Lord Ironwort is My Eternal Virgin Prophet of God

The Divine Divisions of the Earth into 42 Eternal Baronies are herein thus Defined. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am Am proud to announce this latest and eternal development. Eric, Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King, has irrevocably chosen to remain a celibate virgin for all eternity. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. And hence, let all Mankind and all angel kind dispense with all prophecies that said Eric was to marry or that Eric was to have a son or a child. For hear Me, O’ America Most Blessed! Eric I make your ruler forever. He is your eternal ruler. And to him will all Americans be forced to obey. However, they will not bow down to Eric, for such acts of fealty may only be done to Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, or to Mary, My Queen Mother. To no other lord or king or queen do I allow any of My subjects to bow down to or to offer homage to.

Eric, with all his lands that I award to him today will be known as My top level Baron, and his lands will be known as his baronies. Now, if I give to Eric all of the continental United States of America and all of Canada, does that mean I can give no part of those lands as a Barony to another servant I have elected to award? No, for I have many layers of Barons and their Baronies. Within Eric’s Baronies I make many other Baronies for Barons who reign beneath Eric. And to whom do these Barons beneath Eric obey, you ask? All such Barons are sworn to obey and to bow down to Me first. After their obedience to Me, their Lord Jesus Christ, they obey Eric, who reigns above them, but they never bow to Eric. For I never allow that which is owed to Me to be given to any other lord, except in a lesser way. To nod the head is less than to bow. Hence, I will require My Barons, no matter what level they are, to bow to Me, their Lord Jesus Christ, and only to nod their head to the Baron who reigns above them to whom they are required to obey after Me. In other words, Bowing is an act of fealty that may only be done to the Lord Jesus and to His Mother, and nodding the head is that act of fealty that will be done to all other lords, kings, and queens. Amen.

And so now, what lands Do I give to all Kings who are to reign, you ask? Now I shall detail everything. For now Eric has become an eternal King and ruler over many lands. And his Kingdom on this earth is now eternal. Also, since Eric is to have no wife nor offspring, his Kingdom will never be divided up among any heirs. For Eric is the eternal ruler of the lands I have decreed are his. Now, listen to Me as I decree all rulers of all lands upon this earth. And these decrees are concerning the top level Barons. I Am not getting into the lower Baron levels. But realize that therefore, there are many more Barons than these top level Barons that will be detailed, but their Baronies are beneath them and at a sub level to them. Amen.

And so, now I begin. The earth as it is now, with its present oceans and array of lands will continue to exist as such as it phases into its eternal state, for the Second Coming constitutes as a cosmic phase transition, and the reality on the other side of this transition is a new age in which there is no more time, and hence, no more change. This timelessness is a concept that cannot be understood here. Just realize that nothing will be changeable, but everything that happened in time will be immediately accessible and knowable to all sentient rational beings. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

Hence, the lands on a modern globe, in this year of 2019, are accurate as to how they will be in eternity, though the political units will not be the same. Nor will there be any more breeding couples. For reproduction will have ended, and no one will be having sex. Now, listen to Me, as I detail all the eternal Barons and their eternal Baronies. Amen.

Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King, is awarded the following Baronies: To him is granted all of Alaska, Canada, and the Contiguous United States of America as his eternal Barony in North America. And is that his complete dominion upon the earth, O’ Lord Jesus? No, for I have one further reward of lands I will to grant Eric due to his obedience and compliance to My decrees. In the North Pacific, I hereby grant Eric the archipelagoes of Hawaii, and the islands known as the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam. Govern these islands well, O’ Lord Ironwort, and you shall be richly rewarded in heaven with many good things when your probation on earth has ended. And realize this important fact. The assignment of these lands can never be taken away from the Baron who receives them. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Now, I shall specify the other top level Baronies upon this earth. Amen.

Many are the top level Baronies I will now define. So listen to Me! Central America, from the Yucatan Peninsula through the isthmus of Panama and northern Columbia forms the Barony of Lord Jadeite. And is this the extent of Jadeite’s dominion, O’ Lord? Yes. for Jadeite’s possessions were the lands of the Maya, and no further.

The lands of Mexico west of the Yucatan Peninsula form the Barony of Lady Ester, Baroness of Aztlan.

Each of the major islands of the Greater Antilles will form its own Barony to be ruled by a specific Baron or Baroness. Note that the Barons and Baronesses are not different types of rulers, but differ only in the gender of the ruler. But none of these rulers will marry. Hence, their gender is somewhat inconsequential. Oracle of the Lord!

Hispaniola is an island containing two nations, but composing a single Barony to be ruled over by a Mulatto Baron to whom I give the name Mithril to. This Lord Mithril shall rule all of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, along with certain islands of the Lesser Antilles that speak African Creoles.

Jamaica is a Barony that will be ruled by an African Black Jamaican Baroness who shall be called here by the name of Lady Jemima. And Lady Jemima shall also rule over the Cayman Islands as part of her Barony. Amen.

Cuba is a Barony under a Baron by the name of Lord Oscar. And he will rule all of Cuba forever as his Barony. He, like all of the Barons and Baronesses, is of eternal purity and celibacy.

The Lucayan Archipelago and Bermuda are classified as the possessions of the Larimar King, for they are close to the lands awarded to Lord Ironwort, and are too small to be made into a separate Barony. Hence, the Lucayan Archipelago and Bermuda are part of Eric’s North American Kingdom.

Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands form a Barony to be ruled over by a Baroness called Lady Isabella. And she is an American citizen who rules this Barony as her eternal dominion. She will be active in bringing her Barony to enter the United States as a fifty-first state in the Union. But she will never be at a sub level to Lord Ironwort’s Barony. Instead, Lady Isabella shall remain a Baroness at the top level forever. And like all of these Barons and Baronesses, Lady Isabella is an eternal Virgin Queen.

Now we have detailed the entire West Indies except for the most of the Lesser Antilles. No Baronies are defined among these many small islands. Instead, these islands are the possessions of various Baronies that are defined elsewhere. The islands among them that speak in African French Creoles are of King Mithril’s Barony. And the islands among them that speak English or an English Creole belong to the Kingdom of Guyana, an English speaking Barony in South America, which is ruled by a Baron called Lord Anglic. Lord Anglic shall reign over Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and much of the English speaking Lesser Antilles.

Next to the Kingdom of Guyana is the Kingdom of Suriname, over which rules the Baron called Lord Puma. Lord Puma also rules over the Dutch owned islands of the Lesser Antilles.

As for the lands of French Guiana, these remain the property of the Baroness of France. This ruler of France is a Baroness called Lady Isabelle, who is ruler of all French lands and lands in which French is the primary language. Hence, her dominion in Europe is beyond the borders of France. She also rules the two French owned island possessions of the Lesser Antilles and the tiny French possessions off the west coast of Canada in the North Atlantic. She also has a sub Barony within the Larimar Kingdom of North America, known as Quebec, which she rules beneath the rule of Lord Ironwort.

Baroness Isabelle, also known as Lady Isabelle, is also ruler over Madagascar and various islands where French is the dominant language. But in Africa, I have elected for certain African Kings and Queens to rule. And thus, Lady Isabelle has no lands on mainland Africa. Instead, Queen Isabelle is primarily of European ethnicity.

Scandinavia is ruled by a Baroness called Lady Eleanor. And she rules over all of Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

The British Isles is an Archipelago ruled over by a Baron called Lord Philip. And he rules over the entire archipelago, currently consisting of the Republic if Ireland and the United Kingdom of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and also the Isle of Man. He also rules the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

Over Poland rules the Baron called Lord Aurelian. And he rules over all of the Baltic south and east of the lands of Lady Eleanor.

Over the Kingdom of Russia reigns the Baron called Lord Alexandrite. And he rules all of Russia and Siberia from Europe to the Pacific Ocean.

Over the Kingdom of Korea reigns the Baron called Lord Nephrite. And he rules all of the Korean Peninsula.

Over the Archipelago of Japan rules the Baroness called Lady Pearl, who rules all of Japan and the Kuril Islands.

Over all of China rules the Baron called Lord Bombyx, and he rules all of China, Taiwan, and Mongolia.

Over all of India rules the Baroness, Lady Ebony, and she rules over India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Over the Philippines rules the Baron Lord Pounamu, and he rules most of the Pacific except for Hawaii and the Marianna islands, which belong to Lord Ironwort. Also, he does not rule the Galapagos Islands, which belong to the Lady ruler of Ecuador. And he does not rule Japan, over which reigns Lady Pearl. And he does not rule over French held territories, which belong to Lady Isabelle of France. However, Lord Pounamu’s primary possessions include New Zealand and Samoa and Easter Island and the Solomon Islands, and many of the islands scattered in the Pacific, along with the Archipelago of the Philippines.

Over Australia and Tasmania rule the Baron called Lord Dromedary. And he is ruler over his vast desert continent, and a descendant of British lineage.

Over the Malay Archipelago rules the Baron called Lord Komodo, and he rules all of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and East Timor and Malaysia and Thailand.

Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia eternally form French Indochina, an eternal dominion of Lady Isabelle, Baroness of France.

The Kingdom of Persia is ruled over by the Baroness called Lady Esther, who rules over all of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and eastern Iraq as far west as the Euphrates.

The Kingdom of Israel includes all of the Levant and all the lands between the Nile and the Euphrates, and all the lands from Cyprus and southern Anatolia to the Indian Ocean, including all of the Arabian Peninsula. This Kingdom is ruled by a Prince called Prince Jasper.

Armenia is ruled over by a Baroness called Maria, and she rules over all of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and eastern Anatolia.

Central Asia is ruled over by a Baron called Lord Khan, And he rules over all of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Greece is ruled over by a King called Lord Macedon, and he rules over all of Greece, Macedonia, Crete, and northwestern Anatolia. Hence the nation of Turkey, consisting of the lands of Anatolia, is divided up between the Kingdoms of Lord Macedon of Greece, Lady Maria of Armenia, and Prince Jasper of Israel.

Italy and the Vatican City are ruled over by the Baron, Lord Latium, and he rules all of Rome and all of Italy.

North of Lord Latium’s Barony is the Barony of Lord Germanium, who rules all of Germany and German speaking lands. All the lands of Europe between France and Germany are divided up between the Baronies of Germanium and Lady Isabelle of France by the prevalence of the German or French languages spoken within them, respectively.

Over Ukraine is the Baroness called Lady Oksana. She rules over all of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The rest of the Balkans are ruled by the Baroness called Lady Vespera, who is ruler over Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

Spain and Portugal are ruled by the Baroness, Lady Iberia, and she rules over all of the Iberian Peninsula and the Azores Islands, the Madeira Islands, and the Canary Islands.

Over North African from the Atlantic to the Nile rules the Baron called Lord Sahara. And he rules all of the Arabic speaking lands of North Africa between the Atlantic and the Nile.

East of the Nile and south of the possessions of the Kingdom of Israel is the Kingdom of Sheba, and it is ruled over by Lord Turaco, whose Barony consists of all of Africa east of the Nile as far south as, and including, all of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and northern Somalia.

South Sudan, Uganda, and the lands of East Africa south of the Kingdom of Sheba and east of the Great Lakes is the Kingdom of Wakanda of East Africa, and it is ruled by Lord Mithril Silver. His Barony extends along East Africa as far south as and including Mozambique.

All of Africa west of Wakanda and south of the Sahara form the Kingdom of Lord Kong, whose Barony includes all of the lands of Africa west of the Great Lakes as far west and including the archipelago Cape Verde and the mid Atlantic islands of Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha.

The lands of the Kalahari Desert and all the lands of Africa south of that as far south as the Kingdom of Volkstaat form the Kingdom of Ferro, ruled by the Baron, Lord Ferro.

In the lands of southern Africa is the Kingdom of Volkstaat, which is ruled by the White Baron, Lord Ivory. Lord Ivory rules all of southern Africa where the White Man has made his camp, forming the vast Kingdom of Volkstaat.

In South America, there are five further Kingdoms yet to be defined: Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay are ruled over by a Baroness called Lady Erythrina.

The Kingdom of Theobroma, ruled over by Lord Cacau, consists of the nation of Brazil and the Amazon basin.

The Kingdom of Andes of Peruvian Gold is ruled by Baron Oro Peruano, whose Barony includes the lands of the Andes of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia.

And the Kingdom of Ecuador is ruled by Lady Esmeralda, whose Barony includes all of Ecuador and southwestern Columbia and the Galapagos Islands.

And the Kingdom of Venezuela is ruled by Lady Orinoco, whose Barony is all of Venezuela and eastern Columbia.

finally, the region of Caribbean and Northern Columbia is part of the Barony of Lord Jadeite of the Jadeite Kingdom as defined earlier.

Now, we shall list all the Kings and Queens thus defined:

  1. Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King of the United States and Canada
  2. Lord Jadeite, Mayan King of Central America
  3. Lady Ester of Aztlan of Mexico
  4. Lord Mithril of Hispaniola
  5. Lady Jemima of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
  6. Lord Oscar of Cuba
  7. Lady Isabella of Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
  8. Lord Anglic of Guyana
  9. Lord Puma of Suriname
  10. Lady Isabelle of France, French Lands, Madagascar, and French Indochina
  11. Lady Eleanor of Scandinavia, Greenland, and Iceland
  12. Lord Philip of the British Isles
  13. Lord Aurelian of Poland and the Eastern Baltic
  14. Lord Alexandrite of Russia
  15. Lord Nephrite of Korea
  16. Lady Pearl of Japan
  17. Lord Bombyx of China, Taiwan, and Mongolia
  18. Lady Ebony of India and southern Asia
  19. Lord Pounamu of the Pacific, the Philippines, and New Zealand
  20. Lord Dromedary of Australia and Tasmania
  21. Lord Komodo of the Malay Archipelago, Malaysia, and Thailand
  22. Lady Esther of Persia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan
  23. Prince Jasper of all Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates
  24. Lady Maria of Armenia and Eastern Anatolia
  25. Lord Kahn of Central Asia
  26. Lord Macedon of Greece and Western Anatolia
  27. Lord Latium of Rome and Italy
  28. Lord Germanium of Germany
  29. Lady Oksana of the Ukraine and Eastern Europe
  30. Lady Vespera of the Balkans
  31. Lady Iberia of Spain and Portugal
  32. Lord Sahara of North Africa
  33. Lord Turaco of Sheba and Africa East of the Nile
  34. Lord Mithril Silver of Wakanda of East Africa
  35. Lord Kong of West Africa
  36. Lord Ferro of the Kalahari and Southern Africa
  37. Lord Ivory of Volkstaat
  38. Lady Erythrina of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
  39. Lord Cacau of the Kingdom of Theobroma, all the lands of Brazil
  40. Lord Oro Peruano of the Andes of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia
  41. Lady Esmeralda of Ecuador and Southwestern Columbia
  42. Lady Orinoco of Venezuela and Eastern Columbia

Hence, there are at total of 15 Ladies, 26 Lords, and 1 Prince ruling the top level Baronies. And these constitute the 42 divisions of the Planet Earth among all the Top Level Barons and Baronesses who rule directly under the Christ in the Eternal Phase of Earth.

I Who Am have spoken. Furthermore, I now give Eric his Great Commission. Since Eric has now resolved never to marry and never to have sex, his office of prophet will never be taken from him. Hence, he will remain My prophet forever. And on this website shall I command Lord Ironwort to prophesy. Amen. And Eric is commanded to prophesy here on this website whatever I command him to say for the rest of his existence in this world.

Hence, the following summarizes all the vast lands of the Larimar Kingdom: To Eric is given irrevocably all the lands of Alaska, Canada, the Contiguous United States of America, Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Bermuda, and the Lucayan Archipelago.

Within the Canadian Lands of the Larimar Kingdom is the Barony of Quebec, which is a sub level Barony ruled by Lady Isabelle of France beneath the authority of Lord Ironwort.

Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands are ruled by Lady Isabella as a separate Barony to Ironwort’s, and hence, she rules as a top level Baroness over her lands, despite the eventual fate that her lands of Puerto Rico will become a state within the United States of America. Amen.

Note that Lady Isabelle of France and Lady Isabella of Puerto Rico are distinct and separate individuals.

So also are Lady Ester of Aztlan and Lady Esther of Persia distinct and separate individuals as well.

I Who Am have spoken. Long live the Larimar King, and long live the eternal forty-two Barons and Baronesses of the Eternal Phase of Earth. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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