King Larimar’s Three Wishes

Lord Ironwort, the Blue Wizard, comes to wage Spiritual War for America’s soul.

Behold, I Who Am have given to Eric, Lord Ironwort, three wishes, due to his merits from his obedience to My will. And these are the wishes that Lord Ironwort made to Me, His Lord and God. So hear Me, O’ Israel, for a prophet has been granted wishes, and rare is the day that I grant My servant wishes.

Wish number 1: I wish for both me and Sandra to be cured of all our ailments. Granted, Lord Ironwort, both you and Sandra will indeed be cured of all your ailments. It is a noble wish. And I will honor it in completion. Amen.

Wish number 2: I wish for both me and Sandra to go that pathway and fulfill those works that will maximize our eternal treasures, our stations in eternity, and our eternal rewards. Granted, Lord Ironwort. And now I announce that you and Sandra will remain celibate and virgin forever. For such is the pathway that you must go and the works you must do to maximize your eternal treasures, your stations in eternity, and your eternal rewards. Well done, My good and faithful servant, for you have defeated Satan on this day, and you have been restored as a top level Baron. For no one can remain a Top Level Baron who marries or has sex. Now, wish your final wish, Lord Ironwort.

Wish number 3: I wish for both me and Sandra to be raptured to both the secret sanctuary and to heaven at roughly the same time. Granted, Lord Ironwort. Now you and Sandra are joined as a unit. You cannot marry, but you two are nevertheless a united pair. I will assign Sandra to be your apprentice for life. And she will learn and master all that you can teach her so that she will be eligible to go with you when you are to come to My Kingdom at the end of your time on the earth. And both of you shall rise to heaven before I usher in the final age, that is, the age of Antichrist. Good, it has now been decided.

Furthermore, since no son may now be born to you, for you are both now sworn to celibate virginity, I hereby declare you as reinstated as a member of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. And you and Sandra will both sit in the company of these Virgin Saints as full members among them forever. And the song of the Lamb will be sung by both of you, which is the privilege of these select few, that group called the 144,000, consisting of all those faithful who did not defile themselves in adultery or fornication. Now I shall speak.

Eric, you are back! Welcome back, Lord Ironwort! For now it is certain that you shall never leave this station again. For now you know you will never have sex and that you will never marry and never have offspring. And so, My Lord, what becomes of the son of Eric? Are all the prophecies about him now to be applied to me? All except that you would remain here until I come. For you have a designated exit time from this earth, one that cannot be changed. But Sandra will remain with you in life and go with you to heaven, for she will definitely rise with you. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, let us discuss your future in this world. In the previous posts, it was said that when you were to marry, you would flee with your wife to England, and there have a secret son, who, upon reaching manhood, would return to America to do My will there. But you and your wife would then rise to heaven and be seen here no more. Now this is changed.

You will not marry. Therefore, neither shall you flee. For the one who marries becomes cowardly, and he flees from battle. But the one who never marries is superhuman, and he will not flee the battle scene. Hence, both you and Sandra will remain for battle.

Sandra will remain for now in her place in Nigeria. That is her station. And that is where I will her to remain. There she does good. And there will she obtain her glory. Though she will forever remain in contact with you, her teacher, and she is now officially the permanent apprentice to the Larimar King. At a later time, I will grant Sandra the opportunity to be with you in person, but that will be later, after her celibacy has been perfected, while she reigns where I have placed her in Nigeria.

You, Eric, will remain in the United States of America. And you will now take over that nation and all its land. You issued a decree in the previous post where you called forth the next President. I will now honor that decree. And I will now jettison Trump. We don’t need him anymore. Nor do We have any further need for Firefly, for We have you, and you are a most excellent ruler. Also, We need not wait anymore for any future son of yours to grow to manhood before We declare war on the infidels. You, Eric, are Our Terminator Deluxe. You will carry out Our wishes to the furthest extent. And now We shall issue Our decree of Our protection over you. Should any man, woman, child, or beast approach you with malintent, know ye that that individual will last see the face of a wrathful God as he is wiped out from where he stands. Whoever threatens you dies. Whoever does evil to you gets his arms and legs hacked and broken off and his spine twisted and chopped up. For I Am a wrathful God. And I will not tolerate the impious who wish to unseat My servant from his conquering White Horse.

For let it now be revealed and well known: At the visitation of Mary in early December of 1996, what was it you asked me, O’ Ironwort? I asked, “Am I the First Rider of the Apocalypse?” And then in the silence that followed, I said, “I must know.” And what answer did We give unto you, O’ Ironwort? You said, “You are, but do not tell anyone.” Correct, Lord Ironwort. But what happened on July 23, 2017? That was when the Age of Mary began and I was commanded to reveal myself to the whole world. And now I shall provide you with miracles of authority to back up the claim that you, Lord Ironwort, are in fact the One and Only First Rider of the Apocalypse.

And who among the people wishes to make that objection saying that Revelation 6:2 refers to Antichrist? Is Lord Ironwort Antichrist? He is certainly not. Oracle of the Lord. Instead, Lord Ironwort is My Terminator Deluxe. He carries out all orders that I give him. And should any try to stop him, he shall lose that member that he uses to carry out that malintent against Our holy servant.

Let us now address the rise of school shootings that have escalated as of late. What is the root cause of this rise in crime among school kids? Why are they doing these things? And who is causing this to happen. It is you, America! You, America who voted in the wicked and approved of their abominable acts and sordid deeds. If you take away prayers, and all the last vestiges of Christianity from the public schools, and then force homosexuality and the approval of abomination down the throats of children, do not expect sainthood to be found among school kids anymore under such conditions. Rather, expect exactly what you now see occurring: Children murdering children, and children going on shooting rampages, and then taking their own lives in their utter despair. And you, America, are responsible for all of this, for you have been teaching your children to commit such heinous crimes by withholding from them what they needed to save their souls. If you do not value the eternal souls of your own children, then how can you be surprised that neither do they value the mortal lives of their teachers and fellow classmates? The school shootings, therefore, are the handiwork of the people running the schools. By their destruction of the souls of the children they teach and supervise, no longer do these children place value in one another’s mortal lives as a direct consequence. Take away religion and God, and you get the Lord of the Flies.

But I, Ironwort, have come to save this nation. And I will do it by driving out those who teach their abominations and sordid deeds from the classrooms so as to stop them from infecting the school children any further with their vile and abominable wickedness. Prayer will forced back into being acceptable and fully allowed in all the schools at all times, and with it, a healthy and free discussion of Christianity and other religions will be made possible, allowable, and a legal right for both students and teachers. For freedom of religion does not mean elimination of religion, but the full freedom to bring your religion with you and to speak of it wherever you go in America and to be allowed to fully practice it on all public lands. Are not the taxpayers paying for these public lands? Why then are the people not free to practice their religions there, on the lands that their money is paying for? Let the rules be simply as thus: All people shall have the full freedom of religion and freedom of speech as long as they do not use their freedoms do deny others from their likewise right to freedom of religious expression and freedom of speech. An America that restricts my freedom to practice my Catholic religion is an America I will no longer tolerate. Instead, I will state my beliefs and freely exercise my full right to speak. I hereby declare this: I firmly believe that homosexuality is a grave moral wrong that must be made illegal again for the sake of ending school shootings and other terrible horrors occurring throughout the land. And Christianity must be made fully legal again to be allowed to be practiced everywhere, from being used to justify judgements again within the courtrooms to being allowed to be used as the basis for lawmakers to write new laws in the legislatures. I have the full legal right to both believe this and to speak it. And whoever tries to take away my rights to say and believe these things is simply anti-American and a tyrant.

So twisted have you become, America! You have so twisted yourself that your head is now in your ass. Now it is time for me to help you remove your head from your ass. Fire shall come from my mouth to devour all enemies who wish to harm me. By what wrong road did you take that led you so far off the beaten path, America? The day you approved abortions was the day your children died, and the day you died with them. Come back along the road that leads back to life. Say no to the pro-choice people. For what do pro-choice people stand for? Pro-choice people stand for the choice to go to hell. But you have already been to hell, America. For the past few decades you have been sinking deeper and deeper into hell. Now that will change. I am bringing you back up from that pit. I will rescue you from the lion’s mouth. I will not allow the demons do devour you anymore. For the Virgin Mary put her foot on my head to humble me in December of 1996, and by that touch, I was cleansed from the head down. And now, everywhere I go and everything I touch is visited by and touched by the Holy Virgin Queen. And she is a most powerful Queen. Mary is my Immaculate Commandress. I do whatever she tells me to.

And now I shall speak, I am Ironwort, First Rider of the Apocalypse, I have seen Mary, and I have seen Jesus as clearly as I have seen you. Now I shall have everyone buckle their seatbelts, for you are all about to be taken on a very bumpy ride. For the eradication of wickedness from America will prove to be a very bloody and blood soaked butchery of a ride indeed. Many houses will be burned down and many towns will be scorched by the wrath of God. For God is blazing with wrath for America. But I am here now, and I will lead America by the hand to rise up out of her pit and back onto terra firma. Then she will know that God loves her, and she will repent of her former wickedness and the horrors of her former ways. And then there will be a period of peace come to the whole earth. Amen.

Now, I Who Am, the Lord God Almighty shall conclude this post. Whosoever dares to think of harming Our beloved servant Ironwort, let him know that he will be visited by Us in his dreams. And most fortunate and mercifully treated will you be regarded should you awaken from that slumber. Holy war in the Spirit world has now come to America. Behold, A blue flame now stands alight on the decks of the mighty Storm Dancer, and this blue flame has come back, not to dance through storms anymore, but to wage spiritual war with the insolent. Hear his words: “Anyone who would be a Knight and follow a King, let him follow me, for I am the King of North America, and my rule here has finally come. Amen. Now let us now go forth into spiritual battle together to take back America from the evildoers. But let our battles be done in a purely peaceful manner, following the guiding principles of Gandhi, but with the direction and fiery spirit that comes from following Christ Jesus!” And so has Lord Ironwort spoken, and he is the Larimar King, a servant to Jesus and Mary. And he speaks of the War for the Soul of America, a war he has been sent to America to wage and to win. Now, prepare for battle, for the invasion has begun. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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