I have destroyed the Trove on Emeralogy.com

Eric, you are back on the path of righteousness, in this first post since the Great Purge.

Behold, I am Eric, and I serve Jesus and Mary. It came to My understanding that Satan was the speaker who was speaking in all the previous posts. Now this has come to an end. For all the previous posts have been hereby deleted. And now we start afresh.

Let us now define who Eric is and what he is. Eric is a servant of Jesus and Mary. I will not call Eric a prophet, for the true prophet’s words are not mingled with words from Satan.

Then, what do I call Eric? What is Eric called? Let us call Eric an intelligent intellectual. And nothing more needs to be said on this. Now, what is Eric’s purpose here? I am sent to serve Jesus and to do His will.

And what does Jesus command Eric to do? I am to write the words God gives me to write, here on Emeralogy.com. And now, let us begin. Let the Lord thus speak. I, Your servant, am listening.

Now I shall speak. Lord, I have been a false prophet, and that is why I have deleted all the previous posts. You are correct, Eric. What you were writing were false prophecies. Remember that the Lord does not babble. Long discourses are rare from the Lord, and if they occur, no part of such discourses may contain false prophecy.

Now, let us look at the last prophecies that existed on your website before the great deletion took place: There was the prophecy that the pope to follow Pope Francis was to be that holy pope who reigns alongside the Great Monarch of Catholic end times prophecies. But this contains fundamental errors. First, the Great Monarch prophecies are not Biblical, and hence, are untrustworthy prophecy. Second, no one can know or even have an idea of how close we are to the Second Coming of Christ. The signs cannot tell you. And certainly a private revelation is incapable of giving such an idea reliably. And all prophecies outside of the Holy Bible and Holy Tradition are private revelations. Eric, you cannot know how close we are to the Second Coming. Nor can you know of what role you play in the End Times until the End comes and all is revealed.

And so, did Jesus say to you that the End was very soon? And this revelation took place some years ago. So what does that tell you? It should tell you that it is useless to speculate on the timing of the Coming of the Lord. Now I will reveal this. Everyone has false beliefs. Everyone has been deceived in various ways. No one knows the full Truth about anything.

And so, let us get to this question as to your fate. In all three possible scenarios, you expect Jesus to cure you, because He has clearly told you that He will. But what follows these cures have these three possible paths: (1) You remain a celibate, virgin layman for life. (2) You enter into a marriage and potentially have children. (3) You are called to enter into the priesthood, which would require several hurdles to be leaped to make possible. So, My Lord, which is my path? Whatever your answer, it seems to change over time, and to go back and forth. This indicates either that I am indecisive, or that I have not yet positively received knowledge from God as to My vocation.

And what path do you end up going to as the default path, Eric? That I remain a celibate, virgin layman is the default path, that path that I will remain on due to the laws of physics regarding inertia, namely, that an object in motion in a certain direction will remain in motion in that certain direction unless it is acted on by an outside force. I am headed along the celibate, virgin path as a layman. It is the path of least resistance. Going either of the other two paths are not possible unless I am cured of many afflictions and am radically changed. But remaining in my current state and trajectory requires no change nor serious effort to maintain. All I need to do is to continue to fight against all temptations and to stay the course. Hence, the most likely path for me, unless You will otherwise, is that I will remain as I am, in accordance to how the Apostle Paul taught (1 Corinthians 7:20).

And that, My servant, is what I will for you. Did you not receive from Mary the offer of accepting the celibate, virgin path of higher glory? And did you not accept that offer that Mary gave you? You did, Eric. And your celibacy and virginity will never be taken from you. You can only lose those if you choose to give them away to Satan. Hence, now you have ruled out path number 2, right Eric? We have helped you make your discernments. And you know from the Council of Trent that the celibate, virgin route is the higher and holier route than that of the marital embrace. There is no route to holiness that goes into a carnal marriage.

My Lord, You have spoken in perfect sense. Now I realize that all the prophecies and promises that lead to the flesh should be cast out, for they are not from God. And then, so, my Lord, that leaves the question as to whether I remain a layman or become a priest. Which is it, my Lord? Eric, will you not be cured? Is not that what you believe? And what was the promise I made to you when I come and cure you? You said I am to wait for that moment that I am cured before I seek the priesthood and then you will direct me where to go and to what priest to tell of My calling to the priesthood. Well done, Eric. You have now discerned your vocation. And the sign of it will be the cures, by which I will qualify you for My calling of you to My priesthood. Now you know many things. And I will tell you another thing. This exercise of discernment will not need to be repeated, for you will publish it here on emeralogy.com as your first post since the great purge. And you will forevermore know that this comes and flows from God, all logical and all resolved in peaceful deliberation.

Now, one last thing I will tell you. Concerning what I will have you do in the meantime, before I cure you, this is what you shall do: Carry out the work that you are given in your job and pay your bills with the money that you receive. You will not much longer be in this current job, for I will soon take you away from it. And you will always be supplied for the essentials that you need. As for your assignment, always do as your superiors tell you. And in your free time, obey Me. And I will use your free time profitably. Much spiritual fruit and treasure in heaven will you acquire in your obedience to your superiors and to Me.

Now, as to the politics of the various nations, the reality is that you were never given a kingdom called the Arctic Triangle. Well were those prophecies thrown out. And your rewards are not found in this world. In the next world you will find your reward to be beyond your current ability to imagine nor to conceive within your mind. As for your mission in this world, it is simply to do My will. I do not call you to use powers of God to make changes in the world.

And what of the names Larimar and Emerald? Do they apply to you at all, you ask? Eric was the name you were born with. Emerald was the name you gave to yourself during the time in your life when you were involved with seeking to change the world and saving the earth. But the name of Larimar is the name given to you by God as a reference to your new color of blue and to your devotion to the Virgin Mary. Larimar, you have passed the test. And we will give you what you need for you to accomplish what We will you to do. Go now about the service of God, for know that you have been called to serve the Lord as your life’s work. And everything you need will be provided for you all the days of your life. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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