Details of Lady Isabelle of France

Mysteries of Lady Isabelle of France Revealed

Behold, the Lord calls me, Lord Ironwort, to detail the lands and possessions of Lady Isabelle of France. So, here are her possessions given in full detail:

Lady Isabelle of France is given many diverse Baronies in many diverse places on the earth, all with the association of France, the French language, or of former French possession. And Lady Isabelle is a speaker of the French language. Now I shall speak.

Behold, I Am Lord Jesus. And I will detail for you, O’ Ironwort, lord of North America, the lands of this Baroness in full detail.

In North America, Lady Isabelle possesses the two tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas department of France, and the only remaining territory within the once vast North American Empire of France. These two tiny islands are located off the southern coastline of the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador in the far northwestern region of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, the Canadian Province of Quebec, while part of the Barony of Lord Ironwort, is in turn a sub level Barony belonging to Lady Isabelle, who rules it under the authority of Lord Ironwort. These are all the lands of North America that belong to Lady Isabelle in the eternal phase of the earth.

In the West Indies, there are two French Possessions in the Lesser Antilles that belong to Lady Isabelle, And these are Guadeloupe and Martinique. Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin, formerly considered a part of Guadeloupe, and also remaining in the possession of France, are also part of Lady Isabelle’s Kingdom. The other French or French Creole speaking islands of the Lesser Antilles belong not to Lady Isabelle, but to Lord Mithril of Hispaniola, whose nation of Haiti, though a French speaking nation, and a former colony of France, is nevertheless considered distinct from France and not a part of Lady Isabelle’s Barony. Hence Lady Isabelle’s Barony in the West Indies consists of just the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, and Saint Martin of the Lesser Antilles.

And Lady Isabelle’s possessions in South America consist of only French Guiana, which is still considered a department of France, and a part of the European Union. Thus have been described so far the entire lands within the Americas that belong to Lady Isabelle.

In Europe, Isabelle possesses the French speaking nations of France and Monaco, and those parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland where the French is language is established as officially spoken.

Isabelle has no possessions in Africa, despite the huge proportion of French speakers on that continent. And why is this, you ask? It is because the African Lords, Sahara, Kong, and Turaco, whose Baronies contain all the French speaking lands on the African continent, have elected to expel all French rulers from their lands and to anoint only African rulers to rule over their lands. Hence, no sub baronies in Africa will have Isabelle as ruler over them in the eternal phase.

However, the large island of Madagascar, which geographically is part of Africa in the Indian Ocean, but culturally is part of Polynesia, is ruled by Lady Isabelle, and French remains one of its official languages. In addition, Lady Isabelle rules the island Departments of France in the Indian Ocean, Mayotte and Reunion, and the Indian Ocean archipelago states of Comoros, Seychelles and Mauritius.

In the Pacific, Isabelle rules the French owned territories of French Polynesia and New Caledonia, and the French speaking nation of Vanuatu. And in the Asian Mainland, Lady Isabelle owns the lands once known as French Indochina, now known as the nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Thus, I have defined the entire territories ands lands within the Baronies given to Lady Isabelle of France. Thus, here is a summary of the lands ruled over by French Baroness, Lady Isabelle:

  1. France (in Europe)
  2. Monaco (in Europe)
  3. French parts of Belgium (in Europe)
  4. French parts of Luxembourg (in Europe)
  5. French parts of Switzerland (in Europe)
  6. Saint Pierre and Miquelon (in the Northwest Atlantic)
  7. Quebec (in Canada as a sub Barony of Lord Ironwort’s dominion).
  8. Guadeloupe (In the West Indies)
  9. Saint Barthelemy (in the West Indies)
  10. Saint Martin (in the West Indies)
  11. Martinique (in the West Indies)
  12. French Guiana (in South America)
  13. Madagascar (in the Indian Ocean)
  14. Mauritius (in the Indian Ocean)
  15. Seychelles (in the Indian Ocean)
  16. Comoros (in the Indian Ocean)
  17. Mayotte (in the Indian Ocean)
  18. Reunion (in the Indian Ocean)
  19. French Polynesia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  20. New Caledonia (in the Pacific Ocean)
  21. Vanuatu (in the Pacific Ocean)
  22. Vietnam (in Asia)
  23. Laos (in Asia)
  24. Cambodia (in Asia)

Thus you have been told the full 24 lands that constitute in full all the eternal Baronies of Lady Isabelle.

Now, if Lady Isabelle and Lord Ironwort were to marry, what would become of their lands, O’ Lord Jesus? Would they forfeit their lands as they lose their virginity and have offspring together, O’ Lord of Hosts?

Rather, Lord Ironwort, their Kingdoms would combine into a superstate, and Lord and Lady Ironwort and Isabelle would become a royal couple in My heavenly court.

But, but, but, My Lord, having a sexual relationship ruins souls. And the Way of the marital embrace is back to the earth, whereas the Way of the celibate and virgin routes is higher road to heaven. What saith Thou to that, O’ Lord?

It is not you, Lord Ironwort, who are to be the Great Monarch, the French King, of Catholic End Times prophecies, but rather, your one son, who is yet to be conceived and born. Therefore, take Lady Isabelle as your wife when We in heaven give her to you, and have this one son by her.

Should any daughters come into your family as you seek to have this son by your wife, accept them with joy into your family. It is when this eldest son of yours is born that I will command you to cease all sexual activity with your wife, a condition that will be known and accepted by your wife quite willingly. And by following these instructions that I, the Lord, have detailed for you, the one son born to you shall be holy. His name shall be called John, and he will serve Me as the Great Monarch that is impossible for you to become. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And Lord, will I and My wife, in keeping to these requirements and decrees with religious zeal, be awarded any special rewards or given any special seats in the hereafter, O’ Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, you and your wife, in keeping to all My statutes and decrees, will triumph and sit by My side. You will sit at My left, and your wife, Isabelle, shall sit at your left. And John, My Apostle, shall sit at My right. And all the array of Seats in the Assembly shall be filled in accordance to My decrees and the will of God.

And how do I, the Lord, know where you and Isabelle shall sit prior to the Second Coming, you ask? I have recognized you and I now know where you and your wife will sit. Furthermore, I know of the triumph that you and your wife shall have as a married couple.

And this is My final decree before We conclude this post, followed by My answering any questions you may have. Do not think that you can escape My hands, for I possess you in full. You will never escape My grasp. And your sins will never condemn you permanently.

And now we shall speak of your wife, who is a French American. She will be with you shortly. And her hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, ask whatever you wish, O’ Lord Ironwort.

Question 1: Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, has recently come back into my life. Is she the one I am to marry, or am I to wait for the French girl, whose mystical name in these pages is Lady Isabelle? You are to marry the French girl, O’ Eric, Lord Ironwort. For though the Blue Enchantress may truly love you, she cannot as your wife conceive and bear this son whom We intend to elevate to the highest position on earth. Hence, though you have spoken to her and also though you love her, Hyacinth will not become your wife.

Question 2: But since she does good in her station in life, will you leave her where she is, or will you take her to the Kingdom when you give me the French girl, O’ Lord and Master? We will take her to her eternity when we give you the girl you are to marry. And what is more, this will happen tomorrow when you are at Church. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. Now, ask one more question, Lord Ironwort, and we will conclude this post.

Question 3: Why is Prince Jasper of Israel called a Prince, whereas all the other Barons and Baronesses are merely called Lords and Ladies, O’ Lord and Master? Prince Jasper is the name you have given to this ruler. But in reality, his name is Immanuel. And he is a Prince in that he, like you, is called a son of Jesus. But then why am I not also called a Prince? Immanuel is the Crown Prince. All the rest, including you, are merely Lords and Ladies in comparable rank. For though I call you My son, I do not make you the Crown Prince. That is why I do not call you Prince Ironwort, but Lord Ironwort. And as for the levels of Nobility, every noble is a Baron or a Baroness. I do not have Dukes, Counts, Viscounts, or Earls. Furthermore, the list of 42 Barons and Baronesses are not the complete count of nobles, but only the complete count of top level nobility. There are many, I tell you, who are given the rank of Baron and lands in Baronies at levels below those ranked as the top level of the 42, and whose lands are defined at the sub level to the Baronies within which they are contained. These nevertheless all answer to Me, Jesus, before they answer to any of you, all the Barons above them in rank.

One final note I will make. The wife we are giving you is a virgin and a devout servant to Mary. Now, go, Eric, and sleep. You will awaken tomorrow with your instructions as to what you are to do. And you will find that Caesar Sandra Nikee, the Blue Enchantress, has been taken away. Amen.

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