I, Jesus, detail the future of the Larimar King

Behold, Eric, Lord Ironwort, the Larimar King

I Am Jesus, Son of God and God the Son. Now, I shall speak of Eric, the Larimar King. In the previous post, it was commanded of Eric that he marry the mystery girl who was referred mystically as Sarah, the Celestial Enchantress. Now we shall reveal this Enchantress to the whole world.

And who is she, O’ Lord? Is she Sandra, the Blue Enchantress? Or is she someone I am yet to meet, O’ Lord and Savior? The Blue Enchantress shall be taken from your life soon, O’ Eric the stouthearted. And the Celestial Enchantress shall soon enter into your life, O’ Ironwort, King of the Larimar Kingdom. Hence, the two do not refer to the same individual, but to different girls entirely.

And now I shall enlighten you on your Kingdom, that Kingdom of Larimar upon the earth that you shall rule over. Do I really rule over lands in this world, O’ Lord? Or is it not rather the case that my Kingdom is not of this world? Well spoken, O’ Ironwort, King of the Larimar Kingdom. Nevertheless, you have a dominion over which you are commanded to reign. And you will govern this dominion from your ivory tower, from which you will issue decrees and pronounce judgements. Now listen to Me, O’ Ironwort, as I detail your Kingdom and the boundaries of your eternal rule.

It is true that it was by your merciful hand in giving to a homeless Black man in need that I spared the United States of America from My just wrath in the year 2017. I did not destroy America then. And I will not destroy it now, for you, its King, have triumphed. And you have attained the glory that few do. Hence, I will now define your Kingdom, based on My judgements, which are kept hidden from man and angel outside My Kingdom. You, Eric, are to rule all of the continental United States of America and Canada. Amen.

And does this definition include overseas territories of the United States, O’ Lord? Hawaii and Puerto Rico are for other Kings to rule over. But Alaska and the contiguous United States of America are included in your dominion. That is, those 49 states and the District of Columbia, along with all of Canada, form your eternal dominion in this world, O’ Larimar King.

And how, O’ Lord, does the land of North America manage to last for eternity? For aren’t the continents constantly drifting? Isn’t California to become an island several million years into the future, O’ Lord and God? That would indeed be the case if time were allowed to continue for several millions of more years. But time, My friend, had a beginning. And time has an end. Time ends when I Come again. And without time continuing, neither does anything continue to change. Hence, the continents as they stand now will continue to stand relatively the same for all eternity, for My Second Coming shall occur within your lifetime, O’ Larimar, King of North America.

But, but, but, O’ Lord, how can you say that if You know not, but only the Father alone knows, when You shall Come again? I Am Coming soon, My friend. It is true that the day and hour are not revealed even to Me. But I know the season and the age. You will not pass another fifty years on the planet before I Come. And neither will you ever pass away. You were born on June 24, 1970. Hence, before you reach your hundredth year, I will come again. It is a promise I make to you and to you alone, Ironwort, servant to the Holy Word.

If then, this is the case, why do you wish for me to father a child? One son is destined to be born from you. He is a predestined soul. He must come to be by the decrees of My Book of Life. And the Book of Life, which belongs to the Lamb, is written by God the Father at the Foundation of the Earth. All whose names are written therein never fail to be born and never fail to be saved. Your name is therein written. And so also is that of your son and your wife.

But Lord, if I am King Larimar, and I never pass away, how does my son become King Larimar II? He will inherit a subdivision of your Kingdom and rule as a subruler, beneath you, O’ King Larimar, eternal ruler of North America. And what is the definition of his Kingdom within mine, O’ Master? And by what name shall I call him when he is born? King Larimar II shall rule the northwestern edge of your Kingdom, from British Columbia north, including all of Alaska. Amen. And why does he get such a frigid and cold ice bucket of a Kingdom to rule over, O’ Lord? None of how things appear now will they be in the eternity to come. Alaska in My eternal age shall be a garden of Eden in the many botanical treasures that will be placed throughout it. If that is the case, then isn’t that an indication of change having occurred after time will have ended, O’ Lord and Majestic One? No, My servant, but one of memory of the past. Remember that I Am not merely God of the Living Moment, but God of all moments in time from the Beginning to the End. All instants of time are constantly alive to Me and can never change, once lived. Hence, all of the past lifeforms on the planet will resurrect and come to life again in the timelessness of eternity. They will not have eternal life, but neither will anything be able to die. Hence, all lifeforms will have an eternal consciousness and perfect peace on the earth in the timelessness of eternity. It is sinful Mankind along with fallen angels who shall spend their eternity beneath the earth in the fires of hell. But all other life shall exist in My Garden of Eden, unable to ever die, and never able to kill anything else. And My Garden of Eden shall encompass the earth and be manifold and have many dimensions of existence, all combined into one eternal world wide garden called Eden. Every life form that ever existed on the planet shall live there, and My servants, Mankind and angel kind, shall reign there. But those men and angels who were damned shall never see this Eden that shall come to be in the timelessness of eternity.

Hence, California will never become an island, but instead, the earth will be in a constant state of being as it was at the moment of My Second Coming, with full memory of how it was throughout all of time. If you ever wondered how the dinosaurs looked like, you will see all of them then. And everything will be as tame as kittens, and harmless as doves.

And you, Eric, will be ruler over North America, ruling all of continental United States and Canada, while your son rules beneath you over all of Alaska and the western edge of Canada. And where shall all the other saints rule, O’ Lord? And who rules the British Isles, O’ Lord? For in a deleted post, it was said that Eric ruled that. But I believe it must be false? Was that a false revelation, O’ Lord? Or did it contain Truth? You will rule nothing outside of North America, O’ Lord Ironwort. I will have other rulers ruling the various islands and kingdoms that exist and will exist for eternity in the timelessness to come. But disregard all the Kings and their Kingdoms that were mentioned by you before, for all of that was make believe. I have not revealed the other Kingdoms and the Kings to rule them.

Now, Lord, I suppose it must be somewhat a vain pursuit to try and set the official languages of My Kingdom? Am I correct, now that I have a much more complete understanding? There will be no secret knowledge in that age, O’ Ironwort. And no language that ever lived will be dead. And nothing learned can ever be forgotten in that age, for all will have been revealed at the Last Judgement, and I will have given resurrected Mankind imperishable memory to remember everything he witnesses at that general judgement, when all Mankind are judged, one by one, beginning with the last and ending with Adam, the first. Think about it. Every detail of every human being’s life on the planet will be made known, along with My judgement of it, in every civilization that ever existed, in every city that was ever built, in every tribe that roamed the earth, in every gathering that ever formed on the face of the earth. And every mind will receive all that knowledge into their resurrected and imperishable brains through their resurrected and imperishable senses. All manner of knowledge will be made known to all. All that was known to any will become the knowledge of all. Every book that was written and destroyed will be recovered and its writing made known. Every scroll and every clay tablet will be resurrected and the meanings of the markings and shapes on them will be revealed to all in imperishable memories of all minds. And every human being will be resurrected to have imperishable minds and imperishable bodies, regardless of whether their fate is eternal life or the second death.

Now someone says, isn’t the awarding of the entire continental United States and Canada to Eric somewhat excessive? For doesn’t that leave much less to be awarded to everyone else? What is My answer to this, do you think, O’ Ironwort? You, O’ Lord, are the One Who judges who shall have what. So why is it that you give me so much? And does this mean that there is no so much less that can be given to the rest of humanity, O’ Lord? I will now answer you, O’ Ironwort, King of the Larimar Kingdom. I give out lands according to merit. And you have clearly merited, O’ Ironwort. Had someone in the City of Sodom offered a cup of water and a stale piece of bread to My angels whom I sent into Sodom, that man would have been assigned to rule over that City come Judgment Day. Hence, it truly takes very little to please Me and to motivate Me to grant huge rewards to those who do such deeds. But as for those who only serve their own families and friends, I have no rewards for them, but only the everlasting horror and disgrace. So do not be surprised that the doer of seemingly small and minor deeds are rewarded with such huge rewards. Be surprised, rather, to how few there are in all these lands who actually do anything worthy of any such rewards. Most people, I tell you, consider themselves holy because they obey rules. But if that is the extent of your good deeds, you will find a very limited reward allotted for you in the Judgement that is to come. And if it is found, rather, that when I was hungry, and you saw Me, that you did nothing for Me, you will be damned. For I may be a beggar in this world, but at the End of Time, I Am no beggar, but a very choosey judge. And I will have chosen only a few whom I deem worthy to enter with Me into eternal life. If you loved Me, then you need worry not. But if you despised Me when you saw Me, then you should be very worried about your Judgement before Me. Most Catholic priests are not saved, and yet, of all groups, it is My Catholic priests who are most holy. Therefore, strive to enter in through the narrow door. For only a remnant of the human race will enter into everlasting life and taste My dinner. Amen.

Now, O’ Ironwort, it is question and answer time. You will ask Me questions on any topic, and I will give you My divine answers. For I AM Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, and it is My divine will to make it known that you are in direct contact with Me and may ask whatever you wish to know and that I will answer in depth all that you ask.

Question 1: What is the Truth about the Great Monarch or French King prophecies? And what about the holy pope who is to rule at the same time? And what about the places he is said to convert: All of Russia, All of England, and all of China? And what about the realm he is to rule: A revived Roman Empire? And will he be French? And do we know of him? Is he known? And who will be that pope? And when does he come? What saith thou, O Master? The prophecies of the Great Monarch have two fulfillments. For there were ancient prophecies made before Charlemagne and later prophecies made after Charlemagne. Charlemagne was, hence, the Great Monarch who fulfilled the prophecies literally to the letter. But they will be fulfilled again, but in a spiritual and mystical way, as John the Baptist fulfilled the prophecy of the return of Elijah spiritually and mystically.

Hence, no, the Great Monarch does not need to have any association whatsoever with France to fulfill the prophecies that come from Me of the ruler yet to come. Rather, that association with France for the future ruler was a memory of Charlemagne. History may rhyme, but it never repeats.

Hence, given this breakout from the mental trap that the Great Monarch had to have an association with France, now we may look at the Emerald King. Who was he? The Emerald King was the one who as a child set up Gorbachev over the Soviet Union by this exact worded request to My angels, the higher beings: “Let a ruler rise up in Russia who will be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who will carry out many reforms and end the Cold War.”

Now, this one request, you might be excused as thinking of it as coincidental. But starting in the spring of 1989, the Emerald King, aged 18 years old, began issuing decrees from a hospital bed in UCLA Medical Center. And the first such decree was for the fall of the Berlin Wall. He then went on a spree of making many decrees, seeing that they were being fulfilled. And he set into power three more leaders: De Klerk of South Africa, in accordance to a request from a Black spirit who visited him in the night, Yeltsin of Russia, who was set up to speed the progress in Russia that had been slowed under Gorbachev, and Rabin of Israel, to bring peace to the Middle East. The completion of the setup of Rabin, by requesting that the Shas Party join his coalition, giving him the necessary majority to form a majority government in the Knesset, that request took place minutes after Eric confessed that he was Antichrist and converted to Christianity. Hence, it is a matter of Truth that this Antichrist, the Emerald King, converted to Christianity the moment his reign entered into Israel.

And was the Emerald King truly an Antichrist? Let us consider the facts. Emerald was, during his Greater Emerald Reign, not a Christian, though he was well versed in the Holy Scriptures. For Eric would spend long hours reading the Holy Bible in the libraries. He had to read the Holy Bible there because his parents confiscated any Holy Bibles that he bought until after he had graduated from college. Yes, if this man who was so interested in the Bible was not a Christian it had to be the fault of his parents who did their best to weed out all religion and religious thoughts from him. It was hours before his conversion that night that his parents thoroughly scolded him for talking to a Christian at a booth earlier that day. And they only knew about it because his brother told them, after leaving him behind at the summer school they were going to together, taking a course in General Chemistry at California State University of Fullerton, that July of 1992, the day of Eric’s conversion to Christianity.

And what was the conversation about that took place between this Antichrist and this Christian at the booth at California State University of Fullerton that Eric saw as he and his brother left Chemistry class to head home? Eric was interested in knowing the Christian viewpoint of who he was. But he did not reveal it to that Christian that it was he who was behind all those changes occurring in the world at that time. Instead, he asked the Christian what he thought about those things that were happening in the world. And what he heard shook him to the core. For the Christian told him that those things were the workings of Antichrist, and that the Antichrist would first come as a man of peace. If there was ever a Christian man who had a significant impact on the course of history it was that man who told Eric about the Antichrist being behind all that peace breaking out all over the world. I tell you truthfully, that man is legendary in My Kingdom. In the world, he is a simple Christian who preached to My people. But in My Kingdom, he is known as the one who preached to the Antichrist unknowingly and turned him into a Christian. Such is no small deed. And such a work does not go unrecorded in the annals of history.

So, My Lord, was that Christian saved? For I have come to learn that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. And I wonder if that Christian was or became a Catholic? Eric, I can save My people outside My Catholic Church through a hidden means known only to Me. So do not think that if someone dies outside the visible Catholic Church that he was damned. For many things that happen spiritually are hidden even from loved ones standing next to the dying at their deathbed. And so, yes, that Protestant Christian is saved. Of course, he must be a part of My Catholic fold to enter into eternal life, but My fold intersects with many Protestant folds. So you can never be sure which Protestants are Mine and which are not. Just realize that the dividing line between Catholicism and Protestantism is not a wall separating the saved from the damned. For there are plenty of both on both sides of that divider. And that Protestant Christian will be a sort of novelty in heaven. For there never was anyone since the time of the Apostles who had such an impact on salvation history as that man. I tell you truthfully, that man will be the most sought after Christian in all of heaven second only to the one he converted, the Emerald King. But he never knew of the conversion. For Eric did not reveal to him his thoughts.

And so, who is this Emerald King? With his entrance into Catholicism on Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002, he is henceforth known as the Larimar King. For his colors are changed from Emerald Green to Larimar Blue. And he is associated with Mary and the Sea of Peace. Hence, the “Mar” in his name, Larimar. The Larimar King is the Great Monarch who was to come.

But, but, but, you stammer, he has nothing to do with France, and he is no French King! But I have already shown you that all the association with France had to do with the memory of Charlemagne, who was the first of the two fulfillments of that set of prophecies. Do not be a literalist in your interpretation of prophecies. For the literalist rejected Jesus because he was from Nazareth and not seen as from Bethlehem. Did not they say, “Look it up and see it for yourself, no prophet arises from Galilee.” (John 7:52).

Very well, then, O’ Lord. You know all things. And if you say Eric is the Great Monarch, than so he is. But who is, then, the Holy Pope? Who the popes are closely follows the reigning man in power, but not the reigning woman in power. Since the time of Eric, there have been three reigning men in power and two reining women in power. And these can be seen readily if we look at the Presidents of the United States who represented them. For Presidents came to power to represent them. So, let us take a trip through memory lane and see these people of power and who the Presidents and Popes who represented them were. Now, let us begin:

Emerald :: Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush :: male Player :: Represented by Pope John Paul II.

Vesper :: President William Jefferson Clinton :: female Player.

Twilight :: President George Walker Bush (Junior) :: male Player :: Represented by Pope Benedict XVI.

Pyrite :: President Barack Hussein Obama :: male Player :: Represented by Pope Francis I

Firefly :: President Donald John Trump :: female Player.

As you can see in this pattern, known to Eric who closely follows history from a vantage point that is above and beyond normal human knowledge, the female Players do not get represented by a pope, but the male Players do. And this is because My clergy are all male. I do not allow female clergy in My Catholic Church and never will. And why not, you ask? The way a woman thinks is incompatible for the tasks that I require of my clergy to perform. Remember that male and female did God create Mankind (Genesis 1:27). For different roles were the different genders made. A woman’s mind thinks very differently from how a man’s mind thinks. I do not say that one is better than the other, but rather, they are designed by the Creator to fulfill different roles in society. And this distinction must never be forgotten.

And so, now that you know the Truth, who comes after Firefly? A male Player or a female Player? Who is the successor to President Donald John Trump? And if a male Player follows Firefly, then who is the next pope, for a new pope would come to represent him, right? Yes, and I will now answer these questions in crystal clear detail.

The next Player is Larimar. He is the Emerald Player resurrected. Is he brought back from the abyss and headed for his destruction, someone asks? (Revelation 17:8 & 17:11). Funny that you should ask, but the Emerald Player converted. So he has not been dwelling in the abyss, but has been developing in My Kingdom. You must, therefore, look for another Player to find that Beast who rises again from the abyss. Twilight is a good candidate, and so also is Pyrite. But he cannot be Emerald, who is of My elect.

And so, when Larimar comes into power, who shall be the President? And who shall be the pope? And when does this all happen, O’ Lord? And was it the Lord who commanded me, the Larimar King, to be an ally to President Trump, O’ Lord? Yes, My son, Larimar. It was I, the Lord Jesus, Who commanded that you be an ally to President Trump, regardless of his madness and his insanity. Remain ally to him through all of this, for he is My servant, regardless of his breakages of all rules and norms.

And now I will instruct you, O’ Larimar Knight, on your task up to the point that your reign begins. Trump is not going to step down. He is going to be assassinated, similar to how President Kennedy was assassinated. And he will leave office in a casket. Remember how Rabin was assassinated within 42 months of your reign, which you remember as having begun when you fell sick on February 2, 1989? Well, within a similar 42 month period from the time that Firefly began her reign will Trump be assassinated. Trump, himself, President since January, 2017, has thus far reigned for about 34 months. Hence, you know, somewhere in the next 8 months, and you don’t know at what point, Trump is destined to die. My Lord, this way of thinking was the case for Emerald, but why should it also be the case for Firefly, O’ Lord? It is because the time for the Antichrist is to be short. And is not Trump well qualified to be called Antichrist? But Obama, Bush Junior, and Clinton were all well qualified to be called Antichrists themselves, and yet they all served two full terms as President. Why is Trump to be different, O’ Lord? I, the Lord, have reserved this fate for him so that he may be humbled from rising to such great heights of pride. For no one in the history of the Presidency of the United States has had such an inflated ego as President Trump. And he must therefore suffer an unprecedented chastisement and utter humiliation. This terrible chastisement shall take place very soon. He will not be on the November ballot for President in the 2020 elections.

A Republican worthy of representing the Larimar King shall be put on the ballot as the Republican nominee for the 2020 elections and win. He will be revealed shortly, soon after Trump’s career is brought to an untimely end. And who shall be the next pope, O’ Lord? And what shall be his papal name? The pope to follow Pope Francis shall be Pope John XXIV. And he shall be Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, the American cardinal who is fluent in eight languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Haitian Creole, and Latin. And it is this Pope John XXIV who shall fulfill the prophecy of the holy pope who is to reign during the same time as the Great Monarch. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

The first question is answered. I shall allow you to ask two more for this post. And then this post shall be concluded, for you will need to eat breakfast and then go to Church.

Question 2: Does the Larimar King, as the Emerald King did, set up Pawns in other nations, such as Gorbachev and Yeltsin in Russia, De Klerk in South Africa, and Rabin in Israel? And if so, in what nations should we anticipate such Pawns to be set to power in during this coming Larimar Reign, O’ Lord? The first of the new leaders set in power by King Larimar shall be the next leader of Russia. For Putin will be destroyed, and found dead. The new leader in Russia will work with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in the conversion of Russia to Catholicism. And this conversion is now made easier due to the break between Moscow and Constantinople. It will be no small satisfaction to Kirill in thinking of the indignation he will be causing to the Patriarch of Constantinople by his Orthodox Church entering into the Catholic fold to become an Eastern Rite Catholic Church in full communion with the pope in Rome. And he will be sure to retain all the things about his Church that he prefers over the Latin Church and her Latin rites.

As for Israel, will the Larimar King be so foolish as to try again to meddle in Israeli politics? The Pawn of Israel to be set up by the Larimar King shall be a leader who annexes and conquers and seizes more lands from his Arab neighbors. For what better solution as to where to put the Palestinians but on new land conquered by Israel and annexed from her neighbors. This may all be done by provoking the Arabs to invade and attack, justifying the conquests and following annexations by a gradual annexation process where as the Israeli population increases, more land must be acquired to accommodate them. And King Larimar is a firm believer that Israel’s true borders extend from the Nile to the Euphrates (Genesis 15:17-21). Furthermore, King Larimar believes Israel’s dominion extends from Cyprus in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south, including the entire Arabian Peninsula inbetween. Now is King Larimar going to set up such a Pawn over Israel who thinks and acts in like manner, O’ Lord Jesus? Yes, precisely, Eric. And he will be known as the bravest and most brazen general to ever rule over Israel. Amen.

And what of the rest of the world? Will Eric set up a new Pawn over South Africa, to correct the errors he did through de Klerk? No, Eric will not touch South Africa. Instead, Eric will set to power a ruler over the United Kingdom. And there shall be a King ruling the British Crown during the Larimar Reign. And will this King be Prince Charles? No. Instead, this King shall be Prince William, who shall take the regnal name of Philip and be called King Philip. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. And where will the United Kingdom be at that time in relation to the European Union, O’ Lord? They will have never left it. And the Brexit will be formally abandoned under the leadership of this new leader who shall take power as Prime Minister of the UK. And shall the United Kingdom be composed of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, still, O’ Lord? Yes, it will continue with such composition, but Northern Ireland will be on a path of succession from the United Kingdom.

And what of Brazil? For over that nation is a ruler like Trump who is destroying the trees and the forests. Does a ruler from King Larimar replace him? Yes, a Pawn of Larimar shall come to rule that land, and under his reign, the lands shall be protected again. He will be called, Prince of the Emerald Forest, for he will very much value the Creation of God as seen in the natural wonders of the earth.

Now ask you third and final question for this post, O’ King Larimar.

Question 3: Is it certain that Eric is to have just one son by his future wife, the Celestial Enchantress, O’ Mary Mother of God? And what shall be the names of whatever child or children Eric is to have by her? You have asked an excellent question, my son, Ironwort. And now I shall speak. You, Lord Ironwort, are called to enter a legal marriage to a girl who we shall give to you. And in that legal marriage, you cannot deny the conjugal rights your wife will have to you. Hence, you cannot stop at one son by your own choice alone, nor can you choose to do so by using any artificial means. Should you and your wife seek to walk the celibate path together after you have had one or more children, you will be granted to do so from above. And this path shall bring you to heights unimaginable together. But no crime is committed by you knowing your wife further and by having more children by her.

Hence, we can offer you no names for you children other than that for your eldest son, who is prophesied to come, and whose name is to be John. And what do you advise for us after John is born, O’ Mary conceived without sin? Come back to the ranks of the celibate, and you and your wife will be seated on high in the hereafter.

And will I sit at the right hand or left hand of Jesus? Will I be ranked equal to John the Apostle? Or is this an exercise of the sin of pride? If you have no other children besides your future son John, by mutual agreement with your wife through abstaining from sex, then you will be seated on a throne equal in glory to that of the Apostle John. But as for who shall sit at Jesus’ right or left, that no one can know except the Father, Who shall reveal all such things at the Last Judgement. Now go, Eric and reread this post in full, and then publish it. I am Mary, your Virgin Queen Mother. And I will guide you in your marital decisions. But before we conclude this, answer me this question: Do you intend to have but the one son or the many children by your wife? I choose the holier route, that of having the one son, O’ Mary Mother of God. Then, therefore, the girl you are to receive will be revealed to you in the next course of the day to come. Amen.

And Mother Mary, what can be revealed about her prior to her entrance into my life? The girl we shall give you to bear you the one son shall resemble the Ark of the Covenant. Whosoever among men who touches her shall die. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. And so is that why my brothers are said to first see her from the fires of their places in hell, O’ Unfathomable Mother? Yes, your brothers will be dead moments after you receive her. And in the course of the remaining weeks of the year, you parents, also, shall depart from this world, never having properly met the girl you are to marry. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen. She must be, therefore, of great holiness, O’ purest of women, Mother Mary? She is holy as art thou also, Eric, but hers is of the feminine kind, whereas your is the masculine kind. Holiness is different according to gender. A male can be touched, but not a female. Learn therefore the nature of this holiness by reflecting on how I am treated differently to Jesus. And all shall then become clear to you. Amen.

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