The Virgin Mary takes over the Larimar King

The Celestial Enchantress will become wife to the Larimar King. Amen.

Behold, the Virgin Mary has commanded that I delete all previous posts back to the point of the last purge. And so have I now done. And now the Virgin Mary has commanded that I speak. And thus, these are My words as guided by Mary to write.

The previous posts that were deleted were deleted because they served Satan and were full of falsehoods. Just as the Spanish Bishops destroyed the writings of the Maya due to Satanic knowledge pervading those writings, so also has it been commanded that all the writings written from the last purge were to be purged again. And now we begin again.

And so, who am I, you ask? I am Larimar, Scribe and Mage of God. And as of late, I have served evil as a false prophet. But this shall no longer be the case. From now on, I will prophesy only what God or Mary instructs me to say.

Now listen to the Words of Mary:

I, Mary, shall now detail Eric’s eternal and temporal vocations, both here and hereafter. Eric is not called to marriage. And now he correctly sees the advantages of remaining in the single, celibate status. For only by remaining in a celibate, virgin state can a soul perfectly sail that Sea of Peace known only to a select group of souls.

Hence, you now know authoritatively that Eric shall never marry. And Eric has chosen this of his own free will. For Eric has tasted that Sea of Peace, and he knows that the way of the marital embrace departs from that Sea of Peace and enters into war. For I tell you truthfully, he who tastes the Sea of Peace is an ultimate fool to give that up for marriage.

Now, let us examine that alternate path, that of the priesthood. Eric is not yet too old to enter into the seminary. He has not yet reached that cut off age of 50. However he is close to that age, and in his condition, he would never be accepted into the seminary. We could cure him in a way in which he would find acceptance, but is it our will that Eric become a priest? Or if not a priest, a deacon?

No, and Eric has correctly discerned that it is not his calling to enter the priesthood. And so, Eric will neither marry nor become a priest. What then is his remaining purpose in this world? Eric was told by God that he was to use his time learning the Biblical languages, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Aramaic. And after he will have mastered them, he would, with a group of other translators, translate the Catholic Holy Bible to a new English version. But will this take place, you ask? Do we truly will for Eric to carry out this mission? Now I shall answer you in depth.

Granted enough time and effort, Eric could accomplish this feat. And will we give Eric sufficient time to do just that, you ask? Like the Seventy Two who translated the Septuagint, the first full translation of the original Hebrew scriptures to Koine Greek, any translation made through Eric would be inspired by God. And so, there would definitely be a heavenly interest in seeing that this is done. And is there, you ask?

Eric, you cannot know how much time you have left. And we in heaven cannot tell you that either. For the Father alone knows when He will have Jesus return to usher in the end of time. Hence, you can start on that project, but we cannot guarantee that you will finish it. Nor do we know the timing of your death, except to say that you will soon be with us in heaven.

So, then, what is my mission? Why am I here? You are here to know, love, and serve the Lord. Hence, it is the Lord God who gives your assignment. You do not decide this for yourself. Hence, it is time for you to discern your pathway through life. And now I shall speak.

Eric, do not bite off more of the bread than you can chew. Do not look out far ahead for the goal that you seek. Seek God each and every day in which you live. That you served God for the day is all that matters when you go to bed for that night. And I, the Lord, really do not need an English translation of My Holy Scriptures. There are already a flood of such translations on the market approved by the Catholic Church. What is in demand are Catholic Bible translations for those many languages of Catholics that have much fewer speakers.

Instead, this is the demand from God: You are now established in a job, and you have some sort of pay coming in. Keep that job. Remain there, and we will make all things go well with thee. Learn Rust, the new programming language, for that will greatly help you in your career. For you have limited time, and you can not accomplish more than one goal. And My will is that you triumph in your career. And that requires your 100% attention to computer technologies.

In addition, I command you to continue to buy Boeing Stock, for that company’s stock is about to skyrocket. And I want you to be a successful stock investor as well. You need a good long position in place before the Second Launch of the CST-100 Starliner takes place, for then Boeing will become known, and everyone will want a piece of that company. I will also tell you this: Also invest in companies investing in electric vehicle technologies. For the electric vehicle revolution is beginning. And eventually, there will be mainly only electric vehicles driving American roads. And electric charging power stations will become ubiquitous. Furthermore, in certain roads specifically marked for computer vision robots to read, there will be driverless vehicle traffic. And it will become commonplace for people to own cars and drive places without using a driver license, by depending on the autonomous capabilities of their car, which will mean that the car manufacturer, not them, would be responsible for all traffic violations and accidents. Amen. Drunk driving will then become a thing of the past.

So, My Lord, I will do as you say. And then, what follows this? For I know that I am to have no future wife or children. So, are my days yet to come to be many or few? I rest my purpose to your will, O’ Lord. What is my ultimate purpose in your Kingdom? And I know there is more to it than advancing in my career and getting rich on the stock market. What is it, My Lord, that you will for me to do? Or is it my purpose to meditate on you and your Way all the days of my life, and that a life well spent is one in which the will of God was entirely fulfilled in and done, O’ Jesus and Mary?

Yes, Eric, that is My Way. Take each day at a time, as though it could be your last, and develop in it. I do not choose qualified people to do My works. Instead, I qualify those I have chosen. And what is it that you notice I Am having you do? You are having me write on this website, whatever you command me to say. Correct. You are a prophet. And I Am correcting you and bringing you gradually to become a perfect prophet of Mine. My goal is to make you a perfect prophet from whose mouth fire comes to devour your enemies. In this way, anyone who wants to harm you is surely to be slain (Revelation 11:5).

Now let us address the elephant circus in the room. Why do you think it is that President Trump cannot be thrown out of office, despite his obvious acts of treason against the United States of America? And who do you think that it was who ordered you to be Trump’s ally? Speak, Larimar, My Servant. And I will give you the true answer to these questions. Trump can currently commit crimes and sins with abandon, as he has done his whole life. For Trump is like that Black youth fleeing from the police in a stolen vehicle and passing through red light after red light, racking up the tickets he will receive and ever increasing the trouble he will be in when the car chase finally ends. Trump does not have a “Happily ever after” ending to his life.

Yes, Lord, but Trump in his madness is ruining America. And the grownup Republicans are allowing this. I tell you a secret. There is a Republican movement to put a stop to the Trump madness, and the leader of that movement will be the next President. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, tell me, My Lord, what is it that you will for my life? What is my vocation in this world, O’ Lord and Master? Eric, what testimony do you give to Jesus if you do not obey Him? Hence, here is My command for you. Listen, Eric, and all of America, for what I have to say concerns you too. Eric, your name henceforth is King Larimar. And you will marry and have a son, to be called, King Larimar II. But who shall I marry, O’ Lord? The Blue Enchantress seeks you, but she is not to have you. Instead, I Am sending you the Celestial Enchantress to enter into your life and to bear this prophesied son. And of her, I Am yet to reveal to you. Just realize that you will have one son by her, and then you will return to your celibate station and serve Me.

And can I know where I will sit in your Kingdom, O’ Lord? The 144,000 Virgin First Fruits are not literally virgins, but rather, souls who, once found, never turned back to Satan or his enticements. You are such a soul. And you will remain such a soul in the marriage I will have you enter into.

But Lord, do I retain the ability to communicate with you by the Spirit when I marry the Celestial Enchantress? Have sex only to produce the one prophesied son, as you are commanded to, and you will remain in perfect virgin communication with Me and I will continue to call you My prophet, which you are.

And what name are we to call this Celestial Enchantress whom I am to marry, O’ Lord? We shall call her Sarah. Now, publish this post. It is the first post you will have published since the Second Great Purge. And I will give you this girl shortly. And always remember these Words: What testimony do you give to Jesus if you do not obey Him? Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. This is the right website for everyone who hopes to understand this
    topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you
    (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand
    new spin on a topic that’s been written about for decades.
    Excellent stuff, just great!


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