King Larimar addresses social issues

As Merlin was to Arthur, so shall Lord Ironwort serve the King as I, the Lord, command him.

Behold, I am Eric, Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King. And now I shall address social issues and matters of just law. So let us begin.

It is written, Thou shall not covet the possessions of your neighbor. This commandment speaks also against the sin of comparing your wages to your neighbor’s wages and demanding that your boss pay you the same. That is a sin, folks. You don’t have the right to change the commandments of God because of changes in social life.

And hence, accept your pay with humble submission. If your boss forces you to go one mile with him, go with him two. These things are all written in the Words of Jesus. You just have to apply them to your life, and you will be saved.

And what about Black people waiting to be paid Reparations by the United States government for the past wrong of slavery? Such Black people are lazy goofs. Let them get off their asses and get to work, and make themselves employable. Do not expect someone else to do the work and you receive payment. Reparations will never come to you, and you do not deserve Reparations.

First of all, Black Africans were partakers in the slave trade. And so also did many free African Americans possess and work slaves. And their treatment of the Black slaves was no better than the treatment that the Black slaves received from their White masters. Remember how the institution of slavery worked. It was possible for Black people to obtain their freedom and to buy and own slaves themselves. And it was common for Black wives and husbands to own their spouses and to sell or threaten to sell them to the plantation if they did not give them enough respect. This was happening all the time. Slavery was a very complex institution. And if all you know about slavery was the image of a White man stringing up a Black man and whipping him for no reason whatsoever, then your understanding of it is as though you looked at the cover of the book but never opened it. Do some honest research into it by reading actual books written on the subject. Do not merely read blog posts made by ignoramus Blacks like yourself, who know nothing more than you do and who are merely repeating what they hear from the folklore believed by the Black community without any basis in fact or actual research.

Second, think about how ridiculous it would be to expect the United States government to give you a handout because you are Black and because there was once a permission in the United States constitution by which Blacks could be enslaved. All the money that the United States government has comes from taxes it receives from the taxpayer. And why should the taxpayer pay you Black people because you were once slaves in America? Weren’t every other people under the sun once slaves at one time or another? Is everyone, therefore, to be paid Reparations from all the governments of the world because on their lands in the past their ancestors suffered slavery? And why limit your punishment to White nations. The Black nations of Africa were just as guilty as the White traders that they sold their slaves to. And back then in those days, there was no notion of a Black brotherhood. Each Black person looked out for himself, and perhaps his own tribe. Blacks back then did not call other Blacks “brothers” unless they actually were in fact brethren. The modern practice where all African Blacks call one another brother is a recent development that did not exist back in the time of slavery.

Even on the Plantation, the Blacks were not a unified body against slavery. There was always a competition among them. And the most coveted jobs were those that were indoors. Black butlers and maids and cooks considered themselves privileged. Are the descendants of these to be given the same Reparations as those who were descended from those Blacks who busted their ass working out in the hot sun harvesting cotton, and then getting whipped and beaten by their White overseers for not working hard enough?

Hence, not all Black slaves suffered the same conditions. Some had it good, whereas others had it bad. And still others were not slaves at all. And some free Blacks even partook in the institution of Black slavery themselves, even to the point of beating and whipping their Black slaves worse than the Whites did to get them to produce a profit for them on their own Plantations. Should all the descendants of such Blacks receive the same Reparations for slavery, even those whose ancestors were not enslaved, or who even partook in the institution of Black slavery itself as slave masters themselves? Such would be an impossible task to sort out which Blacks were descended from slaves and whose Black ancestors were in fact themselves owners of Black slaves. I tell you Truthfully, there is no way to justly give to Black people of today for crimes committed to certain Blacks who lived centuries ago as slaves. The necessary documentation of the crimes committed and who were their descendants simply does not exist, and the wrongdoers have long since perished. And the blanket notion of simply handing out equal Reparations to all African American descendants of slaves today has no justifiable basis, since not all slavery was the same, and not all Blacks suffered the same in the times of slavery, and some even profited from it. Hence, Reparations for Black Slavery is neither just nor possible.

And what should the descendants of the Whites receive whose ancestors fought and died in the battlefields in the Civil War fighting for the freedom of Black slaves? Aren’t they entitled to receive compensation for the sacrifices their ancestors put into for the freedom of Black slaves? Or is it the modern Black mentality that they thank no one except their brother Blacks for the good things they receive in this country? If Reparations for Black slavery consists of simply a transfer of wealth from White people to Black people, then it is not justice that the Blacks are seeking, but instead, they are seeking a handout because they are too lazy to do what every other people who were once enslaved has done to get ahead, and that is to get their asses to work.

So get you asses to work, you lazy goofs! You are never getting those Reparations, so give them up. Get your Black asses back into the schools and apply yourselves to your studies. And do not think that because you are Black that you are owed something from the Whites or from the United States Government. White people don’t even owe you the pocket change they have in their pockets. Therefore, apply yourselves to your studies, discipline yourselves to acquire skills or a trade, obey the laws, and play by the rules, and you will make it in America. But if you are rebelling against the police, if you are being confrontational to authority because they have a different skin color to yours, then you will be sent back into slavery, but this time not according to race, but because you are a criminal, for crime remains the one just reason by which one can still be enslaved in the United States of America in this modern age. Amen.

However, if Black people are willing to work hard, and to apply themselves, and to obey the rules and laws, then I see no problem with the American government in rewarding such individuals, and for even providing opportunities to them that make up for past wrongs done against them or their ancestors because of their race or color. Hence, Affirmative Action is good when it serves to reward Blacks who are willing to abide by the laws and play by the rules. I see no problem in helping such Black peoples. But if you are a serious law breaker, then it is justifiable that you receive no further helps from the United States. Hence, the laws that says felons do not receive protections and helps under Affirmative Action are just and right. For the law is good to reward good behavior and to punish bad behavior. The only things I would change in the law would be to add mercy to it. If a former criminal changes his ways and becomes a law abider, there should be some provision in the law that states he can get that felony removed from his record so that he can better partake in the rewards that America awards those who keep to the law. For I am a man of mercy, and I believe that men can come back to obedience to the law who were once disobedient. I do not believe in laws that permanently resolve that a criminal can never be redeemed. Hence, “three strikes and you are out” is unjust.

Now, Lord, it is prophecy time. Let us talk about the latest prophecies you say about Trump and the world situation. What is Trump’s fate in this world, O’ Lord? My servant, this is what shall happen with Trump, your President. Trump is now an embattled man, and he is indeed in dire need for allies, and you are assigned to serve as his ally. And what shall I do as Trump’s ally, O’ Lord? For I have heard that Trump will not be on the November 2020 ballot. Is this still the case, O’ Lord? You will serve as Trump’s ally in giving him the Way to go. Just as you served his cause in getting Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court, so also will you serve in getting the one Trump nominates to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg onto the Supreme Court when that she inevitably dies. For I tell you this Truth, I am not taking Trump out of the picture yet. As long as you remain an ally to Trump, he will prosper.

But what of all these impeachment proceedings going against Trump as of late? And what of Trump’s alleged loyalties to Russia over the commitments of America to her allies, O’ Lord? That is a marvelous question, O’ Eric the thinker. Indeed, Trump has committed treason against America as United States law defines the crime. And Trump has indeed served foreign interests against domestic agents who serve the United States government. Hence, in light of these crimes that you have brought to My attention, I now issue the following decree. Should you wish to set up your own Pawn over America, you may do so now, and I will remove Trump from the equation and have your Pawn on the November ballot running against the doomed loser, Elizabeth Warren, in the Presidential elections. So, Eric, do you wish to do so, and if so, then issue your decree.

Lord, I do wish it. And here is my decree. Let a ruler rise up in America and become the United States President for the next two terms. And let this ruler be honest and caring for both Americans and those of other nations around the world. Let him lead America in no longer putting America first, but in making America last, so that we, by being servants to the world, become the greatest. For no one can be greater than you unless he first comes to you as your servant. Hence, let this leader serve by making America serve her neighbors, doing good for one another, and by no longer hogging the world’s resources for herself. And let this leader lead America in not seeking to have a greater footprint on the world’s resources than is proportional to the numbers of people who live in her lands. Let this leader lead America in helping the world community, not as the world’s policeman, but as the world’s brother, who stands up for the rights of the little guy. And let this leader remove the United States from using that form of money that is based on debt, for all such money schemes inevitably lead to bankruptcies. And let him instead place America back on the gold standard, such that the American dollar will once again be backed by gold and no longer be a fiat currency. This is my decree, O’ Lord. Let it be done as I have said.

Well done, My good and faithful servant. I will now take Trump’s life breath from him and he will breath no more. Then I will have this man whom you have described come forward and run for President on the Republican ticket. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, more questions do you have that you wish to receive answers to, O’ Eric, My servant? Yes, let us speak about the Brexit, and about the future of the European Union, the future of Russia, of the movement in South Africa to make the nation of Volkstaat, and of the future of Israel, O’ Lord.

Very well then, Eric, I shall now prophesy to you on all these subjects. Indeed, the United Kingdom is in the midst of its Brexit, but the Brexit will never occur. Instead, the United Kingdom will remain within the European Union, but will merely negotiate new terms of their membership within that trade union. The United Kingdom will achieve greater independence from the EU and greater control over her own laws, but will remain a nation in that trade bloc, and hence, no hard border will be necessary between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

As for the European Union, I have this to say. It is true that Pope John Paul II deeply regretted that he was unable to get Christianity recognized by the European Union as the origins of their system of laws and governance. This will change under the pope I will place in power to replace Pope Francis. He, whose name shall be Pope John XXIV, shall bring recognition of the Christian origins to western law and governance to the European Union, and thereby force her to abide by Christian norms and Divine Law. And thereby will the European Union undergo conversion, just as Russia is prophesied to do the same by Our Lady of Fatima.

And you should know that the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima shall come to pass regarding Russia. And will this follow a consecration by the pope together with all his bishops throughout the whole world of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, O’ Lord? If the pope indeed carries this requirement out, which Pope John Paul II was unable to accomplish, due to his failures to act on what I required of him, then I will indeed bless the earth with a generation of peace, and Russia will indeed return to the table of peace, and the Russian Church will become Catholic, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church headed by Patriarch Kirill, whose true motive will be to spite his enemies in the Constantinople. But this will serve My interests, and true conversion shall come to Russia and to her people. And Russia will be blessed among the nations on earth.

Now let us speak of Volkstaat, the formation of a Republic in South Africa that serves the interests of the Afrikaner nation, and one in which the rights of White peoples are respected, which is not found under the current governments of South Africa voted in by the Black majority. I will indeed enable to White race to take back South Africa from the corrupted ways of Black rule. And then they will form a new constitution, one that does not grant suffrage out universally, but only to those who have marketable skills or who possess lands or who have some way in which they provide value to South Africa. Hence, the street people who possess nothing in South Africa will no longer have the right to vote, and the skilled or wealth possessing Whites will then be back in the majority as having the right to vote and to put their people in charge. And this will put a permanent end to Black rule in South Africa. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And now I shall speak of Israel, O’ Ironwort, Larimar King. Israel is going to annex the lands of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. When it does this, Egypt will declare war and invade. But they will be roundly defeated, and Israel will seize from them the Sinai Peninsula and the possession of the Suez Canal, which this time they will not give up in any exchange of land for peace. For they have already tried that, and it doesn’t work. With their possession of the Sinai Peninsula, Israel will then proceed to relocate the Palestinian undesirables to reservations they will set up for them in the deserts of the Sinai. And there will the Palestinians who disobey Israeli law be forced to live and to eke out a living in. In a similar fashion will Israel expand in the Middle East, as its population grows. And, following the playbook of the United States, they will move the native Arabs they encounter in the lands they expand into out to Reservations that they set up for those undesirables of their society. However, those who abide by Israeli law and who do not support jihad or any terrorist activity will be allowed to remain in their lands and to keep their property. Only those who profess Islam will be eradicated from the lands. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Now, Eric, we will speak to you of the girl you are to receive. In the previous post, it was informed to you that Hyacinth had mastered the Way of praying to Mary that you taught her and has used this method to secure her marriage to you. For the powers you have taught her are real, and those who correctly wield such powers are truly powerful. But what do I say regarding this now, do you think, O’ Ironwort? I believe that you will say that this Hyacinth shall successfully marry the Larimar King in the Catholic Church and bear him the prophesied son. Am I correct, O’ Lord and Savior? Yes. And now I shall prophesy unto you your fate and her fate. You two will marry by August of 2020. And your marriage to her will take place in Ireland, in which you are a citizen and possess a passport for. This event will take place shortly after I take you and your wife out of America, for America is to be destroyed by fire.

But, Lord, what about the candidate that I have called forth to run in the 2020 elections? That cannot take place until I have destroyed America by fire. For only a destroyed America will be humbled enough to be willing to serve the world as its servant, rather than to bully it as its policeman. Hence, I Am removing you from America, O’ Lord Ironwort. And in Ireland shall you wed your wife, and from there you will enter into your permanent service to Me in the secrecy of an assumed name. And you will be seen no more in this world. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And O’ Lord, will I continue to prophesy in your name? yes, and you shall prophesy under a new name I shall give you that will be linked to your new identity. And you shall live with your wife, having the one prophesied son, as I will for you. I will grant to you other children, but only one son is of the promise. And you shall live and remain forever in the British Isles with your wife. And you shall possess a house, an electric car, and a high paying job. And what shall be my job, O’ Lord? I shall now tell thee, O’ Ironwort. You shall work for the British government, as an advisor who consults the Lord. In other words, O’ Lord, I am to be an equivalent to a court prophet to a King of antiquity? Precisely, Lord Ironwort. Now comply with My wishes. You will be to King Philip as Merlin was to King Arthur in Arthurian legends, only this story shall be valid and true, and stranger than fiction.

Now go and eat, My servant. Your purpose here in America is now at an end. And your time in the new nation I will bring you to has begun. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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