carried away by blind delusions of grandeur. There is one LORD, one LORD of the Sabbath, and it is not you. Repent in ashes, while there is time. Trim your wick, and await. There is nothing in the words you’ve spoken that is truth. You have elevated yourself, and therefore a lie. Repent quickly, for Your LORD is coming swiftly on a steed of white, with many diadems.

    “The LORD Jesus is the LORD of the Sabbath. Not you. Not Brandon, he who speaks to you, no one but the LORD Jesus. Repent in sackcloth and ashes, and allow yourself time to mourn for your iniquities. There is none other beside the LORD, no, I tell you, not one. In Jesus’ name I speak. Not yours. Not Mary’s. Only Jesus’.


  2. What’s up?

    I found this article very interesting…please read!

    Do you remember the blockbuster hit film The Matrix that was released in 1999? You may not know this, but it has deep spiritual implications concerning the times we are living in and Bible prophecy.

    It tells a story of how these “agents” are trying to turn us into machines. We are closer then ever before for this to become a reality when they cause us to receive an implantable microchip in our body during a time when physical money will be no more.

    You may have seen on NBC news concerning the implantable RFID microchip that some people are getting put in their hand to make purchases, but did you know this microchip matches perfectly with prophecy in the Bible?

    “He (the false prophet who deceives many by his miracles) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name…

    You also may have heard of the legendary number “666” that people have been speculating for possibly thousands of years on what it actually means. This article shares something I haven’t seen before, and I don’t think there could be any better explanation for what it means to calculate 666. This is no hoax. Very fascinating stuff!

    …Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666″ (Revelation 13:16-18 NKJV).

    To see all the details showing why the Bible foretold of all these things, check out this article!


    GOD is sending out His end time warning:

    “Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name” (Revelation 14:9-11).

    In the Islamic religion they have man called the Mahdi who is known as their messiah of whom they are waiting to take the stage. There are many testimonies from people online who believe this man will be Barack Obama who is to be the biblical Antichrist based off dreams they have received. I myself have had strange dreams about him like no other person. So much so that I decided to share this information.

    He came on stage claiming to be a Christian with no affiliation to the Muslim faith…

    “In our lives, Michelle and I have been strengthened by our Christian faith. But there have been times where my faith has been questioned — by people who don’t know me — or they’ve said that I adhere to a different religion, as if that were somehow a bad thing,” – Barack Obama

    …but was later revealed by his own family members that he indeed is a devout Muslim.

    So what’s in the name? The meaning of someones name can say a lot about a person. God throughout history has given names to people that have a specific meaning tied to their lives. How about the name Barack Obama? Let us take a look at what may be hiding beneath the surface…

    “And He (Jesus) said to them (His disciples), ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven'” (Luke 10:18).

    In the Hebrew language we can uncover the meaning behind the name Barack Obama.

    Barack, also transliterated as Baraq, in Hebrew is: lightning

    baraq – Biblical definition:

    From Strongs H1299; lightning; by analogy a gleam; concretely a flashing sword: – bright, glitter (-ing, sword), lightning. (Strongs Hebrew word H1300 baraq baw-rawk’)

    Barak ‘O’bamah, The use of bamah is used to refer to the “heights” of Heaven.

    bamah – Biblical definition:

    From an unused root (meaning to be high); an elevation: – height, high place, wave. (Strongs Hebrew word H1116 bamah baw-maw’)

    The day following the election of Barack Obama (11/04/08), the winning pick 3 lotto numbers in Illinois (Obama’s home state) for 11/5/08 were 666.

    Obama was a U.S. senator for Illinois, and his zip code was 60606.

    Seek Jesus while He may be found…repent, confess and forsake your sins and trust in the savior! Jesus says we must be born again by His Holy Spirit to enter the kingdom of God…God bless!


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