Hyacinth Captures Larimar

A land with a King, and a King with a Sword

My Lord Jesus Christ, it seems as though the Blue Enchantress has mastered the Powers of the Way, and used them to capture the Larimar King. What saith Thou to this, O’ Lord and Master?

Indeed, Lord Ironwort, you have been captured by Hyacinth, Mistress of the Blue Enchantment. She was your apprentice, and you taught her everything, and brought her to a correct understanding of how to pray to Mary and to Jesus. And she used the powers she acquired through this discipline to ensure her marriage to you would never fail.

So now you ask, why do We call her your wife before you are married to her? It is because it is a fait accompli. We in heaven matched you to her and by her strong devotion to Mary, she was deemed worthy to be the bride of the Larimar King.

But Lord, what about the son of Eric? Will there be a son of Eric who will become the Great Monarch who was to come? For the ancestry of Sandra is from Austria, and not from France.

It is true that Hyacinth is descended from American immigrants from Austria. However, do not be deceived by the prophetic literalists. The Great Monarch never had to have an association with France. Just as Jesus never had to be associated with Bethlehem. His association with Bethlehem by being born there was revealed in a later story that was written down long after His death on the cross. In his earthly ministry, no one who knew Him knew about his birth in Bethlehem, except for those family members whose memories went back that far.

Likewise, it was Charlemagne who fulfilled the need for the Great Monarch to be French. But France is just a general reference to the origins of the Great Monarch. And the original term used was “Gaulish”, which today means “French”, but back then meant, “Celtic”. Hence, the true literalists, the one who digs deep, knows that the prophecy can be fulfilled by a Celtic King instead of by a Frankish King. And is Eric a Celtic King, you ask? His mother was born in Ireland, and her father was definitely Irish. Hence, Eric is a dual citizen of both the USA and Ireland. How much more Celtic can an American citizen be, O’ Lord Ironwort?

Very well, then, My Lord, am I, Eric Robert Dunstan, the Great Monarch? Or will that be my son who is to come? I, the Lord, shall now tell you a secret, O’ Ironwort, Lord of North America. You are King Larimar I. And your son shall be the second King in your Dynasty, to be called Larimar II. And you will have a long dynasty. There will never be a time when there will not be a male descendant of your lineage sitting upon the throne of Larimar.

And I will now tell you another secret. You and Sandra will be taken to heaven at the same time. It will be by a secret rapture of saints. And you and Sandra will be raptured there. Lord, I have heard that the current homosexual revolution that has swept the whole world recently with the legalization of gay marriages, that this is the definitive sign that Satan has been released from his prison to have his short time in which he tempts the whole world. What follows this, O’ Lord?

I will now answer your question definitively, O’ Lord Ironwort. You are living in the last days. And this time given to Satan is indeed short. And it began during the Obama Administration. And hence, Obama is most cursed among rulers, for he was the one who ushered in the gay revolution. But now I will offer you this solace. You are going to lead My armies in taking back America from the hands of the Obamanists, those who support the evil policies of Obama. And we have already begun your battle by making the Democrats nominate Elizabeth Warren as their Presidential nominee. She is guaranteed to go down in flames.

Ok Lord! That is great! Now, how long do we have before this short time of Satan ends and, with it, the End of the World? The world does not end on your watch, O’ Larimar I, but on your son’s watch, King Larimar II. And to King Larimar II, I give the solemn vow, given to no other mortal, that I will return in all My glory while he lives in the land of the living. Amen. But this return will take place years after I rapture you and your wife, Hyacinth, from this earth at the same time, and bring you both to heaven.

In the meantime, there shall be war, lots and lots of war. However, Our Lady of Fatima has promised a time of peace to follow the conversion of Russia. The first phase of this peace took place with the early conversion of Russia as wrought by King Emerald, who was not yet a convert himself. Hence, in that peace time, neither was the conversion of Russia complete. Now, King Larimar is fully converted, and now will the complete conversion of Russia take place. Indeed, Patriarch Kirill is eager to have his revenge against the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople, and he will do so by bringing his Russian Orthodox Church into full communion with the pope in Rome, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia having everything the same as before, except that the sacraments will be restored to the sacredness of Union with the Vicar of Christ.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia will be so impressed by the changes they witnesses in Russia that they, too, will elect to bring their Church also into forming an Eastern Rite Catholic Church, retaining all their liturgical African languages and all their African practices, but having their sacraments restored to the sacredness of Union with the Vicar of Christ. Oracle of the Lord! And be sure of this. When you see this happening, realize that they will next unveil the Ark of the Covenant that they have in their possession. And when Israel is restored to Catholicism, they will bring the Ark to Israel by a fleet of ships sailing the Red Sea, and then from the port of Eliat in Israel, they will carry the Ark to Jerusalem in a caravan of Dromedaries, bearing spices and gold and incense. And all of Israel will line up to watch the procession, carrying palm branches in their hands. This will be the Greatest modern event in the history of the state of Israel, second only in glory to their conversion and acceptance of Jesus as their Messiah.

Ok, Lord! That sounds great! But what role do I play in all of this? Am I merely the ruler of North America? Or do I rule these other lands too? I, the Lord, shall now speak on your true rulership over the world, O’ Lord Ironwort. It was said of you that you would be granted rulership over all of the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, along with Bermuda, the Lucayan Archipelago, and the Mariana Islands and Guam, but not the possessions Puerto Rico nor the United States Virgin Islands, which are to belong to a Baroness called Lady Isabella. And then I proceeded to define all forty-two Baronies of all forty-two top level Barons and Baronesses of this world. That was two posts ago. Now, what do I say now, you ask? Is this the Truth? Or is the real Truth still stranger? For the Truth is truly stranger than fiction. Now I shall speak.

The last two posts, where such lands were detailed as owned by various Barons and Baronesses are from Me. However, that you would marry French Baroness, Lady Isabelle, was a fiction. Instead, you will marry Hyacinth, who is not mentioned at all among the fifteen top level Baronesses. So where does she fit in this equation? Where are her lands? Where is her Barony defined, you ask? I will now tell you in the full and plain Truth. The western temperate rainforests of Your North American Kingdom belong to her as a sub Barony that she is to reign over for all eternity beneath your eternal authority as Baron of North America. Hence, her title is Baroness of American Lothlorien. And her lands are called American Lothlorien. And when you enter your retirement, you will move with your wife and son north, to live in Northern California, near Humboldt State University, to be in the lands that are granted to your wife as her eternal inheritance. And your son, when he is a grown man, shall apply for and be accepted to attend Humboldt State University, where he will study relevant coursework for a major in the biological sciences, as did his father before him, who earned a B.A. in Biology at Whittier College in 1993.

That graduation took place one year after Eric’s conversion to Christianity, which took place in July of 1992 when Eric’s Emerald Reign took over Israel with the installation of Yitzhak Rabin as Prime Minister of Israel. Now, many details have been revealed. But, Lord, barely anyone reads these words published here on the internet! What does it matter, then, that these secrets are thus revealed? You are correct, O’ Lord Ironwort, very few indeed are the number of readers of these writings for the time being. These writings will not become general knowledge unless a prophecy written in them comes to pass.

And what prophecy shall you utter through me, O’ Lord, by which the people reading these writings may know that it is You, Who Are, Who indeed Are writing these Words. I will not reveal Myself at this time, O’ Eric, Lord Ironwort. Instead, you will continue to write in your obscurity. It is when I give you the girl you are to marry that everything written here shall be diligently studied and scrutinized by a great many people. Now, listen to Me as I give you your instructions as to what you are to do.

Sandra has some sort of goal that requires a lot of cash sent her way to accomplish. Do not worry about her goals, for I have another means and way in which I will bring about the same effect without you sending her huge sums of money. Hence, I do not will for you to become involved with her plans of coming to you. She will be given the green light to come when I will it. In the meantime, she is exactly where I will her to be. And you will resupply her from time to time as I will you to. Now, listen to Me! I am taking her out of Africa and bringing her to you by supernatural means. No airplane tickets need to be bought. No passing through customs needs to be accomplished. Instead, Sandra will be brought to you by angel flight. And when this is accomplished, realize that at that moment, nothing will be the same ever again.

You and her will then go together to a place where I have assigned you to stay as a married couple. But, Lord, the Catholic Church requires six months advance notice for us to get married in it. And if we marry outside the Catholic Church, we will be automatically excommunicated and will no longer be able to receive communion in a state of grace. How can we, then, go to a place so soon to live together as a married couple, for first, we must get married in the Catholic Church, and our marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church in the world in which we are to live. Speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening.

Indeed, O’ Ironwort, you are quite correct. In the world you will be living in, the Church there indeed must be aware of and acknowledge the validity of your marriage in order for you to be admitted to partake of the food at that table of the Lord. How, then, do We mean when We say that you and Sandra will then go to a place where you and her are assigned to live together as a married couple? How so indeed, O’ Ironwort? What thoughts do you have? My only thought is that we are somehow no longer in this world, but in a different world, somewhere between this and the next. Am I correct, O’ Lord?

Now I shall speak. I Am bringing you and your wife Sandra to live out the remainder of your lives together in the British Isles. There you will stay and remain all the days of your lives together. There you will have the son you are to have. And there you will accomplish the works I have you accomplish, until the time comes for your son, a grown man, to come back to America, and for you and your wife to be raptured to heaven. You, therefore, are not going to another world, but rather, to another country.

And so, how do you get all the necessary paperwork sorted to make everything legal, you ask? I will now tell thee candidly. You will be underground and hidden. No one, not even the British government will be aware of your presence in their country. And how is that, O’ Lord? Will we have secret identification? Will we have new identities? Will we be protected assets of the British Secret Service? Indeed, Eric, I will reveal this and no more: You will live freely in the British Isles, but you may never leave those islands to travel abroad, except through the open border between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Remain in those lands and never seek to escape your prison there. And I will grant you a house, an electric car, and a good paying job. And you and your wife will live together with your son, under assumed names, until I come to take you both to heaven. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And will I no longer be writing here on emeralogy.com, O’ Lord, when I am taken to England? That is correct, O’ Lord Ironwort. You will assume a completely new identity. And you will have a completely new form of employment. And what will my employment entail? As were the prophets of old kept in the courts of the Kings of antiquity, so also shall you serve as a court prophet to the ruling Monarch in this Age. And what will this monarch’s name be, O’ Lord and God? He will be King Philip, formerly Prince William. Hence, you will serve the King as a court prophet. And you will be called on to prophesy for the nation of Britain. I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King. Amen.

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